Did A Robot Write This? (Game)

Good Mythical MORE

255 миӊ. көрүүлөр27

    Today, we're seeing if we can guess whether a human or robot wrote these reviews. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1887
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    1. David Negron

      Grammarly helped me a lot in AICE ENG. Highly recommended

    2. Rachel Deal

      8:46 when they both turn their heads at the SAME TIME. **Twins**

    3. skye

      the paddles should’ve been “A.I.” and “A Guy”

    4. Mikaela Settle

      i need a live reaction episode of the greatest showman, i don't care if it's only the highlights. myabe they need to do it as a vlog...

    5. Brian Flowers

      Link: who in there right mind would want a robot to Wright a story for them? Link obviously never went to English Class

    6. Theo Schweiger

      yallre training the future generations of AI

    7. Bayou Boi

      Phuck face masks. But I love the show.

    8. Peeenos

      You should of started the Bot's story with "Who am I ?" Just to help it think about it's existence lol

    9. Epic Boss

      no man would admit hes junk to small

    10. Selena Estrada

      I guessed the correct answer for all of these 😁

    11. Baki Hanma

      13:27 LOL he startled himself

    12. Mr. Positive

      I loved how she read all of them as if it were a bot

    13. El Cybro Gato

      I learned in this video that I shouldn't feel bad about not being able to pronounce 'regularly' correctly because I'm German, because the Americans featured here aren't either.

    14. miqey t

      Link, a lil salty when Rhett was talkin bout dinner w other friends and he wasnt there. LINK(very dismissive): yea we've heard this story

    15. miqey t

      Omg I was w link. I thought they were made by bots

    16. Brady Hawkins

      How do you prove its a bot

    17. Felicia

      I feel like Link gets jelly when Rhett talks about doing something with friends that doesnt involve him, and Im here for it.

    18. DVN

      I can see someone using the software if they’re stuck to not necessarily write on their behalf but to maybe give some inspiration on how to progress from a point you’re stuck on.

    19. Basket case

      I had to use Grammerly for each of my masters papers to keep the paper from falling into the exact things you discussed, repeating words, synonyms, punctuation errors, and improving sentence structure. Probably saved many of my papers from the trash can....

    20. Lauren Whitehead

      anybody like gmmore better than the main show? just me? okay.

    21. Efi Siapiti

      They basically performed the Turing test huh.

    22. Simon Harrington

      Bots are like people who use a thesaurus and change every word and expect it to make sence lol

    23. Henrik Bæckström

      There is only one 5 star Star Wars movie.. Episode V of course. The prequels are down on 1 star at times..

    24. Raven Reigns

      Can we just talk about Zendaya, Efron and Ferguson

    25. Alivia Burris

      I love gmm I have to watch the show every night before I go to bed even tho the show is called good Mythical Morning

    26. Demz

      good mythical more.... ning

    27. Blippity Blop

      Someone who is ESL probably doesn’t speak like a native speaker who say things.

    28. Jared Grant

      Bot or not that twilight review is fake

    29. Thomas Richter

      Why is Rhett is talking about how hard it is getting into Annette's underwear?

    30. Mewt

      bot reviews on products are way more rare than people on facebook product groups volunteering to write positive reviews for free product. way more rare.

    31. Taldren

      A lot of these bot reviews sounded like Dr. Seuss.

    32. It's Me

      The way she read each review like a BOT tho 😂

    33. F

      What if Rhett,Link,and the crew are all human android that is controlled by a BOT. 😱

    34. Jeremy S

      Lol, Rhett missed the opportunity there to say, "He uses the word regularly too regularly."

    35. Keenan Rafael

      You can tell Link's still thinking about the AI. Then at the end he talks about it more. I can't escape it's curse. Anyone else?

    36. TehWhiteTiger

      Let's be real, any one who actually reviews things are either Karens or Bots anyway.

    37. TheFrost BittenZombie

      Regularly just makes me angry.


      Were is steive s show

    39. snuterella


    40. brylie :P

      3:31 thank you link 😌

      1. akrm

        I thought I was the only one who noticed. a man of culture.

    41. Sariah Naylor

      zac efron doesn't sing in this is me..

    42. E. Green

      Hubby bought me a gmm mythical mask for Christmas .

    43. Cy c

      "Is she a bot? I don't know sometimes." Link talks about Lily.

    44. Coffee Addict

      🎵Tasty and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight, it's hard to let it go! 🎵

    45. KaiaSaurus

      Lol so Link is talking about every role Kristen Stewart has ever played but then admits that he's never seen anything she's been in? 😂

    46. Levi Curiel

      Let's continue with this, shall we? Day #78 of asking Rhett and Link to do this idea - What if you guys got all of the BEST dishes from previous episodes (e.i. Animal Style mac& cheese, sweet nashville chicken, etc.) and put them head-to-head on a tournament-style competition in order to determine which creation is the BEST of the BEST? That would be AWESOME!!!

    47. 4everArtista

      Wait, so how do you know it was a bot?

    48. Liam F

      Why do you show the real comment so that we can't play along and guess....???

    49. A Skersto

      My friends like to use this kind of site to help with world building when running casual table top campaigns! 😊

    50. Jessica Montgomery

      I wonder when last time Rhett cut his hair

    51. tccasanova

      3:58 I'm pretty sure there's secretly an AI working for you

    52. D' Suburbs


    53. ERik

      0:25 rhett actually did it I have seen that face every Saturday of June for my entire life.

    54. Christian Fuller

      It's "...haven't weedeaten..."

    55. AnimeZombie1000

      Where can I sign the petition for Rhett to watch and memorize The Greatest Showman??

    56. Fjola Karen

      Y'all sure some of the bots aren't just foreign 🤔

    57. luis241661

      no screenshots next time please, couldn’t play along with the family 🥲

    58. King Adeft

      Link said "even the prequels"😡 He said that as if the prequels are the bad trilogy. I still love you Link, but the prequels are awesome

    59. Chris P

      Props to whoever designed the Bot symbol on the paddle. It's awesome.

    60. Catherine Colwell

      The way they made it obvious which ones were human written bc they only showed the review when it was real 🤷‍♀️

    61. Kristy Isaacs

      Star Wars is my life!

    62. djangoDakoti

      The Greatest Showman is a FANTASTIC film and the songs slap so hard. Ya'll have got to watch it!

      1. JayFoxFire


    63. MJ West

      Alfonso is a alien who’s just started to regularly experience earth

    64. Kayter Tot

      *The Greatest Showman is mentioned on GMM* Me: "..... Ladies and Gents, this is the moment you've waited for." ❤ Passion for this musical is an understatement ❤😍

    65. Tepikatenroar

      If they had seen the greatest showman, they'd have known that those people are not in that scene hehe

      1. Tepikatenroar

        @Kayter Tot madlad

      2. Kayter Tot

        Well, although Keala sang it for the most part, Zendaya and Efron actually are in that scene, but only near the ending of the song. Zendaya is seen and focused on while singing with the performers and stares directly at Efron while singing the chorus with them all. They may not be the focus of that song in particular, but they're still there.

    66. Abby

      Bots are known for making multi-billion dollar companies and pretending to be Harvard dropouts

    67. Alex Savage

      7:04 Link malfunctions

      1. riddles4evaXOXO

        Thought my video froze

    68. Jamie McEwan

      You could have a version of Food Feuds where you pit 5 star restaurants against each other, and call it "5-star Wars"

    69. Destiny King

      I 100% agree with the Twilight review.

    70. Prest Easy

      I am a Star Wars.

    71. Kirby Kreates

      I don’t think Rhett knows that it’s the bottom link not the top 🤪

    72. SLE smiles

      I like Rhett’s shirt! 👍

    73. N Barnes

      The Greatest Showman is as good as that bot review.

    74. EbtsOby

      how do you know which reviews are written by bots?

    75. bboots

      I don't think Link saw the Star Wars Christmas special.

    76. MattChats

      I wish they didn't show us the review before revealing it was real. Made it impossible to play along.

    77. Jacob

      please do another episode of this!

    78. Charcoal Gea

      They are the reason I dont wanna get old

    79. Xerxis Hordoron

      let grammarly enhance a story whriten by the bot

    80. Tao Stone

      I love the song A Little Priest from Sweeney Todd.

    81. The Manamouse

      Maybe "regularly" was meant to be "consistently".

    82. shawnaimus

      I need hours more of this.

    83. Gaming Addictive


    84. Alan Calvillo


    85. rgbii

      If the instant unerware only has two holes, wouldn't that be a skirt since underware should have at least three?

      1. J.R. Nimmo

        Very topologically astute of you.

    86. Michael John Rabago

      I knew that it was a bot for the greatest showman because zac Efron wasn’t in the song “this is me”

    87. Kayla Best


    88. Kayla Best

      I love how link froze after he guessed haha

    89. debrahamz

      Zac Eefron

    90. First Last

      TIL that some of the "people" leaving reviews are very likely just posting AI text to have a laugh.

    91. Josie Profio

      The username for the Twilight review somehow makes me imagine a tough biker dude watching the movie with his daughter and getting really invested in it

    92. J Lam

      the bots don't make obvious spelling and grammar mistakes

    93. Pluto’s Gardener

      I kinda miss the improv prompts on the wheel

    94. Kay Handzus

      At 7:06 I thought my screen froze or soemthing

    95. Issa H

      I wanna see GMM do an ep where they try to see if its real or a deepfake. That would be pretty cool.

      1. Avalee T

        @GE O I give up on humans

      2. Seth Norvell

        Best idea ever👍

      3. GE O


      4. Catss Eighteen

        See if what is real or a deepfake?

      5. Giorno Giovanna

        @BroncFan Channel why?

    96. Cationna

      I knew that Greatest Showman review was bot, because Zack Efron is not in This Is Me! lol

      1. Cationna

        @Kayter Tot Oh yeah, I guess he did! The bot wins again, its detailed logic thwarted my emotional memory lololol

      2. Kayter Tot

        He didnt sing in it, but he made an appearance during it. He made eye contact with Zendaya during the circus group portion of the song.

    97. gordogordito87

      Star Wars is overrated! Tired of hearing those two words together. People who are obsessed with Star Wars probably feel the same about Apple or Tesla!

      1. relser

        Watch the originals. Screw the Disney ones but the original trilogy is a *classic*

    98. Joseph Wellman

      i ordered a mask Oct 8th 2020 and still have not received it. its been pushed back 2 times now. but still waiting

    99. Thomas Chicka

      1:04 Rhett doing his part and reassuring us that birds are indeed surveillance drones.

    100. jobowisheshewasnomo

      8:45 synchronization.