What happens if an Aircraft flies too FAST!!?

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    What speed restrictions does an Aircraft have and what happens if a Pilot flies beyond those speeds?
    Can a Pilot get a speeding ticket?
    These are some of the questions I will answer in this weeks episode. I will cover everything from Airspace restrictions to wingflutter so make sure you stay tuned and pay attention!
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    1. John Elliot

      Some room to better explain MMO and also the ultimate speed of MD as you explained VD. there is no buffeting at speed above MMO, because there can’t be any undue buffeting or vibrations up to MD, and MD must be at least 0.07 more than MMO. If your MMO is 0.81 as you state, then your MD must be at least 0.88 to pass 25.335

    2. pepinha1979

      Hi there,love your videos,very detailed explanations .I have a question:i recently seen on flight radar an A320-202,flying at 507 knts ground speed and an altitude calibrated at 35700ft.Were they exceeding Max speed?thanks

    3. Stan

      The wing of the Lockheed Electra did NOT suffer from aerodynamic flutter - the problem was caused by poorly designed engine mounts which allowed the engines to "wobble" in a circular motion. When the rate of this "wobbling" matched the resonant frequency of the wing, it caused the wing to vibrate with ever-increasing amplitude until it broke apart.

    4. Adam Morris

      A Jumbo can go faster than M1 in the right conditions-Anyone else think Mentour should explain about BA112 that got across the Atlantic in 4 hour 56minutes with a tailwind and the help of jetstreams last year,A 747 got over 800mph ground speed. ATB.

    5. OWEN Gao

      Just wondering, are you a Germany or an American? I thought you are a Germany, but your accent sounds like American people,lol

    6. TheNitto95

      would you fly the X-15 if you got the chance?

    7. juliehay

      oh!!!!!!!!!!! gorgeous puppy, soooooo cute, I much prefer spending time with non human animals, human animals as a species, is/are, well, difficult to describe without using expletives.

    8. Kephalo Pod

      I guess that you are not allowed to bring your dog in the cockpit, since the dog might exceed the distractions speeds.

    9. tatiana kerina tarp

      So it arrives faster!! Hurraa A lot of comments about the dogs :(

    10. Oschi Baby

      Hi Mentour: has it ever happened that pilots realise that ATC is either "asleep" or giving wrong instructions, such that the pilot must make his own decision what to do e.g. which direction to fly etc. Thanks from Munich, Germany

    11. Artha Surya

      What happens if the intro is spoken too FAST!!?


      Your dog Patxi looks like alot of fun - we have a Poochon named Monty, who is alot like Patxi but with blonde 'Rod Stewart' hairstyle. I love your channel - gives me enormous respect for the complexity of aviation engineering and the commercial aviation industry.

    13. DJ Official Super Music Top #1

      let me guess, Overspeed Beep Beep Slow Down Beep Beep Overspeed Beep Beep Slow Down,....

    14. Bob Greene

      Very clear explanation of the "Coffin Corner" effect, in which low speed (stall) buffet speed meets high (stall) buffet speed. The more Mentour Pilot segments I watch, the better I appreciate the demands placed on the pilot and first officer.

    15. njcurmudgeon

      Come for the aviation, stay for the puppy!

    16. abc

      I love your dogs AND your videos!

    17. Linda H

      Get on the plane and say I'm back. Yep Reinstated. lol

    18. Luis Fernando Murillo

      Thank you for your video. As always it was highly informative. Could you please dedicate an episode to PACS and the pressurisation of the cabin. I know this used to be something that the flight engineer managed, but how does it look like now on modern aircraft with only two pilots flying?

    19. David Palmer

      Your dog the star.

    20. Gerald Wimalasena

      I love your dog, Captain.

    21. Betty Jane

      Thank you for all your wonderful videos! Will you be able to explain the control of air space during wartime?

    22. Jim Lord


    23. Justa Youtuber

      Why not have the landing gear "OFF" position at the top, rather than between down and up?

    24. Hola Que Tal?

      VD may not mean what you think it means

    25. Evandro Chefas

      Actually the Tacoma Bridge Incident was caused by the soundwaves produced when the winds crossed the stretched steel cables that held the bridge's platform causing a 'wind harp' effect and not by the direct action of the wind on the bridge's structure itself. As you might know, the sound travels through the vibration of the particles and when a sound hits a barrier, a wall for example, it makes the particles in the concrete vibrate in a slope and loses its strenght in the process. The process of a soundwave losing its strenght is that the particles tend to stop by doing this slope, they move further and back but as they lose energy everytime they move they go a little less further until it finally stops and the particles get back to its rest position. The fact is if you apply a continuous sound to any material it can put it to a 'ressonance state' that is basically when this slope tend to the infinite. The particles move ahead and when they get back they go a little further than the original 'ahead' movement, and so on, making this 'S' shaped movement but a little bigger every time it completes the slope, until it finally breaks the resistance point of the material. It's the same principle of a opera singer breaking a crystal glass with her/his voice. It took almost 5 years for them to discover that because nobody at that point could explain why the bridge colapsed since the wind in that region wasn't strong enough to even move the bridge and following the report of the witnesses that said that the bridge kept shaking even when the winds were just about weak a few scientists in a College started to go deeper in the investigation and finally came with this report explaining that was actually the sound that brought that bridge down. Btw, I am a big fan of your work. Cheers from Brazil my friend.

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    27. Thor Garbin Kjenner

      Merry christmas! :) LOL!

    28. Michael Bond

      Hey mentour, can you add those electra flights to your air accident series?

    29. PK

      I wish I could be on of your dogs.

    30. DawnUSNvet

      IMO - It's ok to pet your dog :)

    31. DawnUSNvet

      I only once had a ride at .95 mach... it was in a Concorde from Dallas-Dulles... very smooth flight, impressive takeoff :)

    32. S Gomez

      😆 anyone else finds it hard to listen to Mentour because they can't stop watching the cute puppy? ☺

    33. steve cooper

      IT FALLS APART, ! particularly if its an airbus product !

    34. Fred Cox

      Love your videos but your dog is stealing the show! Well done!!

    35. jouhannaud jean françois

      is it just me or you are talking faster than usual in this video?

    36. Flanger

      I'm not even remotely affiliated with aviation, but I think I've already understand why companies would want to use OFDM. Fast speeds = more fuel consumption (rip Concorde), there surely is a "sweet spot" for each airliner model's speed, where speed-to-fuel consumption ratio is the most efficient :)

    37. Ryan Laprade

      A general rule of thumb is, the more difficult and/or dangerous the job, the less money it pays. How would the corporate executives afford their extravagant lifestyles if they actually gave their employees a reasonable salary?

    38. Nigel Depledge

      I have read that, during WWII, pilots of piston-engined fighters could occasionally enter the transsonic regime in a dive. On such occasions, they encountered a phenomenon thats was termed "compression", in which the control surfaces would become ineffective (I'm not sure, but I think they became almost impossible to move). Does something similar occur with large jets?

    39. Anolaana Seranaar

      Brings a whole new meaning to "speed enforced by radar"!

    40. Gerald Perry

      I like that little dog! lol!

    41. james sullivan

      Would you please teach about supersonic flight? How the Concorde did and military aircraft do it?

    42. Chuck Mawson

      As an aspiring pilot just getting started, I LOVE this channel! Your explanations of the principles of flight, limits, procedures, etc. are quite helpful.

    43. matthew williams

      chill, think and know what your doing... you are asking a lot of the modern human being lol.

    44. Steven West

      Very interesting science behind it all thanks Petter

    45. Tim Engineman 2nd

      When I was in high school, I remember reading quotes from fighter pilots in extreme combat talking about "that little red line that North American (or Lockheed, or Vought, depending who built the airplane) which voided their guaranteed that the wings would still stay on. They noted that they exceeded it and thought "Rosie The Riveter" had done a "darn" good job! However, this was probably more the "recommended" max that the Vd. The risk of going this fast has been demonstrated in an often use clip of film that was taken by the Luftwaffe, were an English plane is going fast and doing a high G banking dive takes a short burst and this weakened the wing enough that it did fall off!

    46. Paul Boston

      You are a MASTER of concentration! Never even a hesitation. You can be my pilot anytime! 😁. By the way, this video introduced me to several new-to-me technical observations. I.e. the pressure front created as you approach the speed of sound and the front moving back on the wing. I’ll bet that caused a lot of sweating by the pilot when it was first encountered.

    47. Jim Ross

      @Mentour I had taken my family and some friends to a local airport watching the planes land and take off. (This was pre 911). All the planes touched down in the standard area and slowed down to take the second or third exit off the runway. We noticed one plane coming in very 'hot'. He touched down about three times further down than any of the others, then suddenly turned off at the very first exit. The turn was to the left and the plane rolled to the right so much that the outboard wingtip was only what appeared to be a foot or less off the tarmac. All of us were astonished at the apparent recklessness of this pilot. Was this actually reckless and endangering the plane or passengers, and if so, what kind of actions would have (or at least should have) been taken?

    48. Gábor Enyedi

      What a crappy plane a Boing is! The pilot needs to switch off the hydraulic by hand. Why the hell does not do the plane automatically? An override button is OK for the case of failure, but by default this is just one more thing the pilot needs to look after.

    49. Helga Nagy

      I love your dogs

    50. A Duboi

      One thing I was hoping you would cover here and you did not. In flight 447 the pilots thought they were in overspeed, but in fact they were stalling. If you are just that confused would it be better to guess that you are underspeed and put the nose down or is overspeed that dangerous that you would not take that risk?

    51. Fredobel51

      Two questions: 1. How are supersonic airplanes designed so that they can easily fly at speeds in excess of mach 1? 2. Why are speeds in the aviation industry quoted in knots, and not in kph?

    52. László Zilahi

      I've watched dosens of your videos but now I found the first information which I think was a little misleading: 11:17 Yes, the sound propagates a little slower in thin air, but that's the smaller part of this effect. The main reason is because on high altitudes the indicated airspeed is much lower than true airspeed.

    53. Lisa Schuster

      When I was growing up, we heard sonic booms all the time. Why were so many aircraft able to fly past Mach One?

      1. nelson 100

        aircraft are not allowed to break the sound barrier over land.. perhaps there was a military base nearby ? concorde was the only passenger aircraft that created the sonic boom

    54. Jules Anderson

      Great information and great little dog 🐕!

    55. blackbirdmenagerie

      Hmmm why don't we ask former SR71 pilots about getting speeding tickets? Pretty funny story about one that buzzed a traffic control tower.

    56. FlightSimDev

      Without watching the video, the aircraft will fall apart is my answer....No we're not :P

    57. Gerry Crisostomo

      The test pilots who fly the planes beyond their intended design parameters or speed limit must have balls of steel. It's like staring in the face of death itself. I have heard of a Boeing 747 that went into a steep dive, exceeded the speed of sound and broke it's wings. Since airline planes have no pilot ejection system like the fighter planes, there's no guarantee that you can safely get out of the plane even if you have parachute, specially at that speed.

    58. Bob Marley

      good doggo

    59. Ryan McGillivray

      Well if you work for Ryanair, you still land it

    60. abel garcia

      What happens when Jet Stream makes you exceeds speed limits set by ATC?

    61. jjsifo1

      Excellent !! thank you

    62. knightlypopeye

      When I was growing up back home in Bethel Alaska before the extended the taxiway to runway 36 well it was back then now it’s 10 but we used to backtrack that runway all the time. I loved it.

    63. Jason Pressler

      Structure harmonics are what determine oscillation., the strangest thing is after you get beyond a certain point in speed if it could stay in tact the parts would settle back down .

    64. Sean Lannigan

      I'm curious, does the test that demonstrates the aircraft can safely exceed the VMO and close to Vd happen on every plane built, or just each model?

    65. Edwin B

      Dog 💙

    66. Brian Doyle

      The speed limits for taxiing reminded me of a very unpleasant job action by United Airlines pilots in the summer of 2000 ("Summer from Hell"). I was doing lots of business travel at the time out of ORD (Chicago O'Hare), which is United's home hub. The pilots were malicioulsy obedient to the taxi speed limits, refused to fly aircraft with minor maintenance issues, called in maintenance on non-existant problems, and generally did whatever they could to delay flights and pressure the airline to meet union demands. The result was the cancellation of 25,000 flights and the loss of 1,000,000 passengers that summer for United. I recall being very angry at the pilots, who chose to harm their customers in their dispute with management. As you would expect from such a lose/lose tactic, United filed for bankruptcy two years later. Sorry to bring up a bad memory; I love what you do and love the channel. Thanks for the inside information!

    67. Charles Bear

      is he changing the color of that puppy, or is something else going on. white brown etc.

    68. hmm

      "You wont get arrested midair if you dont land" Aviation weeky tips

    69. Chris Szumiloski

      This honestly doesn't make sense to me. If the VMO of the 737 is 340 knots, that equates to a maximum operating speed of 390 MPH and the 737 flies way faster than that. He probably got knots confused with CAS but even if he did, I still think the 737s VMO is quite a bit faster than that. This is because he also claims that a plane can't ever exceed it's critical Mach number which for the 737 is M0.81 or 535 mph at 35k feet, though the 737 more often than not cruises at speeds close to 600 MPH and I've even seen standing shockwaves over the wings the 737 among other aircraft. For the 767, A330, 787, and 777... I've seen TWO shockwaves, one over the leading of the wing and the over the trailing edge which suggests that those planes fly even faster still. The shockwaves look like still ripples in the air attached to wing moving along with the wing. I must have a screw loose or something because I'm so used to planes flying well over they're so called VMO and MMO with no problem, but now I'm told that it's impossible for a plane to do that without losing controlled flight or coming apart in midair...

    70. Sal Guliuzza

      Hey There Mentour Pilot, Hope you are doing awesome, i just wanted to say, I LOVE YOUR DOG :-)

    71. Jerry Stephens

      As usual fantastic video!

    72. Chris DIYer

      HATR/OHR...they sometimes try to blame radar maintenance

    73. Leroy Green

      "Serial speeder" LOL

    74. Commerce USA

      Various important items like control surfaces start to detach from the aircraft? Just a guess. Looking forward to watching this.

    75. subbss

      Hey Mentour, is there any situation in which you would increase speed past the maximum operating speed (but not the maximum design speed)? For example does the speed limit still apply in a terrain escape maneuver?

    76. David Gauthier

      I like your co-host.

    77. Arish Roy

      Only ones not distracted by the cute doggo are ATPL students 😂😂😂

    78. statikreg

      venereal disease

    79. Frostbite_mp4

      if a plane exceeds its speed then the wings and tail can break apart

    80. Jakub Homola

      what the hell is a knot? you should have mentioned that..

    81. John Reed

      Stupid question but is Vmo the same as what we Call Vne (never exceed)?

    82. Dean Willis

      very impressive knowledge, love it!

    83. Going Nowhere

      Why doesn't the landing gear hydraulic system turn off automatically when they're locked in place? Surely that would be much simpler that the down/up//off (just have down/up locked and off).

    84. Mark g

      Would love to see a very detailed explanation of Vnav. To include the different types of path (idle descent, geometric, and gradient). To include some techniques involving the use of speed override, and its impact on path descent vs speed priority. Another great video would be the colors of the markings on the speed tape, altimeter, and displays in general. For example, magenta displayed is always a targeted indication... heading, course line, steering bars, etc.... great video! Always learn something.

    85. M. de k.

      So if I understand correctly, don't exceed maximum speeds unless you want to die.

    86. Craig Bathurst

      This happened to a much modified P-51 Mustang for racing. The owner/pilot of the plane didn’t tell the FAA everything he did to the plane to make it fly faster. It went a little beyond 500 mph during a race with the audience in the stands. On the third lap the pilot passed out and the plane started to fly apart and crashed in front of the stands. 10 people in the stands died. This can be seen on KGup.

    87. Mr. Denver Sevy Jr.

      Sir I love all your analysis I've never flown but I love everything to do with planes small and large ur awesome

    88. JAlly Farms

      When I was kid and was able to go into the cockpits of the jets I flew on they always told me they were capable of all going mach 1 (I didnt say they did) and normal cruise was around 460mph. sometimes more or less depending on wind but could go around 600mph max cruise speed.

    89. Richard Nilsson

      Thanks for doing these videos and your an awesome mentor! You explain things in a really good way for people who are not familiar. I use the information in Microsoft flight simulator 2020 and just starting to learn the Airbus 320neo. I think its important, even in a flight simulator to know why I should do it and not only how to do it and most youtubers tend to do tutorials and only talk about how to do it. This makes at least for me to easier understand the logic behind the action I take. Keep up the good work!


      you can exceed Vmo but only once, twice if lucky

    91. der0hund

      Hi! If the speed in turns must not exceed 10 knots: which speed indication does the pilot have in that situation? TAS is certainly not active. Greetings from Vienna!

    92. Milan Mektić

      Speed (V) of sound in air (m/s) , approx. = 20.1 * sqrt of T , T - temperature of the air in Kelvin degrees , K= 273.15 + t(C) , t(C) - temperature of the air in Celsius degrees , sqrt - square root. E.g. , on 37,000 ft (11 km) , V of sound is 20.1 * sqrt of (273.15 - 56.5) = 295.853 m/s * 3.6 = 1065 km/h. V of plane max = 0.81 * 1065 km/h = 862 km/h.

    93. M J

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    94. Jeandre Coetzee

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    95. run2u250

      This is what they call "Rip speed" in War Thunder.

    96. Terry Rogers

      I assume apron and taxiway speed limits are not IAS.

    97. jamc666

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    98. jamc666

      the quick answer is : it desintegrates ...

    99. Royal Stark

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    100. Lightblue

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