Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Official Music Video)


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    Official video of Blondie performing Heart Of Glass from the album Parallel Lines.
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    1. Ozymandias ➊

      Let's be honest, we all searched for this.

    2. Attila Horvath

      Mucho Mistrust.

    3. ROCP

      "Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind" sounds like something Trump would tweet

    4. Rich Rosenfeld

      It is sacrilege to cover this song. Blondie did it perfectly!

    5. videos android

      Soy del 67 y recuerdo con nostalgia está época, la disco, en Neza, linda y hermosa época,

    6. juan cosme garcia castañeda

      No importa nada., bueno sólo tu voz... quisiera estar CONTIGO.. eres la mejor

    7. juan cosme garcia castañeda

      Te amo

    8. Chris Rays

      Was she naturally sedated or did she have a good doctor supplying what ever chemical she needed? Her hairstyle is great though, If one looks at how much fitness action a current day girl has to perform to get attention... these times were different. Anyway. She was and is ICONIC.

    9. Paulo Seabra

      Go for Debbie Harry if you like music, go for Michelle Pfeiffer if you like movies, go for Jana Cova if you like...

    10. Juan Daniel Valencia

      OMG I just fell in love with an old lady !!!

    11. Владимир Терещенко

      Очень красивая девушка очень красиво поёт прекрасное музыкальное сопровождение рекомендую послушать не пожалеете .

    12. Juri S

      Какая Ингеборга Дапкунайте здесь молодая.. ))

    13. Hakim HADDAD

      the handsmaid tale brought me here

    14. H. Tos

      "lively keyboard music"

    15. iMad Sparky


    16. Лариса Бычковас

      Оооочень рада увидеть эту прелестницу!!! Знакомлюсь заново с песней, которую слушала в юности. Ну, может не в юности, а чуть позже

    17. Serel Ceyani

      Awesome, such a music legend

    18. Walter Wendner

      Dieser coole Song kommt mir gerade gelegen 😘

    19. splasher the cracker


    20. Heidi Karns

      timeless! fantastic!

    21. Carl Hays

      She would have been such a great X-wife. LOVES me some Blondie !!!

    22. Chris Carpenter

      1978 top 40

    23. Chris Carpenter

      2:54 got dubbed over

    24. Captain Bunwarmer

      She sang that so effortlessly! Pure talent right there.

    25. xarmanhs h


    26. Pelomy's Corner


    27. FBI

      GTA vice city stories nostalgia hits hard, I remember my psp now 😭

    28. jeffs99a

      nissan Rogue commercial brought me here

    29. Sky Tabin

      Jesus loves you pray to God!

    30. Nahir camila vasquez

      esta cancion era cuando yo tenia apenas un año 1 xd

      1. Nay's Studios ッ

        Yo ni nacia XD

    31. Nicolas Castillo

      Desde CHILE, todavía escucho esta canción y la baílo.Me trae recuerdos de mi adolecencia.

    32. Duane Friedrich

      Os cara diferente, charmoso de estilo próprio...hoje em dia são todos iguais

    33. Big Motor

      We still love you Blondie!!

    34. samuel fernandez

      yessssss que sexi mujerh.

      1. Nay's Studios ッ


    35. maksphoto78

      The American version of Kim Wilde. But then Kim is 100% sexier!

    36. M Daddy

      she so sexy

    37. Fivos Fivos

      She barely moves and the song still gives you ENDLESS ENERGY

    38. FastgunEd

      Her songs were better to me than Madonna's

      1. Pp Dd

        Deborah Harry had class .... madonna had STDs. No comparison.

    39. Nikola Labasova

      A ako lekári pod prísahou by sme dodržiavali pravidlá. Hlavne, nepiť v práci. Keď lekár pije v práci, môžme im opodstatnené nedôverovať.

    40. Nikola Labasova

      Keby sme boli všetci lekári, nemusíme ísť na testovanie. A mali by sme papier len tak, známosti však..

    41. Randall Román

      The Costa Rica alove song Best music beautiful beautiful woman 😍😍😍

    42. Gary's _Movie Emporium _

      Oh sexy girlfrienddddddddd!?

    43. Kris

      Here After listening to Miley Cyrus

    44. Mariana Mascarenhas

      VICIEI nessa música cara

    45. brasil legal

      Bra aqui ?

    46. brasil legal

      Que vem pelo o cover da miley cruys?

    47. I Love P.J. Harvey's Legs

      I'm not here for her legs.

    48. Elton Laleham

      This song covered bythe shadows is awesome in billions of ways even without the lyrics it is an awesomesong in billions of ways

    49. mscommerce

      Hard to remember now that this was meant as a bit of a parody of disco - and that Debbie Harry's onstage persona and the band name 'Blondie' were an ironic satire on the older generations preference for cheesecake in popular culture. It wasn't supposed to matter that she was good looking; that was only for the purpose of the hip, self-aware stage act.

    50. Smaran Pasupulati

      Debbie has the best teeth damn 😳

    51. PurnaChand Medisetty

      2:50 try that with 'CC'

    52. Дмитрий Рязанцев

      Шикарный клип! Ради его я купил гитару Schecter и научился играть эту композицию.

    53. Emilia bunny

      i am 13 and i love 80s music its the best

      1. Enzo Fraiese

        2009 lol

    54. Lyda Perez

      Vocalista Guitarrista Bajista Baterista Y Tecladista

    55. Yah Weh

      Imagine you play this song while you and your homies are about to do drive by in the hood.

      1. MONOKUMA!


    56. Mike Walker

      I wonder if the lyrics Loves Gone Behind and a Pain in the Ass refer to the BFs attempt at anal sex and her rejection?

    57. Marquise Livigni

      Finally found it after all these years

    58. Brunette

    59. Thomas Bowdon

      Look at something else if it hurts,,,,Bozo.🍕

    60. Thomas Bowdon

      Some of you people just don't get it...

    61. Thomas Bowdon

      She's hard to beat.

    62. Thomas Bowdon

      She puts dignity into feminine sexuality.

    63. jose lucero

      Blondie I love you


      yellow teeth, yellow hair, is it to combine?

    65. H Mackie

      it's got a good beat and I can dance to it...and I could never dance b4

    66. H Mackie

      just my opinion but Blondie was like a crossover band from rock to disco to punk...etc

    67. Isis Santana

      La estuve buscando por mucho tiempo y por fin la encontré :'"v

    68. FIRE HACKS


    69. roberto aparecido barboza


    70. Juan Vazquez

      Houston i have a problem. I love music!

    71. evie on film

      god i love her

    72. Mark Simpson

      Debbie just outed sex appeal

    73. Janez Klemenčič


    74. Sanchello 007

      I live in Russia, but I listen to the classics of different countries!

    75. Erol Demokan

      Once Blondi....Luv u

    76. Szymon G

      Fuck TIK TOK all my homies plays gta vice city stories!!!

    77. Thony Trovão


    78. Czarna Muu


    79. Dan L

      I would give up smartphones and the internet to go back to the 80s or before. I really preferred the simpler life in those days compared to what we have now.

    80. L L

      One of the best femele singer in the last century if not the best

      1. Luis Echeverria

        Have you heard the supremes

      2. Chef Combo


      3. Goat Desecrator

        I'd say either Debbie Harry or the singer of Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

      4. Sky Tabin

        Jesus loves you pray to God!

      5. Alejandro Moreno S.

        love her, one of the top rock goddesses of all time, but not better than Stevie Nicks for example, just to name one . . .

    81. ccg1171

      Fuck I wish it was 79

    82. Jon Hamer

      Who can possibly give this a thumb down ???

      1. Pp Dd

        feminists and fairies

    83. Gabriela K

      ugh she's so iconic

    84. Kimi


    85. Hauptmann Fritz

      2:52 Turn subtitles

    86. CopyKat

      I get strong Quicksilver vibes

    87. R S

      Iconic 🙌🙌🙌🙌

    88. Assassine de la lune

      My crush love this

    89. Juan Kubassh

      supercanciones de los 70, 80. lo antiguo es mejor

    90. Caio Oliveira

      240.741.428 1.333.627

    91. Chris Driskell

      Times were much easier back then, who is ready to go back....

      1. Thea Hartman

        🙋🏻‍♀️ ME!

    92. Mats Nordal

      Brilliant from the time female musicians where strong enough to show feelings and weakness without over doing it. Other examples are Dolly Parton and Bette Middler. No sane person would perceive them as weak.

      1. Mats Nordal

        @Windshield laugh ? What does that have anything to do with it? I think that many of todays female artists give a much more narcissistic impression then the women in the eighties thats it. I don't even know if that is the case. I guess the same goes for the men but it isn't that big of a change...

      2. Windshield laugh

        Female? Are you kidding me, name one man today that does it better than the female artists.

    93. John Somerset

      I love the Blondie songs like this one, but keep seeing people here mention 'Miley Cyrus'. Who or what is that?

      1. I -girl

        @John Somerset yeah famous, she’s celebrity and you know their famous, and thief? Sorry dude but learn the definition of thief. Doing a cover on a song doesn’t make you a thief and especially when you give credit to the original artist

      2. Stain

        @John Somerset bro move on from the past you might find new artist arent as bad as you think

      3. John Somerset

        @I -girl Famous? She sounds like a cheap thief.

      4. I -girl

        She is a famous singer who recently did a cover on this song which sounded more “modern”

      5. Hannah Kowalski

        She is a singer

    94. Chris Mandalor

      I came here from the movie ice man... When the captain American actor plays a killer who disco dances to this song. Lol

    95. Renzo Alvarado

      Camina por miraflores en la noche, de ptmai

    96. Marsius

      When u switch to Wave103 FM 💚❤

    97. Asistente Taller


    98. Adrian Hernandez

      De aquí se la pirateo el pinche buki Marco Antonio Solis el peor de mis fracasos !!! Hazlo ya si vieras cuánto bien me haría por tu voz !!! Hazlo ya si quiera unas palabras y después adiós !!! La misma tonada jajajaja

    99. Berg Katse

      An angel with a bunch of dorks..

    100. cruzzcarlos c

      WOW!! Incredible beauty Just perfect