2020 Bassmaster LIVE at the Classic Day 1


14 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    The Bassmaster Classic was held in March 2020 on Lake Guntersville

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    1. SEND It

      Is the quality really shitty or is it just me

      1. Steven Buschur

        Definitely bad quality

      2. SEND It

        Dylan Outdoor 😐😐😐

      3. FishingWithDylan

        it u

    2. Donald Touchton


    3. Jason Carter

      How can it be live if its over?

      1. Kaylee Gibbs

        The show is called Bassmaster Live because they livestream the footage instead of compiling the footage and making a 45 minute show

    4. Zacuum_the_goat Goat

      Let’s go boys!!