Luka Garza 2021 NCAA tournament highlights

March Madness

3,6 миӊ. көрүүлөр0

    Luka Garza ended his legendary college career dropping 24 and 36 points in Iowa's two 2021 NCAA tournament games against Grand Canyon and Oregon. Watch his full March Madness highlights here.
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    1. Up Road Sant

      Hornets pick

    2. Spurs Lang

      Spurs pick!

    3. Yeah Yeah

      He’s a tank but idk about the nba I can’t see a guy like him guarding embid or giannis

    4. James the gamer811

      Bruh he did nothing in the ncaa tournament they lost to Oregon that's so bad

      1. Caiden Strosahl

        You can’t even say anything about Garza he dominated all year including the ncaa tournament. He was the player of the year so you can’t say he was bad. He averaged like 24 points this year and got above that in both games of the ncaa tournament. He just dominates everyone and can work through double teams better than a chick fil a worker works through saying my pleasure

      2. Frank Dryer

        @Yeah Yeah even jordan had Steve Kerr or toni kukoc to knock down clutch threes because he couldn't do it himself and he averaged like 45 points a game in the playoffs

      3. Frank Dryer

        @Yeah Yeah but it's a team sport

      4. Yeah Yeah

        He scored 36 the game they lost

      5. Skyler Mummert

        Takes more than one guy to win a game

    5. Matthew Ramsey


    6. Giannis Akumpo

      Even As A 💊🌪⛈ I Respect Him. He Destroyed Us But It’s A Rivalry.. There’s Supposed To Be Beef.

    7. Tyler Mayne