$225,000 on the LINE! FLW St. Clair

Scott Martin

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    We battle it out on Lake St. Clair. I am in 2nd place for the coveted 100,000 AOY title and need to win this last regular season Tour event to win it all. Mark Rose and Byran Thrift are both trying to win it too..this is going to be a real battle!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you so much for sharing this video! This is the reason we are now past 300k..👊🏼 also thank you for all the awesome comments! I read everyone of them. Part 2 coming very soon.

      1. colby marks

        @Matthew Kralka W

      2. Robert

        Thank you Scott, and your Dad...Ive learned much from the 70's upto the present time each and every time I fish from your Dad and yourself! Blessings to you and yours!

      3. Trey Hicks

        Trey Fishing Scott Martin Tuscaloosa Alabama (423)314-7956

      4. Madison Gandy

        Scott Martin can you do a video of you catching a largemouth bass that's 29 lb

      5. Cooper Doty

        Scott Martin could you tell me the intro song to your video (I drive 750 miles in a bass boat for 30,000 dollars) i can’t seem to find the name

    2. Jim Cardwell

      Why is it yall won't the co Angeles to help yall to net your fish but yall don't like to help them out sorry Billy I would half been a little faster with your fish help

    3. Jed Steelwell

      Did any of the co anglers even catch a fish

    4. Kenneth Chapman

      Dad caught big largemouth but preferred smallmout.

    5. Piya Chetty


    6. Billy Whitaker

      I say that u need to hit that 28 lb mark that would b good

    7. R3VIV3_ M310

      Read the title and in my head I was like “literally”

    8. Topher D

      Every angler should learn to be nice to the guy with the net like Scott. Guys like Frank are hard to come by.

    9. Will Buete

      Can you show what bait u use

    10. Nathan Payne

      What brand of retractable rod strap did you have on the front of your boat? Thanks

    11. carl torresson

      That old guy was sketchy on the net !

    12. Rustin Winborne

      Getting his poop to hurry up 😂

    13. Ricky Hall

      Billy stop struggling with 3 lbers 🤣

    14. Brother Gas

      Love seeing videos of my home waters and the potential of this fishery. Truly awesome!

    15. Brock Johnson

      Also.....you have got to stop saying ITS A GIANT,! It’s never a giant when you say it is, it’s a always a GIANT when you get very quiet and say GET THE NET! Just saying bro, cracking ,me up!

    16. Brock Johnson

      Scott, why do you guys get to have someone there to net and land it for you? However....Jakob Wheeler and the MLF get penalties if the fish even hits the boat? Just asking a serious question? Love both leagues and your then man, but seems like you have it made a bit when someone has the responsibilities of landing the fish YOU caught? Please correct me and explain. Thanks and keep them coming,I’ve been watching your videos from start! Your def a living legend same as wheeler!

    17. jraintdead

      Brother Frank is money with the net!

    18. Shanna Sykes

      A Muskie chasing a smallmouth what are the chances wasn’t a bad Muskie or a bad smallmouth good sizers

    19. William Anderson

      great vid, love watching your channel

    20. Gavin Rose

      Hey Scott I live on the Canadian side of the lake. Maybe if you are there again we can go fishing together?

    21. Ragingsquid936

      You deserves more subscribers keep up the good work

    22. YouTube Abramc10

      Sombody i know looks just like you and talks like you by the way subscribe

    23. ray lamm

      I would swear I saw your dad in naples fl last weekend???? ps He made a great kid!!!. thx Ray

    24. Dustin Edmiston

      It’s good they got the co-anglers out of the pros boats! The pros can’t help but be dicks. I would be to no doubt!

    25. Dan Yesenko

      Franks a slow netter. Use the pole and extend!!!

    26. Billy Thekid

      Man i would hate to be the co-angler that ever loses a fish for the pro when There's big money on the line it would make me so nervous to half to net the fish for scott because accidents happen but just one fish could cost someone the tournament

    27. Pennington fishing channel

      Why doesn't Brandon fish co angler

    28. Jack Go fishing

      Get it it’s on the line 🤣😂😆

    29. Deitrick Hamblen

      Will you go to Lincoln li

    30. Matt Isbell

      I like the music when he launches. Please use it again

    31. Preston Carroll

      Question Scott, I always notice that you free spool when you have a fish close to the boat. I have been a serious musky fisherman until the past year and I have never seen anyone do that other than Joe Butcher. I'm sure there's a very good reason for it, would you mind telling me? Great vid, thanks again for sharing!

    32. jankie55

      what did it mean when he said he needed to call in a few of them?

    33. Richard Sprano

      allways been my dream to do tour fishing

    34. Trey Hicks

      Trey fishing Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama (423)314-7956

    35. Tropical Polar bear

      Love me some brownies

    36. Noah Jennings

      Just now watching the video and everyone did awesome. Billy probably made some of the pros a little mad jacking me up like he did 😂

    37. Catch NC

      How did you become a pro bass fisherman

    38. Cmdr Riotz

      you need the two sip slip drink 3:02

    39. Gavin Rose

      Were you on the American side of the lake or the Canadian side of the lake. I fish on the Canadian side.

    40. Hannah Curry

      Billy is just a co angler right?

    41. MOOSE

      Anyone know what style of costas he is wearing??

    42. Marx Fishing

      For me, watching Scott Martin fish, is the fishing equivalent of watching Michael Jordan play basketball. Just a pleasure to watch.

    43. PTWNSLGR

      Billy Billy Billy lol Got to bring him back.......why does caddyshack come to mind....Billy, Billy, Billy lol

    44. MoonshinesAdventures

      I think KGup unsubscribed me

    45. Jimmy Swint themissourianangler

      Anybody else notice that Scott loses potential tournament winning fish every tournament?

      1. Jimmy Swint themissourianangler

        Scott Martin it is me too. Clearly you are the best and find the most/best fish just the ones needed pop off everytime

      2. Scott Martin

        It’s driving me crazy...😲

    46. Blaine Freeman

      Billy Gotta 2nd.!!$$$$!!!

    47. Joe Weymouth

      Two really nice bags. Good luck

    48. MT Fishing

      Billy is funny as hell, great episode again guys! Onto the final part of St Clair congrads on the finish!

    49. Brent Spencer

      Brotha Scott, I see you using Keitech Swing Impact Swimbaits in this vid.... can you enlighten on COLOR choice and size please - thank you

    50. David C.

      Brandon jumping in was fantastic!! Didn’t seem like he liked to fish much in the beginning, now...he’s hopping in after the fish!

    51. Kolin Soots

      Mr. Scott Martin, why don’t you fish in the same tournaments as Van Dam and what’s your opinion on the Lee brothers? Don’t hear you talking about them much

    52. William Perrigo

      I live in hot springs where the forest wood cup is being held. I'm super excited and hoping to see you win!!!

      1. mulletted fishing

        Can't wait to go as well

    53. Lil Turkey Samich

      Billy cracks me up.. that poop dance works though!

    54. J T

      lucky billy got to fish he winner

    55. eddie wap

      The edit was dope, but you used the same clips a few too many times.

      1. Brandon Gordon

        eddie straughn What are you talking about? Only 3 clips were used twice.

    56. Just Another Human

      I live near lake st. Clair and was at the metro park fishing when a bunch of the guys were getting out on the lake to practice, pretty cool. (No bites near the boat launch there unfortunately)

    57. frank leaney

      I’d be too nervous being a net guy during a tournament. Especially if the fish was a biggun 😩

    58. Adam Smith

      Awesome content! Billy got a bunch of bass!!!!!

    59. Jordan Friar

      Everytime i get a strike i yell "big un" nowadays haha keep it up Scott! Love the channel and Brandon is absolutely killing the edits!

    60. Blake Stansfield

      Scott Martin is by far my favorite. Seems like a great guy and a great fisherman. Love his rods and love his videos. Keep me up Scott 👍🏼

    61. Harold Cale

      With all these men wearing face shields, make me think of a big robbery going down... LOL... fun to watch others fish from a boat since I can't have a boat living in an apartment. No where to store a boat. LOL

    62. Kaleb Herring

      Rob Lowe what's upppp

    63. ReelingWithJim

      Your videos are top notch...nice music, scenery, fishing tips and best of all you show the process of catching fish in a tournament.

    64. Tayler Davidson

      Seeing your videos, the drone shots, the tips, anything and everything about your videos are awesome. Just amazing!

    65. Scott from Az

      Holy cow billy shaved!!!!

    66. Doug Shaver

      Love the videos! After watching this video for the 2nd time, I am definitely making the hour drive north, you rock!

    67. Kale Gleason

      Love the vids

    68. Parker Brothers Plumbing repairs

      how good does panoptix work on lake st clair? Thanks in advance.

    69. Kirk S

      Why don’t you do the hook set swing like other you tubers? Is it to guarantee the fish?

    70. Bob Heaslip

      Hey Scott would like to know what frames u had on for your glasses , I’m ordering a new pair next week don’t know what frames I should get , and I’m in Wisconsin, congrats love watching u guys !!

      1. Scott Martin

        Blackfin /Silver lens/mat Grey frame

    71. Junior Lor

      Scott ! If you don't mind this. would you send me a list of all of your fishing pole setups? please ? and thank you!

    72. syntaire

      Damn congrats on 300K!

    73. 9 Toes Fishing

      I appreciate what you do for the sport man. I grew up watching your dad fish on tv and now I watch you. I have started my own channel and you inspire me to see what’s possible. Really rooting for you in the Cup man! Tight lines sir!

    74. aj06bolt12r

      Never stop doing these tournament videos please! One of the few things that pop up on youtube that I am guaranteed to watch every second of every time!

    75. The Great Fishing Adventure

      Nice !! Keep it up man! -Eddie

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      Billy got to poop 😂😂

    77. darkrai

      Finally posted this vid I was waiting forever cause they actually fished on the 28th through the 2nd and saw him at one of the weigh ins so I was dying to see the vid

    78. Donald Campbell

      The quality of this video is just amazing love it

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      Looking forward to more of these videos. Their awesome

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      You da man Scott. Awesome job

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      Love it when you give billy and Matt a body cam !!

    82. Gary Regier

      Scott, I really, Really enjoy these vid's, You guys are most fun to watch.

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      Congratulations on 300K subs Scott! You da man! Brandon's pretty cool too... and Billy... and Matt, should I go on? lol

    84. Curious

      Got my sweet tea and lunch ready for the final video

    85. Snow Man

      yo billy man

    86. Chris Nurnberg

      Wish I could have visited you guys while you were down at St. Clair, but glad to see you all did well! Great job to the crew! Oh, don't worry Scott most of the locals would have been Walleye fishing anyways!

    87. David Barringer

      Great video getting to be my pretournament thing keep them coming. I have cashed 2 out of 4 and did not have a chance to watch on two guess what two...lol

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      Nice shirt Brandon fishing and kc can't get better

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      Billy got a bunch a bass !!! Biggest bag of the tournament on the Co-Angler side !!!

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      Great video great job

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      One of the most down to earth, appreciative anglers in the sport - you've done your Father proud Scott Happy for your success! luv the vid's

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you so much!🙏🏼

    92. Mid Valley Mercenaries

      Scott thank you so much for taking the time to record these. I know it’s not easy when you’re trying to focus on fishing. Love every second of these! Too bad this is the last tournament

      1. Scott Martin


    93. Dustin Franklin

      Please hurry with final video of St. Clair.

      1. Scott Martin

        Very soon

    94. David Willhoite

      That jump alone deserves the signed 20 spot...

      1. Scott Martin


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      You guys rock! Brandon super great video! Billy did real good in tournament! Keep videos coming!

      1. Scott Martin


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      the reel that you are using, is that a righty?

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      Go Billy go!!!!

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      Awesome great job Scott. Glad to see you and Matt A. Make the cut. You’re a Boss!

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      Brandon and rob make a good team!

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      Awesome!!! Go ahead and win it all