Bretman Rock Faces His Biggest Fear | Episode 3 | MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock


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    Bretman hatches a plan to coach a “celibate“ Larry through his first date ever - a move that has unintended ramifications for Keiffer. Meanwhile Princess is determined to challenge Bretman after her pushes her a step too far.
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    1. MTV

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      1. Shaliyah Johnson

        Can you tell Mrs. Kay in my heart she’s the baddest bitch❤️🔥🙌🏽

      2. Nikiya Collins

        @Jay P I'm

      3. B N

        Just go to Rhianna's agency! MODEL FOR RHIANA PRINCESS MAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She treats her people with respect.

      4. Jassy Lopez


      5. Lenny Coz

        @Kigil TVgggggg ggggggggggggggggggg

    2. hannah makiji

      15:02 bretman looks like a kid.. cuteee

    3. Zhazzy Litusquen

      3:40 if this isn't me and my siblings! hahahaha

    4. Jillian Hughes

      Gave birth twice....respect

    5. Zeltzin Guel

      At 10:16 Bret looks like a scared cat omg 😭

    6. Utxlise

      Who else wants to see miss kay with her teeth fixed, not that there is anything wrong with her smile now but we all know if she got that tooth fixed she would slayyyy 😍😍😍

    7. Ingrid Torres

      3:40 im dead 🤣☠️

    8. Tyrone Smith

      Miss K is a Kween

    9. Kirstxnnn

      4:07 i was obsessed with them about two years ago also! But its bc i saw smth on yt💀

    10. Diosmarys bricet

      2:17 me everytime i see someone standing some where

    11. Miss Zenia

      I love them all. They're so funny. Give us more🤗

    12. epit tan

      8:13 is that congkak they playing???

    13. Lana Biagtan


    14. JEMSILA PJ シ

      10:16 🤣😂

    15. Kawehi Onalani

      Is that a beach house on the West Side?

    16. Iqra Wadood

      “Bitch it’s not a race, but if it was I’m in front “ 😭🤣🤣

    17. Ashley Jayleen

      we need longer episodes 😩

    18. Jessica Chea

      2:27 love da smile

    19. Chris Esparza

      no one can literally watch these videos with a clay or sheet mask

    20. Audrey Reginaldo

      i love this show! i'm glad Asians are getting reality tv shows too, represent!

    21. Gabrielle Morales

      Miss Kay is Mahu

    22. LyricMeA Songs

      Bretman: We have your b*tchcuit

    23. Alondra Gonzalez

      Miss K made me cry such a beautiful human and her personality is so cute and caring 💕🥰

    24. damia hatake

      Like ma sister and i. I love bullying her

    25. Aleyna Shaa

      Is he ever talking like a normal person to princess ?

    26. Maya Lundy

      Ik this has nothing to do with the vid and u guys prolly don't care but, I'm tired af

    27. cool sad bean

      I N C E N S E

    28. saranghaeyo

      7:04 LMFAOO

    29. Kira Mathiesen

      the way I resonated with "I don't have fear, its only going broke and heights"

    30. Joseph Ian Palero

      Do a content about FILIPINO CULTURE.

    31. Aminata Amadou

      bad bicthis be like +crash+ ahhhhhhhhh

    32. Groovy Ken

      I love this show 😭😂😂😂❤️

    33. Galactic spring

      Did he say he sees himself in the future as a father with 10 kids 😭

    34. Rose kianii

      I feel so bad for miss k 😞

    35. YStudio


    36. Kazuya Hamasaki

      Bretman's definitely an ambivert like his ways around ppl is so flawless and he can work things out on his own periodt. He rlly be the baddest btch you can ever meet.

    37. Kimberlyn German

      Omg was I the only one who had a mini hard attack at @18:13

    38. 0neplus0neequals3

      I love them hahahah

    39. Myra Reyes

      Just love Bretman

    40. ell m

      Miss K, we love you girllll!!! 🥰💞👏🏽👏🏽🌈

    41. gellian joy mangubat

      I cant stop laughing 🤣🤣😂🤣😂

    42. Roxanne RealL

      Very nice view to work out👍

    43. Alex Aikey

      Larry is so sweet and genuine

    44. Alex Aikey

      Love Breatman, but hes so mean to princess its sad you can see her pain on her face when she says mean stuff. really hope he's not like that 24/7 when the cameras arent rolling.

    45. Miahh Jenkins

      Nobody: Bretman: bitchhhh 💀

    46. N


    47. Dance Queen

      Bretman needs to be in some sort of a romantic comedy. i LOVE his sense of humour.

    48. TooDepressed ToCare

      why dose everone call each other bitch...i just dont get omg

    49. 。 Ramoomoo


    50. Nikki Sakane


    51. dziari jones

      BRETMAN posing on the zip lines 😭😭😭😭 omg💙💙💙

    52. Nur Solehah

      stay strong Keiffer,,, why there are many rude people towrds him,,, i would be glad have a friend like himmmm

    53. Amina19

      LMAOOOOOO bretman has me in tearssssssssssssssssss he's just line after line after line its so meeee I love it. This is just how I am with my sister I love how real they are being not trying to be sweet for the camera

    54. anthonina geldenhuys

      Love you miss K

    55. Bubblegum gacha

      18:13 omg LMAO

    56. DE WINTA

      the Leos always be like "I am scared of this and that" but put them in that scary situation and watch them enjoy their life 🤣

    57. david agai

      so many bleep LOL

    58. Lord Adams

      Dapat may nagsabi man lang kahit isa sa kanila ng putang ina hahaha

    59. Bella

      when brentman popped the bottle i died laughing

    60. Tha9edra Tihandra Thompson


    61. Rodrigo Duterte

      Bretman Rock fans attendance check

    62. Meg Dee

      I’ve watched Bretman since he very first started making just goofy videos in his childhood room when he had nothing if anyone deserves success it is def him! I love how this show shows more sides of him love to see his heart 💜 and I love how it shows another side of princess as well she’s very sweet n loving n loves her family and kids so much just love that! These episodes are wonderful! Love this show!

    63. Patrick Queen


    64. Gabriel Flores

      Is it me? Or it does feel like you're watching KUWTK but in "Bretman version." I enjoyed watching it and also it's entertaining for me. More season pls.

    65. SavageAlien

      10:15 I am laughing my ass of XD HAhahahahaha

    66. berry ahuet

      Ms Kay is an angel 🥺

    67. javier concepcion

      This series is better than keeping up with the kardashians.

    68. Cassandra Nikita

      My favourite look of Bretman in 2021 is 10:17 , pause and you’ll be bless 😂😂😂

    69. Sheila Davila

      He should fix his tooth

    70. anika mallanao


    71. Bradlee-Noel Gilbert

      5:48 girl really try to smell his armpit #relatable

    72. Shelby Likwong

      hahahaha this is the best episode o laugh so hard 🤣🤣🤣

    73. Mitchie Escarlos

      Larry: I could never date Keifer... That would be like incense. 💀💀💀

    74. Ellie Ann Yoon

      Larry is sooo cute 🥲🥲

    75. Mei Cho

      This is so entertaining.😂

    76. around the corner

      Im a girl btch ,but for me Larry is so cute ,the way he talks to bretman and the others is so nice ,i cant believe it when he said that he never went for a date.

    77. life as Vel

      Princess is literally so pretty!

    78. becca trevino

      Lerys face when he saw it was miss k on the date 😂 This is so funny 😂

    79. becca trevino

      But lary and Bret would be cute together

    80. jessica lopez

      Lmao I would suggest leaving

    81. Yaneli Duran

      Im so glad Bret has his support from his friends and he cares about their feelings its beautiful 💓💓💓💓

    82. Praying For Our Blessing

      Bretman scratching his armpits and smelling it got me 😂 5:50

    83. Claudia ya diggg

      hey i went zip lining there before i luved it

    84. Karima Reyes

      AHAHAHAH but bretmannn that suit look

    85. Johnrey 88

      “I could never date keeper that would be incense” 😂😂😂 like u know very witchy, burn the devil with it

    86. Carina Valdes

      “I’m too cute to be worried about dying.” LOL Bretman is a legend

    87. shebecca nelson

      Kieffer, we love ya!!

    88. Grashella Bico


    89. Ashley C

      Hahah I love them!!

    90. Nthabiseng Morajane

      The date chile 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    91. Nayeli

      lmaooo they are hilarious

    92. Shaliyah Johnson

      Bret man, Larry, and miss Kay are friendship goals ❤️

    93. holly

      when bretman was on the zipline and he bumped into that thing I DIED

    94. pixie

      PLSSS IM DYING AT 10:16😭😭

    95. Nizzel Salaver

      Bitchcuit 🤣🤣🤣

    96. April Arpon

      It's the "I N C E N S E" for me, had me dead lmfao HAHAHAHAHHHAAHHA

    97. monique rodriguez

      Oh miss Kay ur more woman then me I can’t do my hair makeup or outfit like that lol

    98. Orce Tata

      You have to understand that MTV got it from the Chinese for $ 7 million more than that. It's so big that the Chinese are already slowly wanting to lead the music. Look at them a little bit. more than that Who knows music and teachers will give me injustice No idea To sing these Chinese You have to understand that MTV has become the laughing stock of the entire planet You have to understand that already Yes Co entered corruption and in music It's clear it's clear

    99. Lita B

      I just love the sibling spats between these two.

    100. Maya Ishku

      my heart goes out for Keiffer