Why did Nebraska players Luke McCaffrey, Kurt Warner's son Kade and others transfer? | KJZ

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    Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin discuss the meaning behind a number of Nebraska Cornhuskers football players transferring, including Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey's brother Luke McCaffrey and Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner's son Kade Warner.
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    1. Cee N

      Should've never fired Frank Solich.

    2. Herbster41

      Wandale was not the entire offense, he was a good player though, and Mike Reilley was not the guy. I know Keyshawn likes him, but he was not the guy. I know times are tough, and might get tougher, after all it will be hard to recruit players to Lincoln when nobody is allowed in the stadium on game day (and that ain't going away). So Lincoln will be a ghost town for the foreseeable future. The man can only do so much with the sh***y cards he's been dealt.

    3. Raymond Johnson

      Nebraska's problem is other teams have caught up and passed them in terms of training, coaching, recruiting, and national exposure. Also it doesn't help that they live in a small population state and are located in a relatively isolation part of the country. Finally Mike Riley was at Nebraska for a paycheck and was totally clueless on how to turn this program around.

    4. TheNebraska402

      Coming from a guy in Nebraska, I think these three are right. The Huskers haven't done anything for decades. As Jay said, "the lure starts to wear off." Go to a game and you'll hear about the academic All-Americans and the 5 national titles. No player on the roster was even born the last time the team won a national championship

    5. TheNebraska402

      Good for these three. They were pretty decent at Nebraska and hopefully they find success at their new schools

    6. Xxxx Big Rich

      Look Scott Frost is clueless Nebraska hasn't been great for years they've been adequate at times but they wanted to leave the conference! If you know how to recruit it doesn't matter where the school is located.

    7. First Last

      Why would anyone go to a bottom feeder like Nebraska? They couldn’t compete with the speed of one conference so they switch to a conference in which they’ll never match the strength. 20+ years of losers is a hard selling point to recruits.. even the KU Jayhawks have accomplished more than the huskers since the 90s.

    8. Mr MoneyMack

      Shouldn’t have ever left the Big 12.

    9. Jason Jackson

      Nebraska should have never stopped running the offense Tom Osborne built. When they thought Jamaal Lord was going to be able to pass 15 to 25 times a game, that was when I stopped paying attention to that program.

    10. ginova11

      Get real Keyshawn. Riley sucked.

    11. Justin Blevins

      Nebraska just sucks. It’s hard to recruit kids there. Plain and simple.

    12. L D

      Because Nebraska sucks.

    13. WarlikeSwine

      Nothing makes Nebraska fans salty, than reminding them that they used to be good. 😆 Frost now has 3 straight losing seasons, the only reason he's still there is because Nebraska fans want that pathetic connection to the "glory days" and relevance.

    14. CastleDragon78

      I think there's some good information here... Nebraska has to man up and admit we got fidgety and helped cause this mess... the husker program has to find a way to attract players again... but where I disagree with Keyshawn is that Frost is the right guy right now... to build a BIG 10 team from scratch takes a lot of time and effort to build... Nebraska was a top 50 on defense last season and had some high performance stats on offense just no wins... it is slowly turning the corner....

    15. Caleb Morice

      Riley was 19-19 at ne. Frost is 11-20. Frost is not better stop acting like he is

    16. C.T.S. Gaming review

      In some parts keyshawn is right. 1. You let your booster get involve with your program. 2. At one time they had the great facilities but other schools caught up. 3. The name of the game in college football is what have you done for me now. You have a 18 year old kids who has talent you convince him to go to Nebraska or Alabama. If Scott frost walks in your house to recruit you son Nebraska or nick saban walks in with those championships rings your son looking at saban like where do I sign

    17. Nate R

      I missed that part of history when the Mike Riley program was headed in the right direction

    18. Jerry Gleeson

      Firing Frank Solich was the beginning of the end for Nebraska Football as a powerhouse. IMO.

      1. T W

        I think the beginning of the end was when Eric Crotch quit the team because he didn't get the starting job and went home crying to his Dad in Omaha and Frank Solich drove up on Sunday night and begged him to come back by promising to move Bobby Newcombe(the New QB) to Wide Receiver. Disgraceful.

    19. Alex Horton

      Johnson is the LAST person that should be in this bit. His son was slated to go here and it didn't work .out

    20. Ian Mudd

      Luke wasn't that good so i dont think its a big loss

    21. J Pep

      Was. Just like usc.

    22. Sooner Keith

      Yeah, about "Nebraska being one of two teams that dominated college football in the 80s". Oklahoma begs to differ.

    23. Jesse M

      Keyshawn's POTHEAD son got released at Nebraska. Since then he went to JUCO and dropped out. Frost deserves 2-3 more years. He will turn it around. Nebraska was better off in Big 12.

    24. DrSooner1

      Oklahoma and Miami were the dominate programs in the 80's. Switzer Owned Osborne. Sooners played for four national championships and had five top three finishes.

    25. dakotaslim

      I've been around long enough to remember when ESPN was a major player in sports broadcasting.

    26. Mike Jackson

      Johnsons son was a drug freak. Riley was a poor coach, should never been hired. He couldn't recruit. Very poor assistant coaches.

    27. Rick Joyce

      These are three very intelligent individuals on this video. Is this a public access high school news show?

    28. hambone694

      Oklahoma* and Miami dominated the 80s. Osborne never could get by the Sooners until Switzer retired.

    29. David Roseman

      Better question is why did they go there in the first place?

    30. Jon Grant

      Keyshawn really liked Mike Riley but Riley never produced. That is why he is so negative on Nebraska. He wanted his son with Mike Riley. It was not going in the right direction under Riley. He was turning Nebraska into Oregon State under Riley.

    31. Brett Lange

      Mike Riley was so nice, he couldn't win a Spring Game. You three are clueless.

    32. Francis Anamege

      The Big Red Faithful will rue the day they fired Frank Solich..

    33. Mitch Williams

      This show is the absolute worst on ESPN

    34. Gary Pierce

      Wan’Dale should’ve gone to Louisville in the ACC.

    35. Matthew Broz

      And look...Keyshawns guy is Mike Riley....he got his decent son a power 5 scholarship

    36. Benjamin

      This show sucks

    37. Quinton Thibodeaux

      I clicked on the video thumbnail and I when I saw who was on the video i immediately got out. Seems like I made the right choice

    38. Greg Galloway

      Reasons college players leave on a yearly bases- lack of playing time, the current system isn’t showcasing my skills, or personnel issue internally. ONE OF THE THREE!

    39. Stacking Assets

      Does espn think I will pay for their network when this is the product?

    40. Samsquanch 123

      Nebraska is a has been. Who would go there.

    41. Caleb Morice

      You guys in the comments act like they are 100% wrong but they arent. Frost is doing a terrible job. If he was not a nebraska hero we would have fired him by now. Bringing in very little talent and losing key guys like luke, wan’dale, and warner is not going in the right direction

    42. JR S

      Ppl don't realize that frost is finally getting his guys for O and D line , he didn't have a recruit on Iine his first year and finally his second and third year he's bringing in guys , it takes time to develop the o line . He also inherited horrible skilled players at WR , he's finally building the skilled positions now , Mcaf Was a gamble at QB , he's better fit at RB or WR

    43. Ballistix_THUMPER

      Hate zubin.....

    44. Jay McDavid

      Go Bama or Go Home

    45. Clutchhat Trick

      I’m a Husker fan who doesn’t even like Frost but these guys literally are just talking to talk. Ofc the dude who sent his son to play with Riley says that Riley was a great coach in the right direction. Bro. We lost by 20+ 5 straight games and went 4-8

    46. SoonerDaveOKC

      Sad to see Nebraska in their current state. And no light at the end of the tunnel. They will NEVER win a B10 Champ. They brought all this on themselves though when they left the B12. Did they really think they could still recruit quality Texas kids after leaving for B10? But hey... they got more money in their new, more prestigious, conference. And they stuck it to UT too (but did they really?). All it took was throwing away tradition-rich rivalries and further self-defecation of their own program. See ya in 2021 Huskers!

    47. Knight-Time

      I knew this would happen. I didn’t want it to happen but I tried to tell my friends at Nebraska. The only question is... how long will they give Frost? Hopefully he turns it around. He needs a lot of luck though.

      1. Don

        Nebraska has the same problem with Frost as Michigan does with Harbaugh. If you fire them, who do you hire next? They were both the alumni saviors who had big success elsewhere. If they can't bring your programs to championship level, what makes you think anybody can?

    48. john sheridan

      Riley had things headed in the wrong direction let’s not forget Keyshawn’s son was caught smoking weed in Lincoln

    49. Jcorey59

      Mike Riley was the worst coach in Nebraska history he had a horrible culture players were growing jerseys on the ground in the Locke room after games there was no structure Scott is finely getting the guys he want and finely has is starting to get depth

    50. Matthew Broz

      Keyshawns boy couldn't hack it cause he was smoking weed 🤣

    51. Michael Wallis


    52. Brick Brick

      Mike was not turning the program around

    53. David Craig

      Nebraska also hung screwed up by moving to the Big 10. I love the Big12, but look at what joke it has turned out to be with loss of Nebraska and Texas A&M.

    54. StuUngar

      Nebraska’s biggest mistake leaving the Big 12. They have no history in the Big 10. They dont fit like ppl thought they would. Lost Texas pipeline. And Big 10 has shown they don’t really care about Nebraska.

    55. Colin Peters

      Where building a new facility

    56. Massive Dynamic

      Nebraska is built to compete in the big 10. They were silly to ever leave the big 12. They don't have the recruiting base

      1. Massive Dynamic

        Sorry, isn't built to compete. They don't even have 11 on 11 football. When in the big 12, they could recruit Texas, Louisiana, and other more populous areas. If they moved back to the big 12 and went back to playing power football they would instantly return to national prominence. Oklahoma has remained relevant because the big 12 allows them to recruit Texas!

    57. Salty Pirate

      Assclowns and morons. Just remember, these guys were hired by the same network that wants to tell you what your politics and morals should be. Can't wait until ESPN finally hires a transgender, omni-sexual, quadraracial, hipster, ANTIFA, communist community organizer from Portland to tell us what to think about sports because they wrote an article for a vegan anti-human environmental blog about how sweat and Gatorade contribute to climate change.

    58. Hustle is the Recipe

      We lost 3rd string players. Only why this is getting press because of their last names. None were starters so what’s the conversation about??

    59. Cody V

      They have know idea. Nebraska wasn’t good bc they brought in super talent year in and year out they brought in average players you were patient and wanted to play football. So by the time they were jr and seniors they were wbig and new how to play. Yes the brought in some great talent bc they needed to but overall most kids were in state recruits. Secondly time, Rileys direction was horrible look at Oregon State when he was there and now look at them as since he left, they are winning more games. Frost has the talent and the right players that actually want to get better and play now it’s about getting them developed which takes time. These clowns are just that clowns.

    60. Akshunpakd

      I was hoping the comments about them not having a clue were an exaggeration. Then Zubin's monologue started and I found out quickly the comments were conservative.

    61. Kelly McManigal

      Keyshawn you don’t have any bias towards Riley do you...??? Son didn’t want to work harder than Riley required.

    62. A K

      Jay look like he ain’t wanna be there hahaha

    63. 33TimberWolf

      Frost was corrupt as a player, joke as a pro, whiner as a coach. Nebraska dominated in the 90s, and got exposed when they joined the Big “Ten”.

    64. Sasquatch HQ

      What clowns. Keyshawn bitter much? Wan’dale was tough, and good, but not a game-changer. He got ran down and rarely made the big play of a difference maker. Warner, good kid, not Big 10 level talent. Luke, talented, but not at quarterback. Not sure we lost that much in these 3 when it’s all said and done actually.

    65. Jack Scioli

      There’s an argument Pelini should not have been fired but Riley is horrible and Keyshawn is a Riley guy because of his son

    66. scott hyde

      You cats are ignorant as heck !! Nebraska left the big 12 and recruiting has suffered because they don’t play 3 Texas teams every year !! Big mistake ! The previous coach didn’t have a strength coach or Nutrition support so they stopped developing players !!

    67. Chippy P

      Because they are not GOOD ENOUGH.

    68. Lynn Paustian

      The UNL fade to mediocrity began before joining the Big Ten and really began with formation of the Big XII. Nebraska had a real advantage in the big 12 North but struggled to compete with the south. Egos clashed with Texas egos and along came realignment. So off to the Big Ten. Some early success with 9 and 3 records, but not the high standard set by fans. All the programs get TV money and meet or exceed UNL football facilities. Scholarships go to 85. Now Nebraska has to overcome OSU, PSU, UMi, UW, UIa and improved programs at NW and Mn. If Scott Frost doesn't get UNL back to 9 and 3 by year 2022 what then? Maybe rejoin the Big 12?

    69. Qckn drty

      You cornholio's, what's going to happen with Scott Frost?

      1. Caleb Morice

        We will keep him because hes a hometown hero but he isnt a great coach

    70. Rod Synovec

      Keyshawn is wrong. Mike Riley was a waste. They were not going in the right direction. 2 losing seasons out of 3.

    71. Jon Smail

      Pelini was a winner and his players loved him. He was building a national contender. Nebraska fans couldn't handle a coach with passion so they hated on him. It was a huge mistake. I saw Pelini building a powerhouse at Nebraska. Oh well.

    72. Jon Smail

      01:59 You just lied. It has not been a mess and I can destroy you in a debate. Challenge me in a debate. Good luck, you'll need it. I'm waiting. Tic Tok.

    73. Jon Smail

      Let them go. If they don't want to be at Nebraska, let them go. Good luck to them. I hope the best for them.

    74. Logan Bopp

      not what happened at all, mike riley ran it into the ground and frost was coming off a hot season

    75. Preston Singer

      You gotta be joking me. Nebraska was headed in the right direction with Mike Riley? That’s classic ESPN insight for you right there

      1. Scott Monroe

        Keyshawn only said that because Riley recruited his son and then later left. Keyshawn has sour grape attitude and secondly Riley was a complete joke and at no time did he have the program going in the right direction.

      2. citizenbobx

        Sure, 4-8 is definitely the right direction.

    76. Frater Sol

      Joe burrow begged to go to Nebraska and they told Joe he wasn't good enough.

      1. Logan Bopp

        not what happened at all but okay

    77. Muddy Waters

      He literally just said Scott Frost inherited a lot of talent at UCF......... they were 0-12 lol when he took over. Then he says Mike Riley had success and rolling in the right direction lol he went 4-8 right before they fired him. Has no idea what he’s talking about.

      1. Muddy Waters

        @Pier5 Smith ..... so Scott Frost built 75% of that team and won with barely any good players from O’Leary got it lol. So basically yes they had no talent.

      2. Pier5 Smith

        @Muddy Waters I mean that’s three NFL players right there. Sometimes in college a team can stop playing for a coaching staff. The HC following O’Leary was pretty much universally hated. The LBs and DBs on frost’s ucf teams were also O’Leary recruits, as were at least half of the oline/dline. It was obviously a combination of players that built that team, but I can understand how someone not close to the program would lack that understanding.

      3. Muddy Waters

        @Pier5 Smith so he had 3 good players out of 80 something guys lol wow that’s a boat load of talent. Lol those guys were so talented enough to win 0 games. Kid get out of here.

      4. Pier5 Smith

        Ignorant. Who do you think Shaquem Griffin; Trequan Smith; Jordan Atkins; and the Defensive line were recruited by (hint! It wasn’t Scott frost!)

      5. Quatele

        I came here to say that. Guy in the middle is bass ackwards.

    78. Travis Battles

      You don’t have to go to a school in the middle of nowhere to get on TV anymore. Nebraska was one of those programs who was always on TV. That’s why big recruits (blacks) went to school there. No longer necessary to leave away from home state now.

    79. Underground Reefs

      Keyshawn should admit to the crowd he is biased and his son left nebraska. his opinion on mike riley is the minority. big time.

      1. faiz Ali

        Rlly what school does his son go to

    80. Jason Shaneyfelt

      Keyshawn literally has no idea what he's talking about. "Mike Riley had them going in the right direction" is a ludicrous statement. Did he completely miss 2017? Clearly just has an axe to grind because he likes Mike Riley in his personal life and his son flopped out of Nebraska.

      1. Caleb Morice

        @Jason Shaneyfelt 20-20 vs 11-20

      2. Jason Shaneyfelt

        @Caleb Morice You keep changing your argument man. The point is each of Frost teams, struggling as they have, are still better than the 2017 team. Virtually every stat backs that up. That's been my argument this entire time. Am I happy with where Nebraska is? No. But I'm not so intellectually dishonest as to pretend like they're worse than 2017.

      3. Caleb Morice

        @Jason Shaneyfelt plus most of the top players were from mike riley’s classes. The few guys that frost brought in that made an impact have transferred out already

      4. Caleb Morice

        @Jason Shaneyfelt so he has had better recruits but a worse record...makes sense. And bring those guys in doesnt do much when u cant keep ur best offensive player from the last 2 years and ur future qb. Now nebraska is left with no weapons and no qb and a coach who doesnt help them improve. Dont act like any of the wins under frost have been good wins and surprises.

      5. Jason Shaneyfelt

        @Caleb Morice Statistically Frost has out-recruited Bo and Riley. Attrition has been an issue, but Riley had the exact same problem, even worse so. Literally half of his 2017 recruiting class was gone within a year. I'm not playing anything. I'm countering your falsehoods.

    81. Joboo Luvs

      These three guys are sports commentators no no no no no no

      1. Nathan De Bartolo

        Zubin Mehenti was at his best hosting the college football version of Red Zone on Saturdays on ESPN News. He's not been as good at anything else.

    82. K wal

      Man, what is goin on at Nebraska?!?! Sounds like things are going down the shitter in a hurry.

    83. Benjamin Baker

      The big "reason" is they may not get starting time and NonCon scheduling,vs my OU SOONER's wuld be enuff to scare anybody off

    84. Pip Tip

      Frost only problem is he bet the house on Martinez which has a trickle effect

    85. Casper D

      Luke went and joined his Dad at i think North Colorado State?? I believe..

      1. Sean Renton

        Ya that was Dylan

      2. Preston Singer

        That was the mcCaffrey that played at Michigan

    86. Conner Wildlife

      This show is a joke

      1. Caleb Morice

        How are they wrong?

    87. Conner Wildlife

      This whole Mike Riley train is wrong lol he was bad lol

    88. gator bait

      this is why espn is trash. Key said George o'leary left the players for frost at ucf but o'leary's last season at ucf he literally quit after going 0-8 and the team finished 0-12 🙄🙄

      1. Christopher Foote

        They were still competitive. S. Mississippi went 0-12 after going 11-2 with Larry Fedora. I can't remember specifically why, but it didn't mean the end of football there. They remained competitive.

    89. Blakdrifter Ok

      Keyshawn said that they didn't give riley a chance everybody seen the hand writing on the wall it was going to get worst if he stayed there he was not getting player's that was suited for the big ten

    90. anondescriptobserver

      Nebraska is trying to build a state of the art spread offense and it just won't work where they are. They have to put more of a focus on recruiting their region and playing a more physical style to suit those guys.

    91. Ron Schmidt

      Martinez has ruined the huskers and frost is married to him pathetic

    92. Evan Johannsen

      These three, literally don’t have a freaking clue what they are talking about!

      1. Bruh-Shah Dust Of The Ground

        JWill could GAFL.

      2. First Last

        Some salty husker fans in here who, just like Zuban have clearly never played college sports. All you need is to hear it from a former player? Someone who’s been there?? Okay.. Nebraska is a garbage program. They’ve been garbage since the early 2000s. You’re the Tennessee of our league. Thinking you have a tradition of good football when in reality it’s been decades

      3. Sooner Keith

        Seriously, how can you be a college football analyst/host/prognosticator for a living and be so off on what you're talking about? It's insulting.

      4. MGOBLUE

        Facts smh

      5. Jesse M

        @Phillip L Does college intramural basketball count?

    93. Michael Spruill

      They lost their recruiting base when they left the Big XII

      1. Cee N

        Michael Spruill.... 💯🎯

      2. VergylTantor

        @John Manning Texas recruiting being essential to Nebraska's success is a story that is told so many times that people start to believe it. I didn't want to spend a lot of time, so I only checked the starting lineup of the 95' Huskers so that nobody would claim that it wasn't one of the best teams. There were three Texans starting for the 95' Huskers C-Aaron Graham and OG-Aaron Taylor on offense and kicker Chris Brown. Also in the starting lineup were 7 Nebraskans and 3 players from New Jersey and players from 7 other states.

      3. Sooner Keith

        @anondescriptobserver Huh? That's definitely false. Nebraska always battled Oklahoma and Texas in the state of Texas for top talent. Having followed OU recruiting since the late 70's, I can assure you that Nebraska did hit Texas hard, particularly when Osborne was there.

      4. anondescriptobserver

        @John Manning They never recruited Texas all that hard until Callahan arrived and the decline was well underway. Everyone saw what we did with Pinkel and they assumed every Big 12 team was recruiting Texas like that.

      5. Michael Spruill

        @John Manning Yep, can't sell a kid and his mother to go up to Lincoln and play against Wisconsin and Illinois and tell her you got to watch it on tv, instead of travelling to Austin, Lubbock and Waco to watch her son play in person.

    94. Real Talk

      And people tell me to stop being Negative about Nebraska when in actuality that's the only thing you can say about Nebraska when you even look at the program as a fan or non-fan. Anyway, I think this team is most likely to disappoint next season with Frost getting fired as well. Hope I'm wrong but recent history and the current situation suggest that to happen. Now I will say that everyone leaving except for Wandale most likely doesn't mean anything except they knew they would just get buried on the depth chart. Also, Nebraska did have a better record than 6 of the 14 Big Ten teams last season. But that's where my praise stops. Being better than 6 of the 14 Big Ten teams last year was all smoke and mirrors and Nebraska will soon establish themselves back to the very bottom. I don't like Adrian anymore. I don't like the offense for obvious reasons. I like the defense but I'm sure they take a step back for absolutely zero reason since this team literally invents new ways to disappoint you year to year. And I'd be shocked if Nebraska made a bowl game or found a way to impress instead of disappoint next season. Huskernation get ready for a life without Scott Frost as head coach next year. That is surely going to most likely be the actual outcome and you may clinch up hearing this from me now, but by the time you see the frustrating level of disappoint he shows you next season I guarantee SOME of you will completely be persuaded to be happy about Frost being gone instead of dreading his departure next season. You'll be screaming louder than me to get rid of him. You mark my words.

    95. Scott Losey


    96. Benny Mafitino

      Keyshawn sounds like his son went to Nebraska and never touched the field...👀

      1. Hello There

        His son got caught smoking weed and he left

      2. Joseph Doherty

        His son hasnt done anything anywhere

    97. David Johnson

      No mention of USC in a s^*t conference huh "Key"??? Just bash on Nebraska, Tennessee,, and Florida St. You're a joke. No big surprise since you work for a joke employer.

    98. T Hayes

      It has alot to do with them playing in the Big 10 vs 12. No offense southerners. If IA state can win in that conference it doesn't say much.

      1. Akshunpakd

        Wrong, it says Iowa State has a helluva coach.

      2. Avante Smith

        I mean Nebraska hadn’t even won a conference title in the Big 12 in almost a decade before they left lmao. Literally after about 2001, they couldn’t compete/recruit with anybody in the old Big 12 south. They thought moving to the Big Ten was gonna make it easier because of revenue. And yeah, the Big Ten is just so big and bad when Northwestern is playing in multiple conference title games and Indiana having the 2nd beat record this year 🙄

    99. Eric Jacob

      Basically the only true thing these guys said was that Nebraska was a Powerhouse in the 80s and 90s . Everything afterwards was full of terrible Insight. Nebraska fans are impatient To get back to success , but neither Bo Pelini or Mike Riley had them moving in the right direction . If forcing out players on an anemic offense gets them moving in the right direction, then I am all for losing a couple of so-called superstars on an otherwise terrible team

      1. Logan Bopp

        bo was never going to win with that shitty OC and his refusal to recruit. had he changed those 2 things natty for sure

      2. Eric Jacob

        @Avante Smith I get why you feel that way, but the last 3 years of Bo was filled with TONS of blowout losses, missed opportunities, and no growth. Sure, every Nebraska fan on the planet would love to win 9 games next year, but nobody should be willing to accept that as your ceiling as a blueblood program, even one as far removed from their glory days as Nebraska.

      3. Avante Smith

        I’d disagree on the Bo Pelini part. I understand why people didn’t like him, but what has Nebraska done since he left? I mean if multiple conference title appearances in multiple conferences ain’t the right direction, what is? Lmao

    100. don duis

      Like we would listen to Keyshia Johnson. Where has been the U during all this? Horrible.

      1. Avante Smith

        Umm he went to USC 😂😂😂😂😂😂