8 Combines in one Field | Farm Progress Show 2020 (Fendt Ideal T9, JD X9, Lexion 8700, CaseIH 9250)

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    1. TheRealKiddo

      Dat right der is a fedent

    2. MattLF9

      Lots of cob in that sample from the Fendt.

    3. Ron Grace

      Back in the 70 I used to run a 900 versatile with 2 smoke stacks with floatation tires

    4. Paolo Barbiroli

      Macchine molto Grandi. ( Mi piace molto vederle in Azione. Però se fosse la Traduzione in Italiano mi piacerebbe. )

    5. R.I.S.H kid

      Супер новые, супер современные, производительные и столько початков кукурузы! В нас JD9600 и то меньше оставляет потерь

    6. Fendt Claas

      Disgusting mask! You wouldn't catch me dead with one.

    7. Joe Scheller

      john deere is scared to put their machine up a against a real combine. ask the claas driver they would put smaller claas up against the x9.

    8. Mitchell Godkin

      Big Buds cab looks like it belongs on an old tug boat

    9. Devin Ruhl

      Nice video sir what part of Ohio are you a Farmer in and in Indiana we have nice soil like Iowa and I miss Working on my Onkels farm in windcheseter Indiana he owns 13 fields

    10. Windmill Farms

      I cant get over how fast those things hum grain! nice!!!

    11. Ben Docherty

      Enjoyed the video but the difference between us and you are massive in technique and equipment it's unreal. The only thing that's the same are the Combines and that's it!

      1. Ben Docherty

        @Brian's Farming Videos England we don't have the road infrastructure to Transport planters of that scale around and last but not least all our arable work is full Tillage!

      2. Brian's Farming Videos

        Where are you farming

    12. Taylor Alldredge

      Was that a Sioux Steel Grain Bin That was Blown Over? I am a Firm Believer in Rings & Stiffeners on Bins, especially when you get Over a Certain Size in Bins and it Doesn’t Which Brand Bins those are.

    13. Carsten Pedersen

      how many hectares have in

    14. Sam Fluke

      Amazing all those combines and no cab corn!!

    15. 46Rambo

      I used to enjoy my time on a combine, peaceful, no tourists around, just me and the dog. Now jackholes stop on the road and come running down the row asking if they can video me or run their drone. Time to move. and tell LegArms and Hollywood to get their asses back to work

    16. Derek Crago

      Awesome video I'm from Washington Court House I'm following you now!!!🤘

    17. Mark Arnott

      That Grain silo looks like it did compression test in a tornado 🚀

    18. James Reed

      No Gleaner???

    19. Zeus Macafee

      I don’t care what color you bleed, we’re all envious of what those lexions can do

    20. gary reid

      i was at a claas demo last week in scotland and there was only 4 off us there

    21. Joe Todd

      Really annoys me how you deal in bushels for grain but then you said the spreader holds x amount of tons over here everything is done using ton weather its ton too the hectare of crop or what a grain cart,truck,spreader is all measured in ton why you got too be difficult

      1. Brian's Farming Videos

        You are asking the wrong guy 🤷‍♂️

    22. Jim Ellinger

      Seems like JD is not willing to promote the X9 ?????? Great video Brian as always ! Who said a smart ass can't make a living , Utube farming channels are full of them ! Happy Harvest !

    23. Toby and James Goldsmith

      675 horsepower that’s more than the biggest quad track!

    24. Eddie Morton Tap Man

      We didn’t get to see your Happy Wife this time ?

    25. Joel Windsor

      That new Holland tractor was the best looking thing out there

    26. Pamela Glowczwski

      I bet hanging out with Farm Hand Mike and Welkers is a blast.

      1. Pamela Glowczwski

        You have had some good farming videos lately, so I subscribed to your channel.

    27. touchofgrey

      Thanks for the video Brian. Nice to see farmhand Mike as well. Still waiting for his vid of 12 Claas combines working. Poor ol JD 1.4 million for trailer queens. Mike Mitchell summed it up the best, nothing "runs" like a deere. Lol!! Nice to see the Fendt and Claas doing what you pay for.

    28. Tom N

      Brian - great job. Got good interaction from most of the vendors. No one from Deere to talk to, no worries, they are getting to be a tad snooty. Surprised they didn't charge for the rides or maybe they did.

    29. Kenneth Peters

      Damn! All you big boys step aside the Boss has arrived! Long live Big Bud!

    30. DIY Guy

      Is anyone else annoyed about JD. None of the YT channels have a demo, or much else other than some distant shots or quick walk arounds. Mike Mitchell never got his demo, and JD seems to be super secret yet has them in the field. I’m not even a farmer but hopefully they aren’t overhyping by keeping the lid on.

    31. Michael Stark

      Takes a big fire extinguisher to put out a million dollar fire!

    32. Daniel Brown

      that self propelled bin is something different..

    33. brian payne

      The tracks on the Ideal appeared to have been really rough or was it just that part of the field?

    34. andban92

      Only Mike Mitchell is missing. I bet you that he'd be on one of the combine's roof while they were harvesting in line. LMAO

    35. Connor Hoeft

      When is the challenger version of the big two track coming out?

    36. andban92

      8:24 IS this the guy from "BigTractorPower" ?

      1. David Martin

        andban92 no

    37. Monk Farmer

      Mouth diapers...

      1. O shut up already


    38. Tony Mckeage

      Great update, Good they let Vloggers like yoursef to come along and view things as a farm would Thanks

    39. Farm Fish and Freedom

      Why doesn’t everybody have a versatile? lol

    40. Evan Vieregge

      Political flags?

      1. Brian's Farming Videos

        No they were company flags and the American flag

    41. Eric Kona Peper

      WELKER'S TOO!?!??😏. AWESOME 👍🇺🇸

    42. Robert Naberhaus

      Iowa's Farm Progress Show has had it's share of problems from extremely wet weather to this so called virus!!!

    43. Derek Arnst

      Welkers and Brian at the farm progress demos!!!!! Something is going to break. 😆

    44. gregor00005

      They really botched the look on the fendt 1100 series hood 18:00

    45. Bernie Schoep

      must be poioneer corn lol.use a bean head to ge it all lol.

    46. Bernie Schoep

      john deere needs 5 of them lol.

    47. Diana Jean

      Amazing, thanks for taking us along.

    48. Bernie Schoep

      sure let people who put on you tube videos go to the show and cant have a regular show what a bunch of bs.

      1. Brian's Farming Videos

        Wasn’t many KGuprs mostly big media outlets

    49. Kenneth Heck

      I got a sign from the 1976 Farm progress show in Greenfield Indiana. Lubbock vibrating plow. sign. It says this ground will be made productive Farmland again with the help of. Lubbock vibrating plow. 1976. Priceless to me.

    50. Mike Muniak

      What was that cart in the beginning with no driver

    51. akilhawk

      As a non famer that fendt combine look pretty bad ass... also need some one to harvest you crop have a demo day...lol

    52. Mike Less - Farmhand Mike

      Watched the entire video and thanks for having me in your video. 100% retention rate from Farmhand Mike.

      1. Brian's Farming Videos

        Lol likewise on yours mike

    53. Matt Lyon

      AWESOME...... Thanks

    54. rmcdaniel453

      John Deere has been shady about the x9’s info.

    55. Ralph Nerem

      Great video got to love the BUD

    56. Adrian Klaver

      That was impressive. The money tied up in that equipment could float a small(maybe even a medium) country!

    57. wbball15

      Boone is great

    58. Kevin Krumma

      Nice Show

    59. salty 101

      The big bud was the best part. loved those grain carts.

    60. salty 101

      there is definitely something wonkie going on with that JD combine.

    61. 2020jd

      How is your dad liking the Massey Ferguson? Was it a 4707? An update/review of it would be awesome!

      1. Brian's Farming Videos

        Hoping to get a review before harvest

    62. Joshua Suriner

      best most detailed farming videos on youtube!! such a wholesome family!!

    63. Debbie L

      Thats as big as mining equipment.....

    64. Debbie L

      What kind of corn per bushel are they getting after the terrible weather ?

      1. Brian's Farming Videos

        Keep in mind this was 85 day corn so it would be ready in time but I heard 180bu per acre

    65. Debbie L

      Awesome big buds there 👍😉❤💚💛💜💙

    66. Debbie L

      Wow you and mike...

    67. Debbie L

      Will those combines helping Iowa farms get their fields in awesome if they are....

      1. Brian's Farming Videos

        No this was a trade show that was taking place in a single field. This was filmed August 31 so most fields were still not ready for harvest

    68. Brian Webber

      Deere is really showing their ass and what they think of employees, existing / potential customers.

      1. Kevin J

        @Brian Webber You are exactly right, and many farmers in my area are tired of Deere's BS and going to Claas machines.

      2. Brian Webber

        My opinion isn't based on your experience at the farm progress show. Like Caterpillar they have become a purely for profit company.Thanks for the video and trying to show the X9.

      3. Brian's Farming Videos

        I don’t think it was John Deere’s fault. I was just always in a different place when people were showing off the x9

    69. Debbie L

      Awesome brian have fun👍😉

    70. Pete Parker

      Brian, if you ever go back to cornstarch farms, it would be mighty kind if you’d give them boys a lesson I firearms... I don’t think fans would show up at your place because of that, and your Dad would give them a string of workin words that would make a sailor blush! By the way, that X9 looks like a bad mammer jammer 😁😁😁

    71. Peter Schrott

      Cverkill. And as spotters would say, no people in the soil.

    72. Dennis B

      Real cool video. 😎

    73. Ben C

      Nice one Brian! 👍

    74. Flavio Uccia

      👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🔝🔝💯 FENDT 1167 CLASS 8700 FENDT IDEAL 9T 🇮🇹🕶🧢

    75. Terry Braun

      Stephen Kennedy. You can't wait to see F10 combine demo but you only watch Brian's channel?? Hmm..

    76. Henk Janssen

      Happy to see the masks!

      1. O shut up already

        JudyJudyJudy44 because it means people are being responsible

      2. JudyJudyJudy44


    77. cntsles fabrication

      Good to see the walkers too huh lol you butchered there name hahahaha

    78. cntsles fabrication

      So this was the real reason you all were together

      1. Brian's Farming Videos


    79. Craig Smith

      It would be interesting to compare BPA for each combine.

    80. Tom Preiss

      Now with that new header will the new hibred corn be vine corn rather than stalk.😝

    81. Jennifer White

      would have to guess the corn had a lot of fungus in the grown stages Welker and brian and mike left-hand farmer like pop up from no were suggest not to plant that corn seed again who know what other channels it has in the corn lol

    82. LowJack187

      Bob lookin like kobe out there.

    83. Jason

      John Deere rep not available....what a surprise.

    84. calypsosoca

      X9 demo at Mike Mitchell canceled last minute, here again no X9 for real farmers to see (and to show on YT) ... makes me kinda think it might not be the great machine it was supposed to be

      1. gumelini1

        @Buckhorn Cortez can you tell us a more reasonable "reason"?Those were facts!Same thing happened where I live,there was a combine demo and every single combine manufacturer let people get inside and watch the machine from every single point.You could even get under the hoods.But nooo,not John Deere.We were not even allowed to come near that combine.Until the person who actually set the demo told the John Deere dealer that if they aren't going to let anyone watch the machine from up close then it beats the whole purpose of this demo.And he said quote: then load up this piece of shit and get it of my field!

      2. Yeah Boiii

        Or the other more reasonable reason they probably had for cancelling them.

      3. Buckhorn Cortez

        Whatever you feel like inventing that supports your personal opinions...no facts, just pure projection...got it...

    85. Per Olav Hairstead

      lots of fancy tractors but the Big Bud still outshine them😃

    86. BW YinYang

      Big question: Did Brian take or purchased anything from virtual farm progress show?

      1. hammer slammer

        @Brian's Farming Videos what did you think of it? Is there a coming out on it? Like to see a food vendor comparison.. maybe get the others in on it as well.🤣

      2. Brian's Farming Videos

        Just a burger

    87. B H

      I can almost bet a certain KGupr will get an exclusive on the X9.

      1. calypsosoca

        @Terry Braun you mean the Ideal combines? in general or specifically Mike's? did i miss out on sth because i can't recall Mike reporting any major issues in this season's videos?

      2. Terry Braun

        @calypsosoca The Fendt's have not been running great this season, they are running better but not great. And I like the Fendt!

      3. calypsosoca

        demoing how good it will handle thunderrrr fill ups and pressure washer cleanings ... seems to me the X9 isn't the workhorse it was supposed to be. well the Fendt's at Mike Michell run great this season.

    88. John White

      Did anyone else hear the Welker boys scream@ 9:30 😃😂😂😂😂

    89. tsint

      I would have chosen the Lexion!

    90. Noah 27

      Why they didn't plow the field whit the big bad?

    91. Observations ,

      I was waiting for details on each of the combines capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. What you noticed as far as differences but it didn't happen.

      1. Brian's Farming Videos

        I’d suggest farmhand mike for that. Normally I would have at a show but things were very hectic during the demos

    92. P Seggons

      What is JD worried about with showing off the X9. I expect you already know there was supposed to be one going to Mike Mitchell , but they cancelled........

      1. John Ragan

        The hole show was cancelled

    93. Roger Embry

      I think John Deere is scared to let anyone get close to them X9s

      1. Monk Farmer

        The combines they are running this year is a prototype..

      2. Buckhorn Cortez

        Then how come they've had them at farms for testing by the machinery operators at each farm?

    94. Jason Woods

      Is the farm progress show in Decatur IL?

    95. William Schablowsky

      90,000 subscribers, hopefully harvest 2020 will be the home stretch for a 100k

      1. Brian's Farming Videos

        Chipping away every day

    96. Roger Embry

      They were going to let Mike Mitchell from Canada Demo one of them X9 , but I think John Deere got scared them Fents would make it look it bad lol 😂

      1. Claud Reindl

        As another commenter said, "Nothing runs like a scared Deere."

    97. James Forman

      I love your theme music and your background Graphics remind me of In the Heat of the Night TV show

    98. zzz Games

      Big fan

    99. zzz Games


    100. Scrotie Mcboogerballs

      I hate this stupid covid crap it has cancelled so many great shows and stuff 😭 great video Brian with everything you had wish I could drive everything there ☺️ harvest is underway here in southern Indiana can't wait to see you guys in the field God bless