Tylan Wallace Every Senior Bowl 1-on-1 Rep

Brad Kelly

6 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Tylan Wallace Every Senior Bowl 1-on-1 Rep
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    1. Chris Paul point god

      it put a smile on my face everytime he harassed tre brown... (if you don't know what i mean watch oklahoma st vs oklahoma..)

    2. I James

      He is good in traffic, but he struggles to get separation. Would be a good Day 2 pickup.

      1. Jay Tee

        @Zohraish Virani agree

      2. Zohraish Virani

        I think he's able to create separation pretty well on short to intermediate routes (in space) because of his suddenness when breaking off on the top of his route, but he doesn't create separation on routes downfield. Maybe because he doesn't have an extra gear of speed?

    3. Baha

      Future Raven

      1. TheArt Well

        You spoke it into existence!!!!

      2. Jalen Boyd

        Good call

      3. Eyeofhorus Taurus

        He is now

    4. julian swimpson

      Slayin um wit dat post route✌

    5. Bilal Mallick

      At times, was able to sell that first step. He needs a backup plan if that first fake doesn't work.

    6. Break It Down

      Came away impressed. Doesn’t waste much motion. Never struck me as all that explosive but he’s really smooth in his route running so still ends up with separation. And maybe I’m just wrong about how explosive he actually is because of that smoothness.

      1. svKam

        @Reece KFN ravens!!

      2. Reece KFN

        He’s great at sticking his foot in the ground and exploding off. I wouldn’t say he’s the fastest though. He looks really good, I came out impressed as well😂😂

    7. jesusoftheapes

      Instant superstar WR who is undervalued because of his conference . No one is tougher .no WR in this class works harder off the field and no WR but Chase has better hands ! Tylan Wallace has never had a game without 100 yards or more since 2018!!!

      1. Boo ThaGod

        @jesusoftheapes Im saying I’m hoping for the best

      2. jesusoftheapes

        @Boo ThaGod Watch him at Exos . You see a different guy.

      3. Boo ThaGod

        @jesusoftheapes that makes sense fir why he seem nervous and timid.. that wasn’t the same guy from the game film.

      4. jesusoftheapes

        @Boo ThaGod He has already been tested at all of those things and had good numbers . Exos combine had him doing very well. He also had a 104 degree temp at his pro day with the flu . Tylan is an awesome WR with a bright NFL future. Probably one of 3 of the hardest workers at his craft from this class.

      5. Boo ThaGod

        Only reason i don’t agree about the hardwork is because of his proday..i don’t think he was well prepared.. also he did come off and injury and he looked nervous and timid. But a damn good athlete.

    8. OchoFive

      It’s easy for me to read the routes based off how he’s lined up so ik how to approach and which shoulder to jam.

      1. Chris Paul point god

        @jesusoftheapes that's what I meant. Amari looked better in his 1v1 reps...

      2. jesusoftheapes

        @Chris Paul point god And you never mentioned 1 on 1 reps . You just flat out called Rodgers better than Wallace.

      3. jesusoftheapes

        @Chris Paul point god That is called pre draft evaluation chatter . When you are talking about prospects you are not able to do so this close to the draft without adding all the info you can . Rodgers is a good WR . Tylan Wallace is better! Hows that for short winded?

      4. DimeTimePrime

        @Chris Paul point god tbh your stupid or blind asf, he had allot of drops and easy passes he shoulda made, his separation skills were bad too.

      5. Chris Paul point god

        Damn all I said was Rodger looked better in the 1v1 rep idk y guy made a paragraph

    9. Patrick Cardoso

      boy has wheeels


      Future Colt if Ballard decides to go draft again

    11. Niketo Brown

      Hd is nice man. He'd look good on the ravens 💪

      1. Niketo Brown

        @Lenny Garrison yesssirrrr🙌💯 that first round was 🔥 too. Next season gonna be great.

      2. Lenny Garrison

        You got your wish bro!

      3. julian swimpson

        He'd look good on the " anybody's"

    12. Justin Eckman

      Caught 6/8

      1. Nightmare Assassian

        He is a Ravens

      2. jesusoftheapes

        and the other 2 were uncatchable . Wallace does not drop passes .

    13. Busarider

      Dats my boy!! Love seeing him make that gooner dB look bad. GO POKES!!!!!

    14. Cainan& Donny

      Thanks for this video hes gonna be good with whoever pick him