My First ELITE CUT! - Tennessee River Bassmaster Elite Day 3 - Unfinished Family Business Ep.10 (4K)

Scott Martin

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    I made my FIRST EVER Bassmaster Cut! We just need 5 more keeper bites to make our first Championship Sunday!
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    The house we stayed in:
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    1. Kodi Bater

      Hey scott i enjoy the awesome videos yall make. Would enjoy rippin some lips with ya some day. Take me out sometime

    2. Eddie Elling

      If y’all like Bass Fishing watch Scott Martin catch them Bass.

    3. Jake Tomberlin

      Hey Scott your crankbait looks like one that I make. I know a balsa flat side when I see one. 😀

    4. bobfishnut

      Wreck em' in Texas!

    5. LockeBone

      how would you say a skeeter rides?

    6. Philip Thomas

      Scoot please stop saying sorry for not catching fish everyone has a off day you are the best angler I’ve ever seen I and probably most that watch you wish they could fish half as good as you get em next time chief God bless

    7. Bo Lundgren

      Keep on chasing them. I hope you win, both for you and your Dad.

    8. HookSet EM

      That B roll drop at 3:43..... I got so hyped!!!!! Woke up my kids from their good nights rest and made everyone watch the GOAT SCOTTY MARTIN!!!

    9. Fifties kid Bob Mckinstry

      Good job scott,

    10. Md Doit

      Enjoyed your video. Thank you and good luck. Oh and congrats on the new ride.

    11. Learning2Fish36

      Good stuff

    12. Bob Bulder

      good job

    13. aj06bolt12r

      Man... B Roll on Point!

    14. Tony Gwyn

      My guy

    15. Allen Rude

      good job Scott!

    16. Wesley Breznik

      That dadgum Skeeter Bug is looking good Scott!!

    17. Zufex Rybak

      Greetings from Portugal! your passion for the sport really reach every corner of the world, your videos made me so into fishing thank you! you the best! Keep strong!

    18. Brad the Bad Bassmaster Clark

      Love Knoxville, someday I'd like to fish it Great Video too Scott!!

    19. D Bender

      When you're not catchin fish ask yourself "what would Hilary do?!?!".

    20. Austin Beachy

      Keep up the great content!!

    21. Brian Patrick

      Tough conditions, but I’m still in your corner!

    22. ed nesbit



      Well done Scott know you'll get that Elite trophy keep fishing hard love the vids much love basstastic south africa

    24. Pascal Mathieu

      Great stuff Scott !! Keep it up !!

    25. SoUncleCal

      Love watch you and your dad

    26. Barrett Parker

      I have been fishing since I was 5 I am 15 now and I want to go on my first tournament you inspire me to do my best when fishing and how to rage when I lose a big one (you throw your rod down and jump up and down screaming that was a big one dude)

    27. Shawn Fox

      Did anyone else get that Lunkertext ad? That is the first 5 minute ad I’ve ever watched 😂

    28. Jacob Hale

      That new intro is 🔥🔥🔥

    29. mrtennesse

      wish i could go fishing but the boat motor isnt working rn :(

    30. Fishing Made Easy

      nice editing

    31. Shane Houck

      Scott Martin. Do you remember a Fort Loudon Legend by the name of Sonny Lee. I fished with Sonny and he told me about Drawing you in a Tournament.

    32. TheJokers420 KC

      Scott your the man between you and the googan squad spreading positivity i am starting to pursue my dream to fish. Regularly and try to start tournament fishing myself its a grind and a process to get to that point i know but im here im ready and my whole heart is in it as of right now im counting down the days for the bass to start moving up onto beds being up north in Michigan the fishing has not quite picked up yet but cant wait till it does keep up the good work

    33. Cory Hall

      I get so hyped watching Scott fish makes me try to get out on the water.

    34. Brice Willoughby

      I started fishing after watching your KGup and now my son and I get to enjoy it together. 🎣

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s so awesome!

    35. bill5074

      Great effort, look forward to Pickwick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Bank2Boat Fishing

      Cant wait till you come to guntersville

    37. Ashton Collier

      Wheres the new one

    38. Jake Richardson

      Scott, loved your point on getting more people interested in this sport. Personally, I am a 21y/o college student and youre videos have made me fall in love with fishing again. I havent been since i was 8 with my grandfather and now i go out every weekend and it brings back that same feeling. Youre an awesome influence keep doin whatchu do man

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you sooo much!! That means the world to me!

    39. Kluck Fabrication

      So is Bart doing these edits?

      1. Scott Martin

        Macoy is

    40. Waylon Parham

      The guy that your taking a pic with at 25:26 is my cousin

    41. klc3478

      Looking forward to seeing you win your first tournament of the elite series!

    42. Will S

      Great job man! Awesome to see u following in your dad's footsteps! Best of luck this year! Looking forward to all your videos. Very entertaining!

    43. Riley Bray

      I can not wait till the elites get to Orange Texas gone to every even since my Small town got to host them. Not very big bass but we always have big Crowds

    44. Lian Human

      Oh Scott we love you, your such a likable person rooting for you from South Africa 🇿🇦

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!!

    45. Chase Rogers

      Can y’all make a video on camera equipment and starting a fishing channel?

    46. Forza Marco

      Go get em, Scott!

    47. Caleb Rogers

      If a comment helps for support, dropped. Keep it up dude.

    48. Kyle Phelps

      Go Scott!

    49. Johnny Arial

      Man the time is finally here. Boats all ready lakes are thawed out, scott martin got tournament videos up. Things are looking up. Man winter is depressing. Tightlines everyone. Scott you look hungry, I can see it in your eyes. Go get u some!!!

    50. Sledgefist1

      Scott please try out the Perch colored Rapala Jerkbait. I think you will be surprised. It’s my deadly weapon here in Washington State.

    51. Put Em In The Boat

      I still cannot fathom why these videos don't pull in 1M views each. The edits, music, content, footage quality is all top knotch.

    52. Josh Wollman

      Really enjoy your videos 🎣🇨🇦🎣glad to see you at Bass

    53. Trent Gooch

      What power bank are you using to keep your Gopro charged while recording? Thanks!

    54. Brian Bagwell

      Great job!

    55. Arthur Boussart

      Scottttttyyyy! Yo brotha Im a delivery driver, so I’m always in the truck.... how’s about making a podcast of your trips in the truck and just tell fishing stories or something along that line... something good to listen to while I’m driving... I’ve already listened to all of your interviews on podcast so now I’m bored!!! I’ll listen to anything Scott Martin and I’m sure many many more as well!!

    56. Sheepdog812

      The edits in the last videos have been next level. Great stuff!

    57. Timothy Branam

      My guy needs to learn the John b hook set

    58. Reloading123

      Why no plastics?

    59. Rob Buchanan

      No apologizes sir , at the end of the day great tips, and amazing footage

    60. Rob Buchanan

      Hell yeah mr Martin, may I call you Scott, I'm 44 years old and most of RiverPirates crew are in their mid 20s. We push for more educational content that would appeal to showing the younger anglers. We aren't about Walmart challenges. I educate about the eco system we fish in here in Richmond Virginia

    61. Bryan Peterson

      These last 2 vids are prolly the best fishing vids I have ever seen! Bravo buddy!👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻🎣

    62. Ryan Ayala

      Good luck and god bless

    63. GC Fishing

      Just curious on your thoughts of all these new videos (on tik tok) of showing kids trespassing on private ponds, just like Jon B did back in the day and the rest of the googen squad did. Then being confronted from the community who live there, for them trespassing. But the squad endorses this behavior and breaking laws.... do you enjoy watching this? And enjoy watching this behavior? I agree fishing is for everyone, but I don’t agree, it’s private and your “crew” thinking it’s for them too because there making a video and can’t “read”... private no trespassing. But apparently you think it’s okay to break that law.... your endorsement backs that behavior of this nonsense and disrespectful behavior. You good with that?

    64. Cade Crocker

      spinner bait is always in play!

    65. Jim Warden

      Good job.

    66. Kevin Reynolds

      Great tourney and again...another great video! Keep grinding man one of these next few will be in the cards!

    67. TripleAstyle1 A

      Scott- your a great fisherman, will be a legend someday like your father...... but for whatever reason Dave Mercer stands out in this video even if hes only in it for a second....- I think I watched too many of his goofy ass youtube videos over the years and now his voice is stuck in my head. He IS THE GUY to have announcing for weigh-ins and reporting. Keep up the amazing videos Scott.

    68. Chase

      Can we talk about the boat up on the bank near the end of the video? :D

    69. So Fishy

      hey scott whats the deal with keeping the depth range on the livescope so deep?

    70. Mark

      Oh booyyyyy I cant wait for this season!!!! who else is pumped just by watching Scott Martin.. best intro to date🤘

    71. A&M Clevel

      I cannot wait to see Scott Martin hoist his first Elite Series Trophy over his head!!! Its coming, I can sense it!! Better win while you can Scott because Hillary Sue is fast on your heels! Haha Love you guys!

    72. Albin Berglund

      Great video! I love the series! Even though I’m from Sweden and has zero connection with bassfishing I love your series and I will follow the series all season for sure. So thank you Mr. Martin for creating great content for us to enjoy!

    73. Greg Staton

      Here in your home state of Florida we are behind you Scott.Stay humble and fish hard.

    74. robert alexander

      Great job Scott been following you forever. Good points day. Btw I met your pops on Sunday at headwaters Florida and he’s still got it doing the guide thing. Got a pic with him. Something on my bucket list. Have to love Florida fishing was a great vacation for a week. 82 and sunny most of the week.

    75. fly fly

      Great content as always! Thanks

    76. Robert Jacobs

      Well done Scott!

    77. Trump 2020

      what top speed on your bass boat?



    79. Kade Green

      Good luck at the next one!!

    80. Derek graziano

      Why u breathing so heavy ??? Lol

      1. Deeper Frequencies

        His dad always did the same, I'd say hereditary.... or just the rush.

    81. Scott Morningstar

      Scott Martin ur awesome been following you for years n I will support Hillary when she also goes pro she works her butt off she's as good as you she learned from the best!

      1. Scott Martin

        She is a savage!

    82. Eric Baker

      Good job Scott

    83. Scruffy City Fishing

      Hey Scott, you fishing any of the opens this year? I see there is one on Douglas lake also in Tennessee.

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll just be fishing the Elite series this year

    84. DK-Bassing

      This one was tough for everybody. Next one you got em 👊

    85. Drake Rummel

      11:40: sounding like B-Lat! Haha we cookin!

    86. Scruffy City Fishing

      No need to apologize for not catching them! That’s a normal day for me haha! Still love fishing!

      1. Scott Martin

        😂thanks man!

    87. CerealKiller979

      Congratulations on making the Elites! I see a title run coming next year!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Let’s hope you are right!

    88. Steven Bernard

      Pickwick should be better for you. Some donkey's small mouth in there. You can't win them all. But it's still a struggle to beat the competition. They are hammers

      1. Scott Martin

        Ya I’m looking forward to pickwick. The competition is the best part about the elites. It’s more difficult but that’s what makes it fun.

    89. Jake Schisler

      You are such an awesome guy, Scott! Loved the video, too!

    90. brian christy


    91. Chris Kilby

      Great videos, glad to have had ya in East TN. Would you ever do a “revisit” of your 2021 Elite stops and come back and fish each lake for fun and footage?

      1. Chris Kilby

        I believe it would make for good Scott Martin Challenge episodes!

      2. Scott Martin

        Maybe so?

    92. Pyatt Kayak Bassin

      Videos keep getting better and better.

    93. 251 REELING

      Martin and Canterbury the lip ripn duo!!!Great catches on a tough fishery.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man


      You see the boat in the bank wow


      Quit cussing when things don’t go your way. Do you remember how God filled the nets to sinking their vessel with fish. Your baits and rods are the nets, don’t forget to open your drain plugs from the rain

    96. Stephen latimer

      well done to both scotts. cheers from australia.

    97. BEAR

      Pretty good showing for your first Elite tournament ❗✌️🤘👍 Keep grinding it will come‼️🤘😁🔥

    98. Suburb Kyle

      Expanding the sport is a double edged sword. It's great to get more people involved, but on the other hand the over-crowded, over-pressured lakes just get worse.

      1. Austin Lightcap

        I feel it being from California we have giant bass but our lakes aren’t even a quarter of the size of the majority of lakes in the rest of the states still catching them though

    99. MYoutdoors

      love the little tips on the baits!

    100. Tony Bell

      Yo! so let me give a shout out to my Boy! McCoy! On these dope Azz editing Skillz McCoy you have a gift! Please keep wowing your viewers, as Jor-El says “keep testing your limits” Love the content looking forward to the future😎 God Bless