Venom Becomes The Most Powerful Marvel Hero

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    Today on Variant, we conclude Marvel's epic King in Black event with Venom #34 and King in Black #5, where we get several big reveals and we see Venom become Marvel's most powerful Hero!
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    1. Variant Comics

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      1. Tai Tiger

        @Legion Creed no it didnt

      2. JMAP Zero Carb

        I will watch you in the future to see if Keeps does work.

      3. Mysterio

        Please tell us about *History of Shriek* from Marvel

      4. Mysterio

        @abhimanyu nr Now Venom become a Superhero so Marvel should use Carnage

      5. Dorian Trussell

        Man this video gave me chills in a a good comic way.

    2. mekael bayati

      This story is super self-indulgent

    3. Re A

      Got dammm hairline

    4. Maria Aceves

      Hey stop useing your caps they make you go bald fast

    5. легенда анас пт

      VENOM 😍

    6. TechNinjaSigma

      "Is that Kermit the Frog, with two samurai swords, smoking a blunt?"

    7. Shawn Angel

      He ain't stronger than hyperion

    8. wryanne vanornum

      That ain't a battle axe... that's the stormbreaker

    9. trucker bob

      Cosmic venom is officially the strongest venom to ever exist in the marvel universe lol

    10. Say Jah

      The “strongest” title is so fickle because it can be simply out done by a pen.

    11. DaPie

      I expect to see you with hair in the next few months

    12. Amjhed Hussain

      Super Saiyan Venom!

    13. AMERAL- A


    14. ninjaeris131

      You ever see something so awesome and metal, it brings tears to your eyes? Yeah, that just happened

    15. Hollow

      i love eddie and venom

    16. Jack Arthur

      As someone with only basic Spiderman knowledge I can safely say....WHAT THE FU-!!

    17. Nick Vallone

      I used to be so huge into Venom comics, fell off cause I never had time to keep up, but God damn I’m so happy

    18. Sub Zero

      Venom as hero is Perfect!

    19. richardf24

      Keeps actually works. I’ve been using it for around 7 months.

    20. Joshua Dendy

      Venom Went From Super Villain To Super Hero Was So Super Cool!

    21. YouTuberConsumer


    22. Old King Thor

      Please make a 10 most powerful items after this

    23. Alfread Villacarlos

      Love how avengers here are just extras Like capt says the iconic "avengers assemble" But venom be like : uhmm. Yeah appreciate the little help but no. This is venom show guys

    24. Ivan Meheš

      Can someone explain to me timeline this is in? With Mjolnir still being here?

      1. Flat Arthur

        Earth 616

    25. Fat Monkey

      Everything is op and there’s no logic but people actually pay for this crap?

    26. Josh The Investigator

      I love this dudes channel but we needa get you some braces

    27. Nick Legend

      RAWWNNNESSS! I knew this would eventually happen =)

    28. Travis Generic

      What a lame storyline. Did someone at DC Comics write this?

    29. Dennis Bennington

      If Marvel studios will make a movie out of this and of course it will be directed by the Russo brothers it would be freaking awesome..

    30. Da Time

      Oh yeah i forgot the symbiote hates knull

    31. Inzaneamaru

      As much as I adore Venom (one of the few things from Marvel actually) this whole arc/plot/story feels so off. Except the whole king/god of symbiotes thing he's always been that in my eyes.

    32. VENOM


    33. Tyler Brown

      Kinda wish spider man got a power boost like venom

    34. YoungSlim51

      Alright, this is way too epic!

    35. Afif Sugar92

      Venomzilla vs kong / godzilla..Venom taking care over their bodys..End

    36. Byn Navarro

      We need this on MCU all in!! XMen x Avengers x F4 x spiderverse

    37. Shiplo SHS

      if only OnePunchMan knew about "Keeps".

    38. The Ice Wizard

      man...I think I got old.

    39. Levram Marvel

      man imagine if it was sentry instead of Venom

    40. GrandMaster Nutbuster Yoda

      Nothing entertains me more than Anti-heroes saving the day and doing it better than any hero in the same universe ever could.

      1. Mild Monster

        Venom isn't even an anti hero anymore tho lol

    41. Ken Arty

      this is just silly

    42. word for word

    43. word for word

    44. word for word

    45. Mad Max

      My favourite anti-hero is now a hero and a god,i'm so proud and happy

    46. seng vang

      I want to see Cosmic Spider-Man vs God of Light Venom

    47. juzam6

      missed opportunity to shorten "godzilla sized venom" into "venilla"

    48. no offence

      *Dr Manhattan : amateurs!

    49. sobreaver


    50. Alex Fancy

      damn venum here is so op.

    51. Garland Mathews M8

      Did the Axe that Brock created have a name?? If not what would’ve been an awesome name for it??

    52. Amrit Pawar

      This wasn't actually Eddie and Venom. It was Eddie with the Uni Power that took the form of Venom

    53. Boom for Life

      Will Venom 2 the movie be based on this comic? I hope so

    54. Heman Gohil

      All fans : Superb series.. Bravo Donny Cates..!! Sentry Fans: What a bullshit 🐂💩 ending... First you simply rip off Sentry continuity and facts... Then you got nothing then copied the same plot of Sentry throwing void to the Sun...!!! Stupid writer and Foolish fans..!!

    55. Bruh Man!

      Now mcu fanboys can say venom can defeat entire dbz world

    56. Henry M

      Holy shit!

    57. MADHUKAR G

      I want a movie of king in black

    58. Unruly Ronin

      "You are The King in Black." Dope af

    59. Vayne Teemo

      I'd like to hire you as the bedtime story teller of my kids.

    60. Gr8 PenguinKnight

      Skip to 2:15 for actual video

    61. Arkham Squad Gaming

      MAKE IT A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Frogman

        That'll never happen. But a rated-r animated movie with an original progressive metal soundtrack would be pretty choice.

    62. nick saveka

      venom is pretty fkn sick character- its a pitty fire and frequency is his weakness (typically) I wish venom merged with someone like wolverine or colossus that would be insane !!

    63. Iván

      Man, modern comics are crap.

    64. Badguy Birdie

      It’s an insanely cool comic yes I agree but it also kinda feels like the whole thing was written by a 5th grader who’s suuuuuper into comics but hasn’t yet taken a dialogue writing course, no?

    65. dragonball3166

      I became bald from wearing baseball cap most of my life dumb move I made I don’t like venom having wings and fly it takes away venom is

    66. Andrew Beauman


    67. John Proxov

      DC and Marvel probably gave a few toddlers toys. Then watched the kids smash and wrote it down as "events". You've got every character becoming the most powerful/conquering the universe and space time or whatever story. There's no timeline, no single coherent story. Just toddlers smashing toys.

    68. SaintGoose

      "Male pattern baldness by 35" Me who's been bald since 18: T - T

    69. Ben Dover

      If i dont see this saga in the marvel cinematic universe one day before i die, this life will be entirely wasted...

    70. notta cracka

      Imagine if venom took over someone like Sentry. I still hope to see venom taking over wolverine on the big screen one day. Maybe they need to combine power against some crazy mutant like apokolips

    71. Karyle Noel Avenido

      Can they give spiderman a symbiote so he can get an upgrade

    72. Wolfgang Marcell

      If he would have combined stormbreaker and silverserfer sword that would be even more powerful.

    73. Rightous BarZ


    74. The Defcalyon

      now that would make a good movie if Marvel did that all

    75. Avural Vutali

      We are Venom!

    76. Miguel Angel

      2 mins and 30 secs for him to start talking about the subject

    77. SiliconDrifter

      Your head is getting bigger

    78. Charles Williams

      Bald is beautiful dude

    79. Demetrius Harris

      i think the comic warp reality

    80. Alex Pu

      King in Black?

    81. cappy

      Where can I get that t-shirt though??

    82. Creighton Chaney 1941

      Moments like these are why Eddie Brock/Venom is my absolute favorite 🖤🖤🖤💀💀💀😈😈😈

    83. Devon Johnson

      Man we've come a long way from The Amazing Spider-Man issue 252

    84. Comic Ace

      Epic ending. This Cates Venom run has been my favourite comic book. It’s been on my pull from issue 1 and this king in black event has been so good.

    85. IWF wrestling

      You guys should do the top 10 heroes that aren't in DC or Marvel

    86. neosrt10

      The Sentry is Marvels most powerful Superhero he just lost out to Knull tapping into his void side..Sentry can even regenerate himself after being blown to atoms by Molecule Man.


      It appears that any jobber now adays can lift mjolnier kill celestials and fly to the core of the sun

    88. Marwan.Psychic

      Are you gonna use keeps?😂😂😂

    89. Swagg Surfer

      Damn so Venom has control over the entire hive of symbiotes..he’s like Dracula or Doom now haha, he has a whole army to fight for him

    90. Swagg Surfer

      Lmaooo Venom had an anime moment at 8:26 💪🏽🔥

    91. Anakin80042 Fury

      7:46 Eddie Brock: "Why are you running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?"

    92. JakeyC56

      Dude I was so hyped reading this from beginning to end X3

    93. muse tom

      That was amazing

    94. Kristian Polanco

      I can’t figure Eddie and Venom out, last time they wanted to kill Spider-Man for revenge and the next they become heroes.

      1. Creighton Chaney 1941

        Kristian Polanco and yet you’re still wondering why 🤨

      2. Kristian Polanco

        I did read the comics.

      3. Creighton Chaney 1941

        Read the comics

    95. Leo Craveiro

      So Knull is both the original Symbiote user but also the real "Void" of the Sentry?

    96. Pheng Yang

      Isn't there a meme saying "When the world's richest guy is bald, it's proof that there is no cure for baldness. So don't waste your money in hair growth remedies."

    97. Diego Orrego

      He always was

    98. Jigsaw Thailand

      Now Venom just feel like one of the most OP Soulbourn character.


      Wow anything could happen 🤨🤨😒😒.suddenly a big bad villain becomes a protagonist summons thor's hammer blah blah blah ....

    100. C P

      More lazy writing with inconsistent power scaling.