Apex Legends Fight or Fright Event 2020 Trailer

Apex Legends

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    Trick-or-treat yourself to the Fight or Fright Event, October 22 - November 3! Scary new mode, spooky challenges, and spectacular rewards. Learn More
    Play the new “Shadow Royale” LTM on Kings Canyon After Dark, where death is just the start. Respawn as a Shadow to haunt your enemies and help your squad. With freakish speed, deadly claws, and the ability to revive your teammates, you won’t miss a step. And you can keep going until your whole squad is wiped out. Plus complete frightening challenges to earn freaky free rewards and outfit your Legends with new and classic Halloween cosmetics in the store. Ready to terrorize the Arena?
    Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.
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    1. ItsJustSimpleLogic

      1:04 Boo

    2. Loba Andrade

      All dressed up and nowhere to go. Maybe make some friends

    3. Fnaf_ Nerd1234

      Who else quit fortnite for this game

    4. logan10662

      Fix you bs money hungry battlepass

      1. logan10662

        @Turtle Burrito but I did and the customer is always right so fix it

      2. Turtle Burrito

        Don’t have to buy it

    5. Cheese burger

      Bruh I seriously forgot about apex legends the whole month

    6. Revenant in Apex Legends

      Fade has brought you bake to the comments

    7. Григорий Макаренко

      Бля, когда вы перестанете делать контент для детей? Почему эта игра стала выглядеть как 10+ максимум, раньше вообще не парились, ревенант убивает, все для мужиков, режим с тенями прикольно-страшный, а это дичь для детей, ну просто становитесь как фортнайт, какого фига апекс?Давайте вернёмся к те 18+ категории игры, не надо думать , что дети в приоритете, как большое комьюнити, вот просто не надо. А этот режим помойка, просто ничтожество по сравнению с прошлогодним этим же режимом

    8. Дмитрий Дягерев

      Respawn, please, in face of all comunity, do the shadowfall gamemode (like last year) in worlds edge after night

    9. Quel Davis

      Can we please get a black guy on the game!


      What haunts you most is death

    11. noure hi

      The end event :)

    12. Semih Sahin

      Ahhhh and the event ended:(

    13. Tate Nakashima

      Wish this mode was year round

    14. The power Skeleton -_-


    15. Asomecraft55

      One of the best events by far I even got the shadow master badge i played it so.much

    16. Cursed Teeshuert

      Fortnite fucking did pretty much the exact same event, and copied fucking Apex again. Could Fortnite seriously not come up with an original event. Seriously. Apex Legends>Fortnite

      1. xRxvenge

        Apex >>>>>>>> shitnite

    17. VeryTalented Channel Name

      Did I hear *wallrun?* . Haha let me get my buckets to hold all the sweat/

    18. Cortana Courtez

      Revenant killed Loba's Dad for 10 Million Apex Coins! And Runs a Halloween Event every year! Probably the highest paid legend.

      1. xRxvenge


    19. Tobi Dada

      nah I don't think I can survive this one cuz this is my first one

    20. stupendisss

      Don’t let this distract you from the fact that you have to pay $60 if you want 1 wraith skin

      1. xRxvenge

        Then dont buy cosmetics in games

    21. Tyler Chavis

      Wraith still has that goofy party city skin huh?

    22. Cosmos :P

      Is no-one gunna talk about how smooth the transitions are?!

    23. Blue Cat YouTube


    24. Edward Escalante

      Shadow Wattson: Think of this as a permanent black out. 🌚 Revenant: Look into my eyes, I want to remember this.... 🌚 Shadow Wattson: Mmmm.... 😚 Everyone in match: Our abilities are silenced! Mirage: Well, this is one way to make memories.... 😓

      1. xRxvenge

        Rev and wattson confirmed?

    25. Christopher Spence


    26. TriumphantSkill

      Hey guys buy the new cosmetics for 40 fucking dollars

    27. JustiinDagamer

      Apex makes something cool Fortnite: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

      1. SPEEDCLUB

        🤣😂 yeah fortnite should just go back to classic fortnite then I’ll come back but right now it’s trash cause them npc and map

    28. Aidan Brass

      Nobody: Titanfall players as shadows: *teleports behind you* nothing personal kid

    29. Aidan Brass

      "Shadows can wallrun" Me a titanfall legend: wallrunning? I haven't done that in years,

    30. Quad Gilmore

      This game mode is really bad sorry 1/10

    31. Joe Almond

      The challenge rewards were so much better last year.

    32. The Bandit

      Were back and more deadlier

      1. Дмитрий Дягерев

        -, last year you do 150 damage

    33. Lucas Enryke

      if you repeated some skins in the store, you should rotate them all at least twice. Airship Assassin Back Please

    34. Mr.T-Sprinkles

      Lol when an event that literally cut 7 days from a season doesn't track for regular challenges... Sounds like someone wants people to either pick and choose, or spend more than a tolerable amount of time on apex. I choose my sanity not to play your games.

    35. Arnold Suarez

      Fucking expensive...

    36. ณิชกมล แช่ลิ้ม

      I love this event and looking for it for a long time

    37. Semih Sahin

      I dont know why,but the shadowfall event in 2019 was way better than this

      1. Semih Sahin

        @Дмитрий Дягерев Yes it was way better than this

      2. Дмитрий Дягерев

        cause more scary and funny be in solo vs zombies (with 150 damage), and aim to win is run to evac ship

    38. Subscribe to me for no reason

      Apex just don’t take the path fortnite took then u will be way better than fortnite

    39. JustChris24

      Why can't mirage use his decoy to revive, I mean it will be op tho

    40. kyran

      so much hype around a mode that was already garbage last year...

    41. Mr. House

      I got the cowboy mirage skin 2 days ago now im happy only skin i wanted fron diz event.

    42. denraW eB


      1. denraW eB

        @Donel buy a normal internet? Wow

      2. Donel

        shut up, buy a normal internet

    43. Zion Blanketface

      Our time has come

      1. Zion Blanketface

        @dolita windo its looks like his banner pose but maybe

      2. dolita windo

        Does revanent get a new finisher that punches or am I wrong

    44. Aaron Shapiro

      This shit is lazy

      1. Aaron Shapiro

        It the same shit from last year same mode same skins

      2. dolita windo


    45. Phillipe Queiroz

      De todos o melhor evento do Apex disparado, a maioria eu mal chego na metade mas os dois do Halloween são excelentes, eu completei e continuo jogando. Esse evento devia continuar como modo definitivo e contar as kills de player x player e missões do passe, as vezes cansa só jogar trio/duo ou ranked.

    46. NthHECTOR CP7

      e apex te estan copiando el evento de hallowen fornite

    47. emonroy monroy

      i dont think many people realises it, but this seems like a teaser for an upcoming war between revenants

    48. PBRelic

      What a shame that it's not like the last one. This years event blows the big wee wee. It was way more fun being chased by a bunch of shadows and knowing that people will try and kill you too. This year once your squad dies its game over. Pretty wank tbh. There's no enjoyment out of this years event as well as unlocks. :'(

      1. Exp GD

        Its kinda the same as trios just you come back a zombie. But still you have too revive your teamates and stick close not run around on a murder spree or have the rush of being chased by 2 shot kill creatures.

    49. Eden Demara

      I LOVE revenants voice 😅😳

    50. Ali Jan

      Wtf I can't even find a single PK in Halloween mode

    51. benlox gaming

      Last fright or fight was better but still injoying the mode even if it was easy to get the badges and items...

    52. Milos

      Game is still trash until you add solo mode..

      1. Milos

        @Turtle Burrito bro warzone is trash... you need 5 mins to get in game and then fcking warm up fck this trash

      2. Turtle Burrito

        Shut up solo mode is not coming this is a team based game if you want that play warzone it’s just as much fun just with no abilities

    53. ipwn youtwo

      the same shit as last year=)))

      1. Дмитрий Дягерев

        last year event was better than this trash

      2. Dr. Bright

        No it's not

    54. Ano there


    55. Kiefer Talley

      The pet Prowler is so stupid it's one big dumb animal it mostly stands around and does really help

      1. Jeb Froaklen

        @Dr. Bright it's a typo and you are talking about english lol...

      2. Dr. Bright

        Doesn't, learn English

    56. REDD 909

      Yo where tf is titanfall 3 I mean this is cool and all I like apex it’s a good battle royale but like I’m waiting I’ve been waiting for 4 years

      1. Dr. Bright

        There is only a small chance that it will ever come out

    57. KingOfPiggy

      Can someone tell me what shadow rev was saying

    58. Valentin Clorio

      heeeey why did they shorten the days of the battle pass ?. Some of us still have levels to complete😑😑

      1. Dr. Bright

        Earlier season 7 😍


      I have a good idea for a legend he will be able to summon those lions from titan fall 2 and also will be able to summon a flying bird that grips on to the enemy and tears them to pieces


      Does revanent get a new finisher that punches or am I wrong

      1. Dr. Bright

        You are wrong

    61. yeHDey Yeh-Dee


    62. No One Cares

      Better than Fortnites rip off

    63. Pathfinder MRVN

      Put back peecekeeper please

    64. Jay

      This is a lie 0:37 her bracelet does not work that fast.

      1. Dr. Bright

        A lie 😂 it's a promotional video, are you dumb

    65. Foxyscare

      Nobody: Fortnite kids: OmG tHeY cOpiEd ThE gAmEmOdE fRoM fOrTniTe!1!1!1

    66. Subscribe to me for no reason

      Plz don’t add cars that’s all I’m asking for

      1. Dr Bright

        @Subscribe to me for no reason yes fortnite is very dead and the main reason apex is so good is the devs care about the game just the problem is is when ea gets involved

      2. Subscribe to me for no reason

        If they do they are taking the path that fortnite took and fortnite is getting worse and worse

      3. Subscribe to me for no reason

        Dell I’m fine with that I just personally think that cars could ruin the gamE

      4. Marky

        @Subscribe to me for no reason what are you taking about?

      5. Dr Bright

        @Subscribe to me for no reason how about titans

    67. Money World

      fix yall dam servers they trash asf i lagg out every game now and the ping too nasty im uninstalling NOW WORST GAME OUT

      1. Dr. Bright

        Learn English

    68. Clay Jay

      Bring back old Fight or Fright event not this Battle Royal version when u can end match just cus ur team lost that sucks...

    69. ZylbradsS

      EA sucks doing apex legends they have 0 iq in there head

      1. Dr. Bright

        Are you stupid

    70. Lucas Kelsey

      Me: *sees wall running* also me: HEHE BOI

    71. Wisedumbstuff _

      “Same game” so true lol

    72. Caleb Taylor


      1. bulma

        Guys 0:27 skin weapon name?

      2. hhii

        @Caleb Taylor yeah I know 50 vs 50 but on apex tho I just don't think it will fit😂

      3. Caleb Taylor

        @hhii 50 players vs 50 players

      4. hhii

        Lmao what???????

    73. Faraab Hasan


    74. Faraab Hasan

      Please release season 7 trailer already

    75. INDIMER M

      Is ita A game Trailer or SCI FI movie .....?😁😁😁😁😁😁 whtvr its Cooooool👌

    76. Fire Fox


      1. Дмитрий Дягерев

        You don't see the last year gamemode?(it was better than this)

      2. bulma

        0:27 skin weapon name?

    77. Zoned Out

      I love spending $60 on skins I want

    78. dolita windo

      Just heard Fortnite copied Fight or Fright with the Shadow concept. Whatcha gonna do about that, EA?

      1. Turtle Burrito

        @bulma apex did this first last year

      2. bulma

        Hey whats name skin weapon is this 0:27? 😭 I need buy this skin now! XD I love it

      3. bulma

        Warzone first NEW mode game halowen shadows concept and then fortnite and apex copy this mode..

    79. J.Inkz

      When new content?. The game is so boring and tryharder. If u still adding old stuff why im playing your game? I allready played and saw it..

      1. Dr. Bright

        In 9 days

    80. Pontus tve1 The Golden Dragon

      Give Xbox exclusive every season like you have to PS4

      1. Dr. Bright

        What's that supposed to mean

    81. canner

      bring back the peacekeeper.I want to uninstal

      1. Elijah Mangure

        @Bradford Saunders How do you know that?

      2. Bradford Saunders

        Ok calm down, it's coming back in Season 7 you impatient maniac

    82. Pontus tve1 The Golden Dragon

      Give Xbox exclusive every season like you have to PS4

    83. Koatzy132

      I have a question If apex legends mobile already realeas what season it will be is it season 1 or 6?

      1. Dr. Bright

        Season 6 obviously are you dumb.

    84. Bold801spider

      They still haven’t dropped a season seven trailer yet ?

      1. Waj, Ya Like Jazz?

        Or maybe.... tomorow, maybe after an hour, it will all be a mystery, but we will save it for another time, because this is a theory, a game theory.... ok I just had the urge to say that

      2. Waj, Ya Like Jazz?

        Be patient, they might release it maybe 5 days before the season starts

    85. misolou fout

      Bruh Just make tf3 already, it’s obvious you guys want to do it

    86. Lizbeth Silva

      Que mierda

    87. Lizbeth Silva

      Ala brega su juego

      1. misolou fout

        das teils gegner nicht gezeigt werden

    88. Lizbeth Silva

      Los serbidores

    89. fernando 123

      Apex legends can you plz put the carepakage in subbly bins like normal weapons i miss those guns

    90. Galaxy gamer City

      Can you’do shadows legends in world’s egde

    91. damysticalone87

      More importantly and the most important 4sure right here: Check that out, sort by "Newest first": kgup.infodiscussion Attention! It looks like the KGup-App doesn't show the right tab, open the link with a browser like Chrome!

    92. Dr. GingerBread8

      This might sound dumb but I think there should be split screen on apex..

      1. Dr. Bright

        Yeah, I can agree this really sounds dumb

    93. PacoGamer YT65


    94. Cpt. Thicc

      Nice reskins now fix ur audio and laggy servers you should have enough money now lol ha

      1. pilkers2

        There both fine

    95. Not D3javu

      Return naruto run animation for wraith😞

    96. coldshoulder14

      I hope Pathfinder eventually gets a buff that lets him cut down his ziplines.

    97. Jfree 196

      I wish I could have an heirloom

    98. Legend Furious


    99. ケット・シーGames


      1. ケット・シーGames

        @diungy alisnr I see😅

    100. XxRoadRunna2zxX

      Caustic story trailer should be soon😊