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    Best Finger Painting Wins $5,000
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    1. ZHC Crafts

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      1. magical world of free fire

      2. Carly Oden

        Zach should do an example for each vid

      3. gamers girls pro


      4. Adventure Family

        I subd


        Why u customize only iPhones ??????????

    2. Kate Tanner

      No I think Viv’s was the best

    3. Li Qian

      Viv is my favorite

    4. Alexa Simpson


    5. scuffed human

      when girl suports girl but boy suport boi but there is 2 boi so girl lose

    6. Alivia Jones

      Hi y'all. I love y'all painting

    7. eseni cha

      i wanted someone to break ben painting at the end of the video

    8. Midhat Playz

      Viv should have won hers was better even tho hers is always better they pick someone else

    9. Brianna Asbery

      What Ben won vivi should off won

    10. mia tuason Delos Santos

      and i'm the subscribe i.m your biggest fan

    11. itz _thecatgirl

      Viv should hv won her art is really awesome n aso considering the fa t that she painted without brushes😢

    12. Taylor

      Damn vivs was the best.

    13. rachna popli shah

      michelle should have won hers is nice

    14. Golden Gamers

      How are you so good

    15. Golden Gamers

      Hi you are my fav

    16. Golden Gamers

      Hi I have subscribed and turned on the notifications

    17. {December_ Baby29}

      In my heart viv is the winner!

    18. asta_yuno

      Why you always say / money for you ,dont be like that zhc

    19. Sissabella R

      I like vivs viv I will hang that up in my room

    20. Evie Mac

      No offence but viv should of won! Hers wascama

    21. M H

      YoRe haRye

    22. dance monkey



      he is zhc craft but he has a beast t shirt NO ONE SEE

    24. Angela Biju

      Viv also painted that with her finger(S)

    25. falak ria

      To be honest, I think Viv should've won. I loved her sunset painting

    26. Sara Forcier

      M’y favorite artist is jaz

    27. Sara Sisamon

      It is amazing as still drawn.and with their own fingers.

    28. Helen Ann Joji

      Y did no one talk abt Johnnys painting thats the best one so far 🎨

    29. Inez Benedicte Gundersen

      I feel like Ben won because most boys like space more than girls and since there we’re two boys and only one girl as judges that Why Ben won and not Viv, me personally would’ve picked Ben’s because I’m more into space stuff, but I feel like Viv’s was more realistic. And remember this is just my opinion❤️If you read this so far I hope you have a great day!

    30. Katelyn T

      I really dont get it... viv always has an amazing peace of art.... she also had a beautiful thing in the other videos....

    31. Pranshu Agarwal

      Plese add machanzi in the videoed

    32. sendalymail

      I liked vivs

    33. Unicorn Among us

      I fell bad Viv always does so good more then half of the time her’s is the best

    34. Sad is Dreamy

      Gimme the money we want Someone:we wont...... Yeah i want you wont shut up Someone see ZHC:Hey ZHC what up ZHC:What sup bro what........ Someon:Nothing..... Bro... ZHC:........ IF YOU DONT SAY NOTHING SHUT UPPPP

    35. Kajae Montaque

      viv is the winner


      Where is johnny in 2021 HUH HUH?!?!?!?!?

    37. Nicole Pessagno

      Pls my name is really lily. And I'm subscribe

    38. Anjie Alex


      1. Anjie Alex


    39. Ayanna Gupta

      ben did not deserve to win i mean look at vivs drawing its clearly better than bens

    40. Sana Does That

      i quite like ben`s and viv`s and also jonny`s it so cute

    41. Katie's Krafts and Other Things

      These paintings are so cool

    42. Inioluwa Omiyale

      Go girl

    43. Inioluwa Omiyale

      If I was one of the judges I would have to choose Viv honestly

    44. Carolena Garozzo

      I would have chosen Viv’s, she should have won

    45. William Pallesen


    46. Izuku Midoriya

      I think Viv and Ben are even- they both shall win instead of Ben winning- Ben and viv should have another round :D and see who really wins u-u

    47. Ayush Kunwar

      I pick Viv.

    48. nina janusoniene

      I love space!!!!!!!

    49. OPS _PRANAV

      Viv rocks. Zach never makes her win. She is the only real artist in this entire group.❤️ Only when he did voting only then viv won so it's clear that people love her art and zhc is partial towards her 😭🙄

    50. bryant nguyen

      vic is so pretty

    51. Roblox Lovers

      Michelle so good at Painting omg

    52. Kayla Jiang

      "Ben painted this with his finger" Well so did Viv

    53. joshvqa

      Zack: Viv, unfortunately.. Michelle: What?? Zack: You’re gonna say goodbye to Michelle Michelle: Oh that makes sense the fact that she said “that makes sense” 💀

    54. Berxy Plays_

      Viv should won!😢

    55. Theresa Thompson

      can i be in it next time please i love you guys so much!

    56. Naseeka Shaikh

      The whole coments viv should win me viv she is soooo cuteee and her voice os so anglic

    57. Floral Yashna

      not gonna lie i think viv should've won hers was the best bens was not that good to be honest

    58. Remy and the Remsters

      VIV SHOULD HAVE WON, like if you agree

    59. Chocolate Lover

      Good job bennn

    60. Everlasting•Playz

      Im gonna trick your mind *Read more...*

    61. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    62. Sarthak Kankaria

      VIV had the best painting!!!

    63. Jyothi girish

      ben was the best painting

    64. Laine Venneman

      ngl but johnny is kinda cute

    65. Anthony Giampolo

      I love vivs Will you give her just 1000 because she was really good

    66. Perry Samios

      Vivs was the best by far

    67. Alexis Sarkar

      i think vivs was better than bens

    68. Creeper Girl23

      Jhonny simp Michelle thank you Zack 😐😐😐

    69. Alicia Padilla

      That can can you come make a video with you if I could I wouldn’t be able to because I’m not I don’t live in LA I live in California I live in South San Francisco

    70. Mohini Singh

      Jaz is cute

    71. Tess Games

      I liked Viv but I see why Ben won ( don't come at me it's my opinion )

    72. Talia Perlstein

    73. Panendra Art Gallery

      5:50 is the best part

    74. Rosemary Kamau

      Their super cool

    75. Rosemary Kamau

      I really like jazz’s and mhical

    76. Eduard Hlavacek

      Wow. Your. video. Is. Soo. Good👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

    77. Maria Iorga

      Like 👍

    78. Kaylee Josse

      Viv should've won because I never see people paint a sunset before Ben's paint is kind of realistic but I've seen many people do space painting. My favorites character in zhc crafts is Viv btw 😁

    79. Moises Morlanes

      Is Viv’s real name Vivian?

    80. Amelia Debora

      An also love your videos is so creatif i wan't to draw as best as you can but i can't.

    81. Amelia Debora

      Hey zack can i have a shoutout or a pinned or a heart. Im happy with anything.

    82. Ateefa Naaz

      They Can paint with their fingers i cant hold a paint brush

    83. Gardenly Yours

      bens painting was the best it was so cool I tried to make it but failed!!

    84. Ellen Silfa


    85. Rose0809 Juta

      Hey zack what dose ZHC stand for

    86. Student-BSK Shaikha Mohammed Ahmed Albannay Albloushi 4B

      Omg I always wanted to be in a challenge with you comment ZHC pla

    87. Reid Jacobs

      Can I have one

    88. Vivienne Pope

      Zhc can you tell Viv my name is Vivi

    89. Mitzi Hamilton

      viv deserved to win

    90. kaylen White

      I am a fan can you give me 5000 bucks

    91. GachaMices

      I think Viv should’ve won she worked so hard! And it was so realistic, I’m sorry but I don’t really agree with the judging :/ .

    92. Gary Darkbeats Adelburgh

      I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!

    93. Josie Allen

      Viv should of won

    94. Uma Korevaar

      Subscribe PLZ to ZHC

    95. Fish Trainer [Dev]

      You are mister beast fan from your shirt

    96. Ravenswood Dark


    97. Racha Mibarki

      @ ir'cin'ckfijglsf'

    98. Meow Cats

      Michelle like I am going with a... Michelle is thinking.... A PINK SUNSET! Me is the background Michelle you always go with something pink can’t you go with blue! I laughed so bad

    99. Karen Wang

      ZHC everybody is saying Viv should've won

    100. Karen Wang

      Viv and Zach is my favourite artist and i thought Viv should've won