Life on Station

NASA Johnson

11 млн көрүүлөр3 360

    B-roll of life aboard the International Space Station. Image credit: Courtesy NASA
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    1. Nar Ditok


    2. Eastern YellowJacket

      That strawberry shortcake with milk looks absolutely disgusting.

    3. Nancy paslein

      Btw how do they swallow food

      1. chicken soldier

        Your body wont let the food escape when you swallow. Even if you drink water upside down, your body wont let it pour down, so there is no difficulty other than maybe the food flying in your stomach but i think its not a problem too

    4. graylobo133

      Crazy skinny woman is annoying asf

    5. Weird Mint

      4:53 thats so trippy

    6. hello friends

      What does it feels like when your head cant decide which is up and down

    7. Rafael Oliveira

      Como é trazar ai?

    8. riswan aadil vlog


    9. XxMushiSushixX

      This video looks so 80s

    10. Aztech Illumna

      Have their food supply ever ran out xD

      1. chicken soldier

        I think a supply rocket failed once and they had to wait for 3 months to get fresh food again but they most likely have e ergency food

    11. Olga Kristina Natalia Siregar


    12. milson castro

      La NASA debería participar de la pandemia cobi19 porque es parte de la nave terrestre Sé ve cómo un resfriado estás loco arrastra 3 000 000 millón

    13. prashant Mishra


    14. MARIA Argeti



      Aku nyasar

    16. Laxo Play’s

      How come you don’t wear shoes in space

      1. Mudkip909

        @Crem on the treadmill bungee cord thing they do

      2. Crem

        Because they don't walk.

    17. psycleen

      nasa shameless liars

      1. Maciej Cholewa

        Still waiting for you for presenting any evidence that NASA lie:) come on Timmy it has been 3 weeks!.

      2. आकाशदीप रॉय

        Flat Earther

      3. Crem

        flat brained moron.

    18. woosh me if u gey

      Watching this at 3 am making me hungry now lol

    19. Emma Seddon

      That looks fun but hard

    20. J and S reads

      What happens if you put a weight up in space

      1. Mudkip909

        @Maciej Cholewa well technically like i said its 1 millionth but to be fair, its practically nothing (like you cant feel it).

      2. Maciej Cholewa

        @Mudkip909 weight is exactly 0 but mass is still there, if you put some mass on you only thing that will change is your moment of inertia.

      3. Mudkip909

        @Janne Lehtinen yes there is. But it’s like 1 millionTH of earth. So pretty much none. But with the iss’s immense weight, my napkin maths says the iss in space weighs 380 grams.

      4. Janne Lehtinen

        There is no weight

    21. Emiliano Navarro Herrera

      it would be really fun to live in space

    22. 이향제

      ㅎ ㅎ


      Feel like they are swimming in air lol

    24. Antar Lamm

      It doesn't make sense to me, that long hair are allowed in space. If they had all shaved heads, cleaning would be much easier.

    25. Amazonite

      Any one els notice that they have a destroyed camera

    26. MrZipper

      I thought it was really cool how, when handling the peanut can, he spun himself to pin the peanuts to the back of the can

    27. Doctor's Cuisine

      superman movies can be shot at iss without CGI, it will save CGI money

      1. chicken soldier

        It will not save money, tons of rocket fuel and liquid oxygen is much more expensive than a green room, ropes and a computer even if you used fully reusable rpckets

      2. sfs space agency

        Yes we need a module with green walls

    28. Tandle K

      It's already hard enough living here, but they have to live up there?

      1. Mudkip909

        Yea and they like it

    29. Reza Arvianto

      Bayangin tai lu melayang :D

    30. csncu_


      1. Crem


    31. Natt Herman

      1:35 oh my god thats genius, he's using centrifugal force too keep the nuts in the can :D

    32. maram juma

      this is my comfort video now thanks

    33. 抹茶


    34. chenoa

      Damn u never have to worry about ur clothes if you're eating something

    35. Herox Gaming

      These people are away from covid19 😂

    36. taufik bladen

      Mabar among us

    37. Nafis Hasnat

      How they bath?

    38. Nafis Hasnat

      Lol..A superman over there 2:40

    39. 20 Muhammad Kemal Abizar / 8F

      1:37 Almost looks like a catfood lmao

    40. Tauf 9

      Cuman gua doaang orang indo disini wkwk

    41. Anggita Tri Ayu Anisa


      1. Crem


    42. Riley B

      Yip me

    43. Vinex Game

      then what about your digestive system? how does food go down to the stomach? I always think that the food is floating in stomach ,,. 😂😂😂

      1. chicken soldier

        1, your body doesnt require gravity to pull food and drinks down, it uses muscles. 2, your stomach doesnt have air in it so when food comes, it always has contact

      2. Mudkip909

        I think it expands to fit more food idk

    44. caveira viva

      Que brisa 🤜🇧🇷🤛🤔🤔🤔

    45. Kaysee Vazquez

      I love space

    46. арик ханиф

      Berapa kecepatan internet disana

    47. E S

      When you poop, does it fly around you and you keep catching it or what ?

    48. KING WIND

      Saya sudah mulai memahami, ternya di planet bumi lebih asyik

    49. M S A Gaming

      How do you feel when you go home

    50. Isaac Clash

      Como vcs cheiram um pó no espaço?

    51. Mukesh kumar Gautam

      Very nice work

    52. humanity legend

      Hey nasa just any impostors lives there

    53. moeez hussain

      It means if you want to play pubg on an ipad to space (because its heavy )

    54. juoig7799

      I hope no one sets barrels of water loose to fly around the International SS...

    55. kyle gray

      The lackadaisical bar holly confess because wish alarmingly question with a sordid robin. righteous, vast behavior

    56. kyle gray

      The living red compatibly examine because spain normally wish than a lying fired. dangerous, instinctive option

    57. गाउ बेसि


    58. Ashif khan

      4:40 sunita williams 🙏

    59. Sruthi Sruthi

      Isn't that food come out from stomach after eating in space😂

      1. ann onn

        You can eat upside-down, right? Well then.

    60. Vivek Gautam

      Super man comes from this country

    61. kaja slys


    62. maga g

      Хм а тут есть русские

    63. Dear YASH


      1. Janne Lehtinen

        No. There are in fact no mosquitos in the vaccuum of space

    64. Julius Revillosa

      Let's see how those stpid cnts explain how these are stunts performed underwater.

    65. mama mimi

      Orang cerdas semua

    66. Ahıskalı

      Peki Yedigi yemek mideye nasıl iniyor 🙂🇹🇷

    67. Z.I.Q

      I keep forgetting that there's no gravity in space and when I see them pouring something I'm scared that it's gonna spill lmao

      1. Mudkip909

        @Z.I.Q ok so basically if you throw a box with a coin in it in the air, the coin will experience weightless relative to the box. This is kind of how 0G flights like on the vomit comet work. Now, instead of in the atmosphere, think of it as in space, with no air resistance to slow it down. The iss is basically like that. It’s pretty much falling and missing the earth because of the speed of the orbit n

      2. ann onn

        @Z.I.Q It's not. They are only 250 miles (400 km) above Earth. Gravity there is about 90% of gravity at sea level. If you want to experience zero gravity, you have to travel about 200,000 miles, almost to the Moon.

      3. Z.I.Q

        @ann onn obviously they need gravity to not go flying off into space, but it's pretty much zero gravity there so that's why i said zero gravity

      4. ann onn

        There is gravity in space. That's why they stay in orbit. They are in freefall. Not zero gravity.

    68. Maria lucia Ramos da silva

      Boa noite meus amigos eu estou aqui vendo os arquivos da NASA EU AMEI ESSE ESSES VÍDEOS AMEI DE VERDADE MANDAR MAIS VÍDEOS PARA NÓS VEMOS

    69. RealGate


    70. Default

      This is crazy bri

    71. Mimu


    72. mausul timberlake

      Ohh fantastic

    73. Maricel Mahinay


    74. Lion Gebriel

      Omg 😳 it is amazing! They have everything. I like the gym.

      1. Mudkip909

        @Amos Strömberg “they are thousands of Miles away” more like 254 miles. They can eat normal foods like we do, like apples. They can lie down, they have beds/sleeping bag things. And not all the walls are white.

      2. Amos Strömberg

        Lol they've got nothing. They have no larger social community, no flowers, no forests, no smell of the fresh spring breeze. They cannot lie down and contemplate life, but are in an incessant, constant floating around through white walls. Their eyes look tired and weak, as if being slightly suffocated. They are thousands of miles away from anything which is human society. Their muscles atrophy faster than ever. The only thing they have is foods in plastics, narrow valves and corridors and gym equipment to which they have to tie themselves while working out in order not to float away.

    75. Sjsjwjwj Ksks

      This was made 5 years ago but for them its like 1.5 days

      1. Maciej Cholewa

        @Default you don't have to be sorry, just learn from your mistakes!

      2. Default

        @Maciej Cholewa my IQ is low Im sorry

      3. Maciej Cholewa

        Seriously i don't know if you two are joking or have less IQ then dead worm.

      4. Default

        Theres time in space?

    76. Bob the Builder

      She is upside down

    77. Adi pranata


      1. Janne Lehtinen


      2. Iceayy

        Get a load of this idiot, just learned the letters g c and i.

    78. adith c

      Me doubting in which position I want to hold my phone

    79. VíƖl̺͆αıṅ B̸ąk̑̈υɢσȗ

      So that's what Among Us is really like.

    80. Satyam Singh

      0:33 shortest time ever taken to wash the hairs 😂😂😂

      1. ZeuX




    81. Syhril Rrr

      Mun hayang modol kumaha tai na ngapung atuhhh

    82. TurboLight

      I have a question: Can you get dizzy with zero g?

      1. TurboLight

        @Janne Lehtinen ohhh ok Thanks :)

      2. Janne Lehtinen

        Yes. Very much, but you get used to it

    83. حسنين عدنان

      Is there a toilet in the station, how does he relieve himself?


      2021 nih memek

    85. Mohammed Sharif

      What’s their job in space just eating

    86. Freski Dingo

      Это офигительно!

    87. احمد يحيي

      لمن أحس بضيق الصدر فى السماء ومن أحس بعدم التنفس فى الفضاء ومن طار ولم يجد الجاذبيه الأرضيه ومن وجد عيناه لاترى فى الفضاء الخارجى ومن وجد الشيب الابيض كسا شعره ومن نام طوال الليل ووجدوه ميتا فى الصباح ومن تحول جسد أحب الناس له بعد الدفن لتراب يوجد عندنا معشر المسلمين جواب منذ أكثر ١٤٠٠ سنة فقد أخبر الله تعالى الواحد الأحد رسوله محمد بالقرأن (( سنريهم آياتنا فى الآفاق وفى أنفسهم حتى يتبن لهم أنه الحق )) (( لاتنفذون إلا بسلطان )) بمعنى العلم (( ولو فتحنا عليهم بابا من السماء فظلوا فيه يعرجون لقالوا إنما سكرت ابصارنا ))بعلم يمن الله على من يشأء بالصعود ويظل صعودا وفجأة يحل ظلام دامس ويصرخ بمعنى قد عميت أبصارنا لانرى شيئا وبالفضاء لايوجد هواء للتنفس (( الله يتوفى الأنفس حين موتها )) فالموت موت برجعة عالم غربى درس توقيت السكته المخيه والسكته القلبيه ووجد الساعة ٨ صباحا إلا من يستيقظ فجرا ويتحرك وشرب كوب ماء لايصاب بالأزمة القلبيه أو المخيه والسبب أثناء الليل تهدأ الدوره الدمويه فيبطئ حركة الدم ولو ظلت الشرايين على حالتها لايتحرك الدم ويتجلط فمن رحمة الله جعل الجسم يفرز لمادة تضيق الشرايين حتى تغلق تماما الساعة ٨صباحا إلا من يستيقظ فجرا ويتحرك وشرب كوب ماء (( وإن يوما عند ربك كألف سنة مما تعدون )) بمعنى طول مسار القمر حول الأرض فى ألف عام يعادل وصول الضوء القمر للأرض فى يوم ومن هنا توصل لسرعة الضوء وتتطابق العلم بها بنفس القيمة (( وإنا لموسعون )) والمهم أقرب نجم ملتهب ٤ سنوات ضوئيه يقطع مسافة ٥٠ مليون سنة والنجوم تتباعد والقمر يتباعد ويزداد سرعة ويتقارب الزمن والكون يتسع (( آقتربت الساعة وانشق القمر )) لمن رأها فقد علمنها منذ القدم (( والشمس تجرى لمستقر لها)) كنتم فيما سبق تهاجمون وتشككون ولما فتح الله عليكم بجزء من العلم أيقنتم بصدق القرأن ومهما وصلتم من علم فالله قد أخبر رسوله بذلك لانه واحد أحد القرأن كلام الله والكون خلقه والعلم الذى وصلكم من الله الفضل فلابد أن يتفق الجميع وأن كان فى خلل فمن عقول البشر (( الله يتوفى الأنفس حين موتها )) فالنوم موت برجعة وبدراسه فى بلاد الغرب عن أوقات المرض المميت كالسكته المخيه أو القلبيه وجد الساعة ٨ صباحا إلا من يستيقظ فجرا ويتحرك وشرب كوب ماء لايصاب بالأزمة القلبيه أو المخيه والسبب أثناء الليل تهدأ الدوره الدمويه فيبطئ حركة الدم ولو ظلت الشرايين على حالتها لايتحرك الدم ويتجلط فمن رحمة الله جعل الجسم يفرز لمادة تضيق الشرايين حتى تغلق تماما الساعة ٨ صباحا محدثة الموت إلا من يستيقظ فجرا ويتحرك وشرب كوب ماء لايصاب بالأزمة القلبيه أو المخيه ((واشتعل الرأس شيبا)) أذا تراكم ماء الأكسجين بجسدك لأحدث إحتراق وأكسدة (( بمعنى واشتعل)) لانزيم صبغة الشعر ((منها خلقناكم وإليها ترجعون ))الله خلق ادم من تراب ثم جعل الله بجسدك ملايين البكتريا المخصصه لتأكل جسدك بعد الممات ولاتأكلك حيا إلا فى حالات مرضيه نادرة ولابد من التدخل الجراحى بالإستصال ، ثم تموت وتتحلل لتراب مرة ثانية وسؤالى لحضراتكم لو للمركبة الفضائية ثلاثة رؤساء لفشلت لامحال ولو لدولتك ثلاث رؤساء لفشلت لامحال وكذلك الكون الله واحد احد مبدع لما خلق ومحال أن يكون معه شريك

    88. belorde

      She is a super sayan

    89. احمد يحيي

      ذكرى لمن لديه عقل أتعلمون نحن معشر المسلمون أن الله أخبر رسوله محمد بالقرأن بمن يصعد فى السماء ستنعدم الجاذبية ويحل ظلام دامس ((ولوفتحنا عليهم بابا من السماء فظلوا فيه يعرجون لقالوا إنما سكرت ابصارنا )) ولن يكون هناك هواء كما أخبر الله رسوله محمد بالقرأن (( والرياح المسخر بين السماء والأرض )) (( كأنما يصعد فى السماء )) بمعنى لايستطيع التنفس سؤالى لى حضرتك لو كان للمركبة الفضائيه ثلاث رؤساء لفشلت لامحال ولم نسمع لأى دوله ثلاث رؤساء لفشلت وكذلك الكون الخالق سبحانه وتعالى واحد احد مبدع لما خلق ومحال أن يكون معه شريك((لذهب كل إله بما خلق )) ولا تحسبن تذكير لكم فضل علم فالديكم فنون العلم الحديثه ولكن مهما علمت أو سوف تكتشفون فنحن معشر االمسلمين نعلمه منذ القدم (( سنريهم آياتنا فى الآفاق وفى أنفسهم حتى يتبن لهم أنه الحق ))

    90. Cherub BB

      LI(f)E ON STATION NASA = Not A Spacial Agence

      1. Iceayy




    92. Bob the Builder

      Alot of heir spray and hang upside down... This is fake af... You can see the harnesses guys.. Jokes over

      1. Iceayy

        @Bob the Builder oh god that video got debunked hardcore.

      2. Bob the Builder

      3. Bob the Builder

        @Iceayy then send the originals and your debunking methods... you cart say its cgi when it is cgi green screens /harnesses...

      4. Iceayy

        @Bob the Builder They. Did. Not. Delete. Anything.

      5. Bob the Builder

        @Iceayy it's the censorship like I mentioned.. the originals are gone now also.. it's our responsibility to catch them out again just be watching

    93. A_J_A_Y

      Space station I will destroy b🤬

    94. Abyannathan Nathan

      Gabisa bahasa Inggris

    95. uncle iting kribo

      you are like superman.. flyyyyyyy

    96. prince bernal

      I cant imagine when you have heart attack in the space

    97. RG• TULA PAN

      Me dieron unas ganas de estudiar

    98. Cibele Bovo

      alguem Brasil eu amo a nasa

    99. Lucas Silva

      Actornauts 😍