New video: What Nearman did after letting protesters in


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    New video obtained by KOIN 6 News shows what Rep. Mike Nearman did after he let protesters into the State Capitol on Dec. 21, 2020

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    1. Scott Fisher

      These were Leftist agitators like 6-January siege on Capitol. But, I will concede perhaps they were Trump supporters. I, as well as any Trump supporter, disavows any act of violence; as a result, they are not compatriots of mine!

    2. Ron Mc Donald

      What a bunch of BS you said Trump supporters. NOT just like the cap breach. NOT. This is what Olieden, Shitmore, and PIGLASSIE want. They need to create a division between us by using B S MEDIA. Who is Nearman for He opened the door.

    3. Fernando Fallacara

      Who's the assholes narrating this thing he called him Trump's supporters Trump supporters were not making any problems I don't know you should get the news Mr news it was empty for guys where the leaders got arrested right there right or everything was happening he was in there get the net man

    4. Steven Paul

      It's the peoples building idiots.

    5. Squrle Sava

      Why do people keep calling them trump supporters when things get violent!! HAVE YOU SEEN THE LEFT ANTIFA AND BLM RIOTERS LOOTERS AND PHYSICAL VIOLENCE

    6. Luisa Cassidy Tau'a-Stogdell

      Shame on these folks!!! Nerman needs to go to jail!!!!

    7. Lisa Saunders

      So this congressman opened the door to leave, while two others were coming in. This happens everyday in every building in America! If this was a protest from the left, this would not even be news, let alone investigated! This DOES NOT look premeditated at all!

    8. Mark


    9. Raza Riza

      Too bad ! The poor old guy forgot the cameras ! He’s foolishness busted him red handed.😳🙄LMAO 🤣.What an idiot 😳.His career destroyed once and for all. When smart people plan,they never get busted ! Even if it fails due to the foolishness of decoys. If this idiot gets a next time he’s going to be even more crazier than the first time.🤣🤣🤣🙄😳

    10. Kylie Irwin

      all staged

    11. Stacey Martino

      Military Tribunal is required in this traitor Nearman

    12. Nuran arrowood


    13. Smoker Nick

      Gitmo that jerk.

    14. Tammie Madill


    15. Gina Gilmer

      More like Antifa dressed like Trump supporters

    16. Cheryl Bradley

      All planned

    17. Teresa Evans

      This us no story.

    18. Teresa Evans

      Sounds exactly what Pelosi did on Jan 6..

    19. Ed Wimberly

      You mean Biden supporters.

    20. Judy Schultz

      It was a sit uoumfrom

    21. Flora Morton-Woods

      It was all a setup and everyone knows it

    22. Flora Morton-Woods

      It was a set up by the democrats everybody knows it

    23. Airon Herman

      How much longer is Americans gonna sit back, as this new administration takes all our rites and freedoms away? As the entire world laughs at us being ok with a bought off election.

    24. Hana Murakami

      Evidence showing its planned!!!

    25. Karen Wilund

      How bout we do such an in-depth expose on the left wing protesters that burned down police departments all summer long. What is wrong for one is wrong for all.

    26. Bruce K

      Criminal charges

    27. Ruth Haught

      Those protesters most of them that got in were Antifa let’s set the record straight! Come Republicans do your homework!!

    28. Eric Allen

      He explained the rules at the end of video. There was no violence or force entry, not even security @ the door? This all leads back to the failure of the speaker and other congressmen to take the necessary precautions based on the environment and intelligence. I do not trust the media or government nor underestimate their ability to orchestrate narratives based on the passions of unwitting people involving 🔑 actors.

    29. Steve Tsagaris

      How much money did he get to be a back door?

    30. mary cogburn

      Excuse me these are not Trump Supporters, get the facts straight,before you start reporting the news, with knowing the truth.

    31. L Parsons

      Look at what BLM did this does not compare.

    32. michelle williams

      Why isn't he arrested 🤔

    33. Kassandra Harz

      They had a right to be in the building. Something fishy going on behind closed doors

    34. wine barimunsi

      Only protesters who caused damage should be prosecuted otherwise it's the people's house ...and most congress don't have it..esp the Dems🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    35. wine barimunsi

      This is bullshit...sorry...

    36. David Walls

      Got plenty of video on republican's doing wrong. How about video of all the rioting, looting, beating on people and police and burning of buildings over last year or so of democrats, antifa and BLM?!?!

    37. Ladyjae Genell

      Wow why am I just seeing this? Trump had nothing to do with this planned Riot in the Capitol smfh

    38. Jackie Morton

      He did it on purpose, you can't trust any of those Republicans

    39. Angela Lunceford

      I understand that this is a public building that is legally SUPPOSED to be open to citizens while legislators are in session. If it does not seem to be safe to let the public in because the people are being mistreated and harmed by the legislation being passed or not passed, they need to set up sessions in the community in which people can openly and safely make their concerns heard. More than than, the legislators need to LISTEN and act accordingly! When OUR representatives refuse to hear us and REPRESENT us, they need to be removed from office!

    40. A Schiavello

      Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!

    41. Curt D

      I hope he goes to jail.

    42. Sherry Segreti

      Please send this video to CNN and MSNBC! Then ask Mr Wray to elaborate on this! I have 2eyes🤩and can see!

    43. Bossmanjr7

      Those who went in were antifa, there is a video showing this

    44. Kal - El

      Why isn't this man arrested and charged for insurrection?! If he weren't white he'd already be in jail!! Total bs!

    45. DJ Ryde

      Yes hes the puppet but whos the puppet master or mistress 🤔

    46. Inoky Zhimo

      Nearman my Man

    47. Kar Walker

      What happened to him?

    48. American Grateful

      You don't know. WHO is being let in. NOT RIGHTS. HOW ABOUT ANTIFA/BLM?

    49. John Cowan

      This comment section is a hilarious.

    50. Mark Japan

      Just bad judgement.

    51. Jaime Camarillo

      The Legislative hearing wasn’t open to the public! Who’s going to jail for breaking that Oregon law??

    52. John Zeis

      What was the penalty for Nearman allowing this.

    53. TheBelegur

      Right or left you can't invade capital buildings while law makers are in session.

    54. LISA L

      He need to go to jail , clearly what he intentions showing on the video what more prove do the law enforcement needed to put this guy away.

    55. Clyde Lovett

      What a bunch of morons trying to control the ones who control the unrest.

    56. Sandra Robinson

      Constitutional rights!! OPEN TO PUBLIC, NOT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!! These protesters had every right to be there!! Isn’t it convenient that there was someone there to film everything, Inside with the protesters, and it ended up on the news ??? Interesting, don’t you think!! I do!!!

    57. Tom Dalton

      I noticed the narrator said "Trump Supporters". What Bs.

    58. Phu Vet

      Open proceedings does mean to everyone...

    59. USP .40

      Trump supporters my ass!

    60. J. Gold

      Trump stink all over it

    61. pidru pinduko

      This bastard should not get away with this unpunished. Oregonians must be proud. He has no idea that the coup will be unsuccessful.

    62. Darlene Avery

      Most of them were not true Trump people

    63. Insert Name Here

      Id love to hear his excuse. He was jus going for a 4 min stroll from one entrance to another😑

    64. Gary Fields

      Labeled right wing.

    65. Johnna Campbell

      The world has gone crazy!

    66. Claude Bernardin

      US Election 2020, Glitch, now has a name: Heider Garcia, a Venezuelan. Worked for Hugo Chavez & Maduro! Election tampering in Philippines, 2010. Involved and working for Smart-matic. Involved in Election tamperings in 2016/2018 in America. In Texas and California. Also involved in County in Fort Worth/Dallas, Tx. That went Blue for the first time in 2020. Glitch McCoy Garcia, might be a buddy of Soros, Comey, Obama, Brennan, and Hillary. “Might”! No dots to connect here folks! Nope sweet and innocent as pure, virgin snow. I’m sure of it! :)

    67. Angel Luis Espada


    68. Michael Lawrence Maag

      WHAT RIGHT DO THEY HAVE NOT LETTING THE PUBLIC IN TO BEGIN WITH....??????????????????????????????

    69. No one really matters, but cats

      This guy is a traitor. He put people's lives at risk

    70. pwrxbr

      Pelosi and her security did the same.

    71. Political Spanglish

      Aren’t these “ Peaceful Protesters “?? Am I missing something here?


      1 thing you got wrong,NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS!!!!! ANTIFAH!!!!!!!

    73. Johnathan Smith

      His actions tell me he did this intentionally

    74. nosajkrad

      People died because of this action

    75. Quix369

      Hypocrites go around yakking about "blue lives matter", then show no hesitation at all in putting blue lives at risk...

    76. Johnathon

      Who has the right to make the determination as to whether Nearman opened the door for them or himself? I don't think any of us do. You comfortable punishing a guy for going out a side door to get fresh air and take a walk? I don't pretend to know his intentions, and neither can anyone else unless he reveals them. Some people sound like part of a lynch mob in these comments. Don't just blindly accept the view of 'news' commentators. This is still America, even if Mr. Biden does live in the White House.

    77. tinytim71301

      “Right wing”. Lmbo.

    78. Debbie Clark

      It was a set up!!!! So obviously!!!! Trump Supporters DO NOT attack the police!!! Oh wait....hasn’t ANTIFA taken over Portland?!?! Open your eyes people!!!!! This is what ANTIFA does!!!!

    79. Brenda Pope

      Trump supporters don't behave that way 1st of all. Secondly they don't wear back packs or use the FLAG AS A WEAPON! CAN YOU PEOPLE REALLY NOT RECOGNIZE ANTIFA! C"mon Man! It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to see the posers throwing in a couole of red hats to TRY and look like a Trump supporter! Too much of this OPERATION MOCKING BIRD crap! Enough! Where are the Investigative Reporters these days??

    80. Donny

      Hits him with the flag!!! more like pokes him with the flag

    81. Ron Drake

      Trump supporters??!

    82. Rexroots Kitesurfing

      Another terry

    83. Rose, Thorn

      No solution to Election Irregularities 🤒 1/6/21 💐 Pelosi needs to be held accountable 🇺🇸

    84. Rose, Thorn


    85. Terry Sampson

      He should go to jail with Trump

    86. Ksthy Simmons

      Those were not Trump SUPPORTERS LIARS LIARS LIARS!!

    87. Coma Tose

      The people do have the right to be in the building when they are in session. That is our house and them people work for us. OR do they ...

    88. Coma Tose

      They sure love to misdirect. Let's talk about what Biden is doing right now ... Bombing Syria. Picked up right where they were. Back to bombing and killing people. That blood is on your hands.

    89. Edwin tomlinson


    90. Charles R Sullivan

      Look,a like bearman was the key player in the captiol riot.He opened the door for those guy's to come in and he walked right through the crowd to the other side of the captiol like he did nothing wrong.

    91. Nathan Hale

      Wtf is Nearman?

    92. Nathan Hale

      What Capitol building in what city or state? These Newsreporter are INCOMPETENT... I can get more information from a fifth grader you’re a literally no help whatsoever is anyone there capable of communicating like an adult? Does anyone even know what news means/north east west and south. If you’re not telling us who what where when why and what the intentions are about a story you’re not really telling us the news you’re just running your mouth. Thank you

    93. Tobias Birmingham

      But hearings are occurring and he is not a part of it???

    94. Christina Wallace

      Murder 2

    95. Georgi Taylor

      Truth will set Republicans FREE!!

    96. Jade Davis

      Needs to go to jail!!!

    97. Thomas Lentz

      Why wasn't this clown held accountable for letting those rioters into the capital? He intentionally let those people in!

    98. Valerie Peddie

      Nearman senator who let the people in the emergency exit xx

    99. christy G.

      Really!!?? Like he didn't see them. He knew exactly what was up. I WONDER HOW MANY MORE KNEW.... like Pelosi, etc etc

    100. Shirley Rampersad

      He had no reason to leave the building. But he not only left he allowed those rebels outside to barge in. You have a keycard because the building is secured and you are authorized to be there. As such you should not have allowed anyone to enter without a keycard. And if they are thereto conduct business they should enter through the front door, the public entrance.