Unknown Monster Carp - Full Fishing Movie

Carl and Alex

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    Carp fishing has taken us to some incredible places but visiting our friends in the USA has to be our best carp fishing adventure yet! Sit back and enjoy the video!
    Watch our first USA carp fishing trip here - kgup.info/get/oaJ_m5jOiJxleK0/video
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    1. 368 Degree Fishing

      Really late comment but were you in Wisconsin when you filmed this?

    2. chris bond

      Brill is not the word, I am in awe and I have to say envious. I started fishing in 1955,aged 5, and progressively through the years caught better and better fish. Only ever fished in the U,K. England to be exact. I have not fished for quite a few years now, as had illness myself, and nursed my late wife.. Watching you has rekindled my interest, but not sure I am fit enough now the olé Arfur Itis has got hold of me,and having had something in the order of 20 plus ops, (11 on my hands alone) but I am sure going to give it a go.

    3. Gustav Larsen

      Good video

    4. Brittany

      I grew up on the shore of Lake Erie, and living on one of the great lakes definitely feels akin to living on the ocean. They are absolutely massive ecosystems which have very similar lifecycles and rather large waves at times due to their depth

    5. 渔人飛Fishing

      Are you able to tell me the address of this fishing place? Thank you. Your fishing skills are amazing!

    6. Sid_scoots

      This is the best KGup video ever 🤩

    7. Isaac Outdoors

      0:45 I’ve driven through that area on a boat salmon fishing though

    8. Artūrs Zeltiņš

      This literally feels like a movie 😌

    9. The New Kulak

      West Virginia has Huge carp in it's rivers. Like Volkswagen size

    10. Seth Tighe

      I enjoy watching, but doesn't anyone eat their catch anymore? Those are delicious.

    11. Callum Alderton

      What is your heaviest fish

    12. John Meuldijk

      Great video guys! I have some questions.... Why u cut the pop up?? What's the foodmix with bread u used there, and what are the pros and cons of use it? Keep it up and see loads more u are great!

    13. Ella Me

      Wow I can't believe they're so big 😍

    14. S Diltz

      You should come down to southern illinois. Monster carp, no one fishing for em

    15. tonfsaephan

      what rod holder/line alarm is that?

    16. save the paling

      I don't think I'll ever understand why people fish for these bags of fat

    17. Deadrekt

      Hey aren't carp supposed to be invasive?

    18. Dark Light Blue

      42:18 is it a big carp

    19. evilqueen13

      It's illegal to release invasive species back when you catch them. Maybe the rules are different in that state but, those fish are destroying America's waterways, do not but them back we are not trying to start a breeding program we are trying to fix the damage they are doing to every native species of fish we have.

    20. Andrew Gordon

      Michigan huh yeah you could say we’ve got some carp. They’re outcompeteing local species to the point it’s almost a problem 😂

    21. Nitsua Noslen

      If you are ever in Eastern Washington I can put you into some massive Carp on the Raging Columbia River.

    22. J A A

      Never knew how beautiful Michigan lakes are

    23. Richard Kennedy

      Watching this and just noticed one of them had a Green Day t-shirt on and remembered av got tickets to see them in Glasgow in June, am getting a new rod n everything and starting fishing again now av got more time, a bairn and work fairly takes your time up but now she's older I can start again and she can come along aswell

    24. Bastizilla

      This is pure magic! You guys are brill!

    25. rrpostalagain

      Just started watching this channel and they visit my hometown. Looks like your buddies live in Grosse pointe or maybe St Claire Shores. I always considered carp to be garbage fish, so I love that people enjoy fishing them (and were bummed at a catfish). Odd that some kids from England made me homesick. Happy you seem to be having such a good time making good videos. Well done.

    26. samdieselpower

      Lads !! Why do you think pack bait wouldn’t work in the uk ? Or is it something you have used properly in England ? I’m assuming it’s just to do with bait recognition ...?

    27. samdieselpower

      I love the America vids lads. Watch them over and over again. Hopefully it wont be to long till you do the next one. Would love to do that myself as it’s the ideal carp fishing scenario In my opinion. Although it’s a shame for the lad , I love the emotion when he loses that fish. Shows both what it means to him but more importantly the lads mate clearly felt for him . Proper fishing bros 💪💪.

    28. John Timmins

      Great film lads, thank you, think you've some good mates there

      1. Carl and Alex

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    29. Jason VanMeter

      Chumming with corn is dangerous to fish. They can't digest the casing, just like us, and in turn it clogs them up. This makes them unable to eat once they're completely clogged up. Then they starve to death. I've heard stories of people finding dead fish, cutting them open, and finding them stuffed with corn.

    30. NaeFliesOnMe

      A bunch of really nice guys doing what they enjoy most, and doing it very well!!!

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers! Thank you.

    31. gank hery Official

      wooow amazing vidio, thanks for sharing

    32. Jim lahey

      Proper junk food holiday 💪💪💪

    33. Leon Borg

      Just came across this channel. Gr8 fishing lads i can watch something decent now 👌👊

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers! Thank you Leon.

    34. Terry Jones

      The fishing holder that y’all are using what is the name of it and what is the company that makes them I would really love to have some of them please

    35. Richard Letch

      Nice to see the usa boys carping

    36. Hamby Noel Cois

      That is is a very beautiful place indeed, amazing scenery!

    37. Iyyakil Khurwolah

      To much story before fishing

    38. jeffrey thomas

      You are suppose to catch catfish with your hands! Merica!

    39. Ediwan planer

      i am Indonesian,, nice to watch this video,, please come to indonesia , a lot spot here to fishing...

    40. Fight Film

      what an awesome adventure!

    41. kisbey drones and cars .

      I'm not a fan of the bow fishing and killing carp 😢

    42. uk bushcraft

      America and carp fishing dont mix who else agrees

    43. stevequinny

      On occasions I can be pretty cynical but this was a genuinely a great film, and a fantastic adventure. Well done.

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it!

    44. Lucas Johnson

      Stale Cheese puffs, bread, corn, worms, and flat bread work great for top and bottom water fishing

    45. Chip Winchell

      Lol carpy weather

    46. x the_vlac_dragon_wizard x

      que te paso en el cuello?

    47. Bucket Mouth Inc

      I fish the Savannah river where I live in Augusta, Georgia pretty often. I usually fish for striped bass, hybrids, and catfish but I’ve caught a few carp there on hotdog chunks. Last summer I hooked into a 7+ foot Sturgeon using a live shad on the bottom. He broke 40 pound spider wire as soon as I got him to the surface.

    48. Bucket Mouth Inc

      I’ve been binge watching this channel and other carp fishing channels for a few weeks now. I’m slowly ordering my kit to carp fish. As a bass angler I can carp fish and bass fish waiting for a carp bite. I’ve caught carp on jigs, rubber worms, and most of the time I snag them on crank baits. I live a stones throw away from 2 decent size golf course ponds and they are loaded with CARP! Huge carp break the surface and jump when I’m bass fishing. Man I’m so excited when I properly have my kit ready. I may start a KGup channel. You guys inspire me so much. Love these vids.

    49. Sara Buchanan

      don't say gods name in vain

      1. Max B

        lmaoooo really?

    50. Allen Jackie

      Absolutely love the photo of the 5 of you, all with phenomenal fish. GREAT VIDEO...

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thank you!!!

    51. Becky Stark

      If you guys like carp you come for fall Salomon and steelhead in the fall fish let's of fun hard fight even harder the carp by far

    52. Jord&Djoer adventures

      Where in America is this place I want to go there tel me please and I want to meet you guys in real life @Carl&Alexfishing

    53. MrLancy44

      What a brilliant and well put together film. I can see the enthusiasm all you lads have regards to carp fishing. Keep that friendship going lads its a credit to you all

    54. Hedgie

      I have never come across such a well produced fishing vlogs, and the way you guys put it all together is so entertaining. Thanks Carl & Alex!

    55. Daniel Edmunds

      I.use to love watching korda till I.found these 2 now I watch them everyday lol keep them Vids coming

    56. Brandon Gray

      Great work guys as always.

    57. Craig Howat

      if you are fishing in Philippines they will not asking you about permit sometimes fishermen there..... they used some dinamite and eventhough small fish they catch them..this the sign of people greedy and abuse the nature..they will not thinking about the future....

    58. Eric h

      Just hand feed them use bacon Greece and bread and they will take it out your mouth be calm

    59. Gio

      Aren’t carps a pest? Why do they release it back to the water?

      1. Max B

        Because they're humane and don't want to kill them, it's called catch and release fishing.

    60. Kurt Williams

      when something as simple as fishing brings 5 guys together and are now an will be friends for life!!!

    61. Choco Drew ニシキゴイがかわいい

      11:27 lookin like a koi cutie

    62. Lemurai

      I love carp fishing but for the health of the animals and for continued fishing in the future I usually won’t fish the same embankments for awhile if I’ve hooked quite a few in one session. I don’t usually tell most of my spots anyway so they get a pretty good break from anglers.

    63. Dave Robinson

      Best one yet lads them commons are just perfect brilliant photo at the end what a trip great watch.

    64. Joshua Murray

      Brilliant video wish he would of weighed them tho

    65. Harry Brown


    66. nightmare

      Why does that guys cheeks are always red?

    67. Ruan Koorts

      Hi. Love your videos. Do you think that you can make an Across the pond 3 episode. Would really love it. Take care

    68. Sydney Mae Liatti

      i like this video

    69. GamefishermanX

      me :eating toast carl: *dabs* me: *spits out toast and dabs!*

    70. GamefishermanX

      is it just me or do americans sound boured

    71. Choco Drew ニシキゴイがかわいい

      That's a koi...

    72. David Gaetán

      What an awesome video. Great job!

    73. Tim Woodiwiss

      Is this a phishing video or a travel log? I don’t see any fish being caught in the already halfway through

      1. Max B

        are you blind?

    74. metalwright

      I have never seen such disappointment at a nice 4lb channel cat.

    75. Jacob Jaram

      Do people eat those fish.?. Seems like a good way to sell or donate fresh fish. 🐠 great vid..btw..

    76. Patrick

      wow. love you guys and the spirit. BR from Finland

    77. Lynchx

      Great film you guys made!! Loved it from start to finish, Even loved all the back ground music, Great melodic drumNbass to just electronica, Much love to you folks! Keep up the great work!!

    78. kimsuncha


    79. jake mclean

      25:21 wow serious

    80. Baz Elvin

      so jealous

    81. Marty G

      Pervi mustache needs to go

    82. WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy

      To each their own. I hate catching carp though. in Colorado we have carp in damn near every body of water and they get huge but its a waste for me if i cant eat it

    83. John Howard

      Carl and Alex you guys are amazing I watch the vids all the time you guys have taught me a lot about carp and how to fish for them and I love all the videos keep up the good work guys ..!!!

    84. Glenda Roberts

      Carp are considered a trash fish here in the US unlike catfish. Catfish are very desirable especially in the southeast.

    85. Paul Briggs

      Great video 👍👍👍

    86. JustRick

      23:25 thats a small catfish

    87. UncleAndy46 _ American patriot


    88. Rens Way

      I com from holland

    89. PS CustomMade

      Another great production, congratulations boys! Damn big fish too!!

    90. Daniel Wilson

      Literally zero point to those lads coming to the UK to fish. lol

    91. Anna Werner

      Extraordinary! Awesome fish!! I live in Michigan. If you visit here again, we'll have to hook up and fish!

    92. Backyard Adventurers

      Great film! Glad I was able to discover this.

    93. D'Anna C

      You guys are so good together. Calm, cool, balanced. You eat crap though! I think the carp have better meals. This, was fun to watch and I think you guys need to pump up your guns to fight these powerful creatures night and day. Viva LA pisces forever!

    94. Stephen Brandl

      What do you keep those monsters in that enable you to get the team photo at end? Several keep cages!

    95. Reckless

      This is my third time watching this video. I love it so much. You guys should start a patreon or a place to donate money to because i would love to support you and your videos. Keep up all the amazingness and happiness you spread!❤

      1. Reckless

        @Carl and Alex Wow ok I'll definitely be putting some time in there!👍Thanks btw

      2. Carl and Alex

        Hey dude! We actually have a Patreon, and everyone who joins gets a delivery of merch every now and then! Patreon.com/carlandalex :)

    96. Dirt Block

      NOT BIG WHAT DO YOU MEAN THATS MASSIVE???!!!!! Love your vids man editing is on point.

    97. bazevans55

      Amazing, making memories and having the time of your lives 👌

    98. Fishing Finatic

      You should come and fish Africa in south africa we have caught 60 pounds plus in a nearby lake

    99. ANEH ANEH

      Fish is Patin( ikan Patin).iwak patin good Patin fried fish,or cooked in sweet and sour nyamiii....authentic Indonesian cuisine

    100. Red Kite gaming