Breath Of The Wild player REACTS to The NEWEST 1.5 Update for Genshin Impact..

Dee Bee Geek

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    1. The Tactician

      Some explanations, the Azhdaha fight is part of zhongli's second storyline quest which you arent familiar with Liyue's story or his first stroy quest. Its no new area. Azdaha was an original enemy of the God of Geo. The little blue haired girl was an overwolrd npc who always had strange dialogue. The teapot things is a housing system for players that can make their own homes. The new gamemode is prop hunt. Yanfei is a legal advisor of Liyue essentially a lawyer, she is an illuminated beast like Ganyu. Eula is the Knights of Favonius Recon team leader. Her lineage was the original royalty of Mondstadt who enslaved people she hates her family though Mondstadt hates her because of her past family. In Venti's story trailer you watched in your first video it shows revolution against the royalty of Mondstadt, And if you remember Jean being the dandelion knight. the original dandelion knight vanessa who Jean takes inspiration from was a slave of the royalty of mondstadt. So because of how evil Eula's family was she acts like a villain that the people can beat on when really she truly wants to protect mondstadt and its people, unlike her lineage.

    2. GameLaze 453

      Am I the only one who thinks that he hasn't realized that this is a gotcha game

    3. Legendary Swordsman

      Mondst. and Liyue are the 2 areas in the game so far it takes a while to go through them all. It's believed the 3rd city Inazuma will arrive in version 2.0 (guesswork so far but hopefully some time this year)

    4. Mr. Obvious

      Genshin is beyond Botw now.

    5. cysuox

      You'll meet the blue-haired little girl in front of a big tree with a blue branch in the North-west of Liyue, and you'll unlock the new boss Azhdaha in part two of Zhongli's story quest. The serenitea pot is a new housing system that has been added. You will be given it as a reward after completing Liyue's archon quest (basically main quest) and Yanfei's (Yan is pronounced the same way as Yam but with an 'n'. fei is pronounced like faye) Yanfei is a 4 star pyro catalyst(grimoire) user who is the legal advisor of liyue, you'll learn more about her by increasing friendship with her and playing her story quest. Eula is a descendant of an old aristocratic clan, the Lawrence clan. She's a 5* cryo claymore(greatsword) wielder and is known as the spindrift knight. Not much is known about her but you can learn about the Lawrence clan and Lady Vanessa(the one Dr.Edith talk about under that big tree) in the prologue of the genshin comic ( You also find out more about other characters and stuff that happened before the MC (Aether/Lumine) arrived at mondstadt in the comic. (friendship system is something you have with all the characters that you have, you unlock more of their story and voice lines. lvl 10 friendship rewards you with a name card that is themed on that specific character that you maxed the friendship with) Btw, If you have trouble with reading any names from Liyue, you can watch this video ( There's no progress with the main story and inazuma(The new electro region that is based on Japan) has yet to come, but many of these stuff are only available for players who have finished the main quests so far. There are tons of stuff that you have yet to experience and play but this is some info for you for stuff that might have confused you in the video :D

    6. aarron dias

      What you have to understand, Dee, is that it's a live service game with a lot of time limited content. They're always making more characters to appeal to more people, because ultimately their goal is to make money. Edit: live not life

    7. Sebastian Animator

      Don’t worry Deebeegeek, I’m a beta Genshin impact player and day 1 release, and still there are a lot of stuff I don’t get, but that part of the tea pot was teased in the second ACT & also a mini event on the online page of building your house.

    8. Yi Qing Tan

      I watched this when it came out and today I suddenly thought of him saying he's gonna play Genshin for the second time. I come back to his channel and I can't believe it's only been a week since this video! And he hasn't played it again yet.... Arrrghhh... Time, move faster please....

    9. Naronkrit

      What a narcissistic guy, a lot of people play botw.

    10. -Venti’s dandelion wine-


    11. 陳梅子

      wait for Zhongli ! !!!!

    12. Do you like chicken nuggets?

      You should react to 1.5 official program next, most of those things Are explained there.

    13. ElectricZoom


    14. ElectricZoom


    15. Katie Robinson

      When your title starts with “Breath of the Wild,” I always get excited that you’re actually posting about Zelda when actually the video has nothing to do with the first thing in your title and it makes me sad.

    16. Color Knight

      You should check with the Genshin Impact special program.

    17. AQW Romio

      Yayyyy dooo moreee videos of genshin love u

    18. Valerio Sixx

      Genshin Impact 1.5: Hearthfire Edition

    19. Phaeton635

      While I'm all for more streams of this, please, just read the in game tutorials before you stream the game again, the amount of basic stuff you've missed in the two streams so far is beyond ridiculous, read them so less people obsess over explaining things to you and we might be able to avoid emote chat next time.

    20. Kofi Arkaah

      1. New weekly boss 2. Zhongli rerun banner 3. Cryo boss 4. Yanfei 4 star character 5. Eula 5 star character 6. New housing system 7. New artifact sets 8. New events 9. New Hangout events 10. 2nd part to Zhongli story quest 11. Misty dungeons That’s about all hope this helps

    21. Three B. Fierce

      Love the reaction when Tubby appears (the Serenitea Pot Spirit)...😊

    22. Three B. Fierce

      I am a Pokémon GO, Genshin Impact and LOZ Minish Cap player...Great review my friend...😉 Animé lover here also...😁😉

    23. Pain

      you can choose a land to build and decorate inside the house

    24. Ivan Georgiev

      Thes be givin free diona good support

    25. Ildie Estrella

      Try to react the 3 Fatui Harbingers

    26. Joshua Vallente

      What happened to the stream? Why was it taken down?

    27. Disfigured

      Bro you should play genshin for a bit longer then come and watch these trailers instead of watching them without context

    28. Yahiko Nightray

      6:40 its understandable that you ddnt know what is portrayed here.. but this is the housing system which was greatly anticipated and waited by players like us since this game was launched.. Anyways nice vid..

    29. r. m

      If you want to know more about the new stuff you should watch the 1.5 live stream that is in there youtube

    30. Nuic是咸鱼冷

      Have you seen enough??? You clearly look down on this game, but also have been watching the game related PV, do you have no dignity?? How about playing with your noble Zelda?? I'm so ashamed of you

    31. Genesis

      Bro, you should watch the Japanese version of the Character demos. It might give you a different vibe, and usually a more accurate feel for their personality.

    32. Zhongmon

      Today was the stream right?

    33. Venti

      It’s really exciting!! As an AR52 player I’m really exiting for the new housing update.

    34. Glen

      Im simping for Eula

    35. Newblesse Obblige

      Windtrace is basically like Prop hunt

    36. Bottled Knight

      Dee needs to start reacting to the Genshin impact special programs.

    37. andsin 1010

      why are you just reacting and not playing

    38. Flavie Roy

      I'm like the biggest Yanfei fan, I'm saving all my primogems for her :)

      1. Venti

        @Zhongmon dang, well I hope you have better luck in the future!! And thanks!

      2. Zhongmon

        @Venti Getting your preffered 4 star can sometimes be annoying. I Spent 50 pulls before I got Diona, then 110 to get Rosaria. Anyway goodluck on your pulls!!

      3. Venti

        You have my blessing

      4. Venti

        I’m so glad she’s not a 5 star, I hope you get her in your first 10 pulls! I’ll be manifesting for you

    39. ThatONEGuy

      I dont want to seem negative or anything but uh, oh boi Once you get far into the game, you realize whats it all about. *_grinding_*. The disappointment of not getting the characters you want sets in gacha hell has crippled your mind artifact luck torments you and the worst part *_is that there is nothing much to do, other than grind grind grind_*

    40. Poetic Sadist

      I'm way too excited for this housing system.

    41. Tobias Pötsch

      Can you stop putting "Breath of the Wild Player" in every Genshin Video you make its annoying

    42. Ok Ok!


    43. KurisuSora

      My concern for this guy is that genshin in the beginning is sure fells like great open world, but as time progress as our rank became higher it will become more and more grinding and only waiting for update.

      1. Zhongmon

        @KurisuSora He only streams 2-4 hrs long. So it will took him 4-5 months to catch up. Unless he plays on his own time.

      2. KurisuSora

        @iVinxRise i know that, but many people the hardcore one just cannot play casually.

      3. iVinxRise

        thats why you dont rush the game, of course your gonna run out of content if you play everyday

    44. Cyber Weeb

      He should play warframe

    45. yahya x rpl

      Gansta till inazuma exists

    46. Myski Senpai

      Dee bee: im a new player Everyone: we remember our time when we still have a lot of content

    47. Hu-Tao

      he missed the inazuma sneak peaks!

    48. Miss• Simper

      Me who using PS4 : 😭 when is de update

    49. Venti

      The Serenetea pot is a housing system, and Azhdaha is going to be a new weekly boss

    50. Berkehan Bahar

      When he says they adding so much i cant stop my laugh

    51. Yoel Kristian

      Lil summary that i can tell 1. We'll get a new weekly boss (that huge dragon at the beginning) 2. Two new characters, Eula 5* Yanfei 4* 3. New cryo hypothesis (i believe for eula ascention material) 4. New domain & artefak 5. Housing system (yeah you can build an entire island) 6. Zhongli 2nd storyline

    52. Sayed Ahmed

      The teapot is simply the beginning of the housing system the misty dungeon is new event that will give trail characters to complete the challenge with in the dungeon and the most exciting thing is zhongli rerun AND a sneak peek of a new area it name is inazuma which it belongs to the electro arcon (god) yeah.... that's all

    53. Chongyun serves you tasteless popsicles

      Dee Bee Geek: "I was like- Does she have Pyro and Cryo?" Me: No, then they would be showing off todoroki.

    54. Kaboshi Reacts 2.0

      Dee = "Two for the price of one?" Me = looks at wallet..... "no....."

    55. Hüseyin Arif BAYRAM

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    56. Anton Masalev

      New Boss, new Characters and the new HOUSING system^^

    57. alexander18ism

      i dont get it, my game is still 1.4 EU server, how can there be a 1.5 out now? Or is this a different server? Didnt watch the video to not get spoilered but can pls someone explain to me how he can play 1.5 content?

      1. alexander18ism

        @Nestle J ah i see, thanks

      2. Nestle J

        It’s not out yet but it’s a preview for the new patch coming on the twenty eighth

      3. Nestle J

        It’s the genshin impact special program that is streamed on there official KGup channel they do a stream detailing future content every month

    58. M R

      Two words come to mind: Animal Crossing :P

    59. Toasted Menudo

      Azhdaha reminds me of Ganon's 2nd phase, Even the background music ( in-game leaks not in trailer) really has an ambiance of Ganon.

    60. roy heuvelink

      Does anyone know when this update is coming out

    61. Neferupitō

      Take it easy Dee, don't rush play genshin or else you'll run out of content too fast like certain people 😌. Take your time with other game too

    62. OnlyMEL

      Should had watched the 1.5 update stream. Just because geo daddy was the host...

      1. Chloe Cotabish

        But, the Update Stream openly talked about big Liyue storyline spoilers (particularly about Zhongli). I think he should avoid watching it for now... ._.

    63. Chehine Melki

      Anyone noticed hu tao following qiqi?

    64. Patrick McGinnes

      You gotta get to rank 20 or at least high enough to get misty dungeon cause the characters are pre defined and leveled already for 1.5 limited time event

    65. Sharmaine Joyce Paje

      Look- it's me who just found this guy by accident. T-T and I find his reaction pretty interesting

    66. Hisoka Morow

      Chongyun and xingqiu literally on a date 😫

    67. Hisoka Morow


    68. Samuele Iacono

      You're a Genshin KGupr without being a Genshin KGupr

    69. Promise Adhel

      That girl is very creepy, I don't wanna talk to her again

    70. RaZe MeMer

      You should stop reacting and start playing 🏃

      1. Dee Bee Geek

        Already did

    71. Nikola Marković

      I don't know how much are you into the game since i don't follow you but you pop up in my recommended but if you stay after the 1.5 you will for sure get addicted like the rest of us because there are some big things coming soon

    72. Umbra Thanatos

      The 1.5 trailer has returned my faith in mihoyo lmao. The hype is real.

    73. Keqing Simp

      I ruined the 666 comments and I'm not ashamed

    74. Swapnamoy Bhattacharjee

      Check out the new stream in genshin impact channel...for the explanation of everything

    75. shinichixxx

      just play the game..

      1. shinichixxx

        watching the live now, thanks

      2. shinichixxx

        Only the first part ☹️

      3. Dee Bee Geek

        I did

    76. Haptic

      Also during the 1.5 livestream. They gave a peek at the new upcoming region. (Not like dragonspine but huge like liyue and mondstat. New music, elements, flora, fauna etc.) They posted those on jp twitter too. Along with a chibi version of a new character from that region c:

    77. Zeno Infernus

      Y'know... I think I want Deebeegeek playing Honkai Impact, it would be fun seeing him react to everything the game has to offer

    78. ImBear

      All these new things are nice to see. Sadly I quit playing Genshin.

    79. EPIC GAMER

      I love how dee is like IS THIS SOMETHING NEW... of course it’s new it’s in the trailer.

    80. EPIC GAMER

      No cryo would ever be as good as Chongyun.

    81. Spookiim00n

      We get at least one new character for each update. Keep in mind there are seven nations and so far we’ve only visited two so far. There are gonna be soooo many characters incoming. Also, I know one of your three favorite characters was zhongli, and during 1.5 zhongli will have a rerun banner.

    82. Leena Mahmoud

      You could have your own house and the cute animal is where you can get furniture!

    83. Ghinaya Poetry Wigati

      Who else saw hu tao chase qiqi in the background of the trailer?

    84. Proxima

      I cant destroy the like button my phone got destroy XD

    85. Kerstin

      HOUSING IMPACT IS COMING, prepare yourselves!

    86. The Otaku of Time

      Hey dee bee, love all of your gaming an anime content. I’m subscribed to both your channels! I was leaving this message because I was wondering if you were going to continue your xenoblade play through? It’s been a while since you uploaded and was wondering if you dropped it for some reason.

    87. Simone Paoloni

      Take your time man... for farming in genshin impact! Hurry up!!! 😉💪

    88. Yanfei!

      "two for the price of 1!?" Everyone else: You~ clearly didn't think this through~

    89. 「Tiago Woelwer」

      Ohh no inazuma 😢

    90. Suhaila Binti Mohd Saleh

      for those who missed the live, they sneak peek the inazuma area!!! so excited!

    91. Lt Muffler


    92. pew pew pew

      You can watch the live stream, they explain it better in there.

      1. pew pew pew

        @Chloe Cotabish ohhhh right! I forgot about that! Yeah then probably not :/

      2. Chloe Cotabish

        The live stream states really big Liyue story spoilers (particularly about Zhongli). I think he should avoid watching it for now... He will learn about the events naturally as he plays anyways :)

    93. ckasx

      aaaaaaaaah ♥

    94. kim zwiers

      you can make this place

    95. Brother Zlox

      so this is just the update trailer they havent added it yet but from the trailer you still got a WAAAAAAYS to go

    96. G Plaxy

      React to 1.5 live plz

      1. G Plaxy

        @Chloe Cotabish understand, no prob then, thanks for explain bro 👍🏼

      2. Chloe Cotabish

        The live stream states really big Liyue story spoilers (particularly about Zhongli). I think he should avoid watching it for now because knowing it would ruin the gameplay experience... He will learn about the events naturally as he plays anyways :)

    97. Sora

      still not going to play it?

      1. Chloe Cotabish

        He is doing a live stream on Tuesday!

    98. Kevin Bee18

      I see Qiqi being chase by HuTao. 6:11

    99. Myha Le

      Pls keep reacting to Genshin Impact in the future, I really enjoy your reactions!

    100. Raynor Yudha Akbar

      lads, he didn't know that genshin just make its own sim city