When the Game is Pay to Win...

Nathan Doan Comedy

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    Anyone have a town hall 10 for sale?
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    1. Nathan Doan Comedy

      Hope you guys enjoyed! Thank you to Opera Gx for sponsoring this video! Download: mtchm.de/mmh25

      1. Apple Dud

        Dude i tried this and opera gave me malware

      2. jaeyoung 3201

        when you realize that you just need to click to attack....

      3. Monkifyd

        It steals you’re data

      4. LoopyOgre1128

        bro u forgot to say that it has its own vpn

      5. Voltage

        My brother is JOE MAMA

    2. Appleboymax

      Nice try Dolan we all know your just flexing your new cameras

    3. Pharis :3 Gaming

      The game also have a sale for a gaming chair that give u god mode

    4. aidan


    5. Jayden Chundanga

      He ordered a big mac while doing the move that took 2000hrs to master...looks like pay to win to me Free players population: 0.0000000000000 percentage What game is this?

    6. ConnorAstronomer

      Ngl, this would be a kinda cool game.

    7. Pineapples

      The fight at the end is amazing

    8. KingJoproTheGamer


    9. thesmithsplay23

      7:05 wtf is this

    10. Brian Wood

      1:40 I agree

    11. Night 76 799

      At the end when he said I will play minecraft I thought Minecraft the whole time

    12. K L O U D Z

      I LIKE MEN!

    13. Ruv Zavodila

      3:46 LOL

    14. Christmas Games

      My boy deku in the background 2:00

    15. Caped Baldy

      I saw the deku luffy and saitama figures. I love it.

    16. Jr Gaming

      no one R* "Noted"


      is this coc?

    18. School Electronic Helper

      this is ps6 graphics

    19. Michael

      I’m still amazed by the production value of this video, I can see the work he put into it

    20. V3ЯGЕ

      I'll never forget the review that says "Congratulations EA you've earned one star. Additional stars can be unlocked at $5.49 each"

    21. Destroyanad

      Free to play players are the backbone of every f2p game. Think about it, if everyone is p2w and bought the best stuff, they have to use actual skill and just quit

    22. dying inside and outside

      7:04 DED DED DED DED

    23. RichtofenEU

      As an OW player I feel personally attacked. But resonable so ill let it slide.

    24. MD. Siam

      I subbed only for the last part lol.

    25. A10 EDGEY

      DOO DOO

    26. Sarthak sharma

      Imagine there was a 'Warden's Rage' effect that just banned the player from the server and it was only a 1 hit and gets activated when you swere in the chat and 5 sec to attack 5 times

    27. Yago Reis

      I love how my man over there has a Tommy statue.

    28. BananaManGuestYT

      When he said "I'll just play Minecraft" that's me everytime I die in a different game

    29. Ailyn Chan

      EA be like:

    30. Robert Gray

      6:00 fighting games in a nutshell

    31. Sarvente

      the beginning is literally me and my friend except im the one being annoyed that hes a pay to win and i just want to play the game the real way instead of get items early 😂

    32. Aidan Nguyen

      You cant play the dino game on opera :(

    33. vdmatt 14

      So how'd you get that lambo oh soo 1had to climb 100 thousand mount Everests and kill 1000 thousand mega spiders oh okay I miller second later mmmm this cars actually pretty trash ill just return it

    34. Fear Foxy

      Still been using opera gx longer than most the sponsors >:D

    35. Kaleb Thomas

      "EA sports, its in the game"

    36. JN motor sport

      This is actually a very good video

    37. TornadoTwisterYT

      EA in a nutshell

    38. Kian or klay

      I already have operaGX installed mortal

    39. Andrei Moldovan

      Yeah... Minecraft is 1 of the few best games

    40. Andrei Moldovan

      The fact that he said that he will make the add short made me watch it all and I don't regret a thing.

    41. Oliver Jones

      1:38 over watch is my favorite game and I was personally offended by that. Other than that great vid!

    42. Just Plain Rex

      I'm watching on that browser

    43. Amy Artzilla

      The combo I can't 🤣

    44. More free than dollar tree

      I realized I have the same midoryia figure as him.

    45. Kuroni

      “This is an orphanage”

    46. sloth __

      In other words EA

    47. Koso Raga


    48. Bambino -_-

      “Screw it i’ll just go and play Minecraft” Wait till he founds out about hypixle skyblock

    49. Zoran Hategan

      if it like that the game will not be papular becose who will play it

    50. Alex Morton

      opera gx is bad

    51. Makkena Rohde

      "Because apparently it's not safe to make sure someone gets home safe"

    52. Makkena Rohde

      it be like 589345832580394852395823940.1852539 damage.... per quarter hit...

    53. Makkena Rohde


    54. T0X1C_W33B _G4M3R

      hhmm, sounds like roblox

    55. joshua kim


    56. Louis Mula

      This video Nathan could not be multiple people but if was he would do good

    57. Jayden Chundanga

      This game ain't pay to win, it's pay to flex so hard until you realize your wallet is empty... Hmmm where did all my money go?

    58. Shiro Kamikonchu

      Nobody: If EA made an RPG:

    59. Random_Channel. exe

      One problem with the combo you did, You have to BUY lunch from McDonald's thus, your combo is P2W

    60. E21


    61. GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!

      his production quality just went up 300 million times.

    62. mercedes m

      ha 69 funny number

    63. Hybrid Prince.

      I love how he paused when he got to over watch lol

    64. JJ Pits

      7:05 When my younger brother is alone in his room and found a stick outside

    65. Polito Egg



      The Game is now: 50% pay to win, 50% cheaters

    67. AudioEdits4Fun

      The backstory looks like a Netflix TV show camera ngl

    68. Eldritch Maker

      Any body noticed that there isn’t one person playing as multiple people?

    69. Thunderluigi32

      I spent only like 10,000 dollars on my moms credit card on this game

    70. Kyle

      I just love how Nathan skips overwatch in his sponsor lol

    71. Daglis shabo

      im watching when you have 1.69M

    72. Kurt Fred

      is the menu minecraft?

    73. Lil Moefoe

      *includes paid promotion*

    74. Nick And Jones

      Lol 69 lives

    75. CakeePlayz

      gotta appreciate the 4k video

    76. Accemption Simp

      1.69M subs O_O

    77. Hero jawless


    78. lol ok


    79. Sofia Negrete

      Please do more ging ging

    80. Thick Legend

      Can you make more videos plsss cause I’m a big fan

    81. Gabriel Ibrageth

      minecraft server be like : yeah let me buy this kit and this and this and 50 keys

    82. Aayan Shaikh

      I love how when he buys lives it was 69. The funny number lol

    83. your boi KAGILE

      me playing valorant...

    84. GhoziAy

      My pc is dog water

    85. WaterSpecteclz

      Wow 99,999 players r paying 4 this game

    86. Glided Guy

      SAO be like

    87. LoginA

      This is why gamers are subbed


      :me ...........


      :me is this Minecraft????


      :him I spent 6 hours killing slimes to gain XP

    91. John O'Kane

      "Screw you i am going to play minecraft."

    92. clyde conray

      I used opera gx before this video was uploaded

    93. SpicySlinky5

      ONE piece be like

    94. Pachurro 2

      me who watched it with operagx already: I am 4 parallel universes away from you.

    95. Twic Believe

      anyone know a game like this.... except the pay to win

    96. Milky 709

      I love the vids

    97. Script Ware V2

      yeah same. Minecraft sounds nice.

    98. Lil Dumpling122

      Where is ging ging

    99. ً

      I’m pretty sure I saw this video before but the last 2 months I was in hospital is it reuploaded ?

    100. MrNinjaBlox 2414

      WW DD (Space Bar) W (Shift) (Right Click) SS (Space Bar x2) 55 44 22 44 (Shift) (Crtl) (Left Click) (Space Bar x 3) W D S 2 1 A