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    In this video, I get out the crappie jig and do my best to find a pattern for huge crappie around shallow structure.
    We start out alright with a solid bass a few medium crappie, but as it gets darker the fish start getting HUGE!
    Thank you for watching, next video is of a HUMUNGOUS bass!

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    1. Jampee Saenthongkham

      Great eating size crappies. Signs says no trespassing how come?

    2. Mark Crim

      Dude! Is that a lens cap blowing up your audio off camera? Hack.

    3. skylander kid

      Chris watts

    4. Joe Schmo

      Down in at least Texas I always found them Crappie loved white or chartreuse Roadrunners :)

    5. Bryan Martin

      I don't release C my wife cleans n cooks and we feast fish on Fridays

    6. Edward Bright

      Dude, you just made me clean my Canoe up and gather my Reels and tackle up. Getting ready 4 Crappie. 🤠👍🎣🛶

    7. Michael Cox

      Nice fish, where are you fishing at?

    8. brian pettis

      Yes please record videos my friend. You're one of the best fisherman on here........I'll always watch dude!

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        You got it man thank you!

    9. MC Fuller

      In the long run stay as you are so you won't get burned out nor people watching won't either, 2 to 3 times a week.

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Yeah that is what I’ve learned too

    10. Hook Setta

      Man drop the vids..... they will get views..... some of us like to enjoy other people catches if we ain’t catching them ourselves ..... good content keep it coming

    11. Roger Williams

      I will watch as many as you put out. Love the channel

    12. James Garrett

      where is the link to the reel

    13. Aaron Stevens

      Those were some huge 🐖 s. Good God that was amazing

    14. robert Raine


    15. Tom Baker

      Very little introduction got straight to your objective I fly fish with a skirt for specks they share the same characteristics as bass the variety of baits at the right time is endless totally a great video let's see more like this one start your own fishing show.

    16. Adam Jordison

      That's a Giant.

    17. Ronald Wood

      I'm new on here and love tp crappy fish .I'd like to hear how long the fish is . Weight does not tell me much ( yet ) .Enjoy what i see so far. thanks

    18. Qayim Qayim


    19. Brian W

      good info, crappie are fun to catch and very good eating. One suggestion on your video, they have a thing called wireless mics that u clip on to yourself, under your shirt even helps the wind noise, and they're affordable. been around since the 80's

    20. Keteku Torvikey

      no disrespect but you are crazy for not keeping those crappie...............just crazy


      Doesn't anyone eat fish anymore?

    22. rico suavecito


    23. The Pond Hopper

      I agree, kids nowadays don't use a brain, and a handful of ignorant people may ACTUALLY feel compelled to squanderP their freedom, trash the place, and alP do is ruin the chance for other people ALLOWED TOO fish and take part in being good, stewards, of the landFact is,the ONLY reason that its POSTED is to cover the cities or some super rich guys ass. I promise it's not because they're SO protective of their precious resource.(lovely decorated by exotic trash fish.that yall let reak havoc on the PUBLIC river systems.tha ones that every tax paying citizens fund restoration and clean up projects on. Signs there just to cover THEIR ass in case of injury. Not the community that its in. Not NATURAL habitat of the INVASIVE SPECIES that contaminate the surrounding areas. Given it's a RETENTION pond, leads one to believe it's simply there to be an over flow pond. NO OTHER reason. I'm pretty sure Ty has the COMMON sense to not fish in a TRUE private pond. One that's there for trophy fish, owner and guest enjoyment,etc. He knows it AINT YOURS. Your pond is the overpopulated, overpolluted, utopia of sorrow and invasive, genetically modified trashfish... Guarded by ignorance. So ALL you HATERS are mistaken. This man is not the problem with USA. YOU ARE. Use Context and discretion people. For 20 years I fished ,managed the overpopulation,cleaned up trash, and maintained shoreline, on a city 'owned' retention pond that was 'POSTED'.(for the city's safety against lawsuits) i was never bothered and that pond prolly kept a dozen kids off drugs, or out of prison... I moved away, now no one has the BALLS to TRESPASS and DO WHATS RIGHT. Not the kids you haters raise. That's for damn sure. Their too scared to stand up for or appreciate and help the neglected, mistreated resource....Being SO self ENTITLED , that you feel like you own Mother Nature because you have signs up,or feel it justifiable to take the life,or threat someone cuz you're TOO PROUD of 'your' pond. Furthermore, before you walk out and decide to shoot or even threaten to harm someones brother,sister,father,mother, or child for catching bream(or whatever)in 'YOUR' pond YOU better make sure they don't maintain or improve said property, because in some states that's enough to TAKE possession of land deed. And then your gonna be the proud owner of a worn out ass in prison.

    24. Pearson Philmon

      Sign says no fishing Ty pigcontrol : I'm gonna pretend I didnt see that

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Every video 😂😂

    25. james hoffman

      Good video !👍👍👍👍

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Thank you!

    26. Tom Nichols

      I like the clean fun you create for yourself. Our country needs to see and inspire more of this good clean fun. I grew up fishing and hunting and want to pass that along to my...grandchildren beofre I go.

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        This comment made my day!! Thank you Ton glad the passion comes through!

    27. Mad Max

      In a little retention pond. Wtf!

    28. Micah Ragsdale

      Black and chartreuse for the WIN!

    29. vandus mingo

      He breaking da law

    30. carter cole


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    32. vangr707ify

      No trespassing no fishing= big fish

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Haha bingo!!!

    33. Zachary Breeden

      Stumbled across your channel, really like your style. I caught a 14 inch crappie two days ago, got me back interested in crappie fishing.

    34. Originz Fishing

      Why did you photoshop the thumbnail?

    35. Kaden gaming

      I like how the sign said no trespassing no fishing

    36. jmack

      Went fishing caught 8 4 lbs

    37. Berryz Bridge

      Good stuff bro



    39. Silky_Smooth 94

      Catches more fish in five minutes than I have all season in southern California lol

    40. monmixer

      Damn, that's the biggest crappie i have ever seen in my frigin life and I'm 61.

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Thanks for watching!

    41. Thomas Ooms

      Agree with what others have said. Great presentation, very confident in your communications. Often narrators hem and haw, lots of "Ummm..." Appreciate your ability to plan your words ahead. Oh, and the CATCHING! This is no longer fishing, what you show is catching! And plenty of it. Love that enormous bluegill piece. When you show crappie I am amazed that you are alone there. KUTGW! (keepupthegoodwork!)

    42. Hunter Rouse

      Wait???? The sign says no fishing and no trespassing im confused

    43. Michael Strunk

      Do this don’t do the can’t you read the signs.

    44. tia downey

      I will watch. I want you to send me some of those fish you throw back lol .foreal

    45. GA BOY

      man do you even eat fish at all? cause you be catchin some meat dude

    46. GA BOY

      4:03 what is the name of your jig used, i freeze the frame i can see it really good

      1. Gavin Olson


    47. Darron Smith

      Wow those were slabs! Don't you harvest any to eat?

    48. Justin Mason

      Keep the vids coming. I'll watch um everyday. I'm nee to your channel so maybe I missed it at some point but I have been watching Pig Patrol with Porn Stache for a while. How are you affiliated with him?

    49. Duane Douglas

      Looks like a bass bro.

    50. Maurice B

      NIce! A lot of great crappie fishing info at crappiefishing101.com as well.


      What do you think of the walleye rod compared to the Calamus?

    52. George Zink

      So u. Sneaked in .

    53. George Zink

      How did u. Get permission. It said no fishing or tresspassing.what gives

    54. Scott Thomas

      Post away. You have great variety, always like your videos and usually learn something.

    55. Bigwyske G

      Where’s this location

    56. Keith Brewer

      Dude. Land owners don’t post signs for kicks and giggles. It makes no difference what you think, whether or not you get caught, or that you are catching and releasing. So, how about showing some respect in the future, obey the signs, and stay out of places where you’re not welcome nor have permission to fish. How would you like it if everybody and their brother piled in on your land and did whatever they pleased? It’s stunts like this that are the EXACT reason why, when asked, that landowners tell you NO. When you buy the land, take care of it, pay property taxes on it, own the pond and the fish, you wouldn’t want joe blow stranger to come waltzing in and disrespecting your wishes. NO TRESPASSING NO FISHING I’m surprised somebody hasn’t seen your video and put your butt in jail.

      1. Cleared Hot

        Maybe he had permission? Otherwise, he risk running into an owner with a gun, looking for someone to "make his day", along with the Florida "Stand your Ground" law on his side.

    57. Miguel Martinez

      Thank you for the videos my friend!

    58. Sentry Robert Reynolds

      good man..i use those same grubs a lot of the time

    59. Benjamin Currie

      2 a week don't over extend yourself. If you can do that comfortably. That will give your viewers something to look forward to. If you do 1 a day you will flood your channel don't do it...

    60. Gst

      Need a mute button.... This dude is annoying

    61. Wesley Callison

      Go ahead and post as long as it doesn't get in the way of fishing or anything else you want to do .Have fun!

    62. Ron Herian

      Speak up man

    63. Jeff's Fishing Fun

      Where is this pond? I am in League City.

    64. James Butler

      Hey brother I live in Fl.and have all of my life and I have fished all the chain of Kissimmee and have caught my fair share of crappie but I don't ever recall catching a speckled perch like you caught at the end of this video great job bud!!!

    65. Mike Dudka

      Try not to reel when your drag is letting out. Puts mad twists in your line. good video

    66. alex rodriguez

      Wow! You had one of those dream days fishing. Also, i love the sharky 3. Its such a beast. It cannhandle anythimg that gets thrown at it. And yes ide watch fishing videos all day.

    67. HadronCollider90

      Subbed and liked. Ever n South Texas 361 I got some great spots

    68. HadronCollider90

      Subbed and liked. Ever n South Texas 361 I got some great spots

    69. Debio

      Curious why he's able to fish where it says no fishing, I didn't want to read through hundreds of comments

    70. g_man W

      Fun watching you fish but the sign said “no trespassing, no fishing”. Which means you’re breaking the law. The younger kids watching this are looking up to you to do the RIGHT things.

      1. George Zink

        Being pusseys .hasnt a damm thing to do with showing chrildren.its ok to break the laws.

      2. George Zink

        Yes you never said u. Had permission.

      3. Brian Schmitzer

        Oh my god, you guys are both pussies.

      4. Watermelon RB

        Gerald Wilkie true

    71. Fishing1

      Great stuff my man, but you`re fishing and trespassing where you shouldn't be, and I can`t tell that the pond hasn`t been maintained in years. It still doesn`t matter. So the youngsters that watch this video will think that it`s okay to trespass and fish where they shouldn`t? Hey kids...don`t trespass and fish where you shouldn`t. You can get fined and your fishing gear can be confiscated.

    72. Salt Bath

      Keep sharing! Good stuff

      1. Salt Bath

        @Ty PigPatrol yw!

      2. Ty PigPatrol

        Thanks Anthony!!

    73. Nonsense E.A.

      Yo Ty!!! Keep doin your thing man! You're awesome! I love your videos well above most others!! always watching them, right before going out myself to fish. I usually fish for carp, I love carp. BUT!!! You got me into jigs, and you got me into watching other peoples videos also! I'll keep watch ya videos as long as you keep putting them up!!! You're awesome!

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Hey man I appreciate the kind words Matt! Comments like yours keeps me goin!!

    74. Steve Thompson

      Where is this at

    75. Robb Armstrong

      My son and I love all your vids! We love the giant Crappie! Keep posting!! 👊❤💪

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Great to hear thanks Robb!

    76. 1 2

      Nice slabs,what state is this.

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Texas! Thanks for watching!

    77. Roy Williams

      Gtfoh! Where are you and please let's get a vid of your crappie setup! I'm in york county SC.

    78. Daniel Cordero

      Did you weigh that bad boy?

    79. Christopher Price

      Fuck you. Trolled us. We thought we were going to see something we ain't ever caught our self

    80. Jesse Pinkman

      Ty strikes again nice video 👌

    81. khanh phung

      Crappie taste really good deeepd fried

    82. blue widow

      How big is that pond it don't look that big to have that many species and that size of crappie has to be really deep and have lots of bait fish to keep all them species happy

    83. Jason Yoder

      Yes I would

    84. Mark Blix

      The owners of that pond are probably listening to their lawyers by putting up that sign. Hey, you drown, well you were trespassing. Helps in litigation.

    85. jalen woods

      Where is this pond??

    86. Jay Bavis

      Man fix the drag brother to lose

      1. Cathy C

        He appears to know what he's doing!

    87. Jay Bavis

      Smh lol

    88. Double TT Farm

      Dude you need to learn how to pronounce Crappy theirs no au ,or o on in crappy . And you have no clue what a nice,or big fish is And the sigh says No Trespassing Let me catch you on my land you will have buck shoot in your azz

      1. Double TT Farm

        @Ty PigPatrol didn't want to cuss on here

      2. Ty PigPatrol

        You need to learn how to spell “ass”

    89. snifferdogg forfreedom

      Man you getting me stered up man them nice crappie. I live in Florida time to go crappie fishing. Nice video .

    90. Wando

      That's some good eating right there nice catches!

    91. Rodney Johnson

      I bet if I had ignored that sign the police would have shown up but that was some nice crappies you was catching 💪

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Thanks Rodney!

    92. Travis Marino

      Save some footage for the slow parts of the season. But other then that post and fish your heart out please! I don't even fish but I really enjoy your videos.

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Good to hear thanks Travis!

    93. Allan Close

      Slide by after dark and relocate the sign.

    94. Old School R/C

      Very nice man do the editing one or two times a week thanks for sharing👍✌

    95. WIld,Wild West

      I would be careful about posting vids every day,unless you can really change the content frequently.There comes a moment where people will get burned out if the content isn't changed up enough.They are awesome though!

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Thank you!!

    96. Frederick Westberry

      Sorry I meant every other day . Awesome video

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Thanks for the input!

    97. Frederick Westberry

      Every other week would be great

    98. Dan Griffin

      I bet you would be a blast go fishing with. A day of fishing followed by few cold brews. I watched enough of your videos now. Your a person of very good character. It shows.

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        Thanks for the support Dan!

    99. Dan Griffin

      Love the way you fish places most people don't think about. I have never caught crappie that big ever. You are doing an awsome job man. Where do you find the time to do this? What part of the US do you reside in?

      1. Ty PigPatrol

        This is in Texas!!

    100. Cam 86

      Clean fish .... in charlotte nc we have a lot of idiots trashing the waters. ....