im really struggling right now

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    Happy MONDAY I hope you are doing your best and I love u
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    1. morgans vlogs

      I love you 🖤 even if you don’t feel loved remember that you are and life always works out for the best

      1. Valerie Rainbows

        @morgans vlogs I know how you feel, and you are not alone. You seemed so much happier when you were with your parents, and sweet grandma. Big hugs you can do it. And that lady was rude for sure at your class. ❤️

      2. Kali MacKinnon


      3. Chareena Acosta

        I hope you know this for yourself, too, Morgan. 💜 HUGS *

      4. Lynn Smith

        @Shari Lynn like you can't tell anyone what to do you're pathetic it's called freedom of speech.

      5. Shari Lynn

        Honey, you need to go see a doctor. You are definitely depressed and may need some antidepressants. I mean that with love. 🌷

    2. Cass Kost

      You crying while eating breakfast was honestly heart breaking but eye opening for me. Like I’m not the only one who feels like this. Im not the only one who cries randomly and feels so low some days. Im sorry you go through this too. I love your videos and I love how real you are. ❤️

    3. Tash

      Alright, so as an aggressive loving friend, I would come over and pack your bags and take you to places that will make you happy. And if I were your friend, I would buy plane tickets to get there and take you to Walmart or something. You are someone who needs to be around people physically and be with someone who vibes with you. I can’t be alone otherwise I will break down. It’s not about being reliant on someone, it’s about growing with someone next to you, lover, partner, or friend- whatever. You need that Morgan, and I hope you can find it.

    4. Jake Kardashian

      This was crazy to watch because I've never quite related to a video like this?

    5. dolita windo

      literally every different part of this adhd filled video is just literally and unexplainably MY FREAKING LIFE

    6. Erin

      I have never related to anything that made me laugh so hysterically before. I feel ya girl!

    7. Morgan L

      girly if you don't move back to Colorado I stg

      1. dolita windo

        I have never related to someone on this level and just 🥺

    8. Johana Rodriguez

      morgan got a dump truck

    9. Lisa Lynn

      Morgan you are brilliant, smart, and gorgeous. And next time tell that lady to "fuck off" dang it!

    10. Samantha Calvillo

      Morgan, thank you so much for your vulnerability. This video made me cry because it made me feel seen and me feel hope. Praying for your peace and happiness. Thank you for your unmatched magic that you give this world and this platform. ♥️

    11. Karlee Mihailov

      Morgan you are a force to be reckoned with! So incredible, funny, kind, strong. Keep doing you girl!

    12. Madison Brown

      Sis just move back to the 303 and be my best friend already! You’re incredible and you’re so valid for your feelings. I know things will turn around for the best. Keep pushing baby girl you’re doing great💕

    13. K D


    14. erin nicole

      Morgan, you are amazing and you are enough. Please keep doing these raw videos, you are so special and help me through my tough moments. ❤️

    15. K D

      I feel this in so many ways. This is me literally every day trying to get through life. It’s nice seeing big-time creators showing real emotions like real people.

    16. Really Though

      Jesus is the way and life will never be the same in the best way :)

    17. asap.kates

      ill be your bestie morgan lets facetime

    18. Alicia U.

      im glad i watched this after i was having a depressive episode or something along those lines, definitely makes me feel less alone

    19. Sydney Macoretta ♡

      the fact that all of those sunglasses looked so good on you haha, i feel like none look nice on me i'm jealous!!

    20. Nora H

      Something that really helped me when I used to feel really numb is practicing gratitude. I would write 10 things I am grateful for each morning in detail for 28 days (takes 24 days to form a new habit). It's hard to do it when you are in that state but if you push through, it will change your life for the better. I didn't feel numb after the 28 days were over! I also started recently doing Qigong 10 minutes every day , it's a gentle form of martial arts (kind of like Tai Chi) it's amazing for moving stagnant energy, helps with depression and sleep! Think Vitality with Jeffery Chand is a great youtube channel for learning Qigong!

    21. Hannah Makes It

      Something that has helped me post moving cross country and leaving my entire life and having no friends was figuring out my love language and doing things that fulfill that for me. My top love language was acts of service so self care, cleaning, organizing, yoga and baking/cooking are things that help me feel better. My other love language is quality time, so forcing my self to date myself and go on picnics alone, hikes, reading even though i'm not a reader lolololol I'm liking the book "what I was doing while you were breeding" by Kristin newman.

      1. Hannah Makes It

        also come move to Portland, we can be friends

    22. Ray1506

      I have never related to someone on this level and just 🥺

    23. Alicia

      Morgan- I know how you feel... I have struggled for a long time to feel happiness. Stay strong Girl.

    24. Sylvia Claire

      Can we be friends and have mental breakdowns together 🥺👉👈 ❤️

    25. Kimberly Quinn

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, for posting a video that can sum up exactly how I feel. I always feel so close to you, because I can tell we feel the same way about life. By you being strong and brave enough to post this, you are helping others like myself that is working on these mental issues as well, that we’re not alone. Bless your heart, thank you for making a video that I can share with others, that might be struggling to understand why we tend to feel this way, and what it’s like. I was literally already sitting here feeling like this, when I started catching up on your videos. ❤️🙏🏻

    26. brittneyshaffer1999

      No need for gd.

    27. brittneyshaffer1999

      Oh my goodness**

    28. ertemyha

      Hope you move out of LA

    29. saba dokhnadze

      On 13:12 she looks like a boss women!! Like soo hot 🥵

    30. Abigail G

      What is the reason you’re staying in LA? Every time you’re in Colorado you seem at your happiest, I want you to do what you want but I also feel like leaving LA might be the best thing for you :((

    31. Susanna Pasillas

      You aren’t alone! I definitely feel this way all the time. It’s an awful feeling

    32. Silita Pheng

      Morgan. Thank you.

    33. Andrea Smith

      Morgan, I absolutely love you and you are such a beautiful soul ❤ You don't even know how much I can relate to you and you are so right. You are transforming into your highest self for the betterment of your life. It is NOT an easy journey but eventually it'll all make sense and you'll understand why it happened. I have currently gone through this , still going through it (especially when it comes to friendships) I have recently started up Tarot reading and its opened a whole world for me and I have been able to give to others the clarity and assurance they need. Please if you wanted to, I would so love to give you a free Tarot reading to give you some encouragement that you're on the right path ✨💖 either way I am sending you love and light. You got this girl

    34. Tati Simpson

      I would definitely talk to their manager after this lol

    35. Dawne Everett

      U r doing something right. U r looking and sounding a lot more together than last year. Love ya gurl

    36. Jessica Hughes

      You probably will never see this butttt every thing in my life is incredible and amazing. We’re getting financially stable our son is healthy we both have nice cars a great apartment we have incredible jobs and we’re making friends and I’m literally not happy and I want to die and that’s on mental illness. I just feel awful and I don’t have a reason to feel bad I just do. I’m taking anti depressants and I’m getting better. I just still have those days where I wanna die. So you aren’t alone and I love you and I wish we could be friends 😂

    37. Haley Crowe

      bottom feeder is just... a unique choice of words LMAO

    38. R G

      never related to a video so much, in the past few months I've felt just like you have this past week but feels good to know I'm not alone. Subscribing!

    39. Olivia Gladney

      This is how I feel everyday it feel so good to know that I’m not alone. I relate to you so much and this so much more thank you

    40. Aisha A

      Girl GET OUT OF LA that doesn't mean leaving California just move outside of LA

    41. Katie

      im eating a chocolate waffle right now and its amazing

    42. A B

      I love you mama, you got this! Change is hard but it is good! new journey ahead

    43. Jessica Carrasco

      baby move back to colorado. l.a is toxic and you need to be with your family. i really hope shane and ryland do the same you all need to get far away from cali and be together back in colorado

    44. Josey Thompson

      I thought your jeans looked nice on you if it helps and hope things get better ❤️

    45. J Williams

      Morgan needs a midsommar group cry

    46. Jeff Vanlaarhoven

      I have always found that having more friends leads to having more drama in my life. I keep a very small group of friends and my life is amazing.

    47. Mariah Daynell

      You’d be a good mommy , please take your time, do it whenever you’re ready .. but when I had my son , and I kinda tried to bond when he was in me still , it was like I was never alone even when I was in my bed alone crying I’d be like ,,, oh :. I’m not alone and it helped ... and then I’d just tlk out loud alil and tell him I love him and try to do something like watch a moviee to make me happy ,, now he’s 3 ,, it’s hard but my son is my sunshine he’s so happy and energized 😂it makes u think like wtf i used to be this hype , but it gives u something to do because you want them to explore the world and Experience the things u did like just playing out in the mud , Or going to the park / zoo ,, I’m on my all alone mommy night 🍷 so maybe this isn’t the best advice 😂 that’s why I said one day .. one day you’ll never be alone , you can even adopt 💕💕💕😇😇

    48. jasminehks

      When she is eating breakfast telling herself everything is ok, that is me

    49. Lyndsay Scott

      Girl, I think you may be depressed. You can have a picture perfect life and still feel sad inside. I think you would really benefit from seeing a therapist and digging into to the reasons of why you feel unhappy and what you can do to change that. Therapy literally rewires your brain and it could give you the guidance you may need. I hope you can feel better 😊.

    50. zuygj bnsv

      Morgan saying she is okay but slowly descending into a meltdown gives me serious WandaVision vibes from episode 8

    51. Emily Reis

      Thank u for this video. I feel this exact same way and sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy or like I'm not normal. It is very comforting to know that someone is going through the same thing. These are some things that specifically stood out to me; When u were talking about how everything could be fine but u still feel down or sad for some reason, like something is missing and when u said u feel a pit in your stomach. I feel so sick to my stomach everyday because I always feel sad or lonely. It always feels like I'm off and it gets very exhausting, mentally and physically. I hope u feel better soon and u are a wonderful being. U are so kind and funny, I really enjoy your content. And u look absolutely beautiful as well!

      1. zuygj bnsv

        Cymbalta. I'm proud of you.

    52. Scully on the Rocks

      why are we both going breakdown right now...... literally crying right now

    53. Sherry Harris

      Morgan, you honestly are one of the most amazingly beautiful women I've ever seen. I watch all your videos and you have an awesome sense of humor. I relate so much to alot of what your issues are. I'm 48 going to be 49 this year and I have grown so much since 36. You are perfect the way you are. Just have to learn to see that inside yourself. I love you best wishes.

    54. Lori Oglesby

      You know your a grand,other when u look at the DC shoes n say, man those look so comfi... But seriously id wear PS you are so pretty and have such a real personality, It is helpful to know i'm not the only one feeling down these days... But Girl u r so amazing and so smart with some of your self reflection. Even at my old age I love watching you and your brother's content! and PSS Y'alls mom is just the coolest!

    55. Xerxes Ashleyy Tv

      The pressure of just existing- thats everyone now struggling during this pandemic. For me, add the pressure of parents having high expectations from you. Im at the brink of jumping off a balcony rn

    56. i am mimi

      When you said you’re at a point when you are afraid for the sun to set cause that’s when the bad feelings set in, Ive never related more!!!!!!!!!!!! Morgan you’re my family. Thank u

    57. Miah Wagner

      morgan im so sorry you're not feeling yourself right now :/ I have to say though that you are STUNNING!! i love your style and your soul is so pure and I just want to say that you are loved by so many! for real though you are so hot it's kind of unreal.

    58. Ashley Pless

      Morgan plz talk to a therapist😟

    59. Meanwhile

      its crazy cuz I literally have felt like that and tbh I never understood how people can be so effected by depression but then I learned the hard way hope you keep on going forward Morgan

    60. Izzy Byrne

      oh my god Morgan, this made me so sad! But I admire your honestly and I appreciate you being so brave in sharing your lows, because we do all have them! It's about time someone normalizes not being okay sometimes! God bless, hope you're feeling better

    61. Devereaux

      Honey, I love you. What you're going through sounds like panic attacks. I have them too, ever since COVID started last March. Please talk to your therapist or primary care physician about it. I take Busbar & Pristiq for my anxiety, but even on medicine you're still going to have bad days (but you'll be able to emotionally handle them better). ❤

    62. Camila Cornejo

      I bought new DC shoes!!!!!

    63. Cynthia Harris

      I NEVER COMPARE MY SELF TO PPL EVER....... not wreath my time no point in it all, nothing but hot hair waste of time........

    64. Laura Heinz

      Dude ryland sucks. You don’t. Get over LA. Move on. Alone.

      1. laskin riubn

        control. Thank you

    65. Crystal Causland

      You are so sweet and funny, life will get better. Life really is the shits and we have to keep pushing passed the horrible pandemic. I hope you feel better it's so overwhelming I'm sending you a big hug,😘💜💜💜😁

      1. laskin riubn

        need to realize that

    66. Kelsie O'Mara

      Being a young adult is hard... theres so many directions to take and you take one and do a U turn and the cycle goes on.. currently I'm attempting to switch careers but what happens if I get into it and dont end up liking it.. like I'm already starting over.. I definitely felt this HARD when I was deciding to quit my job, wtf is my purpose?! This is just the eb and flow of young adult hood... but on a real note I do hope your getting some amount of help and talking to someone about this

    67. Carlita Bonita

      You are doing a lot of good things.. getting up, going out... all of that. I had that too... but I couldn't make the efforts as quickly as you did. I finally am now.. but I had to get out on Cymbalta and that worked sooooo well. That dark cloud lifted after about a month. Prozac used to work for my anxiety so well but with my horrible depression I had to switch to Cymbalta. I'm proud of you.

    68. Depressing vlogs

      Morgan’s literally glowing here ! As always

    69. alondra Lima

      I broke down this week too. To the point where I was on the floor with my head down crying out of frustration, sadness, mental pain and stressed out to the point when I'm trying extremely hard to keep it all together. People love to criticize and have their own opinions but those can really hurt . You just break. I get it. Update I feel better today(: remember we always have ups and downs in life. We are in this world together.

    70. GlamClo

      Your definitely not the only one I get this all the time look ok on the outside but breaking in the inside but your strong and beautiful and you’ll get through it love you so much take care 💚🖤

    71. alondra Lima

      Life is beautiful ❤ Only think about the positive. Love u morgan!

    72. Chareena Acosta

      Morgan, please get out of Los Angeles. You are so happy when you’re back home with your family.

    73. Isabelle Paulino

      I wish I could be your friend in real life and just give you a hug and motivation 🥺

    74. Chanteil Lemons

      Girl same. I think we can all relate to how you are feeling, especially with what we are gong through right now.

    75. Rachel Bond

      I went through this and was later diagnosed with ADHD!

    76. Shahbaz ahmed

      Hi good nice

    77. Cayleen Bonneville

      I’m not trying to scare anyone because I don’t regret it and we need this. However ever since my j&j vaccine I’ve been completely off mentally, I’ve been totally depressed, everything is hard to do (even showering), I’m mad at literally everyone, it’s so frustrating. I feel like a total monster and I’m doing my best. Its just not going well for me.

    78. las palmas

      i know its going to sound weird but i needed to see this video right now. Thank you for sharing

    79. Kira Michele

      I'm going through the same thing. I graduated college two years ago and since then I've been so goddamn lonely and just trying to live like I did then and I can't, I just can't and I need to realize that

    80. Tia Wang

      Morgan thanks for the video, I am going through the same depressing stage of my life, and this video really remind me that I am not alone, and it is normal to feel sad and out of control. Thank you

    81. Celeste A.

      you are beautiful inside and out. ❤

    82. Elisa Ashley

      Morgan, can I be your big sister? We can share stuff so neither of us drown in THINGS and you will be the young pretty one! Hugs.

    83. Maja Jansson


    84. Alice Wong

      This video is relatable af

    85. Sassy Ma

      Boo boo you just need a boyfriend...But what do I know im married and im so lonely and depressed..Oh God help us!

    86. Bethany Gates

      This is so relatable, I feel the same way, completely empty. And I totally feel it more at night too.

    87. Bethany Gates

      We should bring Osiris’s back 🤣🤣🤣

    88. Amplified by Nature

      I’m sorry for your struggle, Morgan. I cried with you because I felt this so much. I have been there so many times. Hope you have better days soon. Also, you look SO pretty in that red dress. 🔥 I mean, wtf.

    89. 505 Street Cars

      Depression is such a MFer isn't it? It's REALLY hard for someone who hasn't experienced it to understand what it's like. I feel the same way as you Morgan. I have really good things, people, and stuff in my life but....the hole is always there. And when you talked about even just getting dressed, and out of bed...ugh it feels pointless sometimes. But hearing someone else talk about the same things that effect me does help. So thank you for sharing, and I love you too.

    90. Jacqueline Temple

      Take it from a 58yr old mum of three grown sons, depression/anxiety rarely has a defined reason. I suffered with postnatal depression so severe I was hospitalised (not the medical kind either) and I learnt so much from looking back, mainly that some days it felt like my world was caving in and some days 'the sun was shining' but nothing happened to make those days different! My husband has often talked about coming in from work not knowing what version of me would be there, sunshine happy or sobbing because I forgot to buy eggs that day...I noticed you trying to convince yourself that everything would be ok or smiling when you really wanted to cry, pretending to 'enjoy' yourself because you don't want others to worry about you . I saw myself in your eyes, worried what people will think if you fall apart. Teach yourself to be aware that it's ok to have bad days when you're dealing with depression, it doesn't mean you're not getting better, it just means that today is a tough day. Keep a mini journal of good days (or hours) and bad days, over the course of a month try to aim for more good days than bad. You may have already done this but just in case, get your thyroid levels checked (I didn't get diagnosed till I was almost 40!) and your Vitamin B/hormone levels checked. So many people think vitamins aren't important because you can buy them over the counter, but the B vitamins (there's a few) are massively important to your mind and body, I only know this because my thyroid condition means I can't store them no matter how healthy I eat. If I sound like a fruit loop, ask google lol...and please, just don't rule out a medical reason for your anxiety/depression. Sorry for the ramble but I wish someone had told me in my 20's what I know now. xx

    91. toijg avnnr

      to forgiving her. Thank you for being authentically raw. A simple video can help the unexpected.

    92. Nicci Florentz

      My depression has never felt so represented before. Also, your growth is heartwarming

    93. MartinsMusicChannel

      sending you a virtual, socially distanced hug. Youre not stupid, if thats how you feel - thats how you feel.

      1. toijg avnnr

        have, but I relate to you so much. Depression & anxiety can be a bitch, but it’s gotta get better, right? That’s what I keep telling myself. Love you Morgan 💜

    94. fizzypop

      Thanks for sharing what you are going through Morgan >< You're not alone 🤎

    95. Sophia J

      Things get worst before it gets better❤️ always remember things get better

    96. Jerrica Salazar

      I’m so glad you uploaded this. Thanks for showing how it is for so many of us on a day to day basis!

    97. Kim Van den Heuvel

      My friend just pointed me to your video. You're my new spirit animal. Hang in there, girl. I'll try to do the same ❤️

    98. Janet MJ Meyer

      I am so sorry for your pain but so thankful for your video. I am sure you've helped others think and keep moving forward like you're doing. I will pray for you to have peace and a break through! 💞

    99. Caitlyn B

      Oh my gosh Morgan! I know exactly how you feel. That was literally me all week 2 weeks ago. It's not just you who feels this way. The pandemic has been severely damaging all of us mentally. Just keep going! We will all get through this together! This will all be over soon!

    100. sunflower

      Girl I love you. Sending you all my love and warmth your way.