How To Catch BIG Bass on a Topwater Frog - LIVE CATCH!

Scott Martin

31 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Big Bass Topwater Frogs!! Scott Martin shows you the basics of HOW TO Catch a BASS on a Topwater Frog
    This How To Series is a easy to understand instructional video that will help choose the right lure, color, line and rod for your next fishing trip.
    Please share this video as we want to educate as many new fisherman as we can.
    Drop a comment and let us know what “How To’s” we should do next.
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    1. Scott Martin

      What’s the biggest fish you have caught on a frog?? Let me know!

      1. Braves Fan

        I caught a 3 pounder on a mini frog in brown and that was my PB!!🐟🐟🎣🎣

      2. TheCQ100

        Scott Martin 6 lbs 2oz!

      3. Nick S.

        About 2 pounds on a google filthy frog.

      4. Anthony Withem

        12lbs 4oz it was 29" long and 22" around

      5. Brian Sherrill

    2. Faceless Being

      One thing I've learned is whether you are on a boat or the bank, keep on fishing it to the very edge. Dont think you are out of the strike zone and let your guard down. Many times I've caught 5+ pounders 2-3 feet from the shore.

    3. TheLogz

      Hi Scott, pop or non-pop frog ? I might miss it in the video but don’t know which one to pick for which situation thanks you and awesome video!

    4. TeamReactionStrike

      Love the frog bite. And the whopper plopper

    5. TheCQ100

      Do a chatter bait video next!

    6. Reid Dow


    7. juan alvarado

      Do swimbaits


      Hillary is gonna go pro soon i know it


      a 11 pound largemouth actually my pb

    10. Andrew Wade

      A jig an swim jig an what's the difference

    11. Travis Spaniel

      Do you ever fish ned rigs? Can you do a how to video on them? Thanks for the how to videos!

    12. John Wilson

      can you cover the top water basics for plugs

    13. BlackDeath

      I'd like to see different ways you fish a senko, i throw many ways and have good luck but am curious if there's another way to catch more and better fish

    14. Brad Palm

      great video thanks for the tios

    15. Nick S.

      Thanks for the tips.

    16. Doug Oster

      Hurray for Hillary and showing fishing is a family affair. Ever fish with the Dark Sleeper? I've got a few, but I haven't caught anything on them.

    17. Bemidji, MN Outdoors

      How old is Hillary? I’m just wondering because she looks like she’s got at least 15 years of experience in fishing!

    18. Andrei Sereda

      Scott where is ur buddy Brandon????

    19. Hank Xiong

      How to catch a 1rod1reel not fishing

    20. David Moncrief

      Scott I would like to know I’d there are any saltwater lures that catch bass!

    21. BassGeek

      Man I can't wait to do some frog fishing.

    22. Deejay Mcgehe

      Your camera guy know about setting the hook and it flying back hahahaha

    23. Chris Rogers

      8:36 you can see the new motor

    24. ON THE FLY

      Whopper plopper

    25. Rylan Sills

      Nice tips

    26. foubert45

      Shoulda said, “Long cast, near the grass, hook the bass.”

    27. irhodium

      ive always loved frog fishing, i have recently started using spooks. if you have any secrets for using spooks it would be nice to know.

    28. Luke Dieter

      Love how he says you have to have a heavy rod mean while I use a 7 foot medium heavy.

      1. Clapmando

        Me to. Can only carry so many on a kayak.

    29. Helmethut

      nice fish but what is that hanging off the back of the boat? Have I missed the reveal? hehehe

    30. Brandon Dotson

      never used a frog... I might have to try it now

    31. Mr. Payne13

      You can not bend the hooks on all frogs. I tried and broke one of my hooks. Unless I did something wrong. Great video Scott! I love seeing you fish with your daughter. The bond you two have is priceless!

    32. Eric Bolton

      love your videos especially the ones where you give us your expert advice , me and my son watch them and then go try and apply them , thank you Scott

    33. Trucker King

      Are you not doing any tournaments?

    34. OutdoorsTv WithEvan

      I love these vids they help out a lil to next one can u do a punching video!! 🎣🎣

    35. Ghosty Prince 720

      But i caught a black bass with a swimbait at the bank

    36. Ghosty Prince 720

      Not on a frog yet

    37. Trent Kerr

      Your make a wish video is the greatest thing someone could do!!! Your a great man Scott Martin keep up the great videos my kids and I love you!!!

    38. Hartley Daniel

      When is your next tournament?

    39. Detstormvet7991 Rider

      That was awesome

    40. jdogg661420

      i still never got a topwater in 3 years bass fishing.. though i dont throw it often.. i go more in the dead times to fish.. though.. im too lazy to get up early on days off.. and i have tried at the night bite but it doesnt seem to work well here.. though this lake doesnt have a lot of bushes in water or any lily pads ect.. its mainly all underwater. though the lower has tons of grass right now.. its closed till at least september since there is a fire at the lake more north and they set up the base camp for the fire crews at castaic... so i wont be fishing for a bit i guess. nice vid man.. are you guys gonna update on who won the poles? take care man and good luck on some big big fish.

    41. Aaron Krause

      Nice vid! Would love to see a video on how to do a punch rig. There’s not much use for one where I’m at but I’ll be at Okeechobee in a few months and plan on trying one and would love any tips about it 👍🏻

    42. Trae Fleischmann

      what motor does he have on?

    43. Gerald Johnson

      Scott, why haven’t you done an update video on the motor company you chose after Evinrude resigned?

      1. Chris Rogers

        It's a yahama you can see it in the video around 8:35

    44. Kenny Sampson

      Slayed them on a poppin frog yesterday. A lot of fun. Never really use them much, usually used the horny toads.

    45. Roger Young

      Thanks for a great video and information. A couple of questions, please. Do you ever use a monofilament leader or is just straight braid? I use yellow or other easy to see braid, should i leave it as is or color it with a Black Sharpie? What knot do you se to tie the line to the frog? If the bottom of most frogs are white, why does the top color , that the bass will likely never see matter? Thanks again for these vidS! Tightlines!

    46. Dr.Max9 Yt

      Of course he doesn’t mention the new 6th sense Vega frog

    47. Ethan Eveler

      Hi I am a new fan of your channel I like hunting and fishing. I go trout fishing and fishing at the beach I caught a 19 1/2 inch rainbow trout a year ago. And one last thing nice big bass I want to do more bass fishing I want to sometime go bass fishing in Florida.

    48. Eric The Red

      Happy to see Hil sporting the 4-ocean bracelets!

    49. Blazed and Confused

      Totally dig these tips.

    50. Guy Holloway

      Great video Scott

    51. Cade Wozney

      One question, do you ever cut the legs on the frogs so the bass don’t just bite the legs?

    52. Mark Farley

      Going Surf Fishing for the 1st time over Labor Day weekend on Bolivar Peninsula (TX), Wouldnt mind seeing a video about that.

    53. Doskiie

      No idea what it's called, but i seen a frog with a spinner (Colorado blade) on the back of it . It was awesomeness !

    54. Robert Jacobs Fishing

      Hllary is on fire (as usual!)

    55. Greg Clark

      I fish alot of small Farm ponds in south Georgia I haven't had much luck on a frog but Ive caught a lot of nice Bass on the zoom speed craw which looks just like a frog swimming I can't figure out why I'm not having much luck on the frogs like you're using tho any tips ?

    56. Brady Michael

      Can you do bladed baits

    57. Piya Chetty

      Thanks Scott 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣💯

    58. Jeremy Duncan

      I’d bet my years salary that your daughter could mop the floor with some professional anglers out there on some pro tours, and she’s young! Good job Scott! Hope to see her out there one day ripping lips on the big stage.

    59. j w

      Where have you been? Keep the videos coming!!! Good information Scott!! Thanks!

    60. Andrew Mckay

      Scott that looks like Headwaters Lake?

    61. Rad Reeling Fishing

      Wow, you could clearly see her pause before driving the hook set. Awesome video Scott, thanks for sharing. Do you ever fish a Johnson weedless spoon?

    62. Charles Strong

      Awesome video next to frog fishing has got to be buzz bait fishing for intensity in blow up!

    63. Toby Neill

      You dad lovessss them frogs!!!

    64. Patrick Davis

      Biggest fish on a frog was 5.2lbs caught earlier this year

    65. Patrick Davis

      Frogs are my all time favorite bass bait thanks for the tips and I would like to know what type of knot you use to tie on your frogs I have gotten some different information so what do you recommend?

    66. Brandon Burker

      The jackall kaera frog is the best frog on the market. Hillary can out fish them googans

    67. Bass Raider

      Very nice!🤙👊

    68. Chris Harney

      Do your tips for a Carolina rig, bring it back old school

    69. Pamela Klemp

      For me this is a "dream come true" video. My primary interest in fishing is throwing the 🐸. Seeing Hillary preform the hook set gave me such motivation! ♥️ It. My one major obstacle is finding a good rod that is a HEAVY ACTION ROD and is still AFFORDABLE on a Senior Citizen's very modest budget. I fish from a very small boat. So I'm still figuring out what and how to make 🐸 🎣 work well for me. Any suggestions would be of great benefit to me and others who are navigating the waters and their limited budgets. Thank you, in advance, for any suggestions, especially what rod to buy before the summer season ends. I currently have a Lew's SMASH M/H but I know that combo does NOT have the 💪 to get the 🐸 🎣 done. Thanks again! Way to GO HILLARY -- YOU'VE GOT THIS 👏👍🙌 !!

    70. uneathharrison

      Were you shooting this video out at that new lake in Florida with 1million bass?

    71. 6 Ner0

      I wanna see the triple threat video. The three generations fishing together. Three diff lures tied on. First person to catch 3 fish wins

    72. doug

      Roland martin vs trash talking James

    73. Big As A Biscuit

      How do you find your fishing spots.

    74. Jarrod Wilson

      Love to sling that frog around, oh and btw. I see that Yami on the back 😏. Good choice

    75. Michael Uwich

      Hey SCOTT I’d really like to see you make a video on top water baits what’s the best way to work them

    76. Jeff Jacobs

      Great Video!! I love the bond that you and Hillary have and the passion you share for fishing. I watch her videos as well and shes so much like you its incredible. I would love to see some instructional videos on twitch and jerk baits and maybe the comparison between the two. Keep the content coming.

    77. Cotton Top Outdoors

      Great Job guys! I would like to see either one in depth review of finesse style, lures, reels, rods, etc. kind of when, where, and how to use them

    78. bigbadbri08

      What reels are ya using in this vid that are 8:1

    79. A Scarpitti11

      He’ll yeah hill nice catch. 🎣🤙🏻nice Florida bigginnn bassss

    80. Jeff Cartee

      My 6 year old daughter loved when Hilary caught the big bass!!!!! She absolutely loves fishing too!!!!!

    81. Tom Baldwin

      Woohoo... finally got my SMC fix for the day! I'd love to see one of my grandkids hook up on a bass like the one Hillary caught. I'd never be able to go fishing without them after that... lol

    82. Patrick McCarl

      Scott you and your daughter are absolutely awesome. My biggest fish on a frog would be 4 to 5 pounds. I love using rattle traps. Do you have any advice for summer bass on rattle traps?

    83. Jake Martin

      Another great informational video🐠🎣! Try carp fishing sometime with rod and reel, it's super fun🐠🐟! Like always keep up the hard work👍👌🤙🐡!

    84. C Dubbya

      You should do a video on crankbaits

    85. Randy Gilbert

      Great video. Thanks for the tips!

    86. Sonny Morrison

      I like that rod send me one👍👍love your videos

    87. Bossshit 200

      Love all the vids

    88. Shane Hall

      I look forward to the day I get to try one of your frogs. I have been in the air force for 20 years and it's been hard to chase after anything outside the military that I wanted. I have had a dream to become a pro angler now for quite a few years...lately I've finally been able to start learning and fishing more. Yes that makes me a new angler....but I love watching all your videos. I've learned so much from them in a short time. I hope and pray all the time for the ability to become a tournament fisher. I also love that your a fellow believer. GOD IS GREAT!!!! Take it easy Mr. Martin. And again...thank you for your awesome videos!

    89. Bennie Maxwell

      Thanks Scott. Just started using frogs recently and it has been a blast but I you showed me some good tips that I will be applying next time out. Especially on setting the hook. I missed a lot of fish and quite a few frogs flying at my head because I overreacted out of excitement and set that hook right away

    90. Rodney Smiley

      Think you slick. I seen that 250 sho

      1. Keith DeSalvo

        Saw that as well..Sneaky

    91. Brice Willoughby

      Have you ever done spinner baits on a vlog ?

    92. The Woodshop

      Devil's horse

    93. Ben Rogowski

      Wish I could catch a fish haven’t caught one in so long on my ponds or lakes

    94. Phil Tarbox

      4 lb largemouth on Lake Champlain

    95. The Reel Angler

      Hill Dog is a killer. Nicest!

    96. Ashtin Stone


    97. Ashtin Stone

      Scott can you post a video of you and Hilary’s favorite 2 combos and 2 favorite boats

    98. kason mcmullin

      Thanks for the froggin tips, Scott! My biggest on a frog is probably 2 pounds. I’ve just started throwing them this year though.

    99. Dustin Worley

      Best advice I’ve ever heard, was from you. Remember a video you made and you said give them a second, say he’s got it and bam set the hook. Best advice ever.

    100. Crazy King

      Ned rig and it’s presentation