The cast of Glee pays tribute to Naya Rivera & Santana Lopez at the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards


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    The cast of Glee reunites during the virtual ceremony for the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards for a special tribute to the legacy of the late Naya Rivera’s character Santana Lopez. The tribute honors the ten-year anniversary of Santana’s coming out on the GLAAD Media Award-winning series and spotlights the character’s impact on LGBTQ teens and Latinx LGBTQ representation on television.
    Global superstar Demi Lovato, who played Santana’s girlfriend on Glee, introduced the special tribute, featuring Glee cast members Jacob Artist, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Jessalyn Gilsig, Dot-Marie Jones, Vanessa Lengies, Jane Lynch, Kevin McHale, Heather Morris, Matthew Morrison, Alex Newell, Lauren Potter, Amber Riley, Harry Shum Jr., Becca Tobin, and Jenna Ushkowitz.
    The 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards honor media for fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of LGBTQ people and issues. Since its inception in 1990, the GLAAD Media Awards have grown to be the most visible annual LGBTQ awards show in the world, sending powerful messages of acceptance to audiences globally. The 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards are presented by Gilead, Hyundai, and Ketel One Family Made Vodka.
    For more information about the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards, please visit On social media, follow @GLAAD and #glaadawards.

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    1. DreamLaughGame#DLG

      I remember walking around school doing the pinky finger hand hold with my best friend at the time. Just like Santana and Britney did, and just like Santana I also had feelings for my best friend and she didn’t know. No one knew that I like girls. But watching glee and watching Naya’s portrayal of Santana gave me the confidence to come out to my friend (who laughed in my face but that’s besides the point amirite?) but to also come out to my mother (who had nothing but acceptance and support and love for me) thank you Naya and thankyou to all the cast of glee

    2. ytretsa vcdsasa

      The nasty talk neuroanatomically fool because blue therapeutically approve pro a meaty fine. shrill, squeamish harmony

    3. un salame;

      Creo que gran parte del elenco no se llevaba bien con Lea, eso tal vez explica porque no estuvo.

    4. Beatriz Moura

      Where is Lea ?

    5. Draphy Crescent

      RIP Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith

    6. Alyssa Wilson

      It took me so long to realize lea wasn't here

    7. Caleb Doufopt

      Where is lea

    8. They Them Pronouns

      I started to cry one second in and this was amazing but Matthew... “What up party people!!” Just no...

    9. Scott Luther

      Such a great show, and I have recently started watching this again on Netflix! Unfortunately, this was the third death of a cast member

    10. Melissa McDonald

      I love they included Becky's actress for this

    11. Jade Pelagio

      I'm smiling while watching and hearing their tribute for her but didn't notice that I'm also crying 😞😭 while watching this one. I really love Santana and Naya. Missed her so much!! Love you Naya forever!! ♥️♥️♥️🙏

    12. rias

      Demi is so unlikeable now considering her recent behaviour. She is just so entitled and has no self-awareness.

    13. Fausto Imberti


    14. Anne Moore


    15. I. Shiva

      Love and light for everyone 💐 💕 ☀

    16. E G

      That was powerful

    17. Yamotero

      Naya 😢

    18. M Thiede

      Beautiful! The world needs more wholesome shows like Glee with real people

    19. tamari

      this team is my teen life.... i love all of them. specially naya, santana lopez was my big inspiration for a long time & she will still being. love y’all guys, she’s taking care of us up there.

    20. broke bitch


    21. TheKWorlds

      wooow that sent me wow

    22. LH YY

      I am a fan from China. She changed my life forever. As a queer teen, her story is what keep me be true to myself. Brittana forever. Thank you so much for creating Santana. R.I.P Naya.

    23. Hello, I am wrong but


    24. Z0mbi3killer56 Xb1 Ps4

      So lea Michelle wasn’t there because why?

      1. TWITZY Midzy Cub

        Cuz no one likes her lol

      2. Mark Calloway

        I want to know this as well


      Naya, happy mother's day

    26. Martina2497 wta

      Thank you for coming out. I like girls too so thank you for helping the LGBTQ community

    27. Carly Carter

      TW: Matthew Morrison

    28. paida chawora

      I'm only 8 episodes into glee s1 and this made cry. May she rest in peace. 😂😂 (tears of joy).

    29. ANTWANN5


    30. Amaury Humeau

      where is Lea Michele lmao

      1. Mariah G

        In hiding

    31. Naomi Grace

      Where's lea?

    32. Abril Paradiso

      Glee changed my life forever.

    33. wadusin

      The fact that we know who did not bother to attend this reunion...says a lot about her 🤷‍♀️ Naya deserved her respect independently of how much she hated her.

      1. Emma fitzgerald

        @wadusin well he obviously anyone can see your referring to Lea because there’s a whole stigma around their relationship. It’s blatantly obvious 😂😂😂 Just because she is no of the people not there doesn’t mean you start jumping to conclusions.......

      2. wadusin

        Funny how you all know who I'm referring to though 🤷‍♀️

      3. Sara Santagata

        As you can see even Dianna wasn't there and they were close, also Melissa and others, so, don't jump into conclusions

      4. Emma fitzgerald

        @Scott Luther no she wasn’t there nor was Diana, Melissa and a few others

      5. Scott Luther

        @Emma fitzgerald I didn't see Lea Michelle (Rachel) or did I miss her?

    34. Anaraa Munhuu

      why lea and dianna in a here

    35. Aira Catherine Gutierrez

      It's amazing how she impacted people not just as a celebrity but as a person. All messages and tributes were saying the same thing. As Kevin said, she would treat you the way she treats her family and friends. She has touched so many lives, indeed. It's hard to believe that two months from now will be her first death anniversary. 😭

    36. Wellie Revelliamin

      Never be the same without Finn, Puck and Naya.

      1. Shariya Small

        It’s okay w out puck

    37. Belle Cabello

      Broke my heart when she passed, hearing how she saved her son. How brave she was. 😞

    38. Gabriella A

      My wife and I came together initially after we both realised we loved the show and started talking about it and it grew from there , the Brittany / Santana story ark was just perfect. RIP you beautiful selfless Angel.

    39. Jelly One Ace

      Naya. I remembered you today. I love you so much.

    40. Bailey

      That is so powerful!

    41. Binod Singh


    42. Binod Singh


    43. Binod Singh

      5:41. Aww. Love. You. Nays😍💐💐💐

    44. Binod Singh

      🛩 you. Are. A. Jet.

    45. Binod Singh


    46. Binod Singh


    47. Binod Singh


    48. Binod Singh


    49. Binod Singh

      I. Love. You. 😍

    50. TheDiamondTruck XD

      My favorite part is that Lea isn't here.

    51. Grayson MacKenzie

      Naya was truly an angel in human form

    52. Geo Tho

      Naya was an amazing woman. The saddest part of her death is that she will not get the chance to see her son grow up, and he won't get the chance to see his mom everyday. Such a sad loss all around.

    53. Brandon Staker

      Remember Lea Michele? Me neither...

    54. BrianaLynn7

      My heart goes out to her son the most. The trauma he must have gone through suddenly not knowing where his mama was and to be completely confused and have to understand what happened over the course of weeks/months. Kids losing parents is heart-wrenching.

    55. Ruby Covington

      Ooofff is it just me or is anybody else's eyes sweating

    56. religiondoesn't paytaxes

      Dianna Agron should've been given a chance to talk about Naya Rivera as well. They were good friends in real life and their characters slept with each other.

      1. religiondoesn't paytaxes

        @Mourning Dove Oh come on! I never said that Dianna should specifically say that their characters had sex. All I'm saying is that they were close in real life and Quinn and Santana were literally best friends as well. Unholy Trinity? Hello! How come Demi was invited just for being in 3 episodes while Dianna was not despite Dianna playing a main character. I don't believe Dianna was busy. She literally was only promoting one movie and it's via online so she could've easily taken 2 to 3 minutes to record something just like Demi did if she really was invited.

      2. Mourning Dove

        I don't think mentioning their characters had sex is relevant and also Dianna said she was busy, I'm sure she would've been able to talk about her if she had time

    57. religiondoesn't paytaxes

      Dianna Agron is always being left out. Where is she? Why wasn't she invited?

    58. rose191991


    59. Irgendeinname0815

      I cried the day when I get the message that Naya died. She was such a strong woman. R.I.P.

    60. SammiPie1234567

      Rest in peace angel

    61. Mary J. Jones

      Yes ma'am she was an icon

    62. Corleece Adams

      anyone else like where Lea like girl you played the main character wya

    63. zac camden

      This is an outrage - WHERE WAS THE REAL STAR OF THE SHOW LEA MICHELLE????????????

    64. Andrea West

      Naya & Cory I miss you guys so much 🕊💞💞

    65. Lilly James

      I’m not being sarcastic or anything but why weren’t Lea and Dianna there were they not invited if you know can someone explain to me. I know Lea’s story about her behavior but what happened with Dianna?

    66. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

      I 💖Glee & GLAAD! RIP Naya & Cory! L.G.B.T.Q.I.A Pride!😘😍💖🙆🌈🎶💃

    67. R DK

      It’s so hard to get over her leaving us. So hard.

    68. Janie Gonzalez

      They really not invite Leah?

    69. Kaasie Plays

      R.I.P Naya Rivera AKA Santana Lopez. Mark Salling AKA Noah Puckerman And Cory Montheith AKA Finn Hudson they all will be mist :(

    70. Julie4evert

      What does Latino lesbians make them any different??

    71. Julie4evert

      Queer girls? Really?

    72. El. C.

      this was so sweet🥺😭

    73. Tina Ke

      God,I wish you never died Naya. I love you too much

    74. Monsieur Luci Fer Diablo


    75. Matthew

      Please using demi was not a good choice didnt she make fun of jojo siwa and, mock the LGBTQ name

    76. GondorLadyGwen

      Naya and Santana meant so much to me through my coming out experience. Her loss is a huge one.

    77. The Big Bea

      Rest In Peace Naya 😊

    78. The Big Bea

      I can't I CAN'T LOOK AT HEATHER MORRIS poor girl😭

    79. JM FF

      Naya is antagonist who is more loved than the main character!

    80. Raquel F.

      RIP Naya!

    81. cswtx

      someone seems to be missing, where is lea michele?

    82. Jack Langley

      Naya Wus. A. Lagen. I. Miss. Hur. I. Will. Cip. Wugen. Hur. Sogs. I. Will. Pare For. Hur

    83. Wiktoria Dusik

      Omg I started crying

    84. Emma Obiri

      That was so awesome and powerful i understand coz am in the same boat as Santana Lopez was SO THANK YOU FOR THAT. May her soul R.I.P.

    85. oisin

      im so emotional today i didnt need this. BUT I COMPLETELY NEEDED THIS

    86. Morgan Andreas

      Surprise surprise Lea is never there to support her co-worker naya RIP NAYA LOVE YOU NAYA ALWAYS

      1. Rachel Darmawangsa

        @leslie Ramos wait why weren't they?

      2. leslie Ramos

        She wasn’t invited first of all and plus dianna isn’t there either, they weren’t invited

    87. Kayla Watson

      Yaay no more Rachel

    88. Gary Morin

      Hey, GLAAD - what's up with the lack of captioning - no Deaf or hard-of-hearing people in the audience? I won't even raise the suggestion that blind and partially sighted persons should also have access through Audio-Descriptions. Shame you passed up another opportunity for inclusion.

    89. K B

      Where is Rachel Berry?

    90. Mystic Fortunee

      why is there two mercedeses?

    91. Laptop

      Lauren Potter looks really beautiful in this video.

    92. Art for A.L.L


    93. Savage Jeff

      kinda sus to not see Rachel Berry.

    94. San Sagaz

      I just wanna say ¡¡Thank you!! to Naya and the cast of GLEE for the amazing show and all the things I learned about diversity and accepting you for who you really are!

    95. Aet

      why the hell didn't heather get to speak they were literal besties on and off the show and during the investigation heather was right there for the family and even aided help during the search my heart is breaking rnnnn 😭😭

      1. Aet

        @Harley Renee damn you're right i didn't even think about that, THAT HURTS EVEN MORE 😭😭😭

      2. Harley Renee

        I know if I were in her position I would want to speak as little as possible because in these types of situations I’d burst into tears even trying to get a word out and I’m not sure it’d be the same for her but it could’ve been her decision

    96. Macie Lynne

      Coach looks so good

    97. smallV1214

      No rachel berry? nyahahahahahahaha 😈

    98. CloeyKindaCares

      This made me feel so much i Love you Naya and you'll forever be in my heart but seeing this made me cry not cause of saddness but of happy to see everyone share there stories. Thank you

    99. Luanvego22

      This is so meaningful ! Naya is smiling from heaven ❤️...I'm so glad they didn't invited Lea Michele, her showing up in this meeting would be so hypocrite.

      1. cswtx

        how do you know they didnt invite her

    100. Lynzo Bass

      Why wasnt lea here omfg she gets on my nerves😕