Joe Biden’s Grandkids Reflect On Close Relationship With Their ‘Pop’ | TODAY All Day


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    Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley and grandkids - Naomi, Finn, Natalie and Maisy - share an intimate look into their relationship with the lifelong public servant they call dad and pop including how they attempted to teach him Instagram.
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    Joe Biden’s Grandkids Reflect On Close Relationship With Their ‘Pop’ | TODAY All Day

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    1. Timothy Gumenik

      Nice looking family members.

    2. Adam Hunsicker

      The lopsided reward lovely love because undershirt certainly protect down a demonic lasagna. tested, loose clover

    3. cesar augustus


    4. Amber Smith


    5. Shang 尚Angie 跃颖

      the one in the sweater is a little butch.

    6. William Willard

      I bet he liked hugging his granddaughter s?

    7. elenarodriguez

      Am I the only one who thinks they are like hiding something?

    8. Roberta Rodriguez

      The perfect fake family, I cracked up when Biden says he has good relationships with his 5grandkids, even a LIBERAL reporter stood up and said, I thought u had 7

    9. GoCruit

      Trump loved his children and grandchildren just as much. Most grandparents love their grandchildren, but that does not translate into being a wonderful leader. God have mercy on this country under the Biden/Harris scheme. No ill will towards his family, seem nice enough, ignorant bliss!

    10. Cheryl af

      These people love their own families, they just don't love the normal person! Not going to be good for the so-called elitist's!

    11. vambo13257

      we call him Corn Pop

    12. iris p

      Natalie looks like Hailey Steinfield and Maisie looks and dresses exactly like one of my best friends funnily enough

    13. 飯塚忠光


    14. Tyler FoXx

      Jenna is so beautiful and what an amazing interview I watched all 18 minutes and 20 seconds. God bless you Jenna Bush and your dad and your mom and your grandparents thank you for your service to the United States of America we love you Jenna.

    15. Tyler FoXx

      I love you FLOTUS Biden ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    16. Ash M

      Jenna Bush is doing what Ivanka Trump couldn't.

    17. Bella


    18. Bella

      This makes me wanna cry omg

    19. tee vee

      They called their granddad and an illegal president magically voted in by massive, unprecedented election fraud on a global scale. Buck fiden.

    20. Maria Basco

      The Luciferian DemonCrats and RINOs family. Biden, Bush, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Mitchell, Barr, Waters, and most of the US government. The family that supports each other's interests.

      1. Maria Basco

        @Ash M He woke up and realized how evil your DEMONcRATS are, that’s why he walked away. Are you enjoying your Fraudently selected Beijing Biden as the Commander-in-THIEF/SNIFF? He’s destroying 🇺🇸 America. He lets illegals in and couldn’t even take care of our own. Wake up America 🇺🇸

      2. Ash M

        It never ceases to amaze me how you MAGA morons call old school Republicans "RINOs", meanwhile Donald Trump was a registered Democrat while George W. Bush was President 😭Trump literally ran as a Republican in Name Only because he saw a path to presidency

    21. Maria Basco

      Poor girls. I wonder if.... hmmmm

    22. James Madison

      Finally a family America can like Lol Trump you mad 😡

    23. B Browne

      "Big Guy" gonna give 'em their moolah on steroids now.

    24. Estella LoFranco

      This video is so refreshing. It's beautiful to watch such graceful ladies. tears are streaming down my eyes.

    25. 2020 Make it Stop

      One grandkid was racing President Biden on the arcade Mario Kart at Camp David. Already going for epic status! Love it!

    26. jb

      Are there any secret doors is there anything you can tell us just? Pop just live there for 8 years!!!! four short years ago girls have really been raised there

    27. jb

      "Great speaker ".... uhhhh lok

    28. jb

      Telsi Gabbard could have won-- Joe is being used and yell should stop the abuse

    29. jb

      If only they would open up about the molestation and family secrets written about in the diary-and all over their faces.

    30. Wyman Clark

      The real question is does it make them uncomfortable when he's sniffing around them. Don't say it don't happen because you are truly brainwashed. How's everyone liking the higher gas prices, for that matter all prices are going up, jobs going down. Sounds like a fun adventure is right around the corner. I want to be nice but facts don't care about your feelings. Kleenex on isle nine, they have cases.

    31. Farisha O'Garo

      Where’s hunter tho

      1. James Madison

        Laughing at Trump

    32. gerry cartwright

      what a wonderful family what a wonderful man

    33. War is Peace Ignorance is Strength

      Anyone that thinks this is a wholesome family, obviously isn't from Delaware 😂

      1. War is Peace Ignorance is Strength

        @James Madison That's not what your mom says🤗

      2. James Madison

        Anyone who cares about Delaware isn’t really anyone 😂

    34. Dish Washer

      This is hilarious. He’s a crook.

      1. Honesty Douglas

        Bye hater

    35. Andra McDowell

      😍❣️😍💙💎💙 love them & President Biden. Thanks for sharing. More please. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    36. Natasha Austin

      What does Natalie call Hunter?

    37. Nasir Uddin

      Joe 1.🇺🇸💙👫💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

    38. Nasir Uddin

      Joe 1.🇺🇸💙👫hi

    39. 4evaFanFuruba

      Jenna is so gracious

    40. Ava Jara

      The magenta vulture demographically last because soil resultantly note underneath a subdued romania. best, ludicrous airport

      1. Quizlin Saxophone Academy

        The red shoe is ready for the next day or the next week

    41. S

      How fake...

    42. Lisa Howell

      Loved this whole conversation! Finally, role models I can be comfortable sharing with my young daughter.

    43. Amal Barber

      Maisey is so cool

    44. Ena Clarke

      BB bb

    45. Huddle Up with Gus

      Biden should be in jail and he certainly did not win 80 million votes, it was stolen

    46. Charlie Brown

      Are they all alittle fat?

    47. Charlie Brown

      This is AUSOME Total Fake Woke TRUMP 2024

    48. cesar augustus


    49. cesar augustus


    50. Jesse Aledonis

      Oh I'm soooo touched while Pops pushes a depopulation plan !

    51. Chris Ward

      Where is the newest one ? Perhaps Hunter is putting Navy Joan to bed ?

    52. Nikkin N

      Beautiful women. BidenHarris2020

    53. cesar augustus

      You’re beautiful Naomi. 💙

    54. cesar augustus

      Naomi which ones you lol 🥺💙

    55. Branka Shekhdar

      Beautiful girls, ALL of them , INSIDE AND OUT! So.... happy we have John Biden as our President, a capable politician , a true patriot, a wonderful family man, a man who believes in the power of LOVE , RESPECT and COMPASSION. May God bless him and guide him in all of his decisions. I am confident that America will once again be #1! 🙏❤️

      1. Ginger Bella

        You don't even know the real name of who you call your President. His name is Joe Biden not John Biden 🤣

    56. R E

      America made a bad decision voting for liberal Joe Biden.

      1. Weasel_Jeff

        @Den Wolff nah why you so mad

      2. Weasel_Jeff


    57. Nasir Lanier

      Everytime something releases on the media about Biden Republicans:TRUMP 2021 THE ELECTION IS RIGGED They could be talking about Biden Fixing a roof and Trump Supporters bring up an election

      1. Nasir Lanier

        @R E Whatever helps you sleep at night

      2. R E

        Joe Biden cheated and it was rigged.

    58. qwerttzizzi

      A daughter of a republican president interviewing the granddaughters of a democratic president? Would never happen with the republican politicians nowadays or Ivanka Trump

      1. CODDLCRU

        @Crooked Halo the guy said you’d never see this with republican candidates and I replied with democratic candidates too

      2. Tesla-V

        The political class is a team. That is why. Time you figured that out.

      3. Crooked Halo

        @CODDLCRU What?

      4. Ash M

        @Ginger Bella Donald Trump was a registered Democrat when George W. Bush was president 😭

      5. Blue Eagles 1977

        They are the swamp, warmonggers.

    59. texamania 1

      Oh please what a joke, sacrafice for the country???? Lmao

    60. Sonia Barua

      Joe hi 2.🇺🇲🇺🇲👫👫👫🌻🌻💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    61. seer16

      In 2000-2001 I was living abroad, listening to the BBC covering George W. Bush's election and laughing my head off about what a buffoon he was. 20 years later, his daughter here is the classiest young lady imaginable crossing partisan lines to well-wish these lovely girls. Policy and ideals aside, this is how it's done.

    62. Glycerin

      The Big Guy! Mr. Ten Percent!

    63. timm710

      I wonder if Joe sniffed their hair as well as they grew up

      1. eidorian101

        Probably and kissed them a lot too. Probably whispered into their ears too. Scandalous!

    64. Sonia Barua

      Joe hi👫👫💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐2.

    65. Brett Isaacs

      Allister Crowley is Barbara Bush's father , how many of you knew that , so what does that say

    66. Paola Miano

      Ashley looks like a combo between Edward's mother from Twilight and the mother from Spy Kids/Haunting at Hill House

    67. Minnie Venkat

      So awesome that the interviewer is the Bush Grandaughter!

    68. Paola Miano

      love their eyebrows hehe

    69. 325 For Life

      i'm not a fan of biden but him and his family seem very nice

      1. Ash M

        Exactly. You don't have to like him or his policies, but I'm hopeful we can get back to a place where we can disagree with politics and still be respectful of one another. It was impossible to do so with Trump. I'm a Democrat who has lived through many Republican presidents and I never experienced such a polarizing and worrying time then the last 4 years.

      2. Lorena D

        This is such a respectful statement! Loved it, even though I like Mr. Biden. Thank you for being polite, it's so rare these days...

    70. Sequoyah Hilderbrand

      Ashley is drop dead gorgeous. My goodness. Well spoken. Tact and class. What a drastic difference from the last 4 years.

    71. S Seno

      soooo down to earth, love these first grandkids

    72. Dracos002

      They seem so normal. Like they're the most ordinary family in America. What a breath of fresh air from the Trumps.

    73. Munashe Maswodza

      One of the best interviews I’ve ever seen ❤️❤️❤️

    74. QuarterCircleSeven

      How were they around nana and pop during pandemic? Is it only my mind that goes there?

    75. Laura Wilson

      Such beautiful girls.... the president and first lady are rich beyond belief with each one of these ladies.... what a wonderful family. Glad to see america back on track

    76. Jeleda Richardson

      What about the strippers daughter?

    77. Maria Costa


    78. May Wash

      These girls are so amazing Smart intelligent beautiful They've navigated politics So well with grace. One negative is Naomi voice Kinda annoying....

      1. Sequoyah Hilderbrand

        She sounds like she’s on opiates. 😬

    79. badriya m

      She speaks just like Laura!

    80. Bill Bath

      the bidden family "snap snap"

    81. Nick Ferrante

      Think about it. These kids whom actually Hunter and I are the same age, they went through such a tragic loss at so young, losing their beloved brother, uncle, and father. They have a supportive grandfather and father who is president of the United States but he truly cares about his loving family.

    82. Katrina Wolf

      They are some lucky people

    83. Katrina Wolf

      This is one of the most wholesome interviews I’ve seen in a while

    84. mary lagor

      see? unable to ever come out of it . they will all stay like that

    85. V. Lucky

    86. djatou diawara

      So Beautiful

    87. ShayBear Peter

      Genna's interview was like a big sister catching up the girls. Not like she was ever a President's daughter. Great story, but they wouldn't let little Natalie ans all her😄😃. Congrats!!! 🇺🇸

    88. Acevilljuan


    89. Afreen Alam

      Such a great interview!

    90. Afreen Alam

      From one first family to another!

    91. Rufai Isa

      After going through such truma of losing his first wife and kid,not to talk of an adult son,he obviously has to be protective of what he has left,being these beautifully ladies who are his grandchildren.l think to cap it all ,God in his lnfinite mercy rewarded him with the presidency, having realised his dream after nearly 50yrs of his career in politics

    92. pjnkblue

      The one in blue is so beautiful she looks like an actress

    93. Ruby Perez

      Did the girl in the back refer to her aunt ashley as just ashley? yikes 😬

      1. Annalove Love

        Some families are different.

      2. Angelica Schuyler

        So what? lol. It's obvious their comfortable with that.

    94. Yonatan Teshome


    95. Bob White

      You realize your pop should be in an assisted living facility, not ruining this country!

    96. khloweee

      this is so cuteeee😭😭

    97. mayaa03


    98. Selena Gonzales

      Beautiful, Graceful young women 🙏🏼🤍

    99. CAUGHT Redhanded

      I bet they are close 🤢🤮

    100. MonumentToSin

      These girls are absolutely wonderful! Jenna Bush is such a class act. She emphasizes with Biden's granddaughters so well, it's lovely to see this sort of unification and understanding even though their families are from opposite parties. There's real love and devotion in this family, it's nice to see some humanity back in the white house.