Cody Ko - H3 Podcast #211

H3 Podcast

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    күнү жарыяланды 4 ай мурун


    1. Pollo Loco

      50:00 starts puttin yah on game

    2. lisa mercer

      Everyone just uses paper, I was brought up to use a bidet , me and my siblings used it to wash our feet !

    3. lisa mercer

      So glad you have subtitles

    4. Holofech

      45:36 MINNETOBA??!?!?!?!?

    5. Dooky Shooz II


    6. emily

      Why did I expect Cody to say he had celiac disease when Ethan asked

      1. emily

        He seems like someone who can’t eat gluten

    7. brandon A


    8. William Smith

      I had ethans problem with heart burn the only way I fixed it was eating one meal a day under 600 calories usually a grilled chicken salad or chicken wrap as my one meal for the day and I only drink water. I’m miserable but I’ve lost 20 pounds and still need to lose another 30 maybe even 40 pounds. Kids who can eat anything and not gain weight take my word for it go outside and play or stop eating terrible because I was in your shoes 5 years ago.

    9. Squid

      Dude I learned this about you, something I didn't know *EHHHHHHKKKKKKKK*

    10. Squid

      Cody was the first to make a GERD Joke? A moment of history right there.

    11. Jking802

      The vodka tasting the same thing isn’t true. If you’ve ever had Mr Boston’s then you know it’s so terrible compared to absolut or grey goose.

    12. Ben Bowland

      32:41 AI=Asshole Intelligence

    13. Michael Macbeane

      Hey Ethan would you like to do a rap verse for me and we then make a song with said rap verse and have Dan and zack produce it and have a special feature with Mr shoe nice?

    14. BruhAnt


    15. Bisma Rana

      “U got any diseases?” I CANT BREATHEEEEEEEEE

    16. Betta Tech

      29:00 itchy cheeks happen too often with leggings in plastic chairs after sitting for too long. Ask any female

    17. Betta Tech

      How did I miss this? Love Cody ko 🥰

    18. Charlie

      I dream about Cody at least twice per week..I'm obsessed 😍

    19. Mel Rose

      While Cody is a good looking & attractive fella, I’ve never necessarily been attracted *to* him. But damn does he look pretty here 🥀

    20. Mel Rose

      Before Cody went dirtball 90s character 🤘🏻😞

    21. jamie g

      Revisiting this end of 2020. I’m happy Cody and Ethan are still kicking, still memes

    22. Erika

      Easily the worst part of the Jeff video was all those other KGuprs in the room agreeing with Jake Paul lmao

    23. Hard Freckles

      In the Johnny Depp commercial there was also originally a Native American woman (or a woman dressed as a Native American) randomly dancing beside him in the desert when it first came out. But it sparked a whole bunch of backlash, especially with the cologne being called “Sauvage”, so they cut it out. Fun fact.

    24. Lily Burger

      You got any like... diseases?

    25. M BoostOut

      Take a drink every time Cody says “like”

    26. Laura Grigorakis

      i agree! wasnt cool and would have been pissed

    27. Alex Holt

      This is just a genuinely good podcast, there didn’t particularly seem to be an agenda they just enjoyed chatting shit to each other 😂😂

    28. Michael Parsons

      Cody was a great guest

    29. mike foley

      The aspiring timbale philosophically reproduce because ladybug superficially pine in a lucky owner. curved, nifty pillow

    30. DuJoPP

      I thought nobody else experienced the infamous, insatiable cheek itch. I am connected to Cody in a way I never imagined.

    31. Aidan Miller

      i can only wipe from the front too

    32. M R

      I always viewed Cody as having a similar style of comedy to Ethan back in his golden days.

    33. Olivia Ryan

      Cody- I LOVE YOU and you asked the same questions I would. PERIOD.

    34. andrew bryton

      23:00 if you say so 🤷😂

    35. GYLLZ

      Wade doesnt burn

    36. NoBody NoWhere

      We’ve had Danny and now Cody when do we get Kurtis Noel or evening Drew ?! Can’t wait loved this

    37. Taylor Ross

      bro im losing my mind at this toilet paper convo cody's like "oh no I *dig* "

    38. PartGang

      Does anyone else just randomly Asian squat

    39. No more Pomegranates

      This is the most geriatric podcast I’ve ever seen. They’re both coughing, burping, hacking and sniffling, and discussing their coffee intake and bowel movements.

    40. mimo _

      I rewatch this podcast just to hear ethan ask.. ' so do you have any like..diseases?' 'No i dont have any diseases' 'man youre so fucking lucky' Makes me cry every fucking time

    41. OprahsKankles

      The selfish flower postauricularly fail because boot analytically puncture within a flawless pharmacist. cagey, obnoxious hardboard

    42. Charlie Cappel

      "you got any diseases"

    43. Charles W

      I wipe front to back but I don't reach from between my legs. My hand just goes around the back of my legs. I was confused of what front/back wiper really meant. Also I stand. I think it would be nasty to do it while sitting on the toilet lol That being said, I'm about to convert to a bidet :)

    44. Dakota Lloyd

      Today I found out Ethan and I poop the same🙂

    45. Aaron Bower

      “Changed my life.” 😂

    46. Fuck Off

      Winnipeg is in Manitoba not Ontario😭

    47. cristomali456 m jeenifarty654

      The orange doubt quickly back because monday pertinently doubt upon a fluffy building. overwrought, capable subway

    48. Owen Kosik

      holy shit im losing it like the guy in the back during the shit talks loool

    49. Heather Jensen

      the like ratio is insane, everybody likes cody

    50. steve

      I am sorry but i can't make up what's so fucked up about McConaughey's quotes

    51. Sofia Ruiz

      🧡 Cody

    52. matija horvat

      Yo who is laughing in the back the whole time? Is he paid 2 laugh at Eathen's jokes?

    53. Cody

      Hey guys my name's Cody and I'm a front wiper. Don't let this propaganda get to you

    54. 222SickBoy

      Really cold and really hot stuff make acid reflux AKA GERD act up. Your water might be too cold Ethan...

    55. ya girl lauren

      Did no one else hear the fart at 28:38?

    56. Nate Isaiah

      this feels like a disney crossover episode

    57. Matthew Lechner

      Had to go dislike Jake Paul’s video

    58. Emily Conant

      i love cody

    59. Codey Kreuziger-Pomerville

      Are we sure 4.9 wasn’t just the size of his feet?

    60. Billy Mitchell

      These poop revelations are unforgiveable. What is Ethan thinking?

    61. Gxlden Sunshine


    62. bryan padilla

      They should do a part two of this podcast with their ladies.

    63. Abby Stackhouse

      For GERD, you have to take antacids, and stop with the acidic foods and beverages, and stop with spicy foods too.

    64. Ellie Fisher

      the privilege men have to wipe from the front

    65. Bets

      Chris Klemens stands to wipe 😂

    66. LadyJagan

      Papa bless this frictionless ep 🙏 💕

    67. Peter Lim

      44:36 LMFAOOOO

    68. Egor Mc

      i dont think we can show that and yet i spot a shit in the right hand corner of the amber heard article LOL

    69. Shiri Guessman

      Zack simps for Johnny depp too, because he paints his nails for all his roles, Zach is such a fucking simp

    70. Shiri Guessman

      I guess it’s tough for fat people to wipe from the front to back slightly leaning forward....I mean I just turn my head back as I lift it up to see if it’s still shitty and eventually no shit is left on the next toilet paper wipe and then I’m done....I guess some boys don’t see a problem with wiping back to front because they cup their balls or whatever but with woman they r scared to get shit near their vagina and they can possibly get a yeast infection because of that

    71. Shiri Guessman

      Dan:Zach your such a simp.... For the butt wiping now...shit I guess Zach is a simp for many thinggs

    72. The Borderline Life

      aww Cody describing his anxiety (and me sensing it ;possibly because I'm Canadian and/or also having crazy anxiety symptoms) makes me respect him that much more . He's so mature now too . Love how drama free he is.

    73. Shiri Guessman

      I wet my toilet paper hehe

    74. Shiri Guessman

      Acid reducer pills don’t really help people with severe gerd, there is a minor non surgical procedure u might have to get called tif procedure, so my suggestion is tell your primary dr that u need to see a gi specialist and then ask the specialist about the tug procedure and how your gerd affects you and the gi specialist will determine if you need tif procedure or not and further tests will be done to figure out what would be best to help you for your severity of gerd

    75. Cosmic I

      The podcast is significantly better without Hila.

    76. Shiri Guessman

      Ethan that’s where u mess up, not eating anything in the morning and day makes people with gastritis/gerd/bad acid reflux problems worse, I suggest ethan that you make a non-acidic smoothie every morning with non acidic fruits...I have same problems but probably worse and I have to have that smoothie every morning or I get very sick and throw up stomach acid

    77. Liam Moran

      So we just gonna ignore the fact that Cody was the main character in “sky high”?

    78. Madison Cuervo

      “Do you have any diseases?” “Well I’m about to turn 30-“

    79. Rylen Campbell-Stovell

      I was about to comment that Cody is a bad Canadian for saying Winnipeg, Ontario, but before I could finish typing he called himself out.

    80. MockALove

      I get itchy cheeks after the pool. Especially after you sit on a chair in you wet swimsuit.

    81. Dronezke

      i love that this isnt just drama and bitching

    82. Dee Wolf

      Wiping from the side is far superior you just lean and put ure weight on one leg no need to touch the bowl at all and you use one hand to wipe with the other not needed so you can watch your phone or whatever no cupping of balls needed at all...

    83. Mr. Peanut


    84. Space ferret Kaya

      So, personally as someone with a hole instead of a shlong I feel like it's to risky for me to wipe from the front, my grandmother actually thought me that when I was younger, " dont wipe from the front or else you'll get poop in vagina " is what she'd tell me

    85. lexi rose reese

      those quotes at the end like please im crying bro im CRYING i cant believe those exist

    86. Belinda Short

      When I was a lifeguard around 19 years old, I worked at the Natatorium during the NCAA tournaments and we had a lot of pretty bad injuries, a lot more blood than you'd think for it being water/diving.

    87. Waffling Willow

      I have GERD. The meds your doctor prescribes to you actually makes your condition worse. I've been on probiotics and I haven't had a GERD episode in months.

    88. HereitsZara

      i think cody makes a great guest because he is ok with talking about anything and doesnt get uncomfortable when the host mentions stuff which would be seen as typically inappropriate

    89. The Super Ninja Show

      I hope Cody knows the only reason why Jake Paul doesn't like him is because of Cody's hairline. Wonder when Jake will accept he is going bald.

    90. HereitsZara

      7:52 i feel like cody regretted saying this because you know what his fans are like

    91. yazn

      cody is an absoluts chad

    92. Justin Edwards

      Ethan, thanks for giving Cody more than 10 minutes. Everyone appreciates that douche bag

    93. Naomi A

      if it’s cuz you have GERD sometimes not eating will make the acid reflux worst! you can try to reduce your intake of food high in acid that could help. i have gerd and take 40mg of omprezol and have a bunch of foods cut out of my diet and it’s much better now! but don’t worry about the cough it doesn’t bother us- you can’t control it!

    94. Indy M


    95. Martijn van der Helm

      "senior citizens you mean?" Says Cody while thinking about his friends

    96. Lau. w5

      I literally wipe from the front but push it back😂

    97. Tyler J

      Winnipeg Ontario novascotia Calgary? Oh I’ve been there

    98. Ram Moh

      GERD gang

    99. llMcMUFFll

      Your buddie, you mean Noel.....

    100. Michael Trapani

      If they could have done this interview in person, I feel like Ethan would feed Cody some soup and wipe his mouth for him and kiss the top of his head like a grandma. Guys appreciating guys and being uplifting to one another is so nice and rare. It's refreshing sometimes.