The Queens Perform “Phenomenon” | RuPaul’s Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race

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    The Queens take the stage to perform original verses and choreography to the RuPaul’s Drag Race Live anthem, “Phenomenon”.
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    1. Life Love

      I'm loving Rosé. 1 gorgeous. 2 I bet no one here could pull off a tongue roll that smooth.

    2. Jewel Badge

      Utica looking like Taylor Swift

    3. Jewel Badge

      Watching utica you can tell shes a circus queen like omg she looks like shes on STILTS

    4. Ellie Statham

      how is this nearly 2 months ago already 😨 ... ps back again after skipping Condragulations

    5. Lina Sugiarto

      Tamisha and khamora meses up there dance when rose was singing

    6. lena

      i pray at the altar of this video every day

    7. Valentina

      Am I the only one who thinks Rosé is secretly Courtney Act coming back for the crown in disguise? First of all her face is similar to Courtney’s, and her voice, when she said “Roseeeee!” At the end of her verse sounded like Courtney when she went “you’re gonna love meeee!” LIKE ITS UNCANNY

    8. Jasmine T

      Mama Ru's makeup looks like it was applied in HD 😮😮😮

    9. Milton Villapol

      Everyone did well, but we have to appreciate Joey goofyness in other queens parts of the song That made it special for me

    10. Kiyana smith

      Ru’s facial expressions is always serving

    11. ONZONS

      All tea all shade Once being said This group are far better and better SHANTAY

    12. Fran Gómez


    13. Toby

      Actually addicted to Rosé's verse!

    14. Bethany Gabrielle

      Kahmora really cracks me up in this 😂

    15. Ramen Noodles

      Keep streaming this performance y'all, and make sure the condragulations video doesn't surpass it.

    16. Aküma

      "From Russia to the UK..." LGBTQ people in Russia: (ТцТ)

    17. RubyRoseRivers

      From the house of H😱ll

      1. Zee


    18. nateparedes44

      Literally all these girls are eliminated and Rose is the only one to make it to the finale

      1. randy

        not the spoiler..🗿

      2. Hector Hernandez

        I could probably tell from her one win but why did you have to spoil it 😢

    19. crisy0077

      IM just here to keep checking the views

    20. Because No

      Utica got robbed. Should of been top 3

    21. Adrian Mendoza


    22. Jessica Weatherspoon

      So I have watched this and Condragulations over and over (and over).... Phenomenon didn't only have better choreo, but actual formations. Like wow. This was a great production.

    23. Jenna White

      I love that the choreography matches each verse individually

    24. Sunflower_ Fields

      1:46 Kahmora is me at like 1am doing the macarena drunk

    25. Morgan De Larmes

      7 million views more than the winner circle, take that!!!

    26. Honey A.

      I would die for tamisha iman


      just leaving this here.. 1:42

    28. Jose

      Press 4 multiple times. YOU'RE WELCOME BITCH! 🤣🤣🤣

    29. Chaddy G.

      Every episode isnt the same without Tamisha. I miss her 😭

    30. Brad Ulbrich

      Wait. So these are the ones that LOST to the other group? But...I just watched “Condragulations”... where’s the catch? 🤔

    31. gurt

      I think one of them is gay

    32. Money Mira XP

      I've watched this so many times I've started to do the dance moves! 😆💃

    33. Ousmane Diop

      That’s why this song has more view than the winner circle who video

    34. ellie witowski

      tamisha. iman. is. coming. for. you.

    35. Reece West

      Anyone else notice that Denalis wig is the same as the discomentary

    36. Lennon Bustos Sáez

      So.... this is the loser team ? This is art 👏👏

    37. joeylondonxo

      Trade: are you gay? Me: 0:39 Trade: nvm

    38. panic! at la biblioteca

      I just wish that ru would acknowledge us drag Kings

    39. computasaysnoo1

      I love the high-five between Tamisha and Utica 😭

    40. Ahmed Ahmedou

      When the season 13 on Netflix?

      1. Ahmed Ahmedou

        Charlotte Kent okey thanks 😞

      2. Charlotte Kent

        @Ahmed Ahmedou Ummm, I’m not sure about that. I’m UK based, I thought it streamed on TV over in the US so you shouldn’t have to wait for it to go on Netflix x

      3. Ahmed Ahmedou

        Charlotte Kent but when in the usa?

      4. Charlotte Kent

        It already is in the UK x

    41. Mara Baldo

      i miss tamisha 😔😔

    42. Crazy Sean

      *UTICA* *SLAYED* *IT* *HARDER* *THAN* *EVERYONE* *ELSE* fight me

      1. Em Custard

        Love Utica, but Rosé was the front runner here

    43. Vincent-Jeremiah Goodyear

      Im here to tell you that, rosé doesn't actually throw her shoe

    44. Yeraldo Arriola

      Uticah’s scream at the end of her verse is everything

    45. Rich Gebbia

      Over a month later and I still can't stop listening to this song. This is one of drag race's best by far. It's up there with Read U Wrote U and Kitty Girl.


      WTF with Rupaul's face, she didn't like it??

      1. Zee

        She's Just confused on why the losers circle was better than the winners lmao

    47. Eleanor Winn

      I'm obsessed with Denali's part

    48. raffytaffs

      Rose and Denali I cannot

    49. Extravagant Sobriquet

      im always rewatching this just to hear rose's verse and im so mad i have to hear even a second of kahmora's first

    50. Chiara Oxley

      Did no one tell them how Michelle feels about swim suits? :D

    51. Ms.Boston

      They had flags at 1:14 but they just magically disappeared at 1:16

      1. Zee

        Now I can't unsee o_o

    52. Kiora Smith

      am i the only one that's straight but simping over denali

    53. chelseafcrocks82


    54. Charlotte Đ

      3:02 how is no one talking about this beautiful shot right here ♥

    55. J WM

      TAMISHA. Full stop.

    56. Wyatt del Valle

      I love just watching kahmora

    57. Jan Noel Altabano

      Yes i loved the team porkchop than the winners circle my ass. Hahahah

    58. •Virgo the Sagittarius•

      “She’s a fashion clown” hits different

    59. Caste Villa

      Its been a month and this performance has taken 90% of the space in my mind, until Jaida awakes me again.

    60. Sonia Torres

      I want Rosé wins so we can scream The winner is Roseeee

    61. Lucas

      Loving the fact that this has more views than Condragulations

    62. Kit

      Phenomenon > Condragulations

    63. Erin Cath

      Rosé's smile at 2:27.😍😍😍

    64. kjdnyhmghfvb

      Season 13 is apparently the girl group season. but on a more serious note, Season 13 has two historic moments Gotmik the 1st Trans contestant and Joey Jay, the 1st Openly Gay contestant Legendary.

    65. kjdnyhmghfvb

      The Mo-ho-o-o-o-st Glam er ous in this race Move Over Roxy Andrews, She's coming for your spot!

    66. Christian Abad

      The amount of Iconism here was top notch.... The fact that I'm still finding my checks down to the middle of the earth till this day 😌💟 • Entire Denali • Joey's Gay rotate • Khamora's HaAaAAllllL • Rosés Feasure bonnie lasssss • Tamisha's Prophecy • And Utica's Wiggle........

    67. Kaylyn Donaghy

      “from the haus of HAAAAAAWWWWLLLLLLLLL.” My favourite quote of the season.

    68. Eunice Braga

      It's been a month and my brain is still singing, "From the House of Hall..."

    69. Bishop

      This is better than Condragulations but also they were given the more catchy song

    70. Gabriel Souza

      I miss my filler queen Joey Jay, so I could crush on her and laugh at her confessionals 😔

    71. Tara Bradford

      I am honestly haunted by the fact that it looks like Rosè's shoe flies off her foot, but then she is still wearing both.

      1. lena

        it’s joey’s glove lmao, rosé’s shoe stays in place

    72. Le Chevalier de la Vernaye

      After a thousand times of watching this, Phenomenon is still better than Condragulation 😂😂😭

    73. KC Wade

      I rewatch just to get to Rosé's part.

    74. mimi

      denali fucking executed everyone i

    75. Gugu Gumede

      The best ever!!!!!! Ever!!!! Ever!!🥰

    76. Jacarias91


    77. Abel Onell

      it's sad that half of the queens in here are eliminated already, because honestly they rule... and they're so much more interesting to watch.

    78. Steve

      I hate this shitty rap style and I’m bored of death drops. They’re so yesterday

    79. Steve

      All proceeds of all songs go to Rue Paul

    80. Nina Bonina Banana Fofana Osama Bin laden brown

      This is so much more memorable than the condragulations

    81. Mel Richo

      Can’t wait to hear you saaaay, the winner is ROSAAAAAaAAAAAAaEeeeeeEeee

    82. Cesar Garcia

      Just realized their verses were by alphabetical order

    83. Jan's shade button

      Omg i watched this when the song started and i started singing "FROM THE HOUSE OF HAAAAUUUUUUL" even tho it was denali

    84. Hubur Galula

      The "B squad" has more views than the "winner circle"

    85. Mau

      1:26 use me as a repeat button

    86. Winter

      Interesting that the top 2 here wore pink hair and garments. While on the other team, the top 2 wore blue garments and blonde hair

    87. Cambo Barbie

      the amount of times I’ve watched this.....😭❤️

    88. jenaxjx

      this choreography is way better than condragulations and the verses are also better T_T

    89. rain

      Kahmoras verse is iconic idc

    90. Marisa Russell

      I swear watching this video has become a part of my daily schedule now

    91. Nathan Martínez

      I’m team Rosé but unfortunately we all know that Symone will win just for being black... it’s been like that since season 11 with Ivy and not Broklyn and season 12 with Jaida and not Gigi and let’s not forget the fact that Rupaul did an All star Season just so they could crown Shea... I’m not racist or anything close I think that all lives matter but in Rupauls Drag race is becoming a little obvious what will happen... And the wins (times in bottom),report cards oh and talent are not being taken as consideration... my opinion!

      1. Em Custard

        Honestly it could be Symone, GotMik, or Rosé

      2. Nathan Martínez

        @yaz i wrote it because I know how people react to this type of things... but what ever. Facts are Facts!

      3. yaz

        if you have to specify that you're not racist after saying something then you probably just shouldn't have said it lol

    92. Daycton Gomes

      The winner is Rosé 🥰

    93. Electro Wolf

      Uh baby pour glass I love Rosé best queen and Denali #rosenali

    94. BiTcH i Am FrOm ChIcAgO

      Honestly Kahmora did better than most people in the "winner circle" (she even did the choreo better than Kandy and Mik combined), and she also looked GORGEOUS 😍😍😍

    95. Tomas Joel Beramendi

      From all the videos of this season uploaded on the official KGup channel: #1 2.42M views: *Phenomenon* #2 2.39M views: Meet the queens #3 1.98M views: Denali & Kahmora’s “100% Pure Love” #4 1.81M views: Condragulations #5 1.42M views: Act 1 of episode 1

    96. carlos hw

      I LOVE JOEY JAY AND UTICA INTERACTING, sadly I haven't been able to watch season 13 but I hope they're friends

    97. alexandre silva


    98. couldbahappychic

      I love this so much

    99. zamsou


    100. 물건

      Rose and Denali should genuinely consider performing together as a duo, I would pay so much money for a full song with them.