STEP ON ME TALL LADY | Resident Evil 8: Village


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    A sneak peak at Resident Evil 8 Village
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    1. Caitlin Luna

      10:23 This is so funny to me because I recently read a tweet where a lady said "All men have the same dream, even if they don't know it. All men want a secret room in their homes". It made so much sense and you just proved her point XD

    2. zizi 33girlpanini

      U LOVE RED WINE!??!?!?!?! MY DAD WILL KILL TO BE UR FRIEND OMG ok so we are an italian family and he collects the BEST wine hehe

    3. Clément Lauzon

      to kill the vampire, couldn't you inject yourself with a deadly like vampire killing desease and make them drink it ?

    4. BrunoHatesUno

      Apothic Dark and Legend of Dracula are two wines i enjoy that taste good, look like blood and the bottles have q macabre design to them

    5. Jacklyn H

      The castle reminds me of beauty and the beast

    6. meme lord

      evilin is in the game but with a few changes


      Love is a deadly game

    8. AbyssalInferno

      i like my women like i like pickels i sometimes like pickels

    9. R3trowl

      23:04 How Jack referes to himself compare to that lady XD

    10. Devin Nyman

      Resident evil: "this woman will kill everyone who tries to face her". fans: STEP ON ME DIMTRESCU.

    11. Mohammed AlHameli

      She says”so we finally Veet”

    12. ImmortalCreech

      13:33 said my name, scared me for a sec cause I wasn't paying attention to the video but my cat lol

    13. TH destiny

      vampir : i cant wit for dinner gamers : me to baby suck me up hhhhhh

    14. Novembertale

      Anybody else got really dizzy? The turning is so fast and sharp, I can’t ....

    15. Caboose

      I feel like we would scare her. Imagine getting caught by her and the first thing we say is "STEP ON ME!"

    16. Crazy Fangirl Reviews

      I love how everyone is in love with all the women in this game already. Pretty sure it proves we all love strong and tall women 💕

    17. Samantha Waisman

      22:45 me: YEEEEES KILL MEEEEEE

    18. Mystery Human

      I might be fan girlimg a little bit because I love the whole supernatural werewolf vampire thing. And now there’s a good horror game about it. I’ve never been super interested in most of the resident evil games before although I have watched them because I like horror and gore. This is gonna be so good when the full thing comes out

    19. Enclave Remnant

      I like how nobody is talking about the "Freddy Kruger Glove" that Mother Miranda has. Then again, the previous game was kinda inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the whole Baker Family thing so I'm not surprised.

    20. Tugger Jaegger

      Jack, when are you playing the second demo?

    21. Kentank Gorenk

      hey jack! another demo just released if im not wrong :O

    22. 13SMGULD

      She could do whatever she wants to me

    23. Outloat

      Capcom down bad

    24. the cultured refrigerator

      4:54 "help me brother" Weebs: *heavy breathing*

    25. Sekuio

      I’m not buying this I couldn’t even go in the basement on biohazard

    26. Suddsy

      22:51 I agree those are pretty big jack

    27. Ice Talon

      I'm excited to see him play the game when it comes out

    28. Darius Fetescu

      In case you don't understand wtf is with these weird names like: Mihaela, Dimitrescu. They're romanian names (spookey, Dracula,bla,bla).

    29. Hamood Habibi

      B o o b a s

    30. MQ09PredatorB

      Humm... Jack? I don't know if you read the comments. (I know, way too many). But there's a new resident evil 8 demo available today called "village" only temporarily. Next weekend there's going to be another demo called "castle", it's also going to be available temporarily. Ok. That's it. Can't wait to see more of your videos.

    31. Ethan

      Even if the theme is werewolves and vampires, it's safe to say it's still resident evil themed, old macabre mansion, alcina is definitely a tyrant, the 3 test subject daughters for the viral strain, itll be like re7, seemingly different at first but all coming back to the virus at the end

    32. Careerraindrop

      I'm hard wait I mean this game looks hard

    33. MiraGriffenthorn

      I actually can’t wait for the full game to come out just because I want to watch your reaction throughout the entire gameplay.

    34. Garrett Tolbert

      It’s great this game comes out in a couple weeks but jack gets to play 3 months before it comes out and spoil it for us.. thanks :/

    35. Hootmatt Peters

      jack play this game when it comes out plz i love to see you play the full game

    36. Minecraft Warrior

      Anyone else intending or excited about getting the game when it comes out

    37. ShadowedDemonSpawn

      Lol. There is a winery called Vampire Winery. Tastes really good. Also Jersey Devil Winery. Also pretty good.

    38. Benjamin Klaassen

      13:05 Creepy operatic BS is basically a trademark for vampires, Jack.

    39. Mrree

      I know everyone was only here for tall lady so here you go 22:40

    40. Social Fox

      Missed the opportunity in the intro to say spedicy Anyway me and my mom are big fans of resident evil so I guess when we can we will play! Can not wait

    41. Captain Mohagen!

      I love how Jack says 'Jesus'

    42. Stephen Taylor

      So I guess the comment section just completely skipped over the fact that Jack's secret room switch would be a dolls head?...

      1. Stephen Taylor

        OK... I'll be a Fanpire...

    43. Hypnotic Skull

      God, Jack is gonna put his girlfriend on stilts after this. Either that or have her wear a tall vamp girl cosplay

    44. XxjaydenFXx

      I preordered the game -.-

    45. Colin Bell

      What the devs expected gamers to be like: 😰 What gamers were actually like:🤩

    46. Lilian Scriven

      Wolverine: shows his claws Tall lady: cringes

    47. Just Passingby

      Going in blind for RE7, I got infected in the Demo the first time around. So Jackaboy being killed in the Maiden Demo the first time around, I am not mocking him for it especially when he got the Courtyard Key and ran away and up the stairs instead of going to through that door that leads to the courtyard. In fact, it’s interesting to see but it was expected when death is implied via blood loss. Didn’t get to see that part because I just refuse to lose. Oh, and witnessing the vampire lady walking up the stairs and following her, I didn’t actually do that as I was busy exploring the place quietly so props to Seán for that, allowing me to see scenes that I did not achieve myself.

    48. Inami

      Ugh I’m so fucking attracted to tall women. Like I’m a lesbian so women in general but tall women who can crush my head with their thighs AND reach high stuff? Perfection👌🏾

    49. Ben R0634

      17:30 my girlfriends eyes are maroon and they are absolutely gorgeous

    50. Beavis Likes nachos

      Everyone’s focused on the tall lady’s body figure while I’m focused on her terrifying smile

    51. Joseph Packard

      Jack: dry wine Me: wine is liquid how can it be dry

      1. Alex Knapp

        I can assure you there is in fact dry wine.

    52. Brian Robinson

      asher dont tink jesus cin help ye out a dis one

    53. Theja Chan

      5:26 Pewds??

    54. pasquale canfora

      The vague aftermath anaerobically print because pan fundamentally note out a feeble feigned cord. vivacious, magnificent sparrow

    55. Larissa Dawn

      Hey! . . . . Did you know that there is someone who loves you unconditionally? Someone who loves you more than anyone on Earth? Well, he does. Jesus does. He loves *YOU* so much that he came while you were a sinner - not after you cleaned up your act - and died for you. He shed his blood for you, becoming the perfect sacrifice for all of time. He rose on the third day, ensuring victory over death, hell and the grave. He told the devil that he was defeated _TO HIS FACE_ and that is why there is so much evil raging in this world right now. Satan wants to steal as many people as he can from God, trapping them in eternal damnation. BUT - Jesus made a way when there was no way. All you have to do to gain eternal life is: 1) Believe that Jesus came and died for you. 2) Accept him as your savior and confess out loud that he is your Savior. 3) Cast away the things of the world and live strictly for God. There is nothing that you could do that would separate you from the love of the Heavenly father... except live a life of sin. Sin in the only thing thing that keeps us from God because he, like Heaven, is perfect and sin is not welcome in his kingdom. Do you know what you're escaping when you commit to Jesus? You're escaping the eternal torment that you deserve as a sinner, but Jesus died as the perfect, sacrifice to take the burdens of your sins for you. You are escaping the constant reminders of what you did on Earth that you always put before seeking God. The torment.. the agony.. it goes on forever, night and day with no end and not rest. Think of sin like stains on your clothes. When we sin, a stain appears, but when you ask Jesus to forgive you, he switches clothes with you, so when you are looked at by God, all he sees is a spotless robe, on his beloved child. How do you repent? Easy! You 1) Confess that you're a sinner, and because of that you need Jesus, and His Holy Spirit to guide you daily. 2) Turn away from sin and turn to the word of God. The unchanging, absolute truth that is basically a road-map to the King of Kings. Put your trust in the blood of Christ and you will be saved. Time is running short, you guys. The rapture is so close. Make the choice today... tomorrow is not guaranteed..

    56. Wiccathrain

      so soon its almost out hehe

    57. Trading Cards And More

      12 mins in and we’ve had 2 hot fuzz references, what a don

    58. Elisabetta Diac

      About the wine... in Romania, Transylvania, we have a wine company that's called "Liliac, Transylvanian wine" and liliac means bat. I am 100% sure that you are gonna be able to find other wine companies with more interesting names and ideas (like what you described), people in Transylvania usually do things like that, especially because tourists love them!

    59. Ayden Kohout

      Why am I just seeing this now

    60. Elisabetta Diac

      You know, as a Romanian I have grown to be prouder and prouder by the year of our national treasures: Lady Dimitrescu and the "Ma-i-a hi" song (it's actually called "Dragostea din tei").

    61. Diana Moto

      The room at 14:45 is real, it is part of Peles Castle in Romania, I've been there.

      1. ่ Nicki Minaj

        @Diana Moto That sounds nice!

      2. Diana Moto

        @่ Nicki Minaj amazing! The castle is quite big and I visited only a floor because I didn't have the time, but I loved it!

      3. ่ Nicki Minaj

        How's the experience though

    62. Joslyn Wiles

      this game looks fucking AMAZING (like genuinley im not just saying that cause of the tall lady) the graphics literally this is the first time graphics have made me audibly go "holy fucking shit"

    63. Ms Creepella Von Styx

      "Come back I want pictures of your feet!" I'm dead

    64. Jaden Mike

      jack played resident evil2 same day just 2 years later LOL

    65. Sans

      We ain’t gonna talk about the modern bolt cutters in a mid evil dungeon?

    66. Deus Vult

      "All I want to do is get stepped on by you a giant woman (giant woman)"

    67. Crackman Jones

      Demitriscu got knockers😂

    68. Crackman Jones


    69. Caroline Torrenueva

      So excited can't wait until May 👍🤩😍

    70. THE YEETER

      I really hope Jack does a series on this game

    71. dlphn100grl

      6:31 (in a cell with half a body) Jack: wtf am i here for, the décor? Me, an intellectual: no no, for the de-corpse :D

    72. nice Lakhbir

      And im sure when were done taking care of our pshco wife and abusive dad also burning our mum after that we can get steped on by a 8 foot freddy kruger french woman

    73. Kayden Perryman

      Its now on STEAMMMMMM

    74. Dirty Little Soy Boy

      I’d let her strap me 🥰

    75. Chevalier Templier

      no the 15th century fluted armor wont slow you down its geniusly engineered

    76. Alfarsi Casan

      Lol simpppppppp player

    77. Mrbeaster 6000

      Seriously why did you make a game with everybodies simping

    78. Lisa Taylor

      My theory is that she is a female tyrant. I guess we will have to wait until May 7th to find out.

    79. Ci Fiction

      i would love to see this game on pc with a 3090 max settings and res 7 with 3090

    80. Debbie. S

      18:53 The basement key. If you know then you know.

    81. Reynald Benjamin Yawan

      Anyone else hear an MC pressure plate noise at 14:21?

    82. skyler Sanchez

      In may 25 its my birthday

    83. David Wilson

      RE7 brought many new fans to the series but I feel 8 is the first re game besides the remakes that genuinely garnered hype among both fans and newcomers alike... even if it was because of the tall lady meme lol

    84. SurvivalPanda 14

      The one Rare moment where a tall woman doesn't do it for me

    85. thatguy

      at least you don't have to sleep as a vampire.... cuz sleep is for the weak

    86. The Renegade Gamer

      Already pre ordered it comes out on my birthday

    87. Pale Rider

      The creators or Resident Evil 8 are confirmed Ghost fans. Gotta love that

    88. salty redbull

      When Jack said well those are big you have the bitties

    89. Army Fazbear 3162

      We found Mr X wife


      Tall Vampire Lady Makes Me A Simp

    91. Alex Courtney

      I haven't got bored immediately like I did with 7 so thats good re hasn't failed me yet

    92. Fish Boi

      Lmao Danse Macabre is the song i just starting learning in orchestra they day I watched this

    93. A Kujo

      22:43 Tall Lady, Meet Screaming Irish Guy

    94. echo

      thou shalt not simp

    95. Ashley Aafedt

      Several years ago, when I lived in New York, there was a red wine brand called Vampire Wine. It was so good and I'm bummed it's no longer available.

    96. Ashley Aafedt

      Sean: "That was the tall lady. For sure. Come back! I want pictures of your feet!" Me: I don't even want to know what pictures are on his phone. 🤣

    97. Twangerz Only

      I sure do regret watching this one, good lord you might be one of the most annoying playthrough channels on the site and thats saying something. A little goes a long way in terms of commentary.

    98. Alexander Voss

      I think I'm a simp

    99. Trevor Robinson

      If she step on you your dead

    100. Doze Apples

      I had NO IDEA there were this many sub men in the world.... Holy shit... Thanks for that capcom, I mean porn is fake typically but you KNOW that gamers are being real....