Charli D'amelio being UNGRATEFUL for her fans and RUDE to chef..

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    Charli D'amelio UNGRATEFUL for 100 million followers and RUDE to chef.. Charli D'amelio chef has been trending after charli damelio rude to fans occured in the same video! Charli damelio ungrateful and being rude to chef was so surprising and it caused charli damelio losing followers. Charli damelio cancelled could be happening after more fans see the charli damelio chef video. What do you think about charli damelio complaining about now having enough followers during dinner with the damelios? The damelio dinner definitely did not go as planned, just like the charli damelio fight video that has been trending, she should just be grateful and think about the charli damelio first tiktok that changed her life instead.
    Charli D'amelio fight with Addison Rae before The Ellen Show!

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    1. Fine Trends

      Check out Charli D'amelio's apology video!

      1. Rachel Marais

        You witch

      2. Molly Husk

        Look what you did, now you have people fighting and being rude to each other! Hope your happy

      3. Molly Husk

        @Alexandra Joyce i do not think that she is being ungrateful, you are being ungrateful because she apologized and said sorry, but what do you do, you do not forgive her

      4. Molly Husk

        Omg! She actually apologized for nothing! She did not do anything, so pathetic, you should really stop getting in her business and being rude about it!

      5. mickel oranges

        Damn that so damming evidence

    2. Kyle Busch 18

      She don’t support BLM she just has t that’s as her Profile pic so people don’t think she’s Racist

    3. Claire Martinez

      Where is the homeless person

    4. Charlotte Price

      Um that made no sense. Charli wasn’t rude to the chef her followers or the homeless person in this video. I think people are just looking for reasons not to like her

    5. Sargentjacobsgames11

      Charli damilio is a great person she is amazing she made a mistake and you should not make videos about people and saying she did something when it was a simple mistake we all make mistakes you made a mistake bye posting this video so make a video saying sorry

    6. Александр Башенко

      Lol you’re trying to get fans by posting these bs clips. Wtf is this?

    7. Lyndee my channel


    8. Parker Olivia

      You know why people are hating on Charlie she only did one thing and that was be rude to her chef and then you guys hated on her and yeah but my sister is still a fan and I'm still a fan if you guys still aren't you weren't a true Charlie demilio fan so don't hate on her

    9. WilliamNPC

      Y’all only hate her now

    10. Courtney Brogan


    11. Giselle Lamas

      People need to go get life’s what who y’all gonna cancel next 💀💀💀

    12. Millie Millipede

      I don’t even get how this is considered being ungrateful and disrespectful

      1. Shireen Salem

        ikr 💀💀

    13. yvng prime

      She stuck up

    14. Amenah ahmed

      Charli d'amelio: love you dixie Fans:disrespectful

    15. 22mybrozay animations

      Were were they being rude 👁️👄👁️

    16. 900q

      I don't like charlie but this video are fkin BS the clips are trash

    17. Elvira Nikandrova

      bahhahahahhahahahahha i cant- this video make non sense

    18. Jhenecia Cole

      Hate her

    19. Lemon Elf

      No hate but i really don't like charli it has nothing to do with her fame she just is annoying and she's not even that good at dancing 😂

    20. Hadley Borden


    21. Hadley Borden


    22. XzX_flixyy

      Bruh is this a joke or what ?

    23. Athena Adams

      yall are idiots she does one wrong thing and it the end of the world grow up my god

    24. Yoogavi

      Fake video 🙄

    25. Cassandra Rose

      Omg this is so stupid.. she wasn’t rude to a homeless person and so what if she was.. u can’t be nice every single moment of every second we all have our bad moments. Ur video is fake news calm down everybody I don’t get any bad vibes in any wayyyy.. crazy how judgmental everyone is picking apart this girl

    26. R.D.G Playzz

      The only reason the chef didn’t put her on blast is cuz he gettin payed a lot and didn’t want to give that up

    27. Krysta Edelen

      They were super nice the homeless man what are you talking about

    28. Andrew Iversen_1223555

      Bro wtf is this video you said she’s being rude to a homeless person but she does nothing wrong

    29. Krysta Edelen

      They never claimed to be role models you need to stop hating on people

    30. Mussuh Sheesh

      My opinion is, that she doesn‘t deserve it! She already puts quite a lot of work into her dances, but pls don‘t forget all the small streamers, who have been doing TikTok, KGup or whatever for many years and just don‘t gain Followers. These are often the people who respects their community more

    31. TenZe Venom

      Honestly I'd rather watch the homles guys speach it sounded interesting and entertaining a lot more than you know who.

    32. ꧁ otaku autumn 秋の日꧂

      Okay boomer

    33. african kaleab

      God bless g.Jesus is King. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Pray to Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.

    34. iThermodox 3

      How the hell was she rude to the homeless guy?

    35. Josie Kinghorn

      Hi Im going to give you *MY OPINION* (You can disagree and tell me yours but just don't hate on me) Reasons I HATE her She treats her fans like numbers She has no table manners She doesn't follow covid guidance She acts innocent and doesn't think shes wrong like: your literally 16 YOU CAN BE BETTER THAN THAT She doesn't do ANY original content But gets loads of HYPE for it Also I SAW PROOF she buys followers But also she doesn't DESERVE DEATH THREATS also I think she is A SPOILED BRAT I REALLY DONT GET THE SIMPS FOR HER WHO ARE LIKE ( this is a real comment I saw spammed ) CHARLI IS THE BEST SHE IS OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR Also I don't agree with EVERYTHING Trisha Paytas said but she was right about them needing humbling She ruined a Jonas Bros concert by thinking she was the attraction And she charges 100$ for you just to see her like gurl youre not that wanted I hope you have a nice day

    36. Mo Ji

      Fine trends are haters everybody should report this and subscribe to the girls. I didn’t know them before today but I will subscribe to counter the hate they don’t deserve 👍

    37. Brandon French

      How's this rude??

    38. The Three Bros

      Her after the angry Charli fans who think Tik Tok is a talent 😂😂

    39. Cameron Catron

      I mean what did y’all expect she’s a liberal

    40. Cayden Barn

      She wasn't even being rude to the homeless guy you are just trying to make her lose more followers

    41. AngelicDeer


    42. Shōyō Hinata

      sowkskwkwkim not ok

    43. Mitsuhirato

      Rethink the purpose of your video please

    44. Nirvana Luver25

      Literally none of those clips proved their statements....charli thinks of her followers as a number: “whoa whoa whoa” them being rude to the chef: “ it was just a prank I love charli and Dixie, false news” them being rude to a homeless person: “ literally not being rude at all” smh this video is a lie 🙄

    45. ALIcIA fAE

      Your editing is horrible wtf.. You don't even show the actual "offensive" footage, and it's not even offensive. Thumbs down

    46. Sarah Levine

      I thought Dixie was being rude all night. Charli on the other hand was just thinking it would be such a cool milestone to go from 1 mil to 100 mil. Doesn’t mean she’s ungrateful. Weird that people will misinterpret anything these days. Also keep in mind she’s literally 16

    47. Mr. Snipee

      C=caring H=helpful A=amazing R=respectful L=loving I=im just kidding

    48. 8 Prisoners

      Ok first off charli isn’t ungrateful she love her fan if u actually knew her u would know everytime she does a live she tell us she love her fan and follower and she has never be ungrateful of them!!!!!!!! And they weren’t even being rude to there chef so actually get over it!!!!! And they weren’t even being rude to homeless man so grow up!!!

    49. Daniel Burleson

      Spoil brats and now they will realize people willing forget about them. 11 years old liking her overatted videos is why she became popular on the the app. No talent and a stuck up white girl

    50. Nawar Edit game and vid

      Whoh it’s Dixe not charli Dixe not charli soo smart Bruh

    51. CHLOESIPON Navia

      Litterally 1 month later she says SHE DEMMANDS 200 million followers

    52. Toni Campbell

      bruh thats not a stranger thats a paparazzi

    53. Toni Campbell

      stop ❤️

    54. Judah Austin

      First of all she not ungrateful for 95 million she just once more followers

    55. K CC

      This is so face

    56. federico augusti


    57. Jacob Di Rienzo [Student]

      I think what Charlie Demario was trying to say is that followers don’t make her who she is

    58. Isla Hunt

      Charli is amazing so stop

    59. MaLaCHi

      Hello everyone just wanted to let you know that if you’re feeling down, sad, insecure, or anything I just want you to know that Jesus has your back and will never leave you and if you’re so focused on having same ending recognized by the world you don’t have to worry about that because Jesus knows you and he wants to know you better and he loves you so much, so don’t worry about repetition in this world because it’s not worth it even if you have all the cars, money, fame, and all the things of this world just know that none of that is as rich as the love Jesus has for you amen God bless you all come to Christ he will solve all of your problems.

    60. Amoona Siam

      wow just disrespectful and rude . first of all we have soo many people thinking that we are wrong and that were making everything a big deal , ok so then lets go by all these things i am about to say 1- charlie is 16 and she dose tic tok and only cares about how amny followers she gets , and she also talks back to people that are older then her like for a example we have trisha she was trying to help charlie she wasnt saying anything wrong she had a point there . but charlie on the other side was like ( TRISHA U HAVE BEEN SOO RUDE TO ME AND JUST WORRY ABOUT UR OWN SELF AND STOP TALKING ABOUT ME ) like that whole thing comes out of a 16 year old girl like wow . then we have dixi shes 19 witch means shes almost going to be an adult but really dixi u need to respect the foood , some people are homless they have no food and there dying in the streets and you have a CHEAF u cant even make ur own food u bring a cheaf to cook for you so respect him . and dixi and charlie are too young to be having boyfriends well dixi is fine to have a boyfriend BUT charlie is 16 years old and i am 16 and i dont have a boyfriend at that age . and me i dont care about FOLLOWERS i live my teen life , i dont go and cry and say this on my life * GUYS I DIDNT MEAN TO HURT YOU AND I AM SORRY AND I DIDNT MEAN FOR U GUYS TO EB JUST NUMBERS * oh pls charlie just stop it already this is too dramatic like agh stop it . and i am no hater for charlie but i am just PISSED OF from all this act she dose at 16 year old like agh .

    61. Free edits edits

      She is a nice it’s just a joke 😭🥺

    62. Rex Gameing

      This video is a lie

    63. G Raffe

      Honestly she could dissapear tommorow and I wouldn’t even know

    64. Robin Huber

      No, no, no...Charli was not ungrateful, she was just talking about a huge milestone she “wished she had” and the chef was not effected.

    65. amos 5520

      Lol the chef isnt going to say anything cause he getting paid

    66. Kennedy J0118

      Charlie be like “Don’t be shy put some more!!”

    67. Melissa Prado

      I’m sorry where was the rudenesss ? Wtf the point of this video it’s BS

    68. Ash D.

      She doesn’t use her platform to bring awareness to social issues and bad things that’s happening in the world.

    69. Twqua

      She calls her fans numbers, and people say shes talented

    70. avery paige

      the creator of this video is so jealous of the Damelios and IT SHOWS 😂

    71. avery paige

      video: Charli was rude to her chef *shows a clip of Dixie* like if ur gonna make a video like this, know the difference between the two 🤦🏼‍♀️

    72. Hailreezz

      So what I learned from this 1.they get canceled for not liking a snail 2.they were “rude” to a homeless person 3. Charli is still a kid that messes up 4. It’s a trend to get this people canceled NO HATE IT SOUNDS LIKE HATE IT IS HATE but I’m just trying to prove a point people are over reacting

    73. tacoboy80

      wouldnt you throw up if u ate snail?

    74. Izzahari

      I want to vomit just looking at the first video of her

    75. Krilixe

      Any video of a famous TikToker being slandered will always get hella dislikes but never deserve it

    76. It’s Jalia

      Can your account get banned because all your saying is cap. It’s getting annoying

    77. I guess I’m sam

      that homeless situation literally never happened stop-

    78. Anna T

      1. Da fuck was up w the editing? Literally didn't even show the "problematic" clips. 2. So people aren't allowed to have goals anymore? Like, she wanted to hit a milestone, she didn't. It's okay for her to be disappointed about that. 3. She never said anything to the tune of "I don't like my followers." Nothing even close to that. 4. The chef thing was a prank. Literally says that IN THE VIDEO. 5. I call sexism. Charli can't have goals and has to act perfect constantly because she's a "role model", but MULTIPLE male members of the hype house can get away with saying the n word, sexual harassment, and predatory shit? That's bullshit. 6. She's. A. KID. She literally didn't do anything wrong, and she got cancelled for it? I'M DONE WITH CANCEL CULTURE

    79. Angry Viking

      They acted the same way I’d act if a homeless man came up to me that shit wasn’t rude

    80. The Heel Synergy

      Pretty much every tik toker is a ungrateful. This is why tik tok is stupid

    81. Liliana Bosquez

      Leave Charli alone SHE SAID ALL HER FOLLOWERS ARENT JUST NUMBERS and you showed a clip of DIXIE she was being SWEET UR MOM HE JERK MY GOSH

    82. Molly Husk

      How was she rude? She was smiling and being nice! You even put in a clip of the chef saying he knew those girls were gonna react like that! I do not like you, you can't attack people like that, and plus why make a nasty video? That is just going out of your way targeting her and just trying to be rude, I like you tubers who are kind not attacking you tubers. Everyone is a person and should be treated right! How would you feel if someone made a video saying how rude you are? Tell me, actually read and reply. I do not think that you did the right thing putting yourself on the internet like that, I mean I would feel ashamed. Take the time to read this and think.

    83. SecretLion

      Never followed her, never liked her

    84. heather Miller

      Okay but what’d you expect the chef to say, “No the daily mail is right they are snobs” like he is obviously not gonna say that because he would get fired-

    85. Aina Saulite

      That is so stupid stop putting yourselfs in to others lifes. You dont know wat happend and she said she wishes for 100 mil not that she is ungreatfull

    86. gacha _ Diamond


    87. Jezzy


    88. CeaBax

      *shows a video of them having a normal conversation with a homeless man* “as you can see, when the homeless man comes over they start acting disrespectful “

    89. Dinifer Virgile

      charli your ungrateful like you have so much

    90. madison

      That wasn’t even Charli that you showed. That was Dixie. Charli doesn’t have any control over Dixie. Plus- She was just saying how it’d be cool hitting 100 million after one year.

    91. Temi GUNN

      w a a i t sombody tell me when was she rude time stamp Pls I bet u don’t have one charli was nOtT being rude

    92. Allison Hernandez

      Idk if she was being rude at the end there were just listening to him I feel like she is just liying not to be rude or something I'm just saying

    93. Meme things

      She literally just sail “wait woah woah”🤨

    94. gabu uwu

      Okay but why she look like she’s cosplaying jolyne from jjba 💀

    95. Juvilynn Castro

      Well some times you just got to let it go, you don’t have to listen to this comment but pls do,that’s I have to say

    96. CandlesAreLit

      Tiktok is soft Lmao

    97. Xxjaylex Red hood

      Bruh they wasn’t even rude to the homeless disrespectful

      1. Xxjaylex Red hood

        Weren’t *

    98. aesthxvibes.z

      Yall are giving charli too much attention like,she just does vids on tt of her dancing and yall gave her 100 million like- Shes a brat-

    99. Kennedy J0118

      “The 95 wasn’t enough for u?”.-.

    100. Chicken Little

      It’s funny how people think that a minor that has fame at such a young age can be really responsible and must be the best Role model like dude she’s like 15 calm down she isn’t old enough to have to be the best role model like give her some time and space I see she appreciates her fan since ever time they ask her for a certain dance she tries her best