Best dunks from Baylor's dominating win over Gonzaga

March Madness

6 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Baylor and Gonzaga finished strong at the rim in the national championship. Check out the dunks of the day from the Bears' title win.
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    1. Wyatt Rochner

      Umm goatmentator wassupppppp

    2. C. K.

      Even Duke basketball is more likeable than this insufferable Baylor team.

    3. swisswater_


    4. awu089

      Always love to see goatmentator in the wild

      1. George Giannakos

        That's a capital G for the OG, Goatmentator!!!

    5. Jared M

      Best dunks or all the dunks 😆

    6. wewreckedem

      Takeaway: Gonzaga: Has not played a defensive team like Baylor. I think people like Timme got exposed. He is fundamental, but against long and athletic and faster bigs, he kind of gets eaten alive. Baylor: Long defensively. They were also hitting a lot of shots. But if you get down double digits to a team like this, it is super hard to come back because of how strong they are defensively.

      1. C. K.

        Baylor played a weak watered down conference. No wonder they almost went undefeated. Put them in the SEC/ACC, they lose 7 times.

      2. Josh Dunning

        @MetroGaming shooting % doesnt matter when your shooting 18 more shots than your opponent

      3. MetroGaming

        Actually Baylor did terrible on they shots... drew like you said got out work since he not athletic and the was BOARD DOMINATE. Baylor’s top scores that game shot 5-14 other shot 6-14getting second chances

      4. Lamelo Ball


    7. Samoa

      Baylor was just absolutely dominant