Haircut machine V2: future of haircutting?

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    It was time to take another pass on the hair cutting robot. The new robot is bigger, better, way more reliable and travel friendly. I tried to cut MatPats hair (live) then my brothers hair and then my own. For some reason I'm compelled to improve the pattern carving functionality even though I have zero desire to actually use it....
    One final thing - if you know of any actual problems that could use a better solution please leave a comment. One of my goals is to make a portion of my projects attempts at solving legitimately useful problems and I would love to have a good list of them. Thanks!

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    1. Stuff Made Here

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      1. Ishan Singh

        Try a pencil hand that writes your homework if you tell it where to copy it from and the robot also writes everything in your handwriting after analyzing it

      2. Michael McGregor

        Your videos are awesome! Idea: Mirroring programming While the saw is attached to the arm, have a zero point. Have a professional carver carve something while the arm records the movements. Once they are done, save the the program. Now, every time you place the log and robot arm at zero, you can just run that program... would be awesome! Mass produce famous carvers works at a fraction of the price.

      3. ivor radmilović pavlek

        Problem idea: I hate that you have to put wires behind and through the walls and have a hustle with mortar, paint and other stuff before you even get to the wiring just to put a new socket or whatever... I had an idea of making like a paint with which you paint the circuits like they do on the circuit boards, but on the walls. so, I want to put a new socket, I paint two stripes from one point to the point where my socket will be, I affix the socket that has two small contacts with a screw and cover the conduit with some wide isolation tape that hopefully works well with the style of the room... I tried with copper, got it from CuSO4 and vitamin C, but I couldn't figure out which adhesive to use... I mean, I'm not an engineer, just had time and a strong desire not to go through all the trouble of affixing a new socket... in the end I made a compromise with a long cable... but if someone who actually knows how make stuff can work this out, I'd use that product for sure...

      4. TARIK ANWAR

        How about using a custom made trimmer with really small width

      5. Ye boi Riley


    2. Xpert diate

      If I can make one it would be a cheap bionic legs, it help old people and disabled to move and be more independant.

    3. Whamboy

      this dudes top screen in the timelapses tho

    4. up robo

      That was Mike Tayson .. not Muhammed Ali ..

    5. Jeremy Hurt

      Thank you so much for your hard work for this charity!

    6. The Life of Guyon


    7. robert truth

      What would be cool to see is improved mechanical arms and legs for people who cant walk or have a lost of limb just as an idea I know a lot of people have been working on it but just spit balling

    8. Misha Purser

      If it goes wrong you can always run away singing 'Me Ol' Bam-Boo'

    9. Jon Colchagoff

      Instead of three discrete switches, how about a ring attached to three or four switches or rather, some sort of feedback system (spring loaded linear encoders?). That way, when the ring contacts the skull, if not all three or four encoders register the same amount of deflection, then the robot adjusts. If they do all register the same amount of deflection, then the system knows that the theoretical surface described by the ring is tangent to the curve of the skull. Also, the ring should glide a little less painfully over a persons' cranial features.

    10. Jialuo Cheng

      Most hair tend to be wavy or curly. you need two parts for your machine, one is working like a comb to straight up your hair, and the other part to cut the straightened hair.

    11. Zackary Andraka

      Problem: There are not enough Stuff Made Here videos. Idea: Never stop making videos!

    12. RBXTrains

      Please make an automatic finger nail cutter/sander, that's my childhood dream!

    13. Tobias Remmers

      Has it been sent to LPL yet????

    14. MrRawage


    15. Adam Grumbo

      You might Mike Tyson bot.

    16. André Ferreira

      See the process of thinking over the problems that appears and find a way to get over them is amazing to me and a great exercise to turn myself into a better engineer in the future!

    17. alguém me mata por favor

      EXTREME FATIGUES - possible causes: 1- waste all of your time creating insane robots 2- coding for 12 hours every day ........

    18. testeoyt

      what about a mosquito killing machine? pretty useful I would say

    19. lw88

      Mike Tyson. You mean at the teeth of Mike Tyson. Lmao

    20. Akshar Chauhan

      Can't you use a smaller trimer for logo cutting over head?

    21. Sonoflyn

      "sick fades for sick kids"

    22. Chris Whalen

      2:00 did you know the _hairy ball theorem_ explains why it's not possible to comb a sphere?

    23. Aykut Bozkurt

      If you make it work,you become a billionare in no time especially during corona and even after corona.Very cool project,loved it.

    24. Alex Kelly

      “I actually have like 80 hours left, that’s like two full work weeks of work” hahahahahahaha laughs in medicine

    25. Seth Moeckel

      I have your brothers tshirt haha

    26. Morten Sølling

      Ugh. Even with easy mode turned on it’s not giving a good haircut. Looking forward to part 3 though

    27. Thatcher Flynn

      This is the future of haircuts

    28. EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling

      You do some AMAZING stuff. Love the eye rolling "wife" character!

    29. AssailantLF


    30. Lynn Chen

      I recommend Github

    31. matraxs

      This is amazing bro

    32. michael Follis

      cancer and world hunger

    33. DeContractor

      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2 days ago Oh, the HUMANITY! 🤑

    34. john newman

      reminds me of charlie chaplin and food factory machine. lol

    35. Evan Simpson

      MatPats review is the funniest thing ever. 18:30

    36. Evan Simpson

      It would be funny if it turned out the haircut machine accidently killed him and there has just been a super smart robot man doing the rest of the machines.

    37. Marcelo Xavier Vilas Boas

      Opa amigo,entra em contato comigo que eu te falo como construir um robô eficaz pra cortar cabelo,aguardo seu contato,paz e gratidão e te garanto não é brincadeira!!!

    38. Nathian Soto

      It would be awesome if you can develop some type of smart calculator, one that can understand a problem by speech or photo. I feel as though you could help a lot of people with this. There are websites that try like Wolfram but it is not consistent enough or smart enough in my opinion.

    39. Anthony Adams

      You’re actually insane

    40. Some Guy

      your brother almost looks like your identical twin

    41. Brandon Blanchette

      There is no way you listened to the He-Man song for 10 hours 😂

    42. yiannos koubanis

      This is very intresting!!! Your work is just amazing!!! I am watching this video right now and I have an idea...A fullface helmet tha keeps the skull in place and has at the back of the head an open space tha the robot can rotate and use the helmet as a frame ...

    43. q_e__d

      What is that ipad diagram app? Looks pretty cool

    44. Dexter Jones

      Awesome v2 like the German missile?

    45. Ivan Zen_Carver

      LOL Mike Tyson is the ear biter

    46. Dynamite Black

      Idk why but you have a good voice helping me to sleep, maybe cause I'm bad at science. 99

    47. Kyle _

      St. Jude has monthly donation program as well. Thanks for promoting St. Jude and cheers for everyone donate to St. Jude!

    48. John Olding

      For the pattern thing, nose hair trimmer like thing would work MUCH better!

    49. Cameron Saunders

      Yo half the video I don’t know what he is talking about but I know it’s cool 👍

    50. Myles Wolfe

      Now you need a machine that will brush your teeth for you!

    51. Sam Sharman

      Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear, not Ali 😝 Love your videos mate. You’re a bloody legend.

    52. Zac Sinopoli

      "I did this image :-/" : / ✔

    53. kelli blue

      why not just train it to do more of a buzz cut using a clipper?

    54. 38911bytefree

      This guy is really a blast on prototyping building and coding.

    55. Tim Montag Jr.

      17:55 “I see why I married you” Money?

    56. Andi Nelson

      As a barber I’m glad your robot didn’t work. Phew

    57. Austin Smith

      2021 Project Idea: An electric walker. Purpose: Enable those with limited walking speed to keep up. (Ie. Elderly, Disabled) Challenges: Portability, Stability & Battery Life

    58. DarkOverFlow Overflow

      He's the new elon musk

    59. Simon M

      splash back proof toilet

    60. SuperNovaJinckUFO

      This dude's like if Simone Giertz made shit that actually worked

    61. Fredrik Stål

      Get at "spot" robot and get it to pick up stuff like toys and clothes around the house.

    62. Surya Ananth

      heer's a stupid idea.... instead of using vacuum to hold up the hair and cut, why not use the Van de Graff generator ball and hold it like a crystal ball, let your hair stand up, and cut it? just a random thought... UwU

    63. Memoiana

      Or you could just buy a hair trimmer. 🤪

    64. DUB MTB

      I’m not going to point it out like most of the d-bags on the internet would.....and I don’t wanna scroll down and count, but how many people corrected the Holyfield- Ali comment? Like does it matter? Adhd doesn’t allow people to just enjoy your content lol DISCLAIMER I ALSO HAVE ADHD. Keep it up

    65. acepilot1

      Why does this remind me of the hair cutting vacuum from the Wayne’s World movie

    66. greeze

      Probably a little late on this, but I've got a real-world problem. Admittedly, it's not a serious problem, and it's a problem that I actually no longer have because I solved it in my own way, but it's a problem that I think lots of people might share. The problem is a cat who isn't allowed to sleep in the bedroom. Cats really don't like closed doors, and will stand outside them and yowl, or paw at them, bump against them, etc. While I still had this problem, my dream was a robot that would stand guard outside my door, recognize the cat, and chase him away anytime he came near. I would love to see you tackle the problem of a non-violent anti-cat roboguard designed to quietly protect humans from feline sleep-thieves.

    67. Gray

      hey man, I just started watching your videos and the stuff you create is insanely impressive. one question I have is what language do you program with? I am taking automotive engineering in school right now and they taught me c++ which looks similar, but not the same so I’m curious as to what you use. thanks!

    68. Lackshooo guck mal diese Frisur junge

      7:09 nice music taste man

    69. J.

      Listening to the HE-MAN HEYEAYEA SONG FOR 10 HOURS now while coding. My company fired me after 2 days oops

    70. Sebas Vreys

      Make something for paralyses. That would be awesome. And it would change the world for those people.

    71. Stiftos

      17:42 so wholesome.

    72. Enrique Espinoza

      Obesity is one big problem.....

    73. Weekend Fisherman

      every barber in the world: *sigh of relief for their jobs*

    74. Acura RL

      Why are you not doing a follow up vid to get it to cut hair correctly

    75. D C-K D.

      Love your creativity in the hair cutting field...I anm not sure if you have used different sized blades to get into the detailed areas of you design, but that is my 2 cents worth put in. You asked for idea's of what else to design...Here is my idea, as I am looking to make or find something for a special someone to use. I know some people who have limited arms reach and stiff neck and spine. Check out Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP)! This will let you know what type of issues these people face daily while trying to do simple daily tasks. Are you able to make a gadget that can brush or come hair, and style it nicely. That means that the brush would need to confidently reach all sides of the head and adjust to the height of the person. Ideally, this contraption can attach to a wall in a grooming area of their abode and not be cumbersome with arms sticking out anywhere. Neat and tidy robot needed, that can get the job done in a few seconds. Hope you try to tackle this one...Good Luck if you do!

    76. AlexD988

      Your sister has very dainty ankles

    77. Archie Everett

      7:14 top screen, I feel you man, I feel you

    78. Igor S

      Real problem is the volume of fine plastic particles in the ocean. Let's clean it up...

    79. Alek

      Make shaving machine.

    80. Fifamaster42

      This is why robots will run the world 🤣 giving them scissors

    81. Koen Willems

      Remember the suck and cut from waynes world?

    82. Hasnat Ali

      robot sewing machine. that cuts, shapes and sews the clothes

    83. Fortuna

      build a robot to fix potholes on the streets

    84. Diabandana

      This guy plays D&D! AWESOME!

    85. U.D. -

      "Extreme Fatigue - 10 possible causes" - lol

    86. TheLumberjack1987

      just saying, at 2:35 he says "Muhammad Ali bot", but it was actually Mike Tyson who did the famous ear bite.

    87. Negrito Lindo

      Idea: "chicken head like" wheelchair escalator. I mean, not a wheelchair with a big @ss motor able to move a grown up human up stairs. Give me something that an assistant would do most of that hard work to move the wheelchair upstairs, but the person in the wheelchair won't get all that shock from moving each step up or down.

    88. Michael Hackman

      Use github my friend - never lose your code work again

    89. Megana Ol'Roy

      This is Tony stark

    90. Haby Furi

      Try it on black hair. We have thinner but more robust hair. Your robot might be ready to be sold in other countries. Give it a test

    91. RAPAN v6

      People like when other people struggling, especially with this kind of diy projects, learning basic intuitive stuff like reliability buthtub. However looks entartaings as a steam punk with modern approach - vlog stile show. Some manager would bite himself thinking what a waste of enthusiasm for wrong target but I would not )) real world problem he said? Here is the list: Money machine; Everlasting machine; Love machine; Healing machine; and.. Future machine of cause. Great channel..subscribed;)

    92. Afraaz Hussain

      lmaooo his bro's crying

    93. gilbert arroyo

      this is the future just keep trying

    94. Afraaz Hussain


    95. Giorno Giovanna

      It's for humanity. *Hands 400$* i like this

    96. Jax

      your cracked.

    97. Cujo Sound

      They just don't undertand art.

    98. Waiporoporo

      14:45 "but what i really want to see is if it can cut a pattern in to your head" i think he meant hair?

    99. Ivar Voorel

      thank you, i think you could fix the issue of child molesters - how they approach via gaming and that can also include some sort of online bullying :) and maybe human trafficking generally, i am sure u can find the way good luck :)

    100. James T

      Really love the idea to make things that help solve real world problems. Things to help in Africa or poor SEA nations etc come to mind but can't think of anything specific