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    quarantine made me do it! hahaha COMMENT DOWN BELOW HOW UR QUARANTINE IS GOING!!
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    1. NEZZA

      I don't know why the beginning is blacked out......WERE DOING GREAT

      1. Adventure With The McGary


      2. momento pleaser

        Hi nezza

      3. Payne He

        I didn't know Christian had glasses!

      4. Natalie Adriaanse

        rip corey❤

      5. Kelly Urbano

        Love you nezza ❤❤❤❤❤

    2. emma carter

      Okay ima say it... she looks like rae

    3. Chloe Olivarez

      Omg can David be my guy best friend like omg

    4. Mia Fleetwood

      the eges look purple at the begining

    5. Gabi Williams

      Nezza omg your hairs looks so good straight

    6. Corgi Lover

      12:16 oops Oscar said he could flip me over and eat cereal out of my hair

    7. Corgi Lover

      12:17 Oscar said he could flip me over and eat cereal out of my hair😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Lizzy Feuiaki

      love how everyone either doesn't know what happened to her hair or knows she straightened it and then Corey's like "did you shave it"😂

    9. softy_ solby

      is no one gonna talk about how pretty Nezza looks with straight hair?

    10. Aneka Mehta

      anyone here after nezza and crawford started dating??

    11. Ashlee Pay

      Her and David? 😏

    12. Ashlee Pay

      I like it!!!!

    13. EA's Plaze

      Nezza. Omgg omgod nezza this is amazing

    14. Daniela Martinez

      Photo shoot girllll. I kinda love straight it looks nice you look like a model🥰🥰🥰

    15. Sorelity

      Just subscribed,turnt the notifications 💯💋♥️❌⭕️

    16. Karyll Catacutan

      I love it so much tho u look so good like u ALWAYS DID!!!!!

    17. Sandeep Kaur

      Wow you look so diffrent

    18. Brooklynn Fidler

      It looks so different! 😮

    19. Isha

      Omg Corey🥺🥺😭😭😭

    20. Maysa

      4:00 me freaking out because i have the same brush

    21. animal lover

      you look so beautiful with straight hair

    22. Madison Tripp

      Omg u look like the girl from pretty little liars

    23. Shazmeen Ain

      Its always Bobby when the camera or the screen not recording 😂

    24. Kylle Millama

      You look cuter in that

    25. Alan Tong

      I like nezza with long hair I meant straight

    26. Alba L-V

      10:20 into the vid... ...Im trying to force myself to go to sleep before midnight Me: cheks the clock...ten to 12(pm) ('@ - @')

    27. BalmyCompriseEshaal

      15:27 RIP corey

    28. BalmyCompriseEshaal

      11:59 her charging is 3 percent???!? btw i loveeeeee u so much such a beautiful person im a bigggggest fan of roni,nessa,chris,alex.aaron,david,bobby.franny, and every single of u u guys are really humble and amazing persons i love u peace!

    29. z

      nezza why’d you do it on like 3/4 day hair thoooo

    30. Stephanie Huidobro

      "you gonna flash me or something" man i miss corey so much. so funny and sweet

    31. Gabi Williams

      Omg Nezza you look so good with straight hair

    32. Clarissa Vinha

      Idk why but she really looks like a Rachel when it’s straight... lol

    33. victoria s

      This video was in my recommended today... I didn’t realize it was old & I was not expecting to see Corey. My fucking heart bro, damn 🥺

    34. Keren Franco

      christian’s reaction was the best 😭

    35. Gabi Williams

      Nezza you look good with straight hair

    36. Life of Anjalee

      Ur hair looks so nice straightened too

    37. Megan Randleman

      I am rewatching this video again since it first came out and when I saw Corey I got so happy and sad at the same time. It is nice to go back on videos and see him. Love you Corey 💙 miss you

    38. Camila Vargas

      cory 🥺🥺

    39. Kaylynn Nguyen2

      Ngl tho the straight her suits her too 💀 idk what the hell she was talking about when she said she messed up for chemically straightening her hair

    40. Weirdo. Animals

      Can christian please be my best friend 🥺 he is like a personal funny hype man 🤣🙏

    41. Maryam Rashid

      So adorable they call roni and nessa "the twins"

    42. Cindy Jace Oniplo

      Oh my goodness! Nezza's so gorgeous with either curly or straight hair. She's just naturally beautiful😍

    43. Claire Schneider

      Like not her face but like her hair really looks really Frannys

    44. Claire Schneider

      Who think she looks kind a like Franny

    45. hilma Wilkinson

      I feel like she's showing off bc everytime she's just flipping it no offense

    46. Khamyaa Sushil


    47. wisal M khan

      U look great in straight hair❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    48. Anna Kobulia

      Omg alex is right she looks just like meghan markle in suits

    49. LEAH BYRD

      Why did she not show Vince!!!!!

    50. Connor MG

      2:24 that's what she said

    51. CHRISTINA20082

      gagamm girl

    52. CHRISTINA20082

      just my opinion

    53. Sxpphire Midnight Wolfシ

      Nu one: Not me: Nezza:sup Edit:Nezza u look like someone I know

    54. juliette busalacchi

      why does nezza’s phone never screen record when she facetimes bobby

    55. Aleena Hussain

      That didn't take as long as I thought it took two Hours whaaaa

    56. naveya mallory

      I always say tank you when I say thank you

    57. GC - 10MV 701009 Glenforest SS


    58. Ruwan Villena

      Christian is literally the cutest!!!!

    59. H A R S H I T A

      who she?

    60. Hana

      your beautiful both ways 😍 your so pretty!!

    61. Sharon Zaw

      Is it just me or curly hair nezza and straight hair nezza look like two completely different ppl?

    62. Briana Howard

      Christian's reaction was priceless. 🤣

    63. XxBlue MoonxX

      Omg nezza always looked good but it looks good straight to she rocks any style For the 10% of people that see this you are beautiful and amazing! Don’t give up we can get through this together!


      Who else thinks she looked like Tina Russo when she straightened her hair, Daffy’s girlfriend in Looney Tunes😂😂? No hate towards you NEZZA, AT ALL! Love your videos and I love you! I feel like we would be best friends if we met each other in school... like deadass. ❤️❤️🔥🔥

    65. EP Studio

      Good heat protecting spray once mom didn't put it on and I burnd my hair oh and I won't permently straight

    66. EP Studio

      I can relate with big hair and I'm only 12

    67. Farah K

      It’s cute

    68. Reema Ibraheam

      12:10 me too Hailey, what camera do you use for vlogging?

    69. Aliyah Arnold

      11:17 when the teacher explaims something for the 4Th time

    70. meerah ahmed

      12:11 did anyone realize the text message 😂

    71. Sreya Variseri


    72. Alveena Afzal

      I laughed so hard when Vanessa texted nezza why do I look so happy😂😂😂😂

    73. Ayesha Amna

      I think this fits her better

    74. Mahi Noor

      2 hours Haha 😜😂😋😋

    75. Bshara Hourany

      This is the second video i watch of face timing Bobby and the phone doesn't record 😂😂😂😂 he haunted or smth

    76. Rosely

      Nezza ima need for you to drop a hair care routine

    77. Ian Wilkie

      you are the best

    78. Zubia Mohsin VII-G-B

      That tanku’s I can’t!!!!!!😜😂🥰

    79. Eleanor Lawton


    80. Keily Rodriguez

      Is it me or does she kinda look like ariana grande

    81. zahra c

      15:08 corey 🥺😕💔

    82. Max posey


    83. itz kim

      A video popped up on my recommended and I was so confused bcs it was straightened but it was from almost a year ago in august

    84. Razan_ Hmadeh

      Is it just me or Christian is sooo cute !!!😍😍😍

    85. Anshika sahu


    86. Sean Mahoney

      Lets all respect how good of a singer Nezza is 👁👄👁

    87. Mia Paityn Silva

      Did anyone else notice that Alex’s teeth look blue

    88. Tiana Samarripa

      I think you should do an apartment tour!!! And I love your curly hair, and the color!!!

    89. Silvia Camarillo

      Is no one gonna talk about how her phone was 3%

    90. Khayla Hilario

      Corey 🥺💙

    91. Estefania Cruz Lopez

      are you still with vince

    92. Alysha Syifa

      You look like franny!!!!

    93. Jashyland Harris

      I've been learning Tik Tok dances even though I don't post dance Tik Toks on my Tik Tok


      i love you to nezzzzzzza i am your biggest fan

    95. Souza Family

      Why do i have anxiety when shes straitening her hair, i hate straightening my hair because i hate getting burns :/

    96. Jahdiel Zenani

      i like both

    97. Savanah Garcia

      You look like J.R. from Jane the Virgin!!

    98. Gaming Lena

      I don't know why but she looks like Gwen Stefani.

    99. idon'tknowhowtonamethis


    100. Priya Lmaoo

      Bro I take like 3 hours to straighten my hair and it’s not even curly, it’s wavy-straight hair 🤦🏻‍♀️