Giant Pumpkin Carving (Behind The Scenes)

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    1. Oscar Ricky

      Ngl this is probably my least favourite bts so far from this channel

    2. Gracie Gacha

      Will u remember me when this channel gets millions of subs 🥺👉👈

    3. No one Cares

      I am today I am hrmmm

      1. No one Cares

        I am yoda I am hrmm

    4. No one Cares

      I have a good today voice

      1. No one Cares

        I have a good yoda voice

      2. No one Cares


      3. No one Cares

        I have a good today voice

      4. No one Cares


    5. chaiblist


    6. Jaime Martin

      DOA Dallas Stars overtime

    7. Bekah Michelle

      hi this is good ilike tenders

    8. Mpho Augustine

      I wish to see the behind the scenes of wheel unfortunate OT 10

    9. MJM

      Best Intro i have ever seen.

    10. Greenflame Productions

      So... since Cody is a fish kisser... would he kiss Zeus?

    11. Lily Tipton


    12. Anirudh Singh

      Me: is it real or chad's editing

    13. Malynn Branham

      I love how the video opens with using a pumpkin as a drum 😂 that's so me! I use everything as drums 🎃 = 🥁

    14. Malynn Branham

      Cory, when I was little unicorns were my life, lol 😂🦄

    15. Amy New

      love the twins

    16. AwesomeSauce

      I have a sloth popper

    17. TNM VLOGS

      I was your 1million subscriber!!!!

    18. Lordpepe 6166

      RIP panda

    19. Avis Clark

      I love this channel so much, it makes me feel like I’m part of their friend group 😂

    20. Abigail Bradley

      There is 26. 9 overtime’s not counting the battles and extra ones in December

    21. teresia anderson

      Doing the strong man competition must have been very difficult. 1 like equals 1 prayer for his arms.

    22. Sriparna Das

      Why golden boy look like Bob Ross

    23. Bill Griffith

      My grandma passed away today and u guys made my day a lot better

    24. Madhusudhana Rao Puvula

      Almost a million subscribers...

    25. mohammad yousuf

      If you miss panda like 👍 👇

    26. Charle Rasnee

      A lot people now about this it is not secret

    27. Dylan Castillo


    28. Katie Welch

      I believe in you coby!

    29. Katie Welch

      Can I pls have a shout out (my name is zoe)

    30. Golf for Life Jeremiah 27 Foss

      The BTSers

    31. Glarmina Girish

      i am your 1000000th viewer

    32. AJ MAHER

      Watch your videos every day I subscribed I like all your videos I share the videos so if you can I would like a shoutout please

    33. AJ MAHER

      Huge fan

    34. Nguyễn Thịnh

      ! : mmmmmmmmmmm,,llllyh₫

    35. hpteague

      This wasn't pumpkin carving it was trashy trash dat what it was dislike other vids are good you needed to make those like this one

      1. hpteague

        True dat

    36. Annemarie Murphy

      Who else saw this again after ot 20 and wondered why there was no overtime for it

    37. Nedia Nehc

      Beautiful song

    38. Nilufar Fayziboyeva

      Dute Perfect is the best🤘🏻

    39. Preston Myers


    40. Sia Mandhaniya

      where is Will ?

    41. Sophia Arntson

      Didn't know Cory had a kid

    42. Caleb Gagnon élève


    43. Madelyn Splittgerber

      Can I meet you Dude Perfect? Like seriously

    44. Joshie Baseball

      There should be an overtime editor edition.

    45. Da Dragon

      They should call it Dude Imperfect with ALL their bloopers

    46. DoubleNN

      What an intro lol

    47. NitroMCPE

      is bad

    48. NitroMCPE


    49. NitroMCPE

      is anyone watching this in year 9087? lol

    50. Susan Tittle

      I love them. give it a like if you love them

    51. Emma Oliver

      At 2:12 Ty: he’s not British he’s yoda

    52. Gabriel Ibrageth

      i am the 999,657

    53. M.Danish Rauf

      Who didn’t get it ........ the music in the start was ot music

    54. Aflame

      0:14 NEEEEED

    55. Mary Lopez

      "He's not British, he's Yoda" - Ty

    56. meme god


    57. Catch of the Day Fishing

      When’s the next Bucket List video. I have been waiting

    58. N K

      Intro was awesome

    59. wow

      Who wants a channel dedicated to all of tylers wins?like if you agree 👇

    60. fire gamer

      Tall guy beard twins purple hoeser dude perfects in overtime tall guy beard twins purple hoeser now we're heading on to overtiiiimme

    61. Kirra Gibson

      Sorry to break it to you Ty but your not holding the fish

    62. Penguin Pop

      Omg I have that hedgehog popper Lol it’s so cool 😂

    63. Mayson Nussbaum

      Please bring back bucket list

    64. Bts Army

      Oooo I didn't knew about your second channel

    65. clocksimp

      We actually need the intro to be posted right here right now. It's lit! 🔥🔥🔥

    66. BlxckJxcks

      Did there behind the scene video really get sponsored..?

    67. Diya

      OMG suuuuch a good intro

    68. Real Kloud9ine

      What do I have to do to challenge the Dp Gaming crew to a Smash Bro’s battle royal??

    69. Heather Schaffer

      You should do school stereotypes


      RIP to the non true fans who don’t know about this Channel

    71. The Double 12

      i wanna see ty get in wheel unfortunate

    72. FTW Tech

      COVID exists BTW.

    73. ruckus_bj

      Episode idea! Ned’s bucket list!

    74. Lance Neidhardt

      I'm surprised this channel doesn't even have a million subs yet. I love the behind the scenes/bloopers stuff

    75. Travis

      Best show

    76. Slapped Silly

      That intro is probably the best one u will ever see

    77. Ryder White

      Do more trick shot videos

    78. SLAVIOUR Playz

      0:40 sound of vector in pubg mobile 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    79. Anna L

      This is great!!! Thank you.

    80. The impossibles

      I loved this video

    81. idk123


    82. Devil Girl

      3:39 -Lies-

    83. Frog Taco

      I used to love that duck game!

    84. PL Sahu

      Cory looks like he just woke up

    85. Cigam Boy

      That intro was gold

    86. Benjamin Tormanen

      Ive caught Zeus’s species before, pretty fiesty.🐟

    87. Rita Maru

      1.2k comments on a dp video???

    88. CrimsonMagma

      666k subs

    89. CrimsonMagma

      666 subs

    90. Penguinplays Shmuck

      Plz sub more the sub count is well not the best number

    91. Dillon dixon

      Wow a dude perfect that doesn’t have 53 million:) Keep is the good content:)

    92. The Robot Devil

      I only imagine ty telling the editors to stand 250 yards away for "protection," from their hunting contest

    93. Warren Kelly


    94. Gabbie Logan

      Cory: "She says corn" Ty: "You don't think she's trying to say your name?" Me: "Maybe she's trying to say corn.."

    95. Zmie M

      Corn 😂

    96. Matej Crnugelj

      0:40 was that a p250 sound from csgo

    97. EaStx

      I think dude perfect should make a channel for just Ned...

    98. William Walpole


    99. Emphatic Jam

      I don’t know how Cory is always so bad at Get Crafty.

    100. HarsH

      Petition for Dp to never reveal about this channel on their main channel and wait the people find it.