I Found a SECRET SPOT on Kentucky Lake!

Scott Martin

179 миӊ. көрүүлөр26

    Billy and I spend our practice days looking for the bass we need to win this tournament. Lets just say, it was worth it.
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    1. Evan Buhr

      Were they spot fishing, foul hooking asian carps? lol

    2. Justin Peyton

      Carp is ruining our lake

    3. Warren louisiana

      Send me a bottle

    4. Isaiah Cooley

      your only supposed to kill the asian carp and thats it

    5. ayden Vaughn

      That restaurant next to that gas station is really good after a day of fishing

    6. Noah Bielejeski

      ZzX wa

    7. Porch Honkey

      Try to talk like white people

    8. Danny Bailey

      Would love to try the star tron.awesome videos to

    9. Steve Hogan

      Just watching this now... Excited to see how you do.

    10. tritontravis

      I love the squincher powder. Work gets them for us and they are awesome but what’s even better is their popsicles. Try them you will be amazed.

    11. Jeff casey

      i live 15 minutes from there

    12. Gavin Archer

      Silver Carp..... a wildly incredible nuisance planted into our waterways by our "all knowing" government..... they're so thick now, that they have completely choked out large watersheds and have completely screwed up ecosystems.... the opposite result of what they said these fish would do. It makes you wonder if all these "mistakes" are actually intentional.

    13. Trey Hicks

      Treyhicksii fishing Tuscaloosa Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama football 🏈

    14. Joseph Switzer

      Brandon is sleeping with a girly zebra blanket 😂 I love Kentucky lake. I’m from Lexington KY. Lake Barkley is my favorite lake you should try it if you haven’t Scott

    15. Brother Gas

      Scott I challenge you to walleye fishing on the St. Clair river and lake St. CLAIR. Always bonus behemoth smallies!!....

    16. Brother Gas

      Wow! Big UN!!!!!.....🤣🤣

    17. John Ritchie

      I could really use a boat though

    18. Master Gamer

      I would love to fish for a living!! Living the dream Scott!

    19. RIPPER334

      Mike long said your snagging was on point!

    20. Mr. S.

      Not any more...

    21. Heath Fitzgerald

      Yea I hate Kentucky lake. That is probably the most miserable lake I've ever fished. As far as the Asian carp we used to take a friends mud boat out while one person drove the other two stood up with shotguns unleashed fury lol. It sounded like World War 3 on the water.

    22. Bill Sr.

      I would love to try a bottle of star tron..😛😛😛😛

    23. Drayden Hartsfield

      I want startrone

    24. Caleb Cole

      I know u went and got gas at kirks and right next to kirks is eshas

    25. D Ray Gamez

      That’s not secret😂 that’s right by my house it’s “The Hole”😂😂

    26. Chris's small engines

      Would love to try Star Tron fuel treatment .

    27. Leroy Brown

      Please kill the carp. A fisherman has that duty.

    28. flipp fflop

      One of the best like his dad humble and real I like that he don't hide what he uses to catch fish b real people

    29. theron Robinson

      I appreciate the tip on the fuel treatment. I still run a boat with carbs so I use treatment but am always getting my carbs worked on. I plan on trying it.

    30. David Baker

      Props to Billy

    31. imcalling bs

      Too funny!! Tks Scott

    32. AK Suited

      Late startron lol

    33. Mack Green

      What is the song?!

    34. texas_streets 96

      Never seen you on Lake Conroe in Texas Mr. Martin?

    35. Dave Wylie

      Looks as though Billy Boy likes the Beaver!!!!

    36. Trey Hicks

      Trey fishing Tuscaloosa ALABAMA Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa ALABAMA Scott Martin Tuscaloosa ALABAMA Scott Martin Scott Martin (423)314-7956

    37. JERMS poof

      Classic fish fart at 4:00 am

    38. Matt Keller

      Ya because of the carb problem now when we take are boat off the water their like 50 bowfishing boats pittting

    39. Amyah Pearson

      Kill those carp next time.

    40. James Cantrell

      I watch all your videos and use your techniques to help me out alot. I would like autograph pic if you could. Thanks buddy. 505 Beckwith Ave. Caruthersville Mo. 63830

    41. Brent Spencer

      Left BILLY in the boat... lol!!! "I'm going 80"

    42. Sean Cash

      I would love to try Star Tron

    43. John Harber

      Loved snagging the carp

    44. Striper King

      Star tron please!! Yea same thing my way only 1 all Gas place in my area!

    45. B

      Scott i just fished today the same ledge lambert fished. I caught 28pds off it. All but one fish i thought was full of shad was full of eggs. Crazy. I released all fish back same place. No fish had any shad in them. Just thought id let ya know that based on you saying you thought lamberts fish looked prespawn.

    46. Bryce Miller Fishing


    47. Jim Warden

      Too late for the startron deal?

    48. J&J Getz Reel

      Should should stick a knife in the head of the Asian carps.

    49. Dylan Ainsworth

      Their popsicles are amazing to

    50. Tim Koenig

      5 Star Tron = AWESOME!!

    51. Anthony Sanders

      Would like to try the star Tron

    52. blackwings03

      The beginning of this vid reminds me of a horror movie or something. Lol, for the first few seconds anyway

    53. insaynfitness

      id like to try the star tron! love the videos keep it up

    54. jawjerker26

      I'd like to try star tron.

    55. wdh1068

      "You got that Sharpie? I'm onna sign it." I love it!

    56. Michael Tow

      Love the videos! Planning on traveling around next year to some college events and would love to win that Startron giveaway!

    57. rod101balla

      What worm were you using?

    58. Gregory Poole

      I would like to try the Star-Tron. Scott, I love to watch your videos. Keep doin what you do!

    59. Nikk Fusco

      Hay scott martin i like your video and I was wondering if you could do it video on very hot day bass fishing what lures to use and how to fish for bass on hot day having a hard time this time of the year on Lake Lanier trying to find your pattern and where they go when it's hot

    60. Jakes ORV

      id like to try the star tron

    61. Squatch Thumper

      They make worm hooks with double or triple barbs? and if so, is it legal to use in tournament fishing?

    62. Joe Long

      Think if we got 2,000 boats out on KY Lake snagging and then killing Asian carp we'd be able to put a dent in the population?

    63. RippinColo Lips

      I wanna try it !!!

    64. logan thomas

      I wana try

    65. cjstillman122

      I'd like some startron!

    66. porthos6914

      Like number 2000! Love this stuff!

    67. Gettin to tha point!!

      I like startron!!

    68. onebadwestie

      I'll try it.

    69. Emilio Reed

      If we dont fix this carp promblem we gon be fishing the carp masters tournament

    70. Connor McElvaney

      The secret spot holds up!! Another top 10 finish to add to that stellar resume of yours!

    71. aj06bolt12r

      Yall should have cut the gills out of that carp

    72. David Larsen

      I would like to try it

    73. LH outdoorsman

      nice tan line on your face

    74. LH outdoorsman

      really Scott bugging them yesterday but your not up today really

    75. LH outdoorsman

      why are these guys complaining I wake up at 4 o clock wishing it was 5 o clock and time to go fishing they get to fish more then I ever do and there complaing I should switch places with them I would be up at four and happy to fish a tournament with you

    76. Jolly Giant

      doea it work in lawnmowers? would love to see.

    77. Tim Davis

      Star Tron!

    78. Hank Xiong


    79. Hank Xiong

      Lol Biggun!!!

    80. Deadshot


    81. Jordan Reside

      Star tron would be great to pump threw my little 9.9

    82. Joshua Cagle

      I would love to try the STAR TRON

    83. Margaret Hammond

      I was bank fishing the other day and a stupid carp surfaced almost hit my foot scared the crap out of me and I smacked it silly with my rod!!! I thought a gator or something had me and I'm in Tennessee!!!!

    84. Matthew Moneu

      Normal carp? Common carp.

    85. Bass Daddy

      I want to try ⭐️ tron great video man. Like always buddy

    86. HunterSmith69

      Love StarTron. Make sure to put it in my boat every time I fill up. All their products are gold.

    87. Colorado Bass Fishing Coalition of Colorado CBFCC

      I’ll try that startron. Here in Co. All of our gas is crap. At least 10% ethanol in all grades.

    88. South Out Mcknight

      I’d like to try that star tron. Y’all are really gettin after it. Love it!

    89. Dahntay Birt

      Please I really would like to try this Star tron on my four wheelers

    90. Nick Wetzel

      Star Tron is what I might just need for the boat I bought for me and my 3 boys. Hook a brotha up! Keep up the great vids 👍🏼

    91. Kolin Soots

      Not enough people comment on how good yall’s editing, song choice, videography, etc. is. It’s honestly amazing how far the channel and the team behind it has come

    92. cody jones

      Id like to try out the startron scott!

    93. mike bird

      Would like to try ⭐ tron

    94. Crazydonkeyninja

      I would like to try it

    95. PreppinFourSeasons

      Star tron

    96. Billyjack

      Is it legal for that guy to be riding in the boat running 80 MPH?

    97. PreppinFourSeasons


    98. C and C In the outdoors

      Hey Scott can you text me sometime and us go fishing at Kentucky lake 731-307-8646

    99. Willie Timpson

      I want to win some fuel treatment for my truck and boats

    100. threedollarfish

      I’ll try some costa glasses! What frames do you prefer and what lense colors for Michigan waters?