Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Official Launch Trailer


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    The survival horror game is available now.
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    1. MH MH

      Who found this in their recommendations as they were obsessed watching videos of the new RE8 village. Just saying.....

    2. Ayman

      Best horror game I have ever played

    3. N64 Caveman

      The RV was my favorite spot

    4. Manuel Diaz

      One of the best horror games ever made

    5. Activate the rings?

      A one time experience. Wish I could go back to replaying this for the very first time. Amazing game

    6. Cayden B

      This is probably one of the most beautiful game trailers out there

    7. Ter4kp 078

      Best resident evil.

    8. Werner’s Badminton life

      Helllll nooo I ain't playing this

    9. MasterMan Gaming

      Just finished this game and I don’t think I have ever been so scared yet so intrigued at the same time. This game was awsome the use of such a small space and the realist graphics realy help that. This game just looks so good. If you haven’t played this you need to. Awsome job. Just wow

    10. Robert Ramos

      Should I plAy this one again? 🤔

      1. Gemtem


    11. Icon Amy the Fortnite gamer

      Wow my dad gonna love this

    12. Gabriel Manfroi

      story game?

      1. asaplyc


    13. Gabriel Manfroi

      re7!!! its new

      1. Gemtem

        No it's a few years old actually

    14. Mad Flossing

      Resident Evil: Village = Steak.

    15. The Gaming Chef

      I wish Capcom called this something else so I could enjoy it. Taking one of my favorite franchises from my childhood and redoing it and completely changing everything but maintaining the same name just makes no sense to me lol. They coulda called it Evil Residence for all I care lol.

      1. JoJo reference l ceo of Dino

        Besides the first person thing it’s basically a classic resident evil game

    16. Sandra Sienkiewicz

      Unreal game!! Gave me about 50 heart attacks 😂😂

    17. Stephen Sanders

      i love this game i can't wait for Resident Evil 8

      1. Gemtem


    18. Devon Slater

      Go tell aunt rhody

    19. Kingk4p

      Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn this game is 5 years old. Got recommended the trailer after 4 years so I already know RE8 lookin hype

      1. elmer's Glue

        sheeshhhhhh rly damn

      2. Gemtem

        5 years already? Damn this game has aged well

    20. Joshua Thompson

      Watching this 4 years later it's still amazing

    21. Stephen Sanders


    22. Stephen Sanders


    23. Tamojit Basu

      One of the most creepy and hard games of all time.

    24. Connor Mik

      I kind of can’t stop watching this trailer

    25. Peter Nguyên Lộc

      I feel the trailer better than the gameplay...

      1. Yuuki

        The gameplay is good

    26. weird_ guy

      you really but effort in it in my opinion its the most scary one in the seires love you forever

    27. Crypto Ninja

      Just picked it up for $11 will play on my PS5 now :)

      1. Yuuki

        It was included with the PS+ collection

      2. Gemtem

        Have fun

    28. Mella Bell

      I just fell in love with this game never was so scared like this couldnt play it with VR 🥲

    29. Wesley C

      This game's is a legend, it has coming back.

    30. Gemtem

      This game was awesome

    31. Phil Mcahkiner

      *Insert who’s here comment*

    32. GlookinClips

      Who’s here 2021 admiring this masterpiece and hyped for re8

      1. GlookinClips

        @Gemtem me too bro

      2. Gemtem

        Me, this is the game that got me into the resident evil series

    33. Mic Che

      And to think I almost didn't buy this game.

    34. CHESSy

      The first literally horror like silent hill or outlast is re7

    35. Ethan Winters

      I'm just glad it's over.

      1. Gemtem

        Bruh re8 is coming this year of course it isn't

    36. zamalek2003

      One of the best games ever. Can't wait to play with Ethan again in RE8: Village. Don't forget : Ethan, where r u?

    37. Pickle rick

      It is the Best trailer

    38. The Fredanator

      Best game ever in my opinion (used to review horror games in my free time I do not make videos it’s like a hobby and this one got the top)

    39. bigboss47 45

      To me this is one of the best video game trailers ever

    40. Sanghoon Lee

      2:46 you ever got that dream when things just start pulling away from you and you want to reach them but they’re strangely too far from you? I used to get a lot of dreams like that and they were horrifying. Not in a sense of just a bad dream but a nightmare. This part gave me that feeling again. One of the best trailers i have seen so far. Truly horrifying yet so on point about the real gameplay experience. I never was able to finish this game. But when 8 comes out, im hoping to experience the ultimate engorging experience so much.

    41. L i r i c z

      this game is a masterpiece

      1. Gemtem


    42. Chubsterk YT. 1000 years ago

      0:26 scared me

    43. lafazan00

      This is one of my favorite Resident Evils EVER and I REALLY hope that CAPCOM don't f*ck with the Resident Evil 8: Village.

    44. Amrit-L2gamer

      Im a fan of resident evil but im not playing dat or the 8th game..

      1. Yuuki

        Then why are you even here?

    45. Mr. N0b0dy

      the first resident evil game that is in fpp



    47. Milk N Waffles

      The game that single handedly saved the franchise (copied i know but i dont see it here)

    48. GamerLord The Best

      After playing the game for the 15th time and unlocking all unlockable items, the monsters are afraid of me

    49. Spag

      Imma install it overnight wish me luck

    50. 김Ayame

      I just finished playing the game now, IT WAS AN AMAZING GAME 🔥on so many aspects it is perfect

    51. akki

      While playing save mia After watching village Why mia 😆

    52. Ashley Aafedt

      Am I the only one who would sell their soul for a movie based on this game? One where all the plot holes are fixed at least.

    53. darth vader

      I swear resident evil is called biohazard in Japan so technically this is called biohazard 7 biohazard

    54. NaughtyAttitude

      Girl reaction

    55. Broskie

      I don't think we ever thought about how excellent this trailer captured the game. It's like, you never see a trailer take the entire meaning of a game and fit it in so perfectly. Resident Evil 7 is a masterpiece and I hope Resident Evil VIllage follows up the same way.

    56. cristopher chalapu

      siento que soy el unico que habla español

      1. fantateamcoches


    57. Lucas Gonzalez

      Did you know Ethan dies in this one but comes back

      1. Gemtem

        He doesn't

    58. Tjoa Henny


    59. Jacob Coletto

      This is my favorite game

    60. Maria Rogers

      A great game I must say, very very good

    61. Janil Caceres

      Alright let’s say I want to play a little game

    62. Janil Caceres

      Stupid jack

    63. Murderous Hippie

      This game is amazing

    64. Powers

      my favorite horror game

    65. Gamers_Planet

    66. bananamaniac

      Cant believe this is already 4 years old

    67. Just your average Guy called Christopher

      man, even after 4 years of existing, this trailer still gives me the chills

    68. Marie

      Am I the only one who thought this was the most heartbreaking game in the franchise? I genuinely bawled for the bakers.

    69. Akshat K

      Resident Evil: Eleven Goes Insane edition

    70. Ronin Katana

      Achieving platinum in this game is an honor!

      1. The egg Johnson

        @Ryan Brets fun tip when you reload or heal you can quickly tap the cover button to cancel the animation and automatically reload and heal

      2. Ronin Katana

        @Ryan Brets Good luck bro.

      3. Ryan Brets

        I'm just wondering when I should the item box.

      4. Ryan Brets

        @Ronin Katana yea :)

      5. Ronin Katana

        Try to duck and run from enemies, not all of them requires killing.. saving ammo is precious it will help u to kill them. If you find it hard to earn resource manager trophy then do it on easy, i did it all on Madhouse with minimum damage. Did u unlock the glasses and Albert?

    71. HUNGRYJAWS444

      Probably the best game I've ever played

    72. BlackWolf207

      Why does 1:20 sound like gibberish from Mortal Kombat 4 lmao

    73. mixer cz

      Is perfect horor game 😎😎

    74. Nikola Pavlovic

      Whoever says that Resident Evil 7 is not a good game deserves to die by the hands of the Herrscher of Destruction

    75. Lord Lendyll Chua

      Is this still connected to other characters?

      1. DoomedNugs


    76. Emanuel Vella

      I definitely appreciate this game alot more these days

    77. Maskedy1337 • 12 years ago

      I loved the atmosphere of this game, I hope re8 have as good atmosphere as this one when it comes out in 3 months

    78. 3Arrows

      I’ve been living under a rock. I’m here thinking this is the latest RE. This game looks messed up as hell....and there’s a RE8?!?

    79. Maiyagy Gery

      More like Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Official Big Time Spoiler LOL.

      1. Niño Malo

        Ikr? Im glad i almost finished it. Otherwise i would've been greatly spoiled

      2. Adam Cunningham

        The game is from 2017, dude

    80. DasmakillLeeBoii

      This was my favorite rde game ever. It kinda gave me a Texas chainsaw vibe to

    81. Decentralized system

      I started and uninstalled the game like 4 times... shit's too scary... But this time I will do it.

      1. Niño Malo

        Omg exactly the same. I donwloaded again today and played like 4 hour straight. Im about to finish it

      2. Decentralized system

        @Ryan Brets Surprisingly I did that lol, it's awesome Idk why I felt this way with RE7

      3. Ryan Brets

        Try outlast.

    82. Fina Diaz

      How many aliens are there to destroy the game like that? But what happened?

    83. Gabriel Cincotto

      Nao gostei - Irmao do Nicolas

    84. javiar camaro

      This was hell and punishment for Ethan, new place he's finally rawarded with victorian era goth chicks and tall big tiddy mommy.

    85. Mihai Pro Gaming

      Wow....... amazing.....

    86. Buttersvevo

      fire ass trailer

    87. Blue Phoenix 386

      That game was amazing thank you capcom

    88. Rodolfo Suarez

      Me watching Resident Evil 8 Trailer: "WTF, there was a part 7?" Me after watching the 7 trailer: "How did I miss this?"

      1. BuckSlinger02

        7 is a great game. Play it the game, not a hero and end of Zoe DLC to get up to date with the story

    89. Joseph Benuzzi

      Bro this game was so fucking awesome I can't even put it into words I was just expecting a decently fun game but this was SOOOOOO COOOL every single detail, so realistic, so fun.

    90. Grey Wolf

      Playing through this at the moment haven’t even gotten to any scary parts literally just started feel like a bit of a whimp

    91. SpacedOutZbo

      Song goes hard !!

    92. greysantos

      Today watching the all game! Worth it

    93. Podre Podrinho

      Exactly four years since this came

      1. greysantos


    94. Pain& Ch8ns

      This and the last of us are the best survival horror ever

    95. f1vestarcs

      unironically visiting this exactly 4 years after it came out

      1. Animesh Kashyap

        I pirated this game for free. Only losers pay money

      2. Raquel A

        played it first time these days wish i played it 4 yrs ago🤨

      3. Charsplat

        I beat it on it's fourth anniversary unintentionally, which is crazy to me.

      4. armadio rotto

        Same i finished the game yesterday

      5. Renjiro

        Same guys

    96. Женя Степанишин

      4 yeaaaaars

    97. Mandrid Hugh

      Still find myself coming back to this trailer, even more so with 8 on the horizon but something tells me they'll never be able to top the trailers for their 7th installment.

    98. Concrete Jungle

      Never played this one, just bought it from GameStop for $2.50.

      1. Concrete Jungle

        @loudpack Thank You.

      2. loudpack

        Welcome to the family son 😂 Hopefully you’re going into the game not knowing too much. It’s a great horror experience I think you’ll love it

    99. Da fluffy boi

      2:21 this part made me cry from joy

    100. FatStarZzzz

      @ 2: 50 greatest trailer EVER