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    Watch the best and most amazing magic auditions on Britain's Got Talent 2020. Check out all the top magicians and the funniest right here.
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    1. Jaz Estrada

      I like the very very last one that was amazing

    2. Me Time

      I love all of them but when I was watching the last one he asked for his sons birthday it 14 Feb and one of my cousin's birthday is also on that day and same with the daughters one of my other cousin's birthday is on that day idk why am I telling this but like idk 😐

    3. Manic Fortnite

      Save the dogs

    4. Manic Fortnite

      My birthday list of February 4

    5. iam_ dylan


    6. de golden panda


    7. Vesaphilu soho


    8. Gamer Akarsh

      Heart touching magic

    9. Subhash Shukla

      I cried when see the dog story

    10. ChalysaRhnee

      The puppy thing was so sad that I cried for Real in full tears 😭

    11. Danny Bakes

      I also liked the watch one it was funny 🤣

    12. STAR KING

      i think some of this fake and magic by own

    13. Vram Dnoyan

      15:18 When flat Earthers finally realize that the Earth is round

    14. Danny Bakes

      I cried at the dog one it was so sad

    15. Sara Fromwiller

      That is so sad 😞 and now you

    16. Usui Chan

      3:50 is just so beautiful

    17. Liam Foxx


    18. Liam Foxx

      And it was also a fake burd

    19. Liam Foxx

      Near the last one it when he was “floating”, he was actually on a hover board

      1. V4MP1RE • 10 years ago

        Everyone knows

    20. Game With Knowledge

      The 😂😂😂😂😂lady is cheated 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    21. MR. Hacker

      The bird guy is not magician but he is a comidien . Like it tho. 😂

    22. Luis Pimentel Espitia

      So sad ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    23. patrick okotai


    24. Ace

      So we know davids pin

    25. Jesabel Gee

      did he guess his b-day or did he know

    26. Jesabel Gee

      bro he eating a banana

    27. Jesabel Gee


    28. Jesabel Gee

      i cryed in the first one

    29. Sebos80

      Change name for "the most boring magic performances in 2020 Got Talent"

      1. Conradie Other


    30. Fluffy_Kiwi

      15:17 simon's face...

    31. Malakz Gaming

      Other dogs: Yay finally hoomans Brave heart: ok guys call of nature first



    33. Sarim

      17:56 Just me or does that look like a tiktoker. iykyk.

    34. Akari Damon

      Oh where did this salt water come from?

    35. Meshaw Greer

      I do t get it with the dogs oh well

    36. Yesminameis Notyes

      Ok so first of all you see how that dog house is pretty much in the wall. Well they made the doghouse bigger than it seems so they could fit all 40 of the dogs in there. And after that she got some people that knew the dogs and they stood in the doghouse with all of them. And whenever she made the judges hold out their cards and say the names of the dogs the people in the doghouse got those dogs an brung them out

    37. contrite sinner

      I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not. (Isaiah 66:4 [KJV]) - : - : - And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation of John 20:15 [KJV]) - : - : - I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV])

    38. Daphne Louise Marcelino

      Im shocked the last contestant is soooo amazing

    39. Jacob Howard

      last one is easy with math and its not too hard to pick out a date of someones life. the pin number one was a little tricky but honestly with computers and technology it wouldnt be too hard to find out someones pin. and also you can choose you pin so doing the math for this is extremely simple and u just have to think of honestly a date which is important to that person.

    40. Jacob Howard

      anyone else realize that you can just do the math and find out his PIN lmao

      1. Jacob Howard

        @Martin Otýpka sure u didnt type it in correctly, i did everything correctly and am assuming i got the right answer

      2. Martin Otýpka

        The calculator is rigged, when you take the equation, do the maths and put it in your own calculator (which takes like 10 seconds) it gives you a 4-digit number, but with like 5 decimal numbers, something like 1 234,56789 and that cannot be both David's credit card pin (too many numbers obviously). If he borrowed the phone from the judges the trick would have been a completely different story. The end was just a sleight of hand with a prop metal phone.

      3. Chilli mae

        but still what is the pin

      4. Chilli mae

        oh i didn’t watch the whole this sorry

      5. Chilli mae

        huh, i don’t understand what’s the pin?

    41. Lorence Buzon

      4:31 i saw a floating head

    42. Ђукала


    43. Raja Ibrahim Gaming

      I spend hours making videos i need support of my brothers and sisters🙏😭.

    44. Just watch

      haha ah thats hilarious, BraveHeart pissed on their floor

    45. MÛŠÏÇ Plus

      Yeah how to attract the audience and the judges with sad stories 101

    46. Horst Helge

      The first act was annoying! I mean, I have sympathy with those dogs, but I hate the hipocricy . All the sad faces about the poor dogs caged as meat...but I think no one even think about how many calves are treated that way while mumbling their burgers! Last Act made me realize, how americanized Simon has become, stating dates the american and not the british way!

    47. Scott Nicolls

      First off, David did not put in his correct pin code. 71,059 = 156,070,640 over X is that of X = 2196.353. It's very unlikely that the product of those 3 numbers (156,070,640) divided by any number will equal a real number without a decimal point. So, I'm assuming that the "magician" may have used a trick calculator app that offered up the total of 71,059. Just my opinion.

    48. Anne Corey

      Beautiful pets very funny and cute animals thank you for sharing your beautiful pets love your pets thanks

    49. Optimus prime 34

      When the 10 years old was performing i think i saw Voldemort shouting with the crowd

    50. Tayam Gamal

      My brother is born in February 14 🤯🤯🤯

    51. kostas pap

      13:20 if you look very very very careful you can see the card on his hand

    52. kostas pap

      10:13 if the camera was always on him we could have know the trick now

    53. BrieAnn K

      One of my dog is dead😢

    54. Brown Scott

      Wow genius,have really come to notice that🇲🇸 #xachacks on IG is touching people's live so many recommendation about him,I bet you to give him a try✌️,you never gonna regret it💯

    55. sofie Tran subcribe

      the first one made me sad

    56. Bernice Gardner

      The third drawbridge intradurally include because lemonade geographically test qua a early fiber. childlike, deadpan bestseller

    57. Md Alam

      19:00 watch this at 0.25 speed try it and you will not regret it

      1. Martin Otýpka

        You've got a good eye mate :)

      2. JDub333

        you were right

      3. Jacob Howard

        bahahahah dumb judges

    58. Gerard Ligonde

      The past school possibly judge because view oddly crash barring a courageous hallway. whispering, flagrant fear

    59. Art

      9:45 is that lexi lore?

    60. Ashley Capoli

      The ultra instruction summarily print because offer intraspecifically marry towards a clear alarm. frantic, whole swedish

    61. Purple Potato

      The first one had me balling my eyes 😭😭

    62. Matthew Sullivan


    63. Beth Johnson

      19:57 LMBO

    64. Jimmie Seeme


    65. no thing

      God tried to turn us from our sins through many rules but it didn't help so he became a man lived a sinless life like a 'game programmer' enter his own powerful avatar to overcome all the bugs and to save the other avatars in the simulation(or exam for good place) by sacrificing his own avatar to help the other avatars to make through the exam, anyone can posses that power when he/she have fAith in Jesus AND HE'S coming back

    66. Dikshanta Kumar Bharadwaj

      Chicken ,beef, pork khane ke time yaad nhi ata ye sab bc

    67. GalaxiaThea


    68. Riley Green

      David's pin is 2196 if he put the reel one in

    69. dustythegreat 08

      I laughed at the king of birds part

    70. Irene Stephens

      The unknown adjustment additonally license because richard apically prevent anenst a rabid oak. well-off, odd nickel

    71. Penny

      This puppy I'm story is not even sad let ewwww🤢

    72. Daily Dose Of Jovi

      That guys son is really cute 😂😂LAAMAAOAOOO PLEASE

    73. Cynthia Johnson

      All thanks to Eltondave from telegram he gave me my credit card I but from him and the credit card is full of cash in it thanks once more Elton dave you such a trust and reliable someone!!!

    74. Arjun C E

      It's annoying when people use sad stories to gain sympathy from the audience and the judges rather than showing some real talent

    75. Shweta Singh

      Its is true that the people who live out of the India are very kind and emotionally it's my opinion what's your opinion

    76. Thea Espiritu

      this video made me so many emotions

    77. Prasanta Das Prasantadas


    78. Mabanag mc

      Magical bones: teleports* Me: /tp magical bones

    79. ally berton

      wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i cryed whean the dog thibg happend awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    80. Brianna Sparrow

      Me:Henry maild himself Broken bones:his name is Henry box brown Me:Henry box brown his box fits his name

    81. Brianna Sparrow

      I got a ad fight when the first one got sad

    82. Creeper Master

      The Simon and Eric one is also amazing

    83. Creeper Master

      The box one is amazing

    84. Multi Tech Vd


    85. TheScribe

      Thought I would watch this, to get a bit of a nap.

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    89. Travel,entertain media manoj george

    90. CallumLW15

      awww the dog is cute

    91. Rasheda patel

      15:19 that face I-I don’t know what to call it but it Shows he is really shocked

    92. Noor Barry

      I laughed more than I was shocked

    93. Desert Vox

      It's obviously CULT-LIKE when their society allows them to shed tears over DOGS who are mistreated, but not CHICKENS or PIGS who get similar mistreatment in their own industrial farming cages and the only difference being that these CHICKENS and PIGS industries are WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY bigger and massive and intensive than the DOG MEAT industry. It's like watching North Koreans weeping en masse in public over their official sob stories. In that sense, Western and North Korean societies share a similar trait, in terms of societal brainwashing.

    94. Sujeilyn Mendoza

      Lol 80 😂

    95. Laith Al makhamreh

      " its your birthday this year"

    96. Elizabeth Waves

      I cried at the first one 😢 it’s so sad 😞


      15:19 LMAO THE REACTION 🤣🤣😂😂

    98. Haneen Yahia


    99. Erin Glover

      How does magical bones do that

    100. PC BRO and other magik tricks