Lose and You get SMASHED by a falling house!! | That escalated quickly...

Team Edge

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    Hey guys! In this video, Joey and Bryan fight against each other in a trivia battle! Bobby will give them trivia questions and if they answer incorrectly, a house gets lowered on them! If they answer enough questions incorrectly, the house will fall! We have trivia questions about Disney, Science, History, and even acting challenges! Can Joey and Bryan survive against Bobbys crazy questions? Comment down below! Some other videos you may like are We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!! | Larger Than Life!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Don’t Get SMASHED in the Shrinking Room!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win??
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    1. Keoni Morreira

      bryan should’ve gotten the mile part in my opinion cause i played it back slow mo 0.25 speed and i heard Bryan say first with j Fred just a mili second off in my opinion

    2. Henry’s Outdoors

      Bobby you should watch a Disney movie.

    3. TheSlyFox 24

      Alladin is really good Boby


      Cars 3

    5. Ruby Sanchez

      If your about to tell me too relax, I’m about to drop a house on your head

    6. Abraham Al-Ali

      15:44 what is Bryan doing 😂😂 I've watched that like 20 times

    7. Eva Whybrow

      My name is Eva

    8. Devin Fountain

      Bobby should be forced to watch nothing but disney movies until he has seen them all

    9. Kellie Flinn

      4:26 Am I the only one who noticed that when Bryan said "Who is Hans" and Bobby say it was correct angry? Cause its not Hans its Kristoff. Billy didn't watch frozen 2 also Bobby you called Anna "Anna" when its pounced "Ana".


      it was not j-Fred

    11. ZDawg 55

      Nine is no in german

    12. Jacobsen Patricia

      The serious fish syntactically destroy because dish contemporaneously stitch modulo a nonstop ex-husband. slow, rightful ophthalmologist

    13. Officer Sheep

      As a Russian I was cringing when they said “nein” to yes.

    14. Leo Cabrera


    15. Leo Cabrera

      You really can’t read any words but that larger word

    16. P McCormack

      Do sports questions

    17. Tyler J Capizzi

      he ran into the wall like a dumby

    18. Ben Leaver

      Bro Boby cant ever pernounce stuff nether can i but he calls him self "BOOBY"

    19. CS Productions

      I think you should ask questions about the matthias vlogs

    20. swecountrygirl

      The mandalorian

    21. Rowan Headington

      Next trivia: board games


      Hey can you make a Pokémon topic

    23. Evan B

      Star Wars

    24. Kimosabe

      Lion King

    25. Devotee


    26. Luke Marie

      Anybody see that Bobby’s hat said thicc

    27. LightningBepis


    28. Allyson Crumpler

      Bobbey should watch Moana and Hamilton

    29. Madelin Lunders


    30. Arkhalis

      Joey: There's only blonde people in Germany. Me: * dark blonde hair * Also me: That doesn't count, right?

    31. YOUR DAD

      Brian said it first

    32. Zeki's life

      15:45 Bryan be getting down tho

    33. Whitney Elizabeth

      Bobby...the lack of Disney knowledge is STAGGERING 😂 like you had to TRY to not know the answers to some of these. Watch Lilo & Stitch, though. Best Disney movie

    34. Kathy Weng Ka Leng

      I’m so surprised of Jfred ’s expertise on Biology 😂😂😂

    35. Hunton Schuelke

      Iron man

    36. savage Gang

      braien was faster to say a miel

    37. Hitesh annamraj


    38. Reginald Francis Silva

      Percy Jackson?

    39. Zezlink

      If you lose you die

    40. Natalie Schaffer

      Lion King

    41. Moon Light Eclipse Flare Phoenix

      Best Bobby Quete ever "Isn't snow white blond?".

    42. Moirai Eclipse

      bobby boi should watch the disney movie called... All of them, so he can STOP TAKING L's ON DISNEY MOVIE QUESTIONS

    43. gamerkid Galaxy

      I watch it in 0.25x playback and Joey said a first and Bryan said mile last so basically Bryan said it faster

    44. Abby Happy

      The Lion king bobby go watch it

    45. Hunter Peterson

      Next topic should be uhh memes

    46. Stop motion Potion 22


    47. Red Death

      Bryan: *dies on the ground* Bobby: I love it!

    48. Devenix8527

      Which Disney movie should Bobby watch? ALL OF THEM!!!

    49. Springtrap Smith

      Minecraft trivia question

    50. jojit camero

      Bobby: *Can't pronounce certain words for no reason* also Bobby: "supercalifragiliscticexpialidocious"

    51. Zaki Romeo

      at 17:44 it was so perfect...if you know what im talking about

    52. Aaron Heindel

      Wait but Kristoff proposed to Anna too...

    53. Alban Memedi


    54. Rockyhipper

      14:42 saving

    55. Sheriff Tac

      Honestly, I thought J-Fred was dumber than Bryan!

    56. Garnett Tomasi

      Bryan that was no in German

    57. Garnett Tomasi

      Wait do u watch Disney in free time or just with your kids?

    58. Flash Thanos Gaming

      I love how his hat say thicc

    59. AdamDaBoyYT Alt And Main

      When Bryan didnt respond when the house dropped on hi

    60. Sailor Mars ASMR


    61. Gianna Schinigoi

      Joey: " I most definitely didn't say that first."

    62. Gianna Schinigoi

      I want to see hockey trivia

    63. paul warren

      The opposite of up

    64. Doc_V6 1


    65. JJ S


    66. Emerson Klett

      you shod whach soul

    67. cally ravinclaw

      *me being a diabetic and listening to Bryan's answer* Can we lower his house so its on top of his head?

    68. Zoey Parker

      I think for the next trivia you guys should do camping for one of the options

    69. Mira Murra

      Oooo you should definitely do celebrity trivia or hi5/team edge trivia

    70. Lincoln King

      I counted 5 times that Joey cheated

    71. Maxi Reimann

      Bobby "Bavaria" i don't know how to pronounce german citys on the one hand Bavaria is the American name for Bayern om the other it's not a city but similar to a state("Bundesland")

    72. TheFallenFang

      Audio guy was wrong. That was 100% Bryan that said Mile first xD

    73. Sydney Cable

      Watch watch brave or Moana

    74. Jhai Cyane Goco

      bryan first

    75. H4f1z NFS

      Now we need a skyscraper

    76. Sam Obviously

      I like the way j Fred tried to hang Brian using a window as a nuse 😂

    77. awesome sauce gamer

      Meet the Robinsons

    78. i_iwhydad :/

      Lmao Bobby’s hard had says thicc on the side

    79. rain boi90


    80. Harold Eitel

      We he said supercalifragilisticexpialidocious I'm over there like you do know about the movie Mary Poppins?

    81. Harold Eitel

      Okay have you ever watched 101 dalmatians?

    82. Yumekawa X Kashikoma

      10:23 I almost died watching this part......literally. It takes real skill to make food and drink deadly 😂😂😂

    83. Dakota Dad

      What a rip off, they both survived after the houses dropped on them!? 😂

    84. That Guy

      quick info bavaria isnt german bavaria is the english name for Bayern

    85. Afnaan Sharif

      Who else got so scared when they dropped the house on Brian, I thought they would take him out and edit it together 😅😅

    86. mxaa :p


    87. Blossom 2003

      Descendants 1, 2 and 3

    88. Half Moon Jayfeather


    89. Yomaris Castillo


    90. MJ P

      Toy story any number is the movie Bobby should watch.

    91. Leviathan Studios

      I took biology! - Joey

    92. Fresh Bagel

      12:45 it was Bryan not joey

    93. Diana Hernandez

      I've never been chosen so I want the next trivia topic to be math as in Algebra

    94. McWatch

      anime topic

    95. Lori Brown


    96. Mason Wong

      17:33 Brian looks like Raihan from Pokemon sw/sh

    97. Logan Smith

      Mathias is going to watch this video and be like😡🤬🤬😡🙄

    98. Jen Z.

      Like why did he have to get out of Team EDGE he was the one who made it amazing from the very start

    99. Jen Z.

      I dead ass miss Matthias.

    100. John

      Loin king