10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures! [4K]

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    Space launch is the earliest part of a flight that reaches space. Space launch involves liftoff, when a rocket or other space launch vehicle leaves the ground, floating ship or midair aircraft at the start of a flight. Liftoff is of two main types: rocket launch (the current conventional method), and non-rocket spacelaunch (where other forms of propulsion are employed, including airbreathing jet engines or other kinds).
    Rocket launch is the only current way to reach space. In some cases an airbreathing (jet engine) first stage has been used as well.Non-rocket space launch is a launch into space where some or all of the needed speed and altitude are provided by something other than expendable rockets. A number of alternatives to expendable rockets have been proposed. In some systems such as Skyhooks, rocket sled launch, and air launch, a rocket is used to reach orbit, but it is only part of the system.
    Launches in this video:

    10) Nasa Antares
    9) Atlas rocket
    8) Ariane 5
    7) Juno II
    6) Atlas
    5) Titan I
    4) Spacex Falcon 9
    3) Atlas Centaur
    2) Atlas Centaur 5
    1) Proton M
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    1. CoolChib124

      Where is space shuttle

    2. Jon Ali

      When your going to space but you forgot your mask

    3. Rw Dupuy

      EXCEPT his WALLET....

    4. Rw Dupuy

      Well ...jb in the WH in DC... NEVER built ANYTHING in his WHOLE LIFE......

    5. Rw Dupuy

      Can't stand his VOICE.......

    6. calangorex

      Belos e caros rojões de vareta. Tecnologia ultrapassada. Tem que criar outro método de propulsão. Foguetes foram inventados pelos chineses há séculos. O princípio é o mesmo, só substituíram a pólvora pelo líquido propelente.

    7. Anthony Solis

      Who’s here from when China launched their rocket but its coming all back crashing to earth??🙋🏻‍♂️


      Rip to everyone died in the proces😥

    9. Patrick Hamos

      "....and coming back shows vehicle on course, on track, " (vehicle is literally obliterated 1 second later) gg

    10. Patrick Hamos

      I love when they talk up all the hopes and dreams of these stupid investments right before they blow up mere seconds later.... might want to hold off on the patty-self-on-back there guys. As if one more dumb rocket in LEO means anything at all. What a crappy investment, it all just goes up in smoke.

    11. Ryux Support Team

      Lesson learnt. Never name a rocket Atlas. Don't get me started on Titan.

    12. bill sheverbush

      Just remember the Atlas was also an ICBM with a 20% failure rate on launch.

    13. Nur. Kas

      ..i always hate chemistry ...

    14. Sergio Realegeno

      @fuck you suck

    15. Zapatito Blanco

      This is why u dont name rockets atlas

    16. Owen Brown

      Well, there goes a few dollars.

    17. Legend Lynx Gaming

      the thumbnail is the sls that has not flown yet

    18. iziku midoria


    19. Devil

      OH SH-

    20. Brian N

      “All systems reading nomin.. aaand fucked”

    21. Gerald Schilli

      What a waist of taxpayers money!!!

    22. Skinny BoB000

      these numbers are without inflation right?

    23. SKYFE4R

      1:03 REDSTONE???

    24. Jamie LaCourse

      Another great job from Lookout Mountain......

    25. Rise Raids13

      How can the title be incredible fails that’s disgusting whoever made this video people died and billions of dollars are gone

      1. Rise Raids13

        @Dark Space ok fair enough

      2. Dark Space

        Not a single person was injured in any of the clips in this video as these were all unmanned missions. We specifically made it a point to not include any manned mission failures.

    26. Rick Hinojosa

      10 things that went boom!🔥

    27. free fire


    28. Antelio Monterio Abellan

      I’m fascinated with these crashes! Where is Columbia and Challenger crashes?!!!

    29. nathan Padua

      were the humans go in after the space ship explode?

    30. Krystal Briggs

      O MY LORD

    31. Arpit Singh

      Who is after Dragons crew 2 launch

    32. Sehun needs more lines 'till the sundown

      Juno II: "oop, forgot my keys" Atlas Centaur 5: "let's go... s i k e" Titan I: *_didn't even try_*

    33. texasfathead

      You know they talk bad about the Russians but America has lost almost 25 astronauts in the last 40 years and the Russians have only lost 3 they're way better then we are just saying

    34. Lee

      R.U.D. - Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

    35. Tim Hendrikse


    36. _____

      اللهم صل على نبينا محمد

    37. علي المياحي

      حيل بيكم وللة

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    39. ja maguire

      7:28 Just once I'd like to hear the voice-over narration say "Ugh-oh. That can't be good."

    40. Gerald Harty

      I think it should continue

    41. mikle Girma


    42. Aaron Courtney

      Why did you use the SLS for the thumbnail? You’re cursing the upcoming Artemis program

    43. Chitrasen Biswal

      I found all ATLAS mission failed 😭

    44. Hydersun fearless

      Me: I am going to make a rocket My Brother comes running to give me advice my brother: buddy, dont name it Atlas

    45. nobuo sokabe

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    46. Hydersun fearless

      I feel sad for the people who died

    47. nobuo sokabe

      BISS VUT go on :// ai eurgpa iuhgp aieuhrgpauiheg piauherpg uahpergui haperuigap eri uhaperughp aiuerg paiuehrgpaiuh gpauherpgiauhpr giuhaeruihgaeurhg paiuerhepurhgprau epriupeiguhperuha pireuhgu hapeurhg puehrgpaiu hrpgaiuhre ghuapreiugperuguhg paiuher pherp uaherpgi peirughper hapreiuhgaprig hpiuerhpauh pgauihergp uaperiguh aperughp aeurhgpaiuerg iuhergauhr pguahprug haperuh paergiauhergpai hrugpaerhgpia uehgpaherg paurhgp aiuhergp uaerpguha peru aierughapi guhaeprugh apreughaperug haperuhpegai uherpgaue rpuaherpiu hgpaeiurh purap huih iapuerhgp iahergpia uherpiughiauehr piauerhgp uaherpgiaeurhg aiuerhgupa eprauerph gaierugh apeirhg paireuhp uaherpgi ahpeurhg peruhau ghaieruhgi auerhgiauerhg aeirguh aeurhgai uehrgiauerhapiuhgpaieru ghpiauehrg piauhgp auiherpgi uahepirughaieh a iuer hpaireuhp aiuheripguh eruga euhrg hre ughaeuh gpareiuhg paiuergp uahepriuga hepr guhaprgeiguh paeriuhg paieruhg pauherpguh apieurhg pauehprgiu aperuhgpaiuhe rah ierughapu herpgiauh rgpaiehrg puierhgpia uherpgiuha ruehgp auherpgiu haerpiug aurehgapi uhprauhrgauherugapiuerhgaueiughaeiuhgaeureiuh garg r eug uehr gigh areug ae geur ghaepirg uhepriu ghareghu aieruh eriuh arueg iareuhg uaherguahe riguaeriu rhg iuaerhg uhapeuhgr paiuher gpaue erui gapeirughapuerh geaiuehg auhergp aughergpi uhareug iaurehg aiuherg haperiug hapueirg apureg iaerhg haperigh raeuhg pauhra uihrgu huaghg iuaergu hurghe reaui g aipuregu apieruhg paheripguh areiugh iauerhgp auiherpgi uhapeirugh paireug hpaireugh apieurg paieruh iapurpgaiu hpah a ghuerghpa uhrepgaipue hrpguerg peurgap iuhreiugh apieurgp auegp auhegrp auhepriugh apeirug peirughpa uieprgiu apeirug paeirughpai uhpeiuhrg paipeur hpaeirugip auhrpgaiu grpeuihg paiuerghp aieurgh piuahergu hpeiruhg apeirugh aperiug pauherpg iauhrepgiu hapeurihg paiuergpa iuherpiguha eiprug apiehrripg uhapiruhg paieuhrgpa uerpgiu ahpreiuha puiherpi hurgiuh piurgep uhreigh pieruhg auhreipugha ipeurgh upiurghe airguh aieurhgiau eriuhga pierugh paiurehgp iauhregpi auhrepguhap eiuhgeapiuhaepi ugpaierugh paieruhgp iurepguh preug pauerhg paiuergp auherpg iuherpigu hagpri preiuhgpa iuehrgp auhegr giuaepigauh eripugh prgiuhapeirugh paieruh paireuhpa ghrgprapg haph

    48. David Jordan

      There’s a few folks at NASA that probably are not impressed with your thumbnail picture.

    49. Sergo Jordania

      Nine rockets out of ten were made by Americans, even today's Boeing are not reliable and killing innocent people. SOVIET ENGINEERS ARE BEST OF BEST.

      1. JayJay Aviation


    50. sparkthatjay

      Who is here after the launch!!! Congrats Falcon..

    51. Galaxy YT

      Who’s here after the success of the 2nd dragon’s launch? (And yes I know it’s similar to the other one but F off)

    52. Marcel Gultom

      who's here after the success crew-2 launch!

    53. Aniruddh Chaturvedi

      Rest in peace

    54. Edie Sedgwick

      It's absolutely worth the money.

    55. That's a coincidence

      Наш Протон - самый крутой. Красиво лег.

    56. Eric Artis

      Progress in every failure.Something to ponder on?

    57. Brenda Netherland

      R.I.P To all the astronauts on the space ships

      1. Emperor Palpatine

        They were unmanned rockets, nobody passed.

    58. John Bails

      I don't approve the challenger wasn't in this vdeo

      1. JayJay Aviation

        That’s a tragedy, you don’t include tragedies in these types of upbeat videos

    59. RAJA TAI

      is there and astronot in one of this rocket

      1. RAJA TAI

        @JayJay Aviation thx

      2. JayJay Aviation


    60. GreenMonster

      Million dollar fireworks !

    61. Melvin

      waiting for... "mayday"

    62. Boomer Gamer

      The investments are for both They get to reduce the chances of crash only after crashes Or failures so that they don't do any more mistake on their next mission

    63. Legendary Assassin

      9:08 bouncy

    64. Legendary Assassin

      I remember when mangal yan 1 was a fail then second time they reached mars

    65. Tetra3Ne56scur

      I hope all of these were unmanned

      1. JayJay Aviation

        They were

    66. Leo Erni

      where is challenger?

      1. JayJay Aviation

        That’s a tragedy, you don’t include tragedies in these types of upbeat videos

    67. robert caldwell

      Sure... We,the USA, blow money on stupider things. Just wish they'd invite us to the show.

    68. Lisa Go

      Was there ever a successful space launch with a rocket named ATLAS ? Give it one more try

      1. Lisa Go

        @JayJay Aviation yes

      2. JayJay Aviation

        Are you joking?

    69. Riya Shenoy

      I'm here due to lockdown 😁

    70. Murugabhaktan

      Expensive fireworks

    71. QQWeChat Stores

      Kun Fayakun

      1. Aussando

        @QQWeChat Stores aoakowk

      2. QQWeChat Stores

        @Aussando do you need ruqyah brother

      3. Aussando


    72. the blue creeper 25

      Some rockets from SpaceX failed

    73. the blue creeper 25

      But then again musk is a really good rocket engineer and really like self-driving cars and I'm interested by that! And the fact of going to Mars

    74. the blue creeper 25

      I did not watch the whole video yet but maybe SpaceX might have a rocket fail I'll see by watching the video

    75. the blue creeper 25

      he must been charged to pay for a lot of stuff otherwise you've been sued for making these bad rockets to kill astronauts when they don't know

    76. Craig Roop

      So you're just listing U.S. failures😒

      1. JayJay Aviation

        8/10 of them

    77. Drapper

      Never seen the word "INCREDIBLE" next to space launch failures xD

    78. Ralph Robertson BDR

      Yes going to the stars is important. To travel beyond earth. We should have a space station on the moon.

    79. Cosmic Gaming

      Bruh the atlas looks like you just ripped the top off of the SLS

    80. Sean Kwon


    81. Malcolm place

      9 is not a failure it was a test of a safety ejection system, in case of such a huge disaster. moron.

    82. Kimesa Smith

      What kind of Stupid people would dislike

    83. Henry Stickmin

      Based on The Henry Stickmin Collection

    84. Rajinder Singh

      Americans ne arbo karch karke 🚀 banaya or nikla Fuss. Indians ne gobar gaas se banaya big hit. Neil Armstrong k fake video banake logo ko aaj bhi ullu banane ki koshish kar rahe hai.

    85. N1k0la

      **Names a rocket Atlas** Atlas: *Gon' catch me ridin' dirty*

    86. 000Gallian

      Expensive firecrackers !!!

    87. Ethan Gilliland

      ....are they dead?

      1. JayJay Aviation


    88. Selmaria

      Juno 2: Nah i dont care about you all trying to launch me, I dont wanna go to space!

    89. bobo sapiens

      what a terrible pollution. what is the meaning of going to another planet if we still do not know how to live and maintain this one?

      1. JayJay Aviation

        Going to the stars often creates new opportunities and technologies for us down here

    90. •Nobody•

      Im obsessed at space and I want to be an astro-nout but I'm to scared to die. My only dream is only To go in Space.

    91. Zanden Lyons

      Let's be honest here... ... We all came to see giant explosions.

    92. J Bond


    93. Lynx Spatial

      A failure is very rare.

    94. Bejarano Family

      Are there people on all of those rockets?????

      1. Zero

        @Bejarano Family nope

      2. Bejarano Family

        @Zero are there people on any of those rockets?

      3. Zero


    95. Aaron Lycan

      its funny until your in the crew module

    96. SawFS GT

      Titan 1: I ain’t going wtf

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    98. Theother One

      When you graduate from an online class

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    100. gloria esteban

      is their people in the rocket ship?

      1. JayJay Aviation

        There isn’t

      2. Zero

        (I don’t think so)

      3. Zero