Wandavision Episode 3 Marvel TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

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    Covering new Wandavision Episode 3. Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Mutants Easter Eggs. Wandavision Children Billy and Tommy, Wiccan and Speed. Young Avengers Teaser and References. Quicksilver Scene. Monica Rambeau and SWORD Ending Scene. Wandavision Avengers Endgame Post Credit Scene, Deleted Scenes setting up Wandavision Episode 1 with Scarlet Witch and Vision after Avengers Endgame Ending Scene. Doctor Strange 2 Teaser. Spiderman 3 Spider-Verse Movie connections. Scarlet Witch and Vision After Avengers Endgame and Alternate Reality Multiverse Breakdown. Marvel Loki Trailer 2021. Marvel Phase 4 Disney Plus.
    Avengers Movies Crossover Easter Eggs, Thor 4 Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth, Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness. Wandavision Episodes. Loki Episodes, Black Widow Movie timing. Nick Fury Avengers Secret Invasion Series. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Teaser, Shang Chi Trailer, Eternals Teaser Trailer, Iron Man Armor Wars Teaser Trailer. And the Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer and New Episodes Easter Eggs.
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    1. Emergency Awesome

      Here's my Full Wandavision Episode 3 Marvel video and Easter Eggs! Let me know how many you spotted! Here's my new Wandavision Avengers Endgame Deleted Post Credit Scene too! kgup.info/get/o36qha7Ge4Krf2o/video

      1. Omar Santiago

        Oh,I remember that Wanda Maximoff made a reference to heroic X-Men member Robert "Bobby " Drake aka Iceman when she makes a cover story about her ice cooler being active trying to hide the stork from Monica Rambeau in the third Wandvision episode! :D

      2. Rico Hutchinson

        2800 keeps popping up

      3. Profeta Remi Carrillo

        Awesome how the lady in the hydra commercial looked like the comic version of scarlet witch (look at the hair and the comic)

      4. dwayne lewis

        Also after rewatching AOU, I noticed the speech Ultron gave Wanda & Pietro in the church scene. There's alot of suspect lines that could flesh out in Wandavision but whenhe said "people create what they fear people create little people...children! Thst Feels very poignant after watching the first 3 episodes.

      5. isiah West

        Jus wanna say you da man Charles

    2. BionAvastar3000

      you messed up the twins names

    3. Ella Valentine

      the hydra soap made me think of dr.draken(kp)

    4. SSJAang

      Welp, this aged pretty well

    5. SSJAang

      The colored windows that have the three most used colors are based on the infinity stones obviously

    6. GENGHISKHAN 1206

      Just binge watched it. It is so much better then I thought it would be. And I do have House of M.

    7. Spenser Dollar

      is it just me or did the dr in his second appearance look like Dr. Selvig from Thor 1 & 2 and The Avengers?????

    8. Emsea Squared

      The Hydrasoap was a riff on the old "Calgon, take me away" commercials too.

    9. David Guin

      Did anyone else see that the doctors address is 2800, like Wanda and Vision’s house address?

    10. Eliyas Kara

      That is for the spoilers

    11. L

      You mixed up the twins, so I stopped watching.

    12. NoSleep2Nite

      The commercial in this episode is a reference to the Calgon soap commercials. Where everything is going crazy and the woman or mom would yell out “Calgon take me a way.” In the midst of the chaos then reappear in a relaxing soak in the tub.

    13. Joey FL


    14. DrownedInExile

      I love the tonal shifts of this show. From zany and goofy one moment, to spine-chilling the next!

    15. Elliot Gracyalny

      Question: Why was Monica called Jeraldien instead

    16. fiv3

      this episode gave me the creative vibes from a obscure webseries.

    17. JCinLapel

      I think that the ending is going to be mafisto wanted the twins to be split off and the end of wanda vision will be Billy telling his mother it is time for her to let them go to free the town and all its people. But the post credit will be Dr Strange telling her that he will help her save the boys. In the comics they are reincarnated into 2 new sets of parents

    18. JCinLapel

      You flipped the Tommy and Billy Identities Speed is Tommy and Billy is Wiccan

    19. Robert Keele

      Mary Kate & Ashley reference via the Full House opening theme parody.

    20. Chelsie Creps

      never, in the history of ever, do you tell a prego lady you look really prego. THAT will get you zapped out ASAP

    21. Tom Symonds

      Maybe now that the twins are here, it has something to do with the “for the children” from the previous episode. Like maybe it’s all about the twins??

    22. Leonardo Santos Lemos

      When she sad "Ultron"

    23. MarshaEndeavor

      I thought Wanda using various things like the fruit and a big coat and vase is a reference to a common sitcom trick when someone gets pregnant in real-life in the cast.

    24. paul cornell

      i believe that if the outfit was kept and not changed back then vision would still be alive if broke through or dramatically he break through and there is a fight inside his body to keep him alive like switching from alive looking to dead looking

    25. Dennis G

      aspect ratio changed from 4:3 to 21:9, the cinema resolution, 16:9 that came after

    26. PetraRocks

      The Coulson reference

    27. grethen123

      Commercials rule as always. Hydra bath soap is the best. Thanks for continuing with the series

    28. rosexthorn

      'he was killed by ultron wasnt he?' wanda: whatdidshesayyyyyyyyyyyy

    29. Anti-HyperLink

      The WTF moment is always Agnes. And the Ultram thing. The theme song from this episode is my favourite.

    30. Kari Ohio

      Anyone notice they haven’t shown Ralph yet?

    31. Martin A.

      this sitcom sucks! 3 episodes as a huge intro... You could explain all in just 5 minutes and start the real tv show in episode 4... I hate it

    32. WaftingCurtains

      Billy is Wiccan, Tommy is Speed. You had them swapped, although I'm sure you know that by now. Love the vid otherwise!

    33. Gregory Champion

      The look she gave Geraldine should become a meme lol

    34. mmic

      You forgot an Easter egg. During the birth, Geraldine said "there's not enough time for that", "look at me" Wanda replies with "I can't, I can't" , then Geraldine ends with "you can do this" , this is a reference to avengers Infinity war, visions death scene. When vision said "we're out of time, look at me Wanda" , "I can't" "you can."

    35. Fliptwirler

      Total call back to the classic Twilight Zone episode "Its a Good Life" - Wanda even sends Monica into a "field" too bad it wasn't a cornfield!

    36. Coetsee Stander

      I like the way they change the aspect ratio as well, nice touch!

    37. drmatt1984

      Not sure how many pregnant women you've interacted with, but I don't recommend saying "wow! You look like you're ready to give birth right now!"

    38. griff t

      This series has been so good in such a different way

    39. Sander De Bruyker

      Is it possible that I don't get the advertisement section in the serie? I'm watching out of Belgium and I've never seen any advertisement segments in the episodes till now?

    40. KarenMichelle Lane

      The script adaption of all these intertwined storylines is incredible ! Kudos to the Show runner & writing staff! It's amazing what can be accomplished when you love the source material '

    41. Green Glory

      Emergency Awesome , The "Nielson" reference refers to the Nielson's Ratings, Nielson ratings is the company that monitors what TV shows people are watching, a sort of Judge of TV shows. So in the context that the Dr. used, Nielson symbolizes the entity that is watching over what Wanda is doing.

    42. theuned

      Goodness Charlie! After you have broken this down I feel like I need to watch it again, and so I shall. Thank you.

    43. Lanita Wimberly

      Did no one see that there were TWO cribs in the nursery? So clearly, she always intended to creat twins, even though Vision didn’t notice the second crib.

    44. RocLobster

      The Hydra Soak Hydra symbol is different than the normal symbol. The two tentacles at the bottom of the symbol are wrapped around each other like the medical symbol from the caduceus which symbolizes magical and spiritual enlightenment. Also used by Hermes to escort souls to the underworld. Caduceus symbol was intertwined serpents around sword with bird wings and all seeing eye. It makes enough sense that I had to mention it.

    45. Lucie Keeley

      😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. :(

    46. Lucie Keeley

      Get on with the movie stop talking so much

    47. Trish at Goldenwood Farm

      The doctor's last name is "Nielsen" as in the Nielsen family ratings, these were a much bigger deal during the 1970's & 1980's, but they I think they still send out surveys asking folks to keep track of what we watch and when.

    48. Shark Tank

      I just absolutely love all of it. I grew up on watching Godzilla and King Kong. Godzilla versus Mothra , Godzilla versus Rodan, King Kong versus Godzilla, King Kong versus Robot King. I loved it all.


      emergency awesome can i please get disney plus membership i liked the part when the twins were born

    50. Mikecats

      This show is more a couple of clip than really a episode... 27 min week to week release is seriously a joke from Disney...

    51. Tony B

      Maybe the stork is one of the drones they sent in?

    52. Work In Production

      Neilsen is the name of the Television Ratings system. Maybe that's the reference for the doctor's name?

    53. Bernie Luther

      To call the house is in the colors of the infinity stones is a little bit far fetched , is there any more colors than „ green , blue , red , yellow , orange or purple „? I mean basically, sure there are more colors , but roughly it’s the color palette „

    54. Valeria Vergaray

      when Geraldine got yeeted out of Wanda's world lol

    55. Thomas Nanookify

      70's commercial. Calgon!!!!! Take me away. That is what I thought about.

    56. Stripling Warrior

      Vision's shirt collar is out. Not sure if that's deliberate.

    57. Kelly Larson

      I have to watch each of your videos to have these episodes explained to me because there is so much I would not catch otherwise. I liked the part with the stork wandering around and just shaking off her magic..

    58. Zachary Maxwell

      bruh you missed the biggest wtf moment --> wanda literally seeing visions corpse!

    59. sineaterdred1

      You got the kids names backwards. Tommy is Speed and Billy is Wiccan.

    60. spaced jace

      what if Herb was trapped behind there and he was trying to find a way out of the backyard

    61. Lander

      Doest this mean that she can theoretically bring iron man, cap america and black widow back?

    62. Nick Bravo

      Neilson as in the TV ratings system

    63. John Fischer

      Thank you Charlie. Herb trying to cut through the wall with the hedge trimmer was my WTF moment.

    64. Anne A

      Tommy is the speedster and Billy is the one with Wanda's magick.

    65. Loutzenheiser

      Favourite WTF moment? There were so many! Herb suggesting that the other folks are somehow trapped here before he's interrupted by Agnes was interesting.

    66. Amy Fey

      Nelson as the doctors name could be referencing the Nelson Ratings. Its was a way how Studios found out if a television show was doing well.

    67. Derald Deason

      Now tha X men are brought into tha fold I wonder when more X men will be introduced .....???

    68. Jose Gtz

      My favorite wtf moment was when Geraldine mentioned ultron

    69. LilGod777

      When she reversed time when vision started questioning things, that shit was HARD AF!

      1. LilGod777

        @Malik Kauczki | it’s was sick!

      2. Malik Kauczki

        Literally one of the coolest effects I have ever seen! That was actually fire!

    70. ronald pacada

      Billy is the first twin everyone knows that

    71. mahaliamomma12

      Monica Rambeau's name is Geraldine. In the 70's comedian Flip Wilson did a character in drag named Geraldine Jones. The character's catch phrase was, "The Devil made me do it."

    72. Katie Morris

      The way her powers went haywire when she was pregnant and having contractions reminded me of some of the episodes of "Bewitched," which Samantha was pregnant and it affected her magical abilities.

    73. Katie Morris

      The whole episode was good, but The way Wanda turned on a dime the second "He was killed by Ulton, Wasn't he?" came out of Monica's mouth... I got chills.

    74. Kevin Greeley

      Stan also had Thor. In the hulk made for TV. Movie. Have in on VHS still

    75. FinLux

      Did anyone notice, that the doors from WestView Library (episode 3 @ 02:00) have the exact same symbol as Vision's tie in episode 1?

    76. Yummy For Adam

      Idk if its an easter egg, but in the butterflies hovering around them remind of the butterfly that hovers around Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) in every frame the Ultimate xmen comics

    77. KWAPT

      The doctor’s name was “Stan”. 🙏🏻♥️

    78. Mark Bourque

      Reminds me of the twilight zone movie with the little brat kid who controlled everyone

    79. Judge Cohen

      I postulate that this series, which starts out so campy and friendly, will end up giving Legion and Helstrom a run for their money as the darkest, most terrifying show in the MCU.

    80. robin devily

      Nielson could be a reference to the tv system

    81. Talmadge Lazorko

      Hey. Just a thought I had watching this last episode. Monica has Fish on her pants. I think it's a hint like "Fish out of water" also noticed the neighbor guy had fish like patterns on his shirt. I think most of the people are sword or hydra. But only Agnes in "inside" in a different way. She's inside the wall in this episode as well as inside the house in that Bewitched opening. Just some food for thought. Always enjoy your reviews. Thank you.

    82. FinLux

      Did anyone notice the SHOCKING similarities between lots of Easter eggs and Tarot Cards? Check WikiPedia on Tarot Cards. Have fun! ;-) ;-) ;-)

    83. lulujdy

      at 14:24 the baby on the right has a red spot on the middle of their forehead. is this sort of their synthezoid side coming out? referencing the stone on Vision's forehead?

    84. Pat Driscoll

      This story kinda reminds me of the Pleasant Hill storyline in Marvel...

    85. Tim M

      "A normal person walking in someones house would say wow youre about to have a baby. Youre really pregnant!" Bruh... never say that.

    86. A J

      14:02 If Wanda's changes continue to exist in the outside reality, then what would've happened if she'd exiled someone during a B&W episode? Would that person have remained grey?

    87. rockjay81

      The soap box in the commercial is shaped like the tesseract.

    88. J.D.P. Andrews

      Thats not a Kelloggs box. Corn Flakes can be a name for any Corn based flake cereal. Not exclusive to Kelloggs

    89. Wileyyy

      Polaris isn’t Wanda and Pietro’s sister anymore, those two were retconned into not being Magneto’s children

    90. Rachel Tricker

      All I know is that if I'm watching Wanda's downfall it had BETTER be epic lol

    91. Mike Glenn

      Emergency Awesome is there any chance the people in Wanda World is dead 👻

    92. Christopher Beddingfield

      How could Vision get Wanda preggers???? He didn't mfs I bent her over and came allllllll in that lunchbox of hers. I'm tha Pappy

    93. DC Marvel News Fr

      Tommy is Speed, Billy is Wiccan, not the other way around ;)

    94. Fart Smucker

      4:40 Simser name I would imagine is also a joke being that Zinzer is an actual paint brand.

    95. Prasenjit Barman

      Who's the man in the hazmat suit coming out of the sewer??

    96. Sam Thomas

      Charlie I read somewhere that the Stork not being able to be cast off by Wanda is The first on screen appearance of Mephisto

    97. Derrick Mittasch

      Wait wait. Thomas (Tommy) is speed and Billy is Wiccan he mixed those up I thought I had my characters mixed up! And Thomas arrived before Billy because he is 'Speed'

    98. Im Michael

      If all these episodes are 10 years apart then why aren't the actors aging.... They're hiding something from us

    99. Benedict Espiritu

      is it only me or does Dotty's husband kinda looks like FRIENDS' Ross in college setting. Well, except the afro hair...

    100. Jeff Thompson

      Not a great start to a new show. The characters who are fictional to begin with are in remakes of old TV shows. It seems somewhat redundant and I am twice removed from caring. No real emotional depth so far has been shown. It is sort of like Star Trek Discovery where you hope it gets better - but it is a hot mess - and never does find its feet.