Here's How Queen Elizabeth Responded To Biden's Inauguration

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    Even though the setting is surely familiar, President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are still surely getting used to actually living in their new White House digs.
    There are big things to attend to, like a mountain of executive orders. And then there are the details: The family pictures in the Oval Office. What rugs will the Bidens want in their living quarters? What color curtains will they have? Where and how will President Biden store his mail?
    The new commander in chief is getting a lot of correspondence already. Perhaps surprisingly, outgoing President Donald Trump left a note for the new chief executive. Maybe even more surprisingly, Biden said,
    "The president wrote a very generous letter."
    There's also the letter that Amazon sent to the newly inaugurated president, offering to assist with upcoming COVID vaccination drives. And there's the "private message" that Queen Elizabeth sent to Biden ahead of his January 20th inauguration, The Sunday Times reported.
    Biden has received messages from many of the world's leaders, as they offer their congratulations and their hope for a path forward in U.S. foreign policy. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in an interview with Sky News, said that the United States and the United Kingdom share a, quote, "joint united agenda" and that the new administration was "a fantastic thing for America." Was the queen's message similar, perhaps?
    Vanity Fair says that Queen Elizabeth's letter will remain as private as President Trump's letter to Biden presumably will. While we can't guess as to the content of the letter, we can bet that it was personalized. Joe Biden is the 14th president to lead the U.S. during Queen Elizabeth's reign. And, considering her history with the other 13 sitting U.S. presidents, it's certain that the two will meet in the next four years. Perhaps the message extended an invitation to Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle.
    Or is it possible Joe and Jill Biden could pass the Balmoral Test? That's a very tentative maybe. According to Time, Queen Elizabeth has met with every U.S. president, with the exception of Lyndon B. Johnson, since she became queen in February 1952. In that time, only President Eisenhower was invited to her summer home of Balmoral Castle in Scotland.
    This being said, Her Majesty is said to have been quite charmed by Barack Obama. Author Tom Quinn, who wrote Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle, claims the queen developed a soft spot for America after meeting the 44th president. If that's the case, perhaps Queen Elizabeth associates President Obama's former vice president, Joe Biden, with his old boss, which can only be good. Over eight years, the Obamas visited with the queen three times.
    When Queen Elizabeth began her reign, Harry S. Truman was president of the United States. The two had actually met a few months before, in October 1951, when the queen was still a princess. In addition to sitting U.S. presidents, The Heritage Foundation notes that Her Majesty also met President Herbert Hoover, who was in office from 1929 to 1933, prior to becoming queen.
    The Independent notes that Queen Elizabeth and President Joe Biden have not yet met, though some outlets report otherwise. It's possible they exchanged pleasantries during Biden's 36 years in the U.S. Senate, but while serving as vice president from 2009 to 2017, Biden did not travel with the Obamas on their three state visits to the U.K., and the queen last visited the United States in 2007, then the guest of President George W. Bush and Laura Bush.
    Given all the rich history the queen has with America's leaders, it's not hard to imagine that her private message to President Biden was one of cordial friendship - even if the two have yet to meet. With COVID-19 restrictions still firmly in place around the world, a visit between Queen Elizabeth and the 46th U.S. president will no doubt be delayed, but it will happen. It's tradition, after all.
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    1. Blew Mia


    2. Laura F

      Biden would have to leave his basement AND speak to meet the queen! I guess that’s out!!

    3. Jesse McLaughlin

      Wow people have truely lost their minds. To start with the Whitehouse has been dark since Trump left it. Joe Bidens clone has not stepped foot in the Whitehouse,it's not real people,it's all a movie and Trump is still our president and will be back very soon,as soon as people stop watching fake garbage like this and wake up.

    4. dekonfrost7

      A mountain of executive orders, a weak pathetic man with stolen power.

    5. Michelle Lippincott

      Pure crap.

    6. Digital Marketing Channel

      This is sooo fake!! The White House is empty and Biden is banned from entering the White House

    7. 2 2

      Oh I’ll bet her response was more something like..... ooooooh 💩 !!!!!!

    8. Edward Ford

      You forgot " where to hide the children"

    9. J'AIME Jésus-Christ

      Des satanistes ces gens la, le Seigneur s en occupera, monsieur Trump est utilisé par le Seigneur, les autres par satan

    10. Paul Evans

      Note said. I wish to speak to the real President. You know, the one that really won.

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    12. Pennie Hoops

      Can’t stand Biden he is EVIL. Wake up America

    13. President Elect- JB

      We have two presidents at the same time. And Biden is not in the white house

    14. Living Codes

      Oh, the Amazon studios production with a dead man that was executed two years ago by firing squad. Are you in your right mind folks?

    15. Andrew Morriss

      I thought the queen would have more nous than to fall for Obama's folk talk.

    16. Cecile Joubert

      Old sleepy Joe is a joke as 'president' of the USA!

    17. Lilian Flynn

      Optics !! Queenie/Phil Johnson taken down ...!!

    18. V Sauce

      Royal freeloaders

    19. jerry van

      Obiden is a complete ass wipe

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    21. The Road

      But.....buckingham palace is closed Do you people live on planet earth?

    22. James Bond

      Thank goodness Joe Biden will be gone soon. MAGA.

    23. Fired Lake

      I Mean No Hate Tord's Anyone What So Ever. This Is Just A Random Thought... But Why Does Prime Minister Boris Johnson Strangely Resemble Ed Sheeran? Am I The Only One Who Sees That? But He Don't Look Bad At All

    24. mary d

      Hey Joe and Kamala! Haven't you heard a cheater NEVER prospers!

    25. Patrica Keckley

      God Bless Our Beloved President Trump! Stand Tall Fellow Patriots, the Day of Reckoning is Upon Us 🇺🇸. Very Soon, Very Soon !!

    26. barry barnard

      She's the head of the new world order, who cares what she has to say, Biden will not need curtains as he's leaving soon, when will people realize that God chose Trump and no devil in hell can change that. Just trust God, He's working it all out behind the scenes.

    27. Strange magic369

      What a joke.

    28. Robert Ortiz

      Fraudulent Biden looking more senile by the day.

    29. Carmelliea

      Immediately I feel nauseated. You can't deceit us anymore .

    30. Chosen People

      Meet with him over next 4 years ? Are you awake or asleep ? He will be out of a job in less than a month. Harris is prepping every day as we speak. Seriously.

    31. Chosen People

      This narrators voice is soooooo annoying.

    32. Chosen People

      Charmed by Obama ???? Did you see the video where she doesn't respond to her toast bc he violated royal protocol ?? As potus ? She despised him and looked down on him. As anybody with at least below average intelligence would.

    33. Waymakers_ kid

      She won't be meeting with the Thief in Chief of this country because he won't survive the Treason charges.

    34. Robert Earp

      what the queen actually said .. we don’t know but listen to this bullshit instead ...

    35. YourNatureBoy27

      An Amazon message? ..Is dangerous

    36. Jakob Ammann

      Biden followers are more then war mangers and fools.

    37. Jo Byrd

      The queen loved trump.

    38. Fame Or Lame

      The note probably said, “we all know who won but you can enjoy your last few days. Wait till Kamala pushes you down the stairs and becomes President

    39. Patty Godale

      Joe won’t be there long

    40. Tammy Stockbridge

      The entire monarchy has a "NEUTRAL RULE" on foreign governments. They will NEVER be seen taking sides in public, that's exactly why Prince Hary was ostracized.

    41. 170530

      Fake commander in chief


      The Women’s press is fawning over Jill. The woman is not a good example for young women. It is called divorce and marry up?

    43. Glenn D'Souza

      The Queen was not impressed with Obama, she was just being diplomatically correct. She is made of the same cloth as Winston Churchill. She knew Obama was poisoned by his anti-colonial Muslim father. Obama is realizing his anti-white Father's indoctrination, even though his Mother is white.

    44. jwk

      Don't watch... it's a waste of time.

    45. Amy Walker

      Trump inherited a great economy and left Biden with a massive pandemic, hundreds of thousands dead, a divided nation and a whole slew of corrupt judges and permanent appointments.

    46. Amy Walker

      The queen probably indicated just how happy she was that Trump was gone.

    47. Cathy Austin

      You will never be my president. You are evil and do not love America. You are a puppet and not wise

    48. Wi To

      I’m positive former President Trump will receive the Balmoral treatment.

    49. Cherie Erten

      That old hag is on her way out

    50. Ross Daniels

      Sure , I'll donate to joe LIEDen, ha !! What a loser

      1. Fame Or Lame

        I kinda regret voting Biden. My parents tried hard to tell me to vote Trump but I didn’t listen. Now I pay the price. I though I would get stimulus, and my student loans would get canceled and deportations would stop. Turns out that it was all lies. I hate Biden more than Trump because Biden pretends to be a nice guy and lied.

    51. Ronda McMichael


    52. Sammy Sneed

      MAGA won , the dems are thieves and liars. Look at gas prices, energy cost , frozen wind mills & failed solar panels “green new deal” in Texas during their winter storm , Paris climate accord , WHO deal “Trump had it so we spend 39million a year Biden spending 500,000million “easy to spend tax payer money”, Iran nuke deal , back at war in Middle East , weak in China , took away America First policies, etc. etc.

    53. Wanda Bianco

      we can't stand him.

    54. Wanda Bianco

      get out you theif.

    55. Roberta Rodriguez

      Biden only cares about china cause they pay his bills for as long as him and his son can continue to ship american based jobs to china

    56. Roberta Rodriguez

      Vaccines kill

    57. Roberta Rodriguez

      Communism is not the way

    58. S jordan

      OH Please

    59. itdannyr

      F-biden 2021

    60. Paul Quinn

      He won’t be there long so don’t worry 😉

    61. Tom Ford1

      Doesn't matter she is Bye Bye and her vote don't count

    62. Love & Light

      Sorry the castle is boarded up and Biden is on a stage in hollywood playing a part lmao.. Sorry for the actual 10 voters that Biden had and thought he really was in office.

    63. Ray Navarro

      There’s nothing royal about Queen Elizabeth...she’s a embarrassment to the UK

    64. Dia Monteii

      Sooo.. how DID she👑 respond??!!! Besides secretly...

    65. Mike

      Did she vomit like the rest of us ?

    66. ArchiMedia US

      This is nauseating ! ! !

    67. Cindea Mulholland

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 Everything is fake!

    68. But, first. .coffee.

      Who gives a damn about the fashion choices?

    69. Steven stott

      Trump won a we all know it.

    70. Regan Dubose

      I frickin love Queen Elizabeth xd

    71. Llillybelle P

      Really? Rugs and curtains? How about other breaking news what he have for breakfast lunch and dinner? I have to know all the important details. How does he decide what to wear with his tie? And Jill my goodness she wears scrunchies in her hair when she goes shopping! Gag me with a spoon and the left says the people who voted for Trump think he's a God. No we don't think he's God. We know who Hod really is. President Trump understands the average American... he also really cares about people and he wants everyone to be successful and have jobs. He proved that.

    72. Delilah Rainelle

      Some of you talk about “going forward.” Well, what do you think we did and were doing under President Trump? Furthermore, you say,” now, under Biden, we can all unite.” That is possibly the stupidest thing that any democrats can say. Even during his first campaign, President Trump was calling for unity and even said that he was a president for all people, caring for all people even if they didn’t like him! Yet, Alzheimer’s Joe comes out and says,” Now we can all begin to unite. I am a president for all people,” and you numb skills whoop and cheer as if he was saying something unique. Let me tell you, we patriots tried and tried to unite with democrat s, but all we got was 4 years of disrespect and hate. You refused to accept unity. You refused to move forward even though, President Trump gave us the most successful 4 years that our country has ever known. You know the office of the President demands respect... even if you hate who the president is. There has never been a president so disrespected as the way the left treated president Trump. What hypocrites you all are, especially those in office. They even went so far as talking about “ putting a bullet through his head!” Those words are traitorous words, but President Trump never filed charges. The very people, all of you, talked about the way the president spoke, yet you were far guilty of harmful, hurtful words and a constant flow of lies and gossip. You know what? I don’t want to unite with you. You’re vile and evil and you cannot be trusted. You’re weak and weak minded. I don’t wish you any harm, but I don’t need your kind.

    73. Margaret Hulit

      Perhaps at GITMO ...

    74. Theresa Bettle

      These clowns are NOT living in the White House.

    75. Rochelle Rendon

      Mr.Byedon and Ms.Ferris Wheel are both dumber than a bag of rocks.

    76. danish american

      I just love how you happily and smoothly commented that the MOUNTAIN OF EXECUTIVE ORDERS was a normal thing. It's not. I'll speak to the people in other countries.... This is what tyrants and dictators do when people don't vote for it. Yes all presidents have done executive orders, but Biden went crazy out of the gate. Not normal, not OK. This was a stupid video making it look like the Bidens are good people. And that the US voted for him 😂😂😊😊🤔

    77. Diane Schmidt

      The Queen visited the Reagon's ranch. They shared a love of horses, and she is reported to have liked his sense of humor. Perhaps it was her sense of humor that attracted her to Obama, after he made a complete fool of himself at the first state dinner, and the first time they met.

    78. Sandra Bordeman


    79. Janet Benning

      If she is favorable to this Biden I will loose respect for her since he is doing nothing but hurt the American people.

    80. jeanthree

      46 is disgusting

    81. The Olive branch

      They don’t live in the whitehouse !!!

    82. David Finnerty

      Who cares ?

    83. Paula Stratford

      Her message bagsy top bunk at gitmo

    84. Blackie


    85. Callise Allysea Angelique Artemis

      The letter said "you know I won"

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    87. Dave Smith

      Joe Biden is a piece of shit

    88. Nina Martinez

      The queen wrote on toilet paper Challenger you better stop this s*** you know you stole this s***

    89. nanette L

      I can't wait until biden meets Queen Elizabeth the 2nd lol

    90. VVSbtz

      Where will he store his mail? Everyone wants to know. C'mon man.

    91. Nate Dwicz

      Great Britain would be well served to ignore the Biden administration's, they are criminals that push dictator style governing. Smh I cant wait for Bidens impeachment. I am proud of my country, however very ashamed of my government

    92. Julie Durden

      She was alive to meet President Herbert Hoover and is still with us! Now that’s longevity!

    93. Marrero Michael

      Bankrupt trump!!!!!

    94. Marrero Michael

      End white supremacy!

    95. Marrero Michael

      Hand over prince andrew to Fbi!!

    96. Me M

      Of course the Queen sent a letter. They are all.part of the cabal.

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      Joe Biden is a stumbling, mumbling idiot embarrassment.

    99. Bichon Barron

      You idiot

    100. Michael Tucker

      Tradition to meet the new guy in charge of their biggest investment