Miley Cyrus Vocal Evolution 1999-2019 (20 years)

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    Miley Cyrus singing throughout the years starting at 6 years old until 26!.
    Songs She sings:
    1999- Why Baby Why
    2004-Holding onto a dream
    2006-I got nerve
    2007-We got the Party
    2007-All I want for Christmas
    2008-See you again
    2008- Driveway
    2009-Butterfly fly away
    2010- Forgiveness and Love
    2010-When I look at you
    2011-The Climb
    2012-You're gonna make me lonesome when you go
    2013-We can't Stop
    2013- Wrecking Ball
    2015-Hands Of Love
    2015-No freedom without Love
    2016-Rebel Yell
    2016- Dream On
    2017-Week Without You
    2017- The Climb
    2018-Constant Sorrow
    2018-War Is Over
    2019-Nothing Breaks Like a Heart
    2019- In my blood

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    1. memories 2 dreams

      She has amazing voice :D

    2. Mazdan Okay

      Super Star !!! Miley !

    3. Monsterhighfan009

      the hair change was badass

    4. Magyar dalok és nóták

      Nice, nice but where was her childhood? Money is just one thing.

    5. Lina Auce

      Es sorprendente

    6. Евгений Иванов

      Мощно! Сильно!

    7. Anna Khan Khan

      Can anyone talk about back then how many emotions she have in wreking ball

    8. Belen Viveros

      Canta hermoso

    9. GPhire ro

      miley cyrus and billie eilish are just built different

    10. Rouda Med

      She was so innocent before :(

    11. ItsJustVanilla

      Normal 18 year olds would be living a life and doing kinda bad stuff but she gets hated on if she does that

    12. Reg Leith

      She looked better in Hannah Montana

    13. Twonye Webb

      I never realized how old some of these songs were until I saw the dates. Had me like "Damn I'm old😬"

    14. Igor M Nogueira

      It's very cute she singing with her daddy. And mini-Miley was a VERRY BEAUTIFUL kid.

    15. Ewa S

      teraz jest idealnie

    16. RoseQuinzel

      She has really grown as a singer, her voice has really improved through the years

    17. Lyda Perez

      Miley Has a Power full Voice She Sing Perfect That Voice is Are Power full, Misterius, Beautiful, That is Much Same and Is Are Very Good Like sing Variation of Génres Musical Like Rock, Disco, New wave, Sythnpop, Pop rock, Glam rock, Soft rock, Power Ballads, Ballad Romantic, Arena rock, Psychodelic Music, Experimental, Hip Hop and Country Music of She Is Are Special and Know it for father Miley Is Are The BEST I love you Miley!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄

    18. Sydney Christine

      She is one of the most talented and likeable people

    19. Theresa Brueckner

      If I could sing like this I would have all my dreams come true.Unfortantly.Im not blessed and live a poor life and die the same.No talents for me.Not even one.

    20. Lele

      I will always love her

    21. Thatreallygirl Lol

      She is beautiful in 2011-2013

      1. Thatreallygirl Lol

        -2015 lol

    22. Jovana Popovic

    23. Gab


    24. Gab

      2015 ♡♡♡ pft

    25. Gab

      2012 pra cá endoidou k

    26. Veluno Venuh

      She was innocent until then she cut her hair 💔🙂

      1. Veluno Venuh

        @U are an amazing person. know that! ツ I ain't judging miley....I just said what I know 😗

      2. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Veluno Venuh Really?? U judging miley doesn't matter either cause

      3. Veluno Venuh

        @U are an amazing person. know that! ツ stop poking your nose in matters 😗

      4. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Veluno Venuh not more than your mind

      5. Veluno Venuh

        @U are an amazing person. know that! ツbut that prolly ruined her soul 🌚

    27. Maria Zorn

      Todo talento.💖👍👍👍

    28. Juan Antonio.

      Llegó al número uno hace décadas. Hacerse lugar en el mundo musical llevó su crecimiento y se vio luego, por mérito propio, un privilegiado lugar junto a grandes grandes. Y es que recién comienza.

    29. alessandra y

      3:40 - what song is she singing?

    30. Shaw Farrow

      Whats April Fools Day when you know Miley Cyrus's whole career is a joke every day of you're life just like any other American producing the same old sh*t that they do..?! Its completely hilarious to me but anyway Happy April Fools Day if you actually think this is what it takes to break into America! Oh wait, shes so Madonna with the accolades ain't she..

      1. Shaw Farrow

        @U are an amazing person. know that! ツ Jamaicans from Dancehall, Afroswing and Drill is what we consider the standard Raw, she's just a disgusting woman!

      2. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Shaw Farrow She is extremely raw and real. That's why many people hate her

      3. Shaw Farrow

        @U are an amazing person. know that! ツ She's worth at least a billion and does the same old her with her life and gets bitter at other people, you haven't got an idea and its what you call "Show Business" for a reason because the industry is so fake

      4. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Shaw Farrow she owns a non profit organization called 'happie hippie foundation' for homeless youth. She's an advocate for amfAR.

      5. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Shaw Farrow She's an amazing person but a misunderstood one too. She owns more than 22 animals. She's a privellaged person but she gave her fans 1 million dollars. So u see, she cares whatever the hell u think I really don't care but stop judging her when u know nothing about her

    31. Angelina cena

      A love mayli😍😍😍

    32. Jules Silva

      voz linda, linda além de ser uma musa. (beautiful, beautiful voice, besides being a muse) I hope you come to visit Brazil

    33. Nitritox

      She is not singing the part " i came in like a " , she just start singing from "wreeecking ball"

    34. Linda Magagula

      Wow!!! Miley Cyrus was so adorable when she was a little girl awwww ❤️❤️💖💕💕💕😍😍😍💖!!!

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    36. ᴀʟᴇxᴀɴᴅʀᴀ۵

      god is a woman

    37. Angela

      The audience singing to We Won’t Stop is embarrassing it’s about doing Molly 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    38. Sarah Clifford

      I remember feeling so betrayed by her when she wasn't Hannah Montana anymore lol! Shes still my idol.

    39. Emilia Smukke

      10:00 wow shes beautiful

    40. S D

      Красивая в любые года)

    41. Musical

      The most recent is the best 🎶

    42. A_type_of_bug

      I would love to dance with Miley and Molly


      I low-key miss the before 2013 Miley Cyrus

      1. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Angela ok and?? She is a fucking adult she can do whatever the hell she wants

      2. Angela

        @U are an amazing person. know that! ツ she is all about being naked and drugs now

      3. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        Get over yourself

    44. Sofii Gallardo


    45. Sofii Gallardo


    46. M Lim

      ❤❤❤ I love Miley's voice since Hannah Montana's days So distinctive and unique. I will always listen to your music, Miley ❤

    47. Ma.Esther

      One of the best singer. Her voice is really good. 👏👏👏👏. She can sing any genre.

    48. SKY WALKER

      finally she's real and great singer !

    49. Laylla's Locker

      2020/2021, my fav. Love her deeper voice. And more hard sound. ROAR ♥

    50. Syeda Kahkashan

      Can we get THOSE Disney days back???🥺🥺

    51. Bon jov's

      From sweet miley to wild cyrus..😉

    52. Just Me

      Extraño su inocencia 😔 y esos looks menos rebeldes. Hasta a Hannah Montana 😂 pq todas las artistas se vuelven una con el mundo y pierden esa escencia que las hizo famosas al principio. 😔 Tanta rebeldía no me agrada😂

    53. Lizzielu

      Omg what happened to Miley Stewart

      1. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Angela Idk miley said that Hannah Montana is dead

      2. Angela

        @U are an amazing person. know that! ツ wtf

      3. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Lizzielu rest in peace miley Stewart🕊️

      4. Lizzielu

        @U are an amazing person. know that! ツ is but it’s so sad

      5. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Lizzielu she's dead

    54. lance blackwood

      2021...she is at her best now, plastic hearts is by far her best, her voice and passion is at the top

    55. Max Tama

      The driveway and all her old songs are still my favorite songs. It's all my childhood.

    56. Maria Esperanza Lopez

      La Miley del 2018 es todo lo que está bien❤️

    57. Suchismita Gupta

      2019- she was 27..I was 24.👍

    58. Roukim suantak Roukim suantak

      Her scandal in wrecking Ball may make you hate her......The things is that she may have her own reason behind to act uot that way.. whatever is the case I always love her...and all her songs has a deep emotions

    59. ხატია მაძღარაშვილი

      I love you Robbie and Miley Rey.

    60. Emily Angel

      Wow :o

    61. Cameron Ward

      I’ve had a few people tell me I look like Miley and Lady Gaga put together and honestly it’s the best compliment I’ve ever received

    62. william jungs

      From innocent to lust 😂😂😂

    63. Hilda Olvera Rendon

      Dios que ke paso a esa niña dulce y carismatica

    64. Veronica Azel Cortez

      You are still my favorite

    65. Kauschi Nö

      Entwicklung? Sie singt doch immer schief.

    66. Adrian Cyrus

      I like her very much She is the best pop star for me😍🥰🤩

    67. Indiana

      Bitch for the Disney

    68. Yessica Melany Pérez Cerón

      yo tenia una playera de una pelicula que se llamada JANA MONTANA hiso cuando tenia esta edad 2:31y 2:51 y 3:13💗💖

    69. Pulgarcita BGM

      la prefiero como cantante de country ..en version perversa y rock sucio y denigrante no me gusta en absoluto..cantando country es lo suyo..

    70. Roshan Sukcham

      why Miss Party in The U S A ? shame

    71. Emika Emika

      Какая она классная!🥰

    72. Mélochris Rider

      Elle fait des économies de soutifs.

    73. Benito Belgrave

      creo que al rededor de la carrera de ella pudimos aprecisar la evolucion de la calidad de los microfonos en presentaciones en vivo miley sufrio la pobre capacidad del equipo en captar sus notas grabes y se apreciaba poco la calidad y fuerza de su voz

    74. Joe Griffin

      I think I liked the long, light brown hairstyle. Suits her beautiful face. Her voice, exceptional, that's a given.

    75. Ella Stretch

      In 2012 her hair was so pretty

    76. Dina Erie

      okay wait she went from 5 years old in 2004 to a pubescent 15 year old in 2006

    77. Brandi Ernest

      Her range of styles is impressive

    78. Syarif Mousawi

      0:45...Hannah Montana

    79. TPMI

      Her voice was so low already in 2004 wow and she looked tiny

    80. Alex Peroutková


    81. Lamma Ali

      Its performance and sound in 2020 and 2021 is better

    82. David Corpuz

      Wow it took a long time for her voice to evolve to what it is. She wasn't a natural singer by any means lol.

    83. Tanmay Girotra

      The whole video also shows her hair evolution

    84. Kayla Brito

      Makes me wanna hear we can't stop again

    85. Kayla Brito

      2008 not bad see you again

    86. Kayla Brito

      2007 is good

    87. Claudio Gonzalez

      and 2020 and 2021?

    88. Jesus 2030

      JESUS is Lord

    89. Emilia Smukke

      Trust me! I am Mileys BIGGEST fan❤️🥺

      1. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Emilia Smukke yeah ❤️❤️

      2. Emilia Smukke

        @U are an amazing person. know that! ツ yes and in Hannah Montana i love Wherever i go!!!😍🥺

      3. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Emilia Smukke Samee climb is my favourite and it's soo underrated

      4. Emilia Smukke

        @U are an amazing person. know that! ツ prisenor or the climp

      5. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        @Emilia Smukke What's your favourite miley song?

    90. Emilia Smukke

      I love hers voice❤️

    91. Emilia Smukke

      Who watching this in 2021?

    92. Mercedes de Jesus Ibarra

      The best form to take off soul's feelings ...singing telling the world how you feel inside..

    93. Warren Miller

      One Who said she was MILEY kept asking me for a DAMN Gift Card ! LOL Was she Real or Fake ?

      1. Warren Miller

        Real or not I miss Miley🤧

    94. Diegon Duque

      country music?

    95. Игорь Ершов


    96. Ben Keng Ng

      The chunky slice internationally occur because saw inherently level throughout a same element. right, electric digger

    97. Janette Luna Contreras

      she looks better with long hair

      1. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        She looks amazing either way

    98. Verónica López

      Other good songs... 23, fu

    99. Light *4* Love

      Wow that was even more horrible than I imagined. that chic only grows in obnoxious each year.

      1. U are an amazing person. know that! ツ

        Stfu. Literally why are u soo rude? Do u know what obnoxious means? And also what has she done that makes her obnoxious?? U are sooo fucking judgemental

    100. Maeve Macgregor

      To be honest I liked her before the hair cut and when she had brown hair