Rich The Kid & YoungBoy Never Broke Again ft. Rod Wave - Sorry Momma (Visualizer)

Rich The Kid

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    Listen to the album “Nobody Safe”. Out Now!
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    Official Audio by Rich The Kid & Youngboy Never Broke Again from the album "Nobody Safe" © 2020 Rich Forever Music / EMPIRE

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    1. bhudda. a

      Came here for Rod wave🤩💪🏽

    2. Tamika Sesson


    3. Khailijah Saelee


    4. Tom Murray

      I wanted this without rich the kid tbh. But the songs 🔥 🔥 🔥

    5. Whitney Patterson

      We all know who the stars of the songs are but i do like when rich say " gotta watch my back and keep this fuckin heater on me" cuz thats when i pull out my imaginary gun

    6. Lavish Brazy

      That lady bar of Wayne shit 😫 “body bag and a toe tag that’s new clothes and new socks”

    7. Embassy of Ej

      my Braaaddddaaaa!!!!

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    8. Quidel Holloway

      F-ing rights ROD WAVE ma Guy!!! And NBA Goddamn

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    9. Stick up Kid1927

      Rod wave did his thing🎯 the whole song fire 🔥

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    10. Poppa Real

      Not gone lie rich did not disappoint I thought he wasn’t gone hold his own👌🏾

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    11. Patricia Facey

      Why this ain’t hit a mill yet

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    12. Nick Lester

      I think about chu everytime I noticed all you have wanted. These bitches steady out here lying they just can't keep it one hundred. I'm tryna stay from across that line so I won't run it I'll punt it..

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    13. POPOFF

      EOS REBEL T7i

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    14. Mae Keys

      I think youngboy missin Gee

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    15. Walter Woods

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    16. Matthew Perfetto

      I love this album yb and rich are my fav rappers

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    17. Rel

      Two Goats And a Kid

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    18. NandoGoBrazy

      It would’ve been better with Yb n rod wave only

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    19. Van Thomas

      Yb & Rw twins

      1. BTK TRAY Fwt

    20. Ytvpc

      Why they put rich the kid🤦🏾‍♂️

    21. Kingo 333

    22. Isaac Manzi Gasana

      delete rich the kid


      Ik I’m not tripping yb and rich look a like

      1. US. ARMY STRONG


      2. Unknown Souls

        Wy smoking on

    24. POPOFF

    25. Liga Nós Produção Oficial

      muito top mano é um prezer ouvir vc cantando daqui brasil Oficial Legend Rap um grande salve pra todos vcs manos envolvidos trabalho de exelencia Deus abençoe estou aguardando mais musicas

    26. SaSuNaRu 101

      Sooooo I was told this was a Nba Youngboy song ft Rod Wave ........ why they add..... lemme keep my mouth shut. Can we get another ft just rod this time? How about Roddy Ricch ft Rod Wave? no extras.

    27. Shuncannon Jones

      felt ts word 4 word💔 to many L’s

    28. Its GWEEN

      Funny cam predicted this

    29. PranshuPathakVlogs

      make a remix and take rich the kid out

    30. Jaiden LeGrande

      Well damn why rod can’t be in da picture thing

    31. sads sadasd

      Rich nba wave legendary


      Rod wave went hard in thissss🔥🔥🔥🔥

    33. PVG Knice


    34. DropUP- KG

      rich be fuckin up everything

    35. Wyler Music

      Somebody check out my music, promise you won't be disappointed 💯

    36. malayshia magee

      " and this image i hold up, make it hard to see myy needs" i felt that fr

    37. vbddfy euuyt

      I was not expecting rod wave

    38. ShadyParkKid


    39. Nut Supplier 69

      Rich third wheeled the whole album

    40. Justin Eakins

      Rod wave with the best verse 👀 5 likes ?

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        HIT THIS LINK🔥

    41. Ciaran M

      I feel like Rod should have sang the chorus, his vocals more better 💯

    42. evade nasty

      The unreleased version is called my brother

    43. KARma Beats S

      Tell the truth this is youngboy song

    44. Paul Yearwood

      Iws this song hard isc

    45. Brownskin_ Aaliyah

      We was waiting on dis

    46. Dalventaz Dyson

      This bitch from da heart

    47. Rasheed Akinwande

      How they donot yb on xxl

    48. Chicago Sports. Guy

      Million dis

    49. yasio bolo


    50. 03Jay

      been here when it was called “my brother”

    51. Como Ave

      Bro this is yb album ain't t no way this rich the kid album

    52. OmarionTv

      If yb or Rod posted it I would of been past 1mill

      1. yasio bolo

        I swear that scar on nba's forehead resemble the LV OR IVERSON SYMBOL.

    53. Badbro Melo

      Been waiting for this collab 🔥🔥💯🇹🇹

    54. Kikigocrazy

      I’ve been waiting on Yb and Rod to drop a song together 🤝💕😭

    55. MyWorldStarAccount


    56. Demetrius Waters

      Bout time yb and Rod wave made a song

    57. Jean Paul

      No one can beat the swag of Rich The Kid, He is not like other trappers who are going viral by using *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees

    58. Jaleel Stewart

      Why rich the kid here

    59. D.R. R

      Damn I missed that old YB flow. You can tell this was recorded probably 2019

      1. Iggy15

        Was thinking late 2018 early 2019. This that valuable pain, not wrong now, era.

    60. Tyrell Preston


    61. splash god Nino

      Yb and rod wave should have just had this song💯💯

    62. C.I.A Squad

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful

    63. Keke Nicole

      4kt ✅💚

    64. Mlk Savage

      Sound like a Nocap Instrumental

    65. DatBoy Chris

      Yb ft Rodwave ? Never clicked so fast 🔥😭

    66. bcvbb hyui


    67. Kendrick Burch

      I swear that scar on nba's forehead resemble the LV OR IVERSON SYMBOL.

    68. Michael Campbell

      This music video looks like a memorial

      1. Michael Campbell

        @bcvbb hyui at least. His stuff gets views.

      2. bcvbb hyui

        if yb uploaded this it would’ve been at a mill😭

    69. Will Epling

      Thank God for music 🙏🙏

    70. Shaquees


    71. Shaquees


    72. Shaquees


    73. Shaquees


    74. D Rodriguez

      I need a full album of yb rod wave and Da baby👀

    75. Trimeca Reese

      Rod & Yb need an album together

    76. datboi.devin

      rich the kid suck

    77. Dawn Wright

      I understand it’s rich the kid song but can somebody update this song without him 🙂

    78. Naomii Renee

      Love it 🤍.

    79. Yourboy Shaydii


    80. Air Stef


    81. Ism Skinner

      I been waiting for dat Yb Nd Rod Wave

    82. Zunifox14

      if yb uploaded this it would’ve been at a mill😭

    83. dcoog anml

      Yb on this whole album

    84. ChaseTheBagD4

      Whene the music video

    85. ChaseTheBagD4

      Can’t believe yb and rod wave made a song together

    86. christopher wilcher

      It's mighty 🌟

    87. YRT TRUKID

      Rich the kid fucced up his own song by being a part of this

    88. Pumkin Bell

      Who else felt that when rod wave said yeah

    89. chelsea Grupee

      I am gonna go cry now 2 of my favorite rappers on one track

    90. Rapper Media

      Rich ruined the song

    91. Cashkardi 00

    92. Felicia McCoy

      My friend poppa killed his poppa for a could grams

    93. Felicia McCoy

      My bradda i wish u could see everything i accomplished

    94. abdalle ahmed

      Great trio

    95. Wigeusz


    96. maleek batten

      RTK falling , it’s depressing

    97. Adrian Bardwell

      rod wave yb a rich should had just did the whole album

    98. Jace Garrett

      Rod Wave When I Die ft. Nba Youngboy

    99. Adrian Bardwell

      all i gotta say is i kept this on replay no cap

    100. Michael Goad

      Rich the kid so ass 🤣🤣🤣 why is he even on this song