100 Layers of Diamonds vs 100 Layers of Lava! - Minecraft Challenge


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    100 Layers of Diamonds vs 100 Layers of Lava! - Minecraft Challenge with Preston 👊
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    1. Preston

      If you could create ANY tool in Minecraft, what would it be?! Subscribe and let me know! 💪

      1. THE MADDOG'S

        Hi preston

      2. Juan Sanchez

        I heve any idea

      3. Robert Clark

        Really big non mod bombs

      4. Shawn Bankston


      5. Harvey Bridge

        Neitherite pick

    2. Ava Lee


    3. Ava Lee


    4. I play fortnite Jacob Richardson

      Is it real ores

    5. Juana Revidad

      Preston is that real diamond s

    6. renz epic

      Preston: diamonds Me: no its lapis

    7. Ezra Reynolds

      The diamond looks more like lapis

    8. Mike Rathmill

      Obsidian and I would have a screwdriver

    9. Manjot Jassal

      My son loves your videos so much on minecraft his name is ThorLegendary

    10. GuestHater38 - Roblox

      That’s lapis... THEY WERE TRICKED!

    11. Patel Uttamkumar

      A enchanted netherite sword

    12. Jin Fabros

      And the next one I just got to be Emeril and AT&T and bedroom

    13. Kitty fallen angel


    14. Joben Nocasa

      Oh Dream has more subscribers than Preston but I like them both

    15. Derek Cilliers

      Preston plz do 100 layers of wood!

    16. Ethan Halbert

      are those real diamonds?

    17. Anuar Anuar

      Rip tv preston money down

    18. Kresuno

      Imagine pretend a lapiz lazuli is a diamond 🤣

    19. Kresuno

      Imagine wasting millions of dollar just for the video 🤣

    20. Qaseh Raisya

      More!!!! I love it!!!!!

    21. Itachi Uchiha

      8:00 Scott goes BRRRRRR

    22. Freedom 08

      U can't mine diamond with out diamond in real life, and the "diamond" looks like lapiz

    23. muhammad tahir

      i click fast but when ther na\o fast am am not slow but i am fast

    24. Krystal Daigle


    25. Makayla Detweiler

      You quoted the blind leading the blind from the bible

    26. Nicoleta Spatacean


    27. Adin Lacasandile

      bruh dont destroy your tv or laptop or a computer

    28. Dennis Loto

      Please becarefull to the axe or nmknife

    29. Dennis Loto

      Preston becarefull

    30. Marsh Potato

      i dont know if that is real lava

    31. Kathryn Yeniyurt

      Y A A A Y E E T

    32. Jack Chueh

      I want you to brake bedrock

    33. Kingliww YT BG

      Are a billioner

    34. Luca Gacha Xx10.9710

      Hi Preston I’m a big fan of you

    35. Jessie Bennett

      Blue boad

    36. Rayce Fanning

      hi preston

    37. Amber_ xx

      Are you sure thats diamonds looks like lapis lol

    38. Aden Turner

      Best you have a shield for that Roman candle mini gun

    39. Lena Kuennen

      BOOK MURDERERS FYI, I unsubed because of that.

    40. Rose lewis

      no prestons harmed in the making of this video

    41. Gabriela Gamino


    42. muhammad ahktar


    43. muhammad ahktar

      Bareck te watwr ok preston

    44. Red Dragon

      100 layers of TVs 😄😄😄

    45. The Nerdnest

      why did kieth stop coming inside ur vids



    47. demon r slender

      Hahaha preston is a idiot sorry but diamond is like glass it's sharp but not strong and the title is click bait seeing as i think dude perfect crushed a diamond with a 6 - 16 pound hammer not sledge but hammer

    48. Rebecca Warren

      You are weird you are

    49. Sophia Rebernik

      Chase says "subscribe or he dies" my brother says "I hope he is already dead"

    50. The Dragon

      That diamond looks like lapis ore


      I’d make a netherite sword

    52. Kat Shumate

      Mind the statue of Brianna but made out of bricks

    53. Kat Shumate

      Can you mail me free merch cuz my mom won't let me buy any

    54. Kat Shumate

      I don't know who to choose is my best KGupr it is you or Nathan

    55. Kat Shumate

      Show Nathan in the shower with lobsters

    56. Rolan Ramos

      Is that real

    57. Kenzie newcomb

      I love you peston 💖

    58. Janae Rodrigues

      scythe and slimeblock would be intresting to break

    59. Joanne Shortman


    60. Clark McDowell

      LOL my sister is named Brie

    61. Dream No.2

      Who ever reads this first you are the best and you better be happy that 2020 is gone

    62. Dream No.2

      What where you using as the. Lava?

    63. Freeshbananadoo Boi

      Preston you made a firework mini gun!

    64. Biyun Pan

      I am a fan of you Preston

    65. Brooklyn Lenn

      Ummm so when the week said YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT ...PRESTON YOU ARE A COW ... SO YOU EAT COW?

    66. Kids Time!


    67. gian carlo viado

      R.I.P all the TV's that have been broken in this channel

    68. Carl Christian Caringal

      Wondering if those diamonds are real or not

    69. C powell

      100 layers of terracotta

    70. hanoko lover

      the TV just is never going to live.

    71. ome-o

      the irl dimonds look like lapis

    72. Dank memer U know

      It honestly looks more like lapis lazuli

    73. Rynx Ragoth


    74. Chowanin Thamma

      Guns of ww2

    75. Axel Sugiarto

      Diamonds can only be used for drilling as they are hard, but not tough.

    76. Sweet Cake

      Yoooooo what you have a laser connon

    77. Nur Gandhi 2009

      Mr Preston Buy Some Morgz Merch Go To Morgz .Co

    78. Domithius Dunklee

      Bedrock pickaxe

    79. DeMarcus Lee

      That minygun is cool

    80. Hybertail

      8:55 Me and my bois at school be like

    81. Marilyn Hart

      The nauseating evening covalently tempt because motorboat industrially hover past a rustic step-grandmother. halting, draconian handicap

    82. bee swarm Steve!

      You smell bad



    84. Alanna Lowe


    85. Matthew Ochoa

      Preston could you give me 34 Vbox cards

    86. Sakina Ahammad


    87. the Shadow cats

      Edit be like: insert undertale sounds here

    88. Anthony Brown


    89. Mary Bland

      mine would be a explosive sword

    90. Derpydaber 97

      Do a slime block

    91. uhndoeqaweuhdewo;qpfchywepasodwed

      Get broke. comm

    92. Lad Shu

      Preston get stabbed 30 seconds later he shooting diamonds with diamonds

    93. Dominic Quant


    94. Anila Gamit

      I Thought Use Ur Pickaxe To Break The Diamond Ore But Preston Taught Me How to Break Diamond Ore U Just Shovel It 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🙃🙃🙃🙃

    95. Anthony Gonzalez

      Hey preston you shouldve gaven me one of those books

    96. Don Raven Limbaga

      my boy preston is the best parkour master

    97. MyNameZaaach _

      Creepers because I heard creepers are real:: scary stuff bro

    98. shemwella

      Hey Preston your wife told us about your secret hang out with newborn 234

    99. Pugs Pug


    100. joseph perez

      the Moo squad