It's Tough as a Parent To Keep It Real With Your Kids - Chico Bean

Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show

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    Chico Bean talks about how he keeps it real as a parent, especially with the internet.
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    1. southside savage

      say bruh i almost disliked this video because of that ending. smh.

      1. Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show

        😂 sorry

    2. C A

      Me:”WTF is wrong with my phone” 😂😂

    3. Marc J

      Tasty Blacks?? Damn I should of wrote this damn joke 😂😂😂😂

    4. Matt Nelson

      Big facts, I was a lil shitbag at 11.

    5. Zelly Zell


    6. K. Muhammad


    7. J Miles

      Wow that ending was atrocious. Fucking terrible. Chico was up there keeping it real

    8. J B

      Karlous miller..and DC.. are funny af.. this dude aint.. he's clever af..and a hell of a freestyle rapper... but imo .. just not funny

    9. Mustang Sally

      That’s how you know he a good dad

    10. Melonie Hamilton

      😂 😂 THIS IS FUNNY !

    11. SBOGT

      I’m dead

    12. Anthony Mosley

      Going to see what tasty blacks is about

    13. Finn Johnson

      wish the clip was longer tbh

    14. Chris Cortez

      Chico need a full fucking special already dolo

    15. A Love

      When did Royce start doing comedy?

    16. TheDria

      That sudden end was painful lol

      1. Chico Bean

        Hello, thanks for you lovely support , you are the best I appreciate,you are amazing feel free to drop a message on my email @

    17. JOSIE

      This gotta be longer yall

    18. Rick Gravestone

      your video

    19. Dee Hive

      I like Chico but.....I'm not feeling introducing kids to porn....

      1. Chico Bean

        Hello, thanks for you lovely support , you are the best I appreciate,you are amazing feel free to drop a message on my email @

    20. J. C.

      What a weird topic to talk about with your daughter...

    21. Jerome K

      Tasty blacks the classic

    22. ANGEL The Emissary

      This was too real. Entertaining

    23. Silent Assassin

      I thought my phone died the way that video stopped.

    24. Keembo Don

      Who visited tasty blacks after the video🤣

    25. Dimitry Baylor-Nard


    26. Awuon Hunter

      Had to look up the site 😂😂

    27. Tim The Trucker


    28. R3B3l LYF3

      # 85 South 🖤

    29. Ee Bb

      Nooooooooooooooooo😨 ide send moma in there. My kids are getting those 20$ flip phones.

    30. Savalis Adkins

      Oh baby you gotta go to a better site than this. Funny

    31. Mr. Vl!3N

      2:13 how many people looked up tasty blacks LoL 😂

    32. Son Quatsch

      that response said it all...daddy pays rent while she works maybe 10 hours a year in a coffee shop and fights for social justice while holding her purse in elevators and crossing the street.

    33. Keenthebarber

      Everybody stay blessed and prayed up Yeshua love y’all ✝️🛐‼️💙

    34. Official Cess

      Yeah y'all ain't have to end that like that tf🙄🤣

    35. paulor1027

      I just threw up... 🤮🤮🤮

    36. Le'KING Supreme

      Fake ass Rick Ross😂😂

    37. Marina Karamoy ⚡❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやらかしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね💕💞💞😊😊💕😻😻💕😊😊😊🙂 yf

    38. itsdatruff

      Wtf up with the ending in the middle of a joke. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    39. Nkosinathi Caluza

      Bro fr I once caught my niece, she was about 11/12 at the time, watching porn on my laptop, I didn't catch her catch her she forgot to erase her history 🤦 amateur move 😂

      1. Meka Harris

        My son too omg !! I was devastated

      2. Deezy Ankh

        That's how I got caught. Then I found administration mode on the PC. No history

      3. Kiam Kweli

        Yeah that's a noob move there.

      4. Chelli Solo

        Oh wow! I'm scared about the pre teen and teen years

    40. TheACutZ

      Where is the rest

    41. Fa Lo

      disturbing... when he talked about his daughter

      1. Rudy Williams

        offended by a joke?

    42. 9Lanes

      Where’s the full set

    43. Huncheaux Guidry

      Y’all disrespected Chico with this ending.

    44. thaelectricfeel

      Yall lose power or something?! How the clip just end?!!?


      Chico the 🐐

    46. DIG65

      Y’all wrong for ending Chico video like that.

    47. Maya Chisolm


    48. R Wilson

      The crazy thing is this happened to me.

      1. R Wilson

        @Chris Moye im not going to lie i wanted to slap the dog shit out of the little boy but didn't had to sit down and do the daddy thing but I definitely check little man's father and mother like yo we not doing this.

      2. Chris Moye

        how you handle it?

    49. Izo Rel

      Why did we only get 3mins when I see 3hrs of bullshit on here sometimes SMH 😒

    50. k l

      Kinda weird lol

      1. andrew miller

        Just a bit

    51. MakeWayForCJ

      Well the first mistake his daughter's mom made was breeding with him! Talk about things going downhill from here! LOL! Whew!

    52. Alistair Kaname

      I'm not into porn but tastyblacks have curious

    53. Ace Tail

      @chicobean I agree 100hunun!!

    54. Locks Jacob ItAll

      Royce da 59 doing comedy too. 😂😂😂

    55. Metamophisis

      Ha lol 😆 he’s funny. Bs on the video end smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    56. chima dior

      this whole channel is undefeated 😂🔥

    57. O2Hyii

      Im 38 and my daughter 17... I kept it 100 from day one , father's show your children who you are and the world we live in ......

    58. DHurlComedy

      All truth! 😂

    59. LaVonte Sweeney

      WTF!! The Ending .. But I love his parenting skills ...KEEP IT REAL !!!

    60. Always V

      Why you cut Chico off?

    61. Elijah Donaldson

      Nailed that sh**. I know exactly what he's talking about! Hella 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    62. Victoria Weldon

      This is a disappointing display of gray sweat pants. All I see is 2 cellphones 🕵🏾‍♀️👀

      1. Victoria Weldon

        @Amber Peach I didn't come for him. I commented what I observed. He and I had a private conversation. Thanks for your support for @chicobean 💖

      2. Amber Peach

        Victoria Weldon 📍Warning...never try to come for a comedian...especially one from DC 😂 LMAO With your looking 🕵🏾‍♀️ azz! #TeamChico

      3. Victoria Weldon

        @Chico Bean I will. I'm getting my thoughts together. This is important to me. Thanks 💖

      4. Chico Bean

        @Victoria Weldon message me on my email address

      5. Victoria Weldon

        @Chico Bean 💖

    63. Beisha Bole

      I thought my phone died 😂 post longer clips of Chico

    64. SHERRON

      All across the city....... ok then what!!!? Editing skills on E! gas up!

    65. Obiora Abiakam

      I'm a simple man. I see Chico Bean comedy I click like

    66. Anthony Woods

      Yo wtf I was enjoying the show!!!

      1. Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show


    67. Nike J

      I need the full clip

    68. Jeff Baylock

      Very solid. Good crowd control.

    69. BallingLike Wilt

      85 south‼️💪🏾

    70. Cold World54thSt

      My nigga Chico Bean always fly💪🏿

    71. timekeeperboi

      lol. i dont know why im laughing about "tastyblacks". lol. I mean, I know folks be on it, but i didn't know folks knew bout it like that. lmao

    72. Dreams2Dream

      I thought he said, "if u a parrot make some noise"... smh

      1. D ii Y A


      2. Mitsuo Mits


    73. KING FEEQ

      Yea I definitely didn’t expect that 😂🤣

    74. GMB creates

      um where the rest of the video lmao no fr though...

      1. GMB creates

        @Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show Mannn I live in GA that's cross country trip. lmao

      2. Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show

        sorry gotta come check us out live that won't happen! 😂

    75. GMB creates

      yo I swear if I find or see a Dc young fly comedy stand up I'm attempt to do a backflip.

    76. still__4twenneCliCC

      I thought my mufuccn phone died wtf

    77. GamerNot Valid

      For everyone talking about the abrupt ending, how about you go to the original channel Laugh Factory. Not this bootleg ass shit I keep getting recommended

    78. Hank Bardukis

      Royce 5'9 does comedy too?!?! He talented then a mafucka

    79. Martin

      u wastin data omgg

    80. Sauce Castillo

      Am I the only one who went to tastyblacks? #scumbaggang

      1. Jay Preston

        Nope I wanted to see if it was real and fasho no doubt there it was lol

    81. cbro412

      I'm sorry Chico, but tastyblacks is trash... Lmao

    82. waalex11

      Lmao. Didn't expect that.

    83. Saucy Chico


    84. Francis Masaba

      Wtf he was just getting into it! I'm cheesed, who edited this??

    85. Gaining Ground

      Sooo. . How do we see the rest?

    86. Entrepreneurial Efforts

      That's a big ass fitted he got on

      1. Xel. Jordan

        @Entrepreneurial Efforts FORRREAL. Nigga went to Lids, told them, "Nah, gohead check backstock, g. I'm sure you have my size,"

      2. Entrepreneurial Efforts

        Look like he stole a fitted cap from a mascot costume and put it on

      3. Entrepreneurial Efforts

        @Xel. Jordan that shit is supersized

      4. Xel. Jordan

        That fitted was deadass all I was looking at his whole set as if my mind was tryna wrap around why the fuck his fitted was so damn big for😂😂

      5. TheBsheep

        He said he got a extra big head (pause)

    87. Ali pretlow

      This was kinda weird...... lol

    88. Thepoondoctor

      whoever edits these videos needa be fired asap

    89. Shawn D

      0:45 if you a parrot make some noise

    90. The Art of 3EEEs

      I thought my phone died.. lol. Hilarious tho.

      1. Liyah Inc.


      2. Almighty JJ


      3. Thai The BlasianKidd

        Bruh samee😭😭

      4. SchØzza悪魔

        lmaooo ifk

      5. MrSkiloV

        Damn me too

    91. Dru H.


    92. Renzo Q

      Tasty blacks 🤣🤣

    93. Jerome Green

      85 in the building

    94. MrJaxn be Fishing

      Chico Bean not that funny to me, Karlous Miller is the backbone of that group... #TeamNoKids✊🏾

      1. thaprodig cee

        Chico is barely funny to me

      2. Shaun S

        Karlous has a 10 yrs old

      3. Gian Santillan

        Lol no

    95. sommer Franklin

      Y’all gotta do better with the editing of these videos. That was trash how y’all ended this video. I’m mad for Chico. Y’all played him dirty!!! Y’all need to put the whole thing up now after doing that... smdh

      1. Geo Cyo

        I read this before I finished the video. I didn't think it would be this bad. They might as well just take the whole thing down. It makes them look bad. WTF?

      2. MrTheTomahawk

        they salty about how the video started lol

      3. RJ Snow

        Super Facts!

      4. Master Eve

        On god

    96. Amber Lema


    97. Wall Street Trucker


    98. SuperHooper

      Tastyblacks.. thought I was the only 1 ever seen it 😆

      1. Deezy Ankh

        He sed that on something else so I looked it up. That shit is a waste of data lmao

      2. Goldenz Dancer

        Im looking that shit up right now 😆

    99. AliceLovesKyle Kyle

      I Love Chico Bean's stand-up

    100. Russell Taylor Johnson

      This guy wins at parenting! 🏆🏆🏆