Xbox Series X|S - Official Next-Gen Walkthrough - Full Demo [4K]



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    Please enjoy this full demo walkthrough of the Xbox Series X|S platform experience - including UI/UX, refreshed interface, dashboard design, and more - ahead of the November 10th next-gen launch.
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    • Design and Aesthetics
    • Booting Up/Loading In
    • The Home Page experience
    • Dashboard and Dynamic Backgrounds
    • Next-Gen Optimization and Smart Delivery (ft. Gears 5)
    • The New Guide
    Quick Resume In Action (ft. Dirt 5)
    • Next Gen-Game Capabilities
    • Back-Compat (ft. Subnautica)
    • Next-gen Controllers
    • The Share Button
    • New Xbox Mobile App
    • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
    Store Home
    • My Games & Apps Walkthrough
    • Wrap Up
    Learn more about the Xbox Series X:
    Learn more about the Xbox Series S:
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    1. The Monkey Man

      Im super excited about this

    2. Kick Starter

      good job

    3. Luke Wilshaw

      Xbox Oreo looking pretty sweet

    4. Tonik Kuzmin

      Mmmm now I'm going to bay tis ok

    5. Brayden Céspedes

      "1:00" WOW I simply got hold of 200k vȼ from *𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐎𝐇𝐔𝐁.𝐂𝐋𝐔𝐁* So incredible it exists in 2020... 😻 Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

    6. Tina Savong

      the breakfast club power 105.1

    7. Case

      Can someone help me ban this guy he keeps ddosing me I have changed my router 3 times already Maclands

    8. felipe valde

      star vs the forces of evil

    9. Sega_lover 91

      But can it run doom?

    10. melanie garcia vassaux

      torture dance

    11. Oscar martinez

      When will more be in stock?

    12. Pegacorn lol

      I’m not sure if I should get the Xbox or ps5

    13. Vincenzo Panetta

      the prince family

    14. Bryson Greco

      Can we play the spider man miles morales on the Xbox series X

    15. Gabriel Godinez

      Some things for the Xbox app... 1. Add activity feed again 2. Add the feature to change your profile picture from camera roll again

    16. Gabriel Godinez

      For the new consoles will I have to re buy r6, call of duty mw, gta and Minecraft

    17. Goo

      But uhhh.. what about our profile pictures..?

    18. ItsLilDude

      Make it that we can change our gamerpic on Xbox app plssssssz

    19. Elijah im lit

      Xbox suck

      1. Señor Porkchop

        Dang bro can't we all be friends and end the console war

    20. Elijah im lit


    21. Katie Edwards


    22. Tom Jones


    23. Kai Angulo

      It honestly looks like the square trashcan i have below my pc.

    24. Kidada Hall

      justin timberlake

    25. Train Master

      I saw Xbox siers s at abt

    26. stadiasucks

      I got the charil console

    27. Heliodoro Vazquez

      nbc sports

    28. Paula Gerlo


    29. Faith Is fine

      Can’t wait to try and get one of these on Christmas

      1. Faith Is fine

        @CrazySaiyan 4 days!!! Hope you enjoy

      2. CrazySaiyan

        I will buy one on my birthday. November 20

    30. Brianna Ramirez


    31. ArmedOx31

      If I had the money....

    32. GlitchTrap

      Ea Sports

    33. Casey Means


    34. Broken Man 0

      Subnautica “great game”

    35. Blackedy

      I’m only here to see if I can play with my friends on Xbox one cuz I’m the only one getting the series x

    36. WESTisBEST

      now if they could just keep the shelves stocked with them

    37. Frixx WHAT

      I have a 7 year old Xbox and I can’t wait for x mas because I can to get the series x or s

    38. Now4Games

      XBOX X beats PS5 this time 👌

    39. Spy Shadow

      Loved this Video thanks for giving us the full walkthrough!!! Excited for the next generation of Consoles!

    40. Random Videos!

    41. Random Videos!

    42. michi

      I would like some base background music in the main menu.

    43. DBOYZ818

      So many good games...

    44. Scott Hayes

      Got it. So pumped. Thanks XBOX.

    45. Alec Brown

      For sure

    46. Crix

      Sold on the XSX because of Obsidian and Bethesda Softworks.

    47. lemon

      When are they going to be In stock?

    48. Ирина Семак

      Xbox ss 😂

    49. Ирина Семак

      Консоль конешо топ но Xbox 360 не обгоняет

    50. Darby Reviews

      good luck xbox . i think you'll do better this time around

    51. Final Render

      These guys are like non-cringey fans of the Xbox, not developers.


      Free gold pleaseeeee

    53. Hugo Ben

      Where legends will unite

    54. Nathan Stambaugh

      how meny games can it hold

    55. Isaac Nelson

      So 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    56. Xavier Brunner


    57. Jordzyi1

      3k dislike psn losers are mad.

      1. Rikeヅ


    58. Yanny

      - Everybody hyped up watching this vid Me, at 12:16, looking at the bottom left corner: Nice...

      1. Omar Abudelea

        Who cares

    59. GegusKhan


    60. Дмитрий Семенович

      Когда вышел xbox 360 мечтал его купить не купил, вышел one мечтал купить не купил, вышел series s и деньги есть и желание купить но нигде не могу оформить предзаказ мда что-то мне подсказывает что история повторится

    61. Fidget4104

      Whatever happened to Xbox app for Kindle Fire though?

    62. Charlie Davila

      Wonder if livestreaming to KGup will be available hopefully they add it

    63. Charlie Davila

      Will we be able to play the same games we bought on xbox one

    64. Frosty’s Daily Gaming channel

      It’s the same ui

    65. eduardo Hernandez


    66. eduardo Hernandez


    67. Jake Bryant

      Please restock I need to order one

    68. ExplodingCreeperYT

      I will get oneeeeee

    69. IsP Cod

      Can I GET IT FOR FREE ... ....... ..............I KNOW ITS NOPW

    70. Skiperek TV

      Team x-box!

    71. Depressing Mistake

      SubNautica launches quick resume: Kalm:details pop in: Panic

    72. FrZoom

      Are the left and right sticks the same size?

    73. Runner

      Bruhh... this an Xbox one with extra steps

    74. Eric Yuan

      Linus' brother working for Microsoft?

    75. Exhan sense

      They never talk about the other Xbox -_-

    76. nitroxide91

      The marketing video for these consoles showed mind blowing graphics quality. The Halo Infinite graphics look like 360 graphics. 😳😳😳😳

    77. Éli Arseneault

      I wounder if the life tim between the S and the X are different 🤔

    78. Taulant bossi YT

      im gonna buy the s cause i love it

    79. Q smtt

      same menu same ui thats boring af, switching to PC ty

      1. No.

        Just because it has the same UI as the xbox one, doesnt mean it has the graphics quality of an android in 2010.

    80. WolfPro

      I still have an Xbox 360

    81. Luca Bratiloveanu

      Why not forza horizon 4 , or maybe 5..?


      I love the xbox series x really want it but probably won't ge it

    83. Xavier Flavor

      Why did they remove Looking for groups and changing gamer picture from the Xbox app?

    84. Nvrdi

      “For sure”

      1. bocoy noiu

        The menu and guide are exactly the same 😝 lol

    85. Sharper onion

      Me with an xbox 1

      1. bocoy noiu

        do you guys know if you can be in party chat with xbox one players?

    86. King Jay

      I'm speechless the best time to experience my child hood console evolve

    87. Ahmed Alansari

      Beautiful ☺️💚

    88. Arocknight54 2

      The remote play sold me 😮

    89. amburgers

      Same home menu as Xbox one

    90. Dallas Rich

      Where can we preorder these?

    91. Ian Hua

      The way he goes back to the surface at 6:35 and 6:39 closing out was so smooth

    92. M M

      Xbox for life

    93. Leonardo guaman

      lets goooo imma get one

    94. Paxton Whitney

      I’m not gonna get the storage expansion unless it cheaper than 150$

      1. yasio bolo

        I need it

    95. Dan Zack

      Will skylanders be backwards compatible

      1. yasio bolo

        im definitely getting this xbox series x😭😭😭

    96. Nope Nothing :-}

      Ok but why can’t we have custom profile pictures? The only way to do it without literally plugging something into the console was through the app and now you can’t do that with the new update. Wtf?

    97. lucky loki 07

      I’m hyped for the next elder scrolls and all the glitch’s

    98. Blizzy

      do you guys know if you can be in party chat with xbox one players?

    99. Amoong Us

      The menu and guide are exactly the same 😝 lol