Big Bait Challenge - Mark Daniels Jr vs Jacob Wheeler vs Justin Martin

Wheeler Fishing

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    Big Baits Challenge with Mark Daniels Jr and Justin Martin. 1v1v1 Challenge in the same boat! Giant bass fishing lures only allowed.
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    1. Alan Buvelot

      Do more a fun video and fun and entertaining to watch.

    2. Bassassin

      Jacob, where can I get that sweatshirt you have on?!!

    3. Two Passions Fishing

      Nice video friend

    4. Slam’N Da Bass

      U guys crack me up 😂


      Nice water Tip Top Video subscription in your pocket 👍

    6. Luke Staples

      Dam! That looked fun as hell🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🤙

    7. Reel All-American Fishing

      Another great video guys 🤙🏻 I do have a question do y’all have any interest in chasing another species like a Northern Snakehead for example?

    8. that one bitch

      Hey Mr.wheeler I saw your truck at the naches trace in Alabama I wanted to take a pic but could not can you follow me back on Instagram or something??Instagram:great_outdoors21

    9. Caleb Farley

      That guy with da beard looks like someone off of duck dynasty

      1. Kwuiz

        He is

    10. MilitaryPolice14

      i didnt realize jacob wheeler was currently #1

    11. Cameron Williamson

      That’s where y’all fished with the botttles

    12. JohnTheBasstist

      So sick!! Keep on em boys!!

    13. youtubzkoz

      Should of made it the front 2 had to move to the back if the back caught a fish

    14. Aidan

      Marks got the voice and the watch lol

    15. HellaBass

      No Love for the Parrot from the Bass = Not Surprised!

    16. Garrett Proctor

      Y'all fishing Bill Dance's private lakes I see!!!! Not sure I have ever seen water look like that with those bank cuts. Anyway good group of guys to have fishing on one lake. West coast, mid east, and someone who spends a decent amount of time down south anyway.

    17. Warpoet

      Does DC still fish? Where has he been?

    18. Brian Grider

      Man you give me hope that I can fulfill my dream since I was 14 years old. Your video helped me today. I have been through so much and I know I am more than a weekend Warrior when it comes to fishing. Money has stopped me from fishing the federation nation. I wont give up though. Catch a big one bro!

    19. Rowdy Broomstick

      Rod's made in Alabama! Those micro magic look nice!

      1. Andrew Tilson

        awesome video keep the content coming wheels

    20. Rattletrap fishing

      nice lake good lake to fishing buddy

    21. BamaBassFinder04 4

      How u line through the paddle tail? Like the rage swimmer paddle tail. How u line through that!?

      1. Derek Kaalberg

        Coffe Straw pushed thru. 👌🏾

    22. Chris Wells

      2 POUND LINE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. Sean Simpson

      MDJ Needs a little work on that figure 8 game! LOL We fish a lot of clear water and you sure as heck can figure 8 a bass at the boat on a big SB even in super clear water. Great vid Jacob, cant wait for you guys to get back out on the tourney scene!

    24. BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin

      Awesome a flamethrower 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    25. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      I love this swimbait series. If you guys use swimbaits you will always catch good quality fish. That’s right up my alley 😁💪🇺🇸🍺👍👍👍😎 Awesome episode. Proven fact, fish want to eat other fish. Just like I like Steak 🥩😁👍👌🍺🍺 When we Calico Bass Fish here in California we use the same exact set up inshore Saltwater.

    26. Brady Dobbs

      Jacob, I'm glad you don't sound like that all the time.

    27. Mike Dean

      For the non boater, that place looks good for bank fishing seeing where you all are throwing your lines.

    28. Mike Dean

      Wow, like fishing in a barrel.

    29. Donald Mey

      Tks guys fun to watch What was water temp

    30. Tom Winkler Fishing

      Why can I not buy an shirt or hat that just says "Unreal!" lol

      1. Billy Burton

        Or "UNNNNNbelievable!!"

    31. Steve Voelker

      Cant believe Brody didn't get an ear ripped off.

    32. JESSe leath

      what kind of swim baits are you using with the line thru. do you make it a line thru your self or do they come like that.

    33. JESSe leath

      how much does the biggest spotted bass weigh. that's be caught.

    34. Bennie Maxwell

      Love it. JMartin makes laugh. Good olé boy

    35. Michael Cuff

      Thank You Mr. Wheeler for keeping the season alive and informative! You're the new breed of the fisherman. Enjoying the tourneys in real time to see what y'all go through, not what I thought you went through. Finding the bite sure can be tough. Again, Thank You for all of your hard work and continue to do what you do!!!


      C’mon man! Jacob that’s not a Big Bait Challenge when your throwing a keitech.

      1. William Isaac

        There’s some massive keitechs out

    37. Toby Bratcher

      Take me fishing bro!!

    38. WKNDFishing

      Awesome video, I might do one on the Until then just keep gliding dirty.

    39. rmanzfishing

      What rod power and action are you throwing the 6-8inch swimbaits on?


      Hey, got one of your rods. Paired it up with a SLX DC. Love the rod! Great video!

    41. Danny Shelton

      Love the way you all have such a great time together! Friendships like this are more rare than you know! JM is a truly funny guy. The great fishing was just a bonus!!

    42. Noah C.

      What's the wire attached to Jacobs GoPro?

    43. Andrew Wolf

      Anyone else wear those Rubber Wedding bands and have it screw up their skin?

    44. david Gibson

      jw loved the video always so funny i wanted to see if you will maybe please do sumthing will u do a video on how to read tides on lakes and what to look for please please thank you so much for ur time i know ur very busy but would help alot of us out .have a great day and stay safe thanks jw mdj and martin for doing this for us .

    45. Bass and Buckets

      3 GOATS in one boat! Your videos have been inspirational especially for throwing big baits in my videos!

    46. Lee Mattox

      Ole Wheelz is cheating! Throwing a dang Keitech. Come on now. Might as well be throwing a skinny dipper!

      1. Justin Martin

        I agree

    47. Jeff Turner

      What does Wheels know about Gorditas, aka belly shirts lol, great video guys! i was rollin

    48. Joe Goss

      Do you ever go fishing with your kid subscribers to that live near what's bar

    49. Davidn93

      This just proves how good a kitech is

    50. Troy Onstott

      Keep it up guys loved the vid🤙

    51. Coach Lance

      Make more of these. Looked so fun.

    52. Mickey Wilson

      What the name of the chartreuse line through y’all were using with the big eyes? Awesome video as always love the content

      1. Garrett Stilley

        Top shelf

    53. Treyblerock Lake

      Never done the line thru with a big swimmer. Might be given that one a go for Big Bass on TRL in 2 weeks. 🤞

      1. Kyle

        Idk about trl but I saw this and used one on lake eufaula today and KILLED em. Didn’t miss one. Except one I broke off on.

      2. Sean Simpson

        They'll eat it down by the dam and some of the clearer areas, smallies/spots are kinda pricks about coming up a slammin a swimmer with their mouths closed. That treble will put some of those fish in the boat.

    54. Billy Burton

      "glidin dirty" LMFAO I LOST IT when I heard MDJ singing that

    55. BloNo Fishing

      You sound like you're losing your voice lol. Nice video man

      1. T Andrew

        Could be Covid?

    56. Patrick Brown

      What an Epic video!!

    57. CRACKED tEEth-fishing

      Man If i ever make my way to your area's...Im challenging you all especially MDJ, And JW! 😂 On a serious note I just got my first Sponsorship, and Im soon to start up Club tournaments once things cool down! Its my dream to either hit the big leagues, or my own KGup channel!! Keep up the good work JW! And Tight Lines everyone!

    58. LuckyCraft

      I've been messing with the Scottsboro Tackle swimbaits (5-6") and the River2Sea S Waver lately. Both have produced and turned me on to swimbaits big time.

    59. Trysten Hardy

      Jacob was tired of people saying that he only catches 1.5ers

    60. David Babin

      Wassup man

    61. Tiffany Mckinney


    62. Tiffany Mckinney

      Your the best KGupr and Fisher ever

    63. Trysten Hardy

      New name