Adam Savage, Astronaut Chris Hadfield, and Andy Weir Talk 'The Martian'

Adam Savage’s Tested

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    Recently, Tested hosted a screening of 'The Martian', the new film based on the acclaimed book by Andy Weir. After the screening, Andy and astronaut Chris Hadfield joined Adam Savage on stage to discuss the movie, space technology, and NASA's real mission to Mars.
    Edited by Joey Fameli
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    1. Constance Allen


    2. GhostDiv7sion

      I knew Chris and Adam from the visual media but Andy is a pretty cool guy. edit: just realized i was 5 years late.

    3. Gypsee Danger

      The answer to boredom on a flight to Mars is to send gamers. Give us our Xboxes, PS5, and computers and we'll be just fine.

    4. Harry Nicholas

      15:00 i wasn't so much concerned about pressure as, why did they have that much duck tape? it's like when they have control panel lights marked "self destruct" - they anticipated a self destruct? they knew two hundred rolls of tape would be needed....

    5. Andrew Weber

      45:10 hall thrusters are the new engine

    6. richard black

      Lying asshole! Earth is flat, domed, stationary, YOU KNOW IT, and the whole globe earth HOAX, like YOU, is about to be EXPOSED.

      1. Broccoli_32

        You poor soul

    7. pickle '_'

      13:00 When I look at Chris I get a sense that he's thinking: I just want out and go home

    8. Pam

      2020 - SpaceX sent two astronauts to the ISS from Florida!

    9. TimerMen

      A small thing I noticed is that Col. Chris Hadfield kept refering to NASA as "we" even when he talked about the Colombia disaster, he wasn't afraid to distance himself from that.

    10. goose gatherer

      Look at all these sell outs as they push their stupidity at the very gullible masses

    11. arfyness

      Pretty sure Chris Hadfield is the closest I've ever felt to having a hero.

    12. Peggy Trawick

      2 men on the moon with oxygen tanks attached

    13. Peggy Trawick

      Mars the Red Planet was just rusty with a machine guiding it

    14. The Hidden Butcher

      Those microphone cables are disturbingly thick.


      Looks like I may come out smarter at the end of this quarantine after all

    16. Greg Dimas

      06-03-2020, the dragon capsule made it up with no issues. There are 15646 days left to warp drive, keep the faith.

    17. Summer Lake Photog

      It’s only five years later but, when we talk about going to Mars now, NASA is not the first organization that comes to mind.

    18. Michael Saxonson

      Astronauts are like Navy SEALs, but all of their operations are televised

    19. Mick Ronson

      These 3 should be strapped to one of their rockets preferably one that explodes as they are worthless liars selling you bull shit especially Hadfield the ancient liar with the shit growing under his nose.

    20. ben1techie

      @50:30 predicts but the actual date is 27 May 2020 with SpaceX and NASA's astronauts Bob and Doug.

    21. Cammy 4746

      6 hrs of the Martian I would be fine with that

    22. Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

      Panel: (talk about pressure of helmet... like a football) Andy: In Boston maybe! LOL Me: I got that reference! (Captain America Meme)

    23. Sai Namuduri

      That kid at 41:35 with the smart questions :D attaboy!

    24. Chad Forquer

      I would just like to say thanks for remaking the audio book with Wil Wheaton reading the book.

    25. PalimpsestProd

      50:00 I'm writing this on 2020/04/13. Still no American rockets fully cleared for human flight... but give it a few months.

    26. unsmartnerd

      Commercial Crew by 2017? Ha!

    27. Ken Murphy

      Awesome! Thank you, all!

    28. Persephone0110

      I'm going to keep repeating this until it happens. Chris should have the Most Interesting Man in the World award. Forget the actors sexist man crap. Let's talk about an actual hero & amazing person. & holy crap, all the medical astronaut training. I hope to see Chris' BBC special on training soon. Omg that Italian astronaut spacewalk incident. 😨

    29. Tobias Horowitz

      I wrote a paper on the Skyhook solution, to answer the engine problem for mars, worth looking up.

    30. Hydrogened


    31. Eduardo Miotto

      Chris Hadfield is by far my favourite starman!

    32. benjamin mcmichael

      I'm oddly comforted that Mr Hadfield didn't know the name of the Boeing crew module.

    33. Webb Trekker

      Interesting that Chris talked about the separation from earth. We had a bit of that when we went to sea on a submarine. We were alone. Cut off, except by voice or message, from everyone else. All our decisions were our own. No one was going to run over and take a look or inspect us. We were several hundred feet below the surface. Going to the Moon or Mars you will be many miles or millions of miles from the "surface".

    34. Gene Miller

      The Right Stuff: Wet the suit. Also: No bucks, no Buck Rogers!

    35. Elvijs Lasis

      Amazing interview about really nice movie. The way Chris can connect pure professionalism with audience in the way that "most will get it", is amazing.

    36. misskit123

      This interview is awesome. I swear The Martian unearthed an inner space geek in me I didn't know existed but now I can't get enough.

    37. boogely monster

      here's a fucking THOUGHT for KGup execs. Your little fucking ADS that you SO annoyingly put all the way thru videos...GUESS what? I never PRESS the button on those fuckers!! Is /tHAT a fucking REVELATION for you? Just WHO are these below-60-IQ fuckers whgom actually DO,...AND keep your advertisers HAPPY??

    38. electrontube

      I'll be honest. the first time i saw the film and Starman played, I cried


      If I'm going to Mars, Adam would be the type of crewmate that you would want.

    40. Yu優一郎

      Nasa: You better leave that man behind and get back to earth... Chris: get up here and make me. What are you gonna do get the space police?

    41. sam93931

      14:48 BURN!!!!!! ahahah this is perfect xD

    42. nick strahan

      adam is the biggest prop nerd on the planet and i love it

    43. jerodast

      Goat porn discussed at 30:00 :)

    44. Douglas McIntyre

      Being a red-blooded Canadian guy and a former pilot, naturally I have unlimited respect for Chris Hadfield and his colleagues in the Canadian Space Agency, NASA and the Russian Space Program. Chris Austin Hadfield is truly one of those one in ten million kind of guys. He decided he wanted to become an astronaut at the tender age of nine, at a time when becoming an astronaut was an impossibility, because back then there were no Canadian astronauts. His next step was joining the Royal Canadian Air Cadets as a teenager, where he sought after and was awarded a flying scholarship, learning to fly gliders. A few years later he took his next big step toward his ultimate goal, joining the Canadian Armed Forces where he earned his engineering degree at Royal Military College. Later he reached the pinnacle of military flying in Canada, becoming an F/A-18 fighter pilot. While there as part of an exchange program between the RCAF and the United States Air Force and Navy, he attended and graduated from both of their test pilot schools and later obtained a master's degree in aviation systems at the University of Tennessee Space Institute. As if he hadn't already achieved a lot of success, another fortuitous step toward his goal presented itself: the 1983 formation of the Canadian Space Agency. Six outstanding Canadians became Canada's first astronauts: Roberta Bondar , Marc Garneau, Steve MacLean, Ken Money, Robert Thirsk and Bjarni Tryggvason. Nine years later in 1992, as Chris Hadfield was leaving the RCAF, another incredible opportunity came his way when CSA announced an additional astronaut positions. Some five thousand talented Canadian applicants were whittled down to just four spots. Once again, Chris Hadfield excelled and was selected, along with three other talented Canadians: Mike McKay, Dave Williams and the talented woman who would two decades later become Canada's Governor General, Madame Julie Payette. Hadfield flew into space three times. But before those opportunity were presented to him, he became well respected among his peers at NASA, known for accepting any job he was offered there. On his first spaceflight, STS 74, aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis, Chris Hadfield became just the fourth Canadian to be launch into space on November 12th, 1995. On that flight he became the first Canadian to visit the Russian space station, Mir. On his second flight, STS 100, launched on November 30th, 2000, Chris Hadfield became the third Canadian to visit the ISS and the first Canadian to walk in space. On his third and final spaceflight, launched on December 19th, 2012, he rode a Russian Soyuz rocket up for his second and final trip to the International Space Station. During that 144 day space odyssey Chris Hadfield became the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station. In his spare time aboard I.S.S. he became the first astronaut to ever record and perform a song, the late David Bowie's Space Oddity. Hadfield also co-wrote and later performed another song, the latter while still in orbit, entitled IS Somebody Singing, along with Barenaked Ladies front man Ed Robertson and the Wexford Gleeks, an all-women's choral group in Scarborough, Ontario, a part of Greater Toronto. Is he a great pilot, a brilliant engineer and a tremendous human being? Hell, yeah! Did he also have unbelievable timing? You bet! Did opportunity after opportunity seem to appear as if preordained, just at the right time for him, and for the rest of his Canadian astronaut colleagues? Absolutely. But that doesn't come close o explaining just how amazing this guy is. He has worked very hard AND very smart to obtain his success. Perhaps most critically, Hadfield was fortunate to have a burning desire to obtain his goal of becoming an astronaut at a very early age, a trait common among highly successful people. What's next for this ultra-successful yet humble Canadian family man? Well, if you'll pardon the pun, for Chris Hadfield I'd say the sky is the limit! Music and performing, doing Interviews, his many television appearances, best-selling books. Perhaps a successful political career is next, like his fellow Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau, the first Canadian to be launched into space. Chris Hadfield remains a passionate spokesman for continued space exploration. Despite all of his many successes, or perhaps beause of them, he is still married to the same woman. He's still the same down-to-earth, respectful Canadian, with evident personal values and an engaging personality. Chris Hadfield for Prime Minister, you may ask? Well, if I've learned anything from researching this incredibly talented Canadian, I'd say this: Whatever you do, don't underestimate his ability to rise to meet every challenge, seize every opportunity within his grasp and set and achieve great goals. What a great Canadian, eh?

    45. Joshua Gohres

      Hadfield, I’m pretty sure you gave a speech at my week at space camp a few years back!

    46. Mac

      Good talk. A little disappointed about the talk about form fitting space suits as if it was far in the future. Tests showed viability with materials before Apollo and there is the Biosuit now! Otherwise very interesting

    47. Missouri Bob

      About the book: Has anyone ever worked out the cannibalism scenario? Somehow it doesn't seem right to me. This was a great talk. I liked how anytime he wanted, Chris Hadfield was the expert and the man who has been there, done that. You could say that he has the right stuff.

    48. Ivan Mv

      It's (i guess you can call it) Cute how adam spoke about a compact easy-to-put-on spacesuit, now in 2018 we have the superb Boeing and SpaceX suits!

    49. quadrplax

      "No vehicle lasts forever" glances at Soyuz

      1. Jude74

        They keep building and updating them, it’s not the same vehicle every time.

    50. Malachi O'Leary

      I love watching and listening to the book back to back.....Every time I listen and watch this story I catch something else. About to watch it again.... followed by listening to it......for the 8th time.

    51. Jacob Keyser

      I find it funny Adam said he’d like to go near orbit. A couple years later he did

    52. Mike Ledger

      Is anyone curious about about the NASA testing on diapers?

    53. SpydersByte

      man that guy who had a slowly suffocating layer of water covering his face while he stayed at a cool 95 bpm has

    54. Michael Price

      Social situations with the general public must be excruciating for Commander Hadfield.

    55. Paul Gee

      It is NOT a misrepresentation that they "scrapped the shuttle program". They ABSOLUTELY DID. WHY did they not build MORE Space Shuttles??? You notice that he doesn't mention or discuss those OBVIOUS issues. They SHOULD have used the Space Shuttle to crew the ISS and NOT OLD-style Russian spacecraft. (the Soyuz should ONLY have been used for emergencies -- AND they absolutely ARE "gettiig rides from Russia") ALSO they created the MILITARY Space Shuttle, so they didn't need the NASA Space Shuttle anymore. It is MUCH more complex than they mention here.

      1. Colin Southern

        I'm sure they'd be happy to build a new one if you'd be happy to pay for it. Got a few spare tens of billions lying around? (NASA sure doesn't).

    56. if6was929

      Raymond Massey not Ray Milland.

    57. thekaxmax

      Ion drives, 3 months

    58. king james488

      "spacex wont have manned vehicles until at least 2017" meanwhile musk is launching cars into space...

      1. DarkTheFailure

        And 3 grain silos flew

    59. king james488

      don't judge the goats. don't judge oldschool web pages.

    60. gaz lanham

      never been to space trump said that its a rip off

    61. Ethan Kim

      25:00 That look of huge satisfaction on Adam. Priceless!

    62. Brennan Mielke


    63. Truly Infamous

      They were practically eating the microphones.

    64. lotanerve

      Well that was a good watch. And no Google ads.- Double Bonus points.

    65. WaitHereIveGoneToGetHelp !

      Must be terrifying to do an EVA when tiny bits of rock hit the handrails with enough force to throw up sharp edges on a regular basis. Imagine one of those bullet speed (or faster) bits of rock hitting your suit or helmet while you're out there....

    66. malof

      the way i wi have solved the radiation problem is another way thet cancreate another problem later in the movie. jsut have them take a pill that helps the body prevent canser/cure canser to some degree. and a spesial pill to better cure canser and have the pisl have some other efects to like getting high. this way you dont need future tecnology that might not be posible but medicine we never know what miht come by. and when he issutch on mars he have limited pils and then he have to ration them and cuz he catn take the corect dosage all the time he starts to get canser andthen he have to use the other pils from time to time making him high and starts poking diferent things like the fix in the hub and then afther he is done eing high he notices and have to fix it.

    67. harnois75

      It was Raymond Massey rather than Ray Milland in Things to Come. Just saying.

    68. Randy Bobandy

      Great chat. Columbia astronauts: Commander: Rick D. Husband, a U.S. Air Force colonel and mechanical engineer, who piloted a previous shuttle during the first docking with the International Space Station (STS-96). Pilot: William C. McCool, a U.S. Navy commander. Payload Commander: Michael P. Anderson, a U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel, physicist, and mission specialist who was in charge of the science mission. Payload Specialist: Ilan Ramon, a colonel in the Israeli Air Force and the first Israeli astronaut. Mission Specialist: Kalpana Chawla, aerospace engineer who was on her second space mission. Mission Specialist: David M. Brown, a U.S. Navy captain trained as an aviator and flight surgeon. Brown worked on scientific experiments. Mission Specialist: Laurel Blair Salton Clark, a U.S. Navy captain and flight surgeon. Clark worked on biological experiments.

    69. Roy Boy

      Who else wants to see Chris Hadfield in a speedo?

    70. Sumana Sudhakara

      Andy Weir looks like the grown-up version of Ashton Irwin for me. I love them both! |-/

    71. Young Entrepreneur

      Shortest 57 min in my life .

    72. Vacpot

      I like potatoes!

    73. TxAst

      Wait what do you do if someone dies in the space station???@?!?!!?!?

    74. james densham

      "youd have so much cancer your cancer would have cancer" sorry is this guy an author or a comedian hahaha such an awesome guy

    75. The Ultimate Reductionist

      Flatheads, creaturds, & Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) deniers not invited.

    76. TITCHY

      Chris hadfeild is my hero :D

    77. ion icwake

      chris looks tired.

    78. David Ralphsky

      Dude, Adam Savage and Chris Hadfield are two of my greatest heroes, and Andy Weir's wrote a fantastic book that got me re-interested in space. All three of them on stage? My God, just add Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye and the superteam will be complete!

    79. CMDR John Crichton

      13:56 You can hear Adam's cosplay and propwork enthusiasm here in full force when he says the word "bullshit".

    80. Nannada1212

      Once again, Hatfield is a secondary question, which has nothing to do with a movie... He just waits to tell the real stories.

    81. UranusGaseous

      Why is it that all I see is how damn thick those microphone cables are? Those things look like coax cables.

    82. Umur Çelikyay

      "earth said..." brilliant :)

    83. Adaora Elliott

      I've spent this week watching Andy Weir panels. He tells a lot of the same stories and has a lot of the same phrases but somehow I'm not bored of it yet.

    84. Michael Knight

      How is botany not real science.. have you eaten food today dude? thank a botanist.

    85. 00Billy

      no space suits in 'Gladiator'? hmmm....swear there were a couple. Hey I mean 'Life of Brian' had em in it.

    86. Not Visible

      "Work the problem" - Kranz? Matt Damon, "I need to science the S*&T out of this." I always think of Jules Vern giving H.G. Wells grief for not backing up his writing with hard science. Mr. Weir certainly tried. I wonder what Andy thinks about Niven and Pohl? They seem to have backed up their writing with science.

    87. Tom

      Notice Phil Plait in front row of audience?

    88. Bobby Gilbert

      Chris Hadfield falls asleep at 12:58. Not really, but kind of.

    89. Michael Berthelsen

      I guess they operate the same way as a pilot on commercial flights. Ground can tell him whatever they want, but if he needs to make a decision, he makes it, and ground just have to deal with the situation as is.

    90. hey! dude!

      the thing is, these other two know exactly how much stinking occult bullshit this astroNOT is spouting

      1. Jim Heeren

        hey! dude! Get lost troll

    91. hey! dude!

      chris hadfield is a disgusting, vile, satanic, vomit-inducing, candy-floss coated, saccharine heap of chromium-plated motherlove. he is the man i would love most to watch die horribly. hollywood twat numero uno

      1. Caleb Bonsall-Pearson


    92. Zombie3110bd

      Goat porn 😂 that sounds like something i would say

    93. Kaleb Bruwer

      So what I learned from this is that every time Nasa decommissions a craft, they will fly with the Russians while they design the next one. Is this gonna be a reccuring theme?

    94. Miles

      Chris Hadfeild, what a wonderful guy. God bless that man.

    95. Günther Herrnhof

      A damn Savage

    96. Vulkan

      13:00 Chris "Did I leave the stove on?" 13:10 "No I didn't ok good."

      1. HamsterJoe Hanson

        Oh yeah..i actually had a feeling something like that was going on when he sat like that, couldnt put my finger on it, but of course it was the stove. Hilarious :)

      2. Scott W Pilgrim

        I laughed too fucking hard at this.

    97. SableAradia

      This was awesome! Thank you so much for this!

    98. The Garden of Eatin

      The shuttle program lasted a LOT longer than any other American manned space system. Mercury and Gemini lasted 2 or 3 years, Apollo lasted 4, STS ran for decades.

    99. Glenna Barry

      Chris hayfield =LIES

    100. Chris Morlet