Mark Zona LIVE and Seth Feider (with his epic hair) in Minnesota


41 миӊ. көрүүлөр20

    Mark Zona heads to Minnesota for the second installment of ZONA LIVE for the 2018 season. His guest is Elite Series pro and Minnesota native Seth Feider.
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    1. edgar57639

      Damn Seth why did you let them cut your hair

    2. mrBDeye

      If Zona wipes a fish tail on my neck and says I want to spend the night with me on this island... I would say No.

    3. hunter hess

      Not gonna lie. Damn good show i watch all 4 hours

    4. Indiglofish61

      Zonas not funny he may think he is haha he says someones making fun of him i wonder why.

    5. John Olive

      To much hair. Not in to the hair. Be a man.

    6. Dirty Oar Catfishing

      Seth spends 25 percent of his winnings on Marlboros, weed and Pabst Blue ribbon

      1. T C

        He's from Minnesota.. 1/2 on Mountain Dew

      2. Chasing The Fish

        Lol I totally can see that.

    7. Suburb Kyle

      Z ran the table all day long!

    8. Nicole Hess

      And I’m 9 and went wet with Seth fishing and I’m a boy on my moms iPad

    9. Nicole Hess

      I’m friends with Seth feider and have Jersey

    10. MrEnfilade Llama!!!

    11. Tom M

      Llama is the best Phish song ever! Pfffttttt is the only answer to your question since you aren't aware of this! Love the show but you should always listen to Phish while fishing.

    12. Basstaic

      Another good show ... but you might want to think about taking a non-pro out for one of these. Feel free to hit me up for one of your Zona Live episodes. You won’t get many views, but heck, my family and friends would watch it ... at least for the first fifteen minutes or so.

    13. BankinForCats

      Talks about the previous tournament...but doesn’t mention the winner Ish Monroe but the the guy that lost smh

    14. Macdaddy8124U

      "This isnt Alabama in August" RIGHT ON DUDE!!

    15. Macdaddy8124U

      Love it Z, this is a good one:)

    16. FloridaKayakGuy

      Hey Seth.....Smokey and the Bandit was Burt Reynolds bro

    17. Bret McCartney

      Seth’s hair made my day.....Zona, you’re a matching as usual

    18. Cole W

      Zona, what frog are you guys using?

    19. Russ B

      What's next Z? Are you going to give Davy a mohawk?

    20. Russ B

      Great stuff!! But I think the strip has to go Seth!

    21. WissahickonWild

      4 hours?!!!!

    22. James Walker

      Seth is the goat!!!🔥🎣🔥✌😁😁😁😁

    23. Nick Cavazos

      That trokar big nasty flipin hook is the real deal. Slim profile and hook to land ratio is probably around 95 for me l. Love that hook! I can enjoy a flip/punch show as much as a frog show. .....

    24. Derek Magnusson

      I think Seth should give Z some stripes after, just to ensure Z gives him a quality cut.

    25. Chad Drumm

      WTF did you do to that mans hair! WOW!

    26. Chad Drumm

      I think at times Seth wishes Zona would hit the mute button! Lol

      1. Fishing For Daze

        i think everyone does, i know i do!! Haha

    27. zack wade

      Yesterday was the anniversary of General Seth Fieder and the Battle of Little Big Horn

    28. Big Rig Outdoors

      Please bring back Davy Hite for another show 👍👍

    29. Zelff

      What exact lake is it I would love to fish there!

      1. Suburb Kyle

        It's Lake Menderchuck.

      2. Slimetime

        Dave Schneider most lakes in MN have public ramps I'd be surprised if this is actually a private lake

      3. Quigley's Hunt/Fish Adventures

        Big Clay Sorry Big Clay those are private waters there! No public access 😂

    30. Brandon Willcutt

      Thank you for posting this so fast ! I wish there was a Zona live every month.

      1. Indiglofish61

        From watching hes older videos, he catches some really nice ones smallies and big mouths. Hes really good!

      2. Indiglofish61

        I hard from my fishing buddy hes really good bass fisherman. I guess i get to serious about watching bass fishing haha sorry if it sounded offending i was just hoping for the better. Dumb me.

      3. Brandon Willcutt

        One a week would be fine with me

      4. Jeff Johns

        well why isn't there

    31. Jeff Johns

      does feider really want that hair dew

    32. Jeff Johns

      does Seth fieder need lip stick

    33. Josh Cordonnier

      So excited to watch this!