Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mr. Sakurai Presents "Pyra/Mythra"


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    The power of the Aegis arrives to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster on March 4th with the addition of Pyra/Mythra.
    Check out the in-depth look at the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter with Director Masahiro Sakurai!
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    1. Eben Pacheco

      Where talis where egg man where all the characters the fans want

      1. Muhmood Chohan

        fans also wanted another Xenoblade character smh

    2. Leo Costa

      Viewers: Can we have Rayman or Crash Bandicoot or even Bandanna Waddle Dee Sakurai: *NO !* Why do you want them in the game when you have Pyra and Mythra's *Thighs* !?

      1. Leo Costa

        @Sebas64 Well... cool.

      2. Sebas64

        i actually wanted both bandana dee and pyra lmao

      3. Leo Costa

        @Hariken Studios It's was just a joke, I didn't ment to offend anyone

      4. Hariken Studios

        Sakurai doesn't choose who gets selected. Stop getting after the only good Nintendo employee just because you didn't get the fighter you wanted.

    3. Big Rock Pikmin boi

      I feel like monokuma or the 3 protagonist from danganronpa would be in smash but that’s my opinion

    4. Quentin Carlson

      We need Dr Eggman next, we need Sonic’s archenemy since everyone else’s is being added

      1. Brady Bakri

        @Muhmood Chohan That's your personal opinion I think it would be cool to see another sonic rep.

      2. Muhmood Chohan

        No we don't need Dr Eggman Sonic is a trash franchise

    5. Stijn Deumes

      having lady lyndis as a playeble character for smash ultimate would be fun but also impossible but there is a youtuber called alpharad and he wants lyn to be in smash so badly that created a mod that lucina looks like lyn

      1. Stijn Deumes

        is that word maybe meant for fire emblem warriors?

      2. Sebas64

        @Stijn Deumes maybe

      3. Sebas64

        @Samarth Gour i never said arms and f zero were the biggest on their class, i said they were ONE OF, i even said it in my comment, just as how fire emblem isn't nintendo's most popular RPG, JRPG? maybe, but at the end of the day JRPGs are still RPGs, and if they really want to represent those they already put 8 PKMN characters, yet they still have missing mario RPG reps. Also, i'm ok with nintendo wanting to promote a franchise through smash, thing is FE just took it too far, it only came out of japan because of that, it wasn't even a mother 3 case where people rioted for it to get out of japan.

      4. Stijn Deumes

        well could atleast make more dlc’s for fire emblem warriors?

      5. Stijn Deumes

        but i like getting more fighters so i’m really happy with the third fighters pass

    6. Lukas

      When Comes the next Fighter

      1. Terry Bogard

        Mid year I guess

    7. Cooper Andrews

      Tails i what tails to be the next fighter please be tails

      1. Terry Bogard

        Is a mii costume lol

      2. Muhmood Chohan

        Tails is a mii costume

    8. Petit Prince

      L think Freddy in smash

      1. Terry Bogard

        Who L

    9. Silva Gemérico

      Add Crash Nintendo


      Can you put rayman on smash okay




        From dlc


        Oh and I want rayman to be smash bros ultimate from fighter pass vol.2 10

      3. Sebas64

        @JOSIAH RICHARDS obviously


        @Sebas64 do you like playing among us

      5. Sebas64

        you could've resumed it all into a single comment also, tails is a mii, and roblox is an engine, not a game


      I play roblox and it's fun


      I promise I you tails for smash and roblox and I will make your mii as you

      1. Terry Bogard

        Not worth trade




      Yes I want rayman on smash




      Can you put rayman on smash bros ultimate please because you need put rayman on smash can do it please

      1. Terry Bogard

        Need is no need

    18. Ronald Neal

      DLC Request: Add Raiden from Metal Gear Solid to Smash!

      1. Terry Bogard

        That's cool honestly but I prefer it being a boss

      2. Caprich15

        That would be awesome honestly

      3. Muhmood Chohan

        As a fan of Konami in general I would personally love that

    19. Ronald Neal

      It's going to be tough for Nintendo to add Waluigi in Smash as a Playable Character.

      1. Terry Bogard

        @Ronald Neal Yes,it's only way waluigi in smash

      2. Muhmood Chohan

        @Ronald Neal I also hope so man

      3. Ronald Neal

        @Muhmood Chohan True. I mean if the next Smash Game is coming in the future, I'm sure he'll be Playable. Of Course Isabelle and Little Mac were Originally Assist Trophies until they were added in a later Smash Game as a Playable Fighter, so I'm sure Waluigi might be added in the future.

      4. Muhmood Chohan

        Waluigi isn't obviously gonna happen because he is already an assist

      5. Sebas64

        they won't add him, though

    20. U64_Hero

      I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I would absolutely LOVE for Okami Amaterasu to be in this game!

      1. Terry Bogard

        @Sebas64 oh ok

      2. Sebas64

        @Terry Bogard a capcom character

      3. Terry Bogard


    21. Chantelle Locke


      1. Terry Bogard

        @Sebas64 ok

      2. Sebas64

        @Terry Bogard the main antagonist from kirby triple deluxe

      3. Terry Bogard


      4. Sebas64

        @Chantelle Locke then why do you use "he has no spirit" as a reason?

      5. Chantelle Locke

        @Sebas64 i know that

    22. Mike Gospel

      I hope Sakura Shinguji & Yuri Lowell should be in

      1. Terry Bogard


    23. Terry Bogard

      I respect every characters in smash,so did you whoever read this comment

      1. Sebas64

        @Little Timothy Deluxe yes

      2. Terry Bogard

        @Little Timothy Deluxe we never be a memory

      3. Little Timothy Deluxe

        Yall are always here

      4. Terry Bogard

        @Sebas64 ok

      5. Sebas64

        @Terry Bogard that doesn't answer my question

    24. Cronix


      1. Terry Bogard

        Who that

    25. JordanOofed

      6:54 - 7:09 "During development, we considered having Rex fight alongside Pyra and Mythra. However, getting a simple duo like Ice Climbers to work was already pushing the boundaries of what we could do in this game." Pokémon Trainer: 👁👄👁

      1. Derpybreads2

        Pokemon Trainer is different because you don't fight as all three mons at once, you switch each one out, with ICs you are controlling both Popo and Nana at the same time

    26. Zaid Guzman

      Sakurai zoro should be on smash bro’s 🥺😁

      1. Zetsubou

        im pretty sure he said before the char needs to originate from a video game lol

      2. Terry Bogard

        Ok weeb

      3. Terry Bogard

        @Sebas64 that one sidekick on one piece

      4. Samarth Gour

        no anime characters allowed

      5. Sebas64


    27. GiselleTheSquid

      we love sakurai

      1. Terry Bogard

        We need more people like you

    28. Mr.crusader

      7:27 "we're quite happy with the designs."

      1. Caprich15

        Is there a problem or something?

      2. Terry Bogard

        What's your problem

      3. Sebas64

        What's the problem?

    29. MemeyBoi

      Personally Xenoblade isn't my thing, I can understand why people would like it though. I'm really hoping for more western gaming reps though.

      1. Muhmood Chohan

        @Michael Everett ngl that ff7 example was a bad example not even persona is a good example

      2. Michael Everett

        @MemeyBoi Doom slayer feels like a better candidate for mortal kombat than smash bros.

      3. Muhmood Chohan

        @Michael Everett bruh past ff games were on Nintendo consoles so yeah that doesnt counts also before ff7 ff was like a second party not mention that ff is on Nes, Snes, Game Boy, GBA, Game Cube, DS, Wii (virtual console), Wii U (virtual console), 3ds (virtual console) and Switch

      4. MemeyBoi

        @Michael Everett I'd love to see Master Chief! Personally I'd say Doom Slayer has a better chance though since now every Doom game is on the switch.

      5. Sebas64

        @Michael Everett ff6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 were in NES and SNES, though

    30. mr taco man the third

      Anyone here just waiting for waluigi still

      1. Hariken Studios

        Be grateful with what you got.

      2. Terry Bogard


      3. Muhmood Chohan


      4. Sebas64

        imagine waiting for waluigi

    31. Cooper Klein

      i want sub zero because of the upcomeing movie remake

      1. Terry Bogard

        It's banned on japan

      2. Muhmood Chohan

        The new movie isn't a remake also MK is banned in Japan

      3. Sebas64

        the one from mortal kombat? why him before scorpion? and isn't MK banned in japan? Edit:turns out it isn't banned on japan, it's just not sold there for censorship

    32. Nani Suryani

      USA:Pyra & Mythra Japan:Homura & Hikari

      1. Terry Bogard


    33. Nani Suryani

      Pro controller xc2 edition looks cool

    34. Faishal Suryadirja

      pro controller xc2 edition looks cool

    35. Mediocre Cream Puff

      I hope they add in a Yakuza Rep next. Or a Yo-kai Watch rep if for no other reason than to give the series a comeback. I'm very pessimistic about both though.

      1. Sebas64

        @Mediocre Cream Puff ok

      2. Mediocre Cream Puff

        @Sebas64 Ya I know. I'm kinda hoping for Ichiban if Kiryu's out of the picture but he's very new. I don't expect him to get in but I'll be very happy if he does.

      3. Samarth Gour

        sorry but kiryu cant punch women

      4. Sebas64

        Kiryu's creator said he isn't getting in smash, he doesn't want to see him punch women

      5. Terry Bogard

        Ok Weeb

    36. Marrick Brodacki

      Okay Massihiro sakurai you must put smg4 in smash you know you already put the two characters in there the final fantasy villain and the Xenoblade Chronicles two character but you didn't add a Gmod KGupr come on what's wrong with you

      1. Zetsubou

        bruh just mod a mario alt

      2. Caprich15

        That’s never gonna happen

      3. Sebas64

        SMG4 isn't a videogame character

      4. Terry Bogard

        Oh,you want a youtuber that making mario the face of nintendo company being very disrespected and stupid?

    37. Jose Luis Nava Ramos

      add tabuu plzzzzz LIKE IF U WANT HIM

      1. Terry Bogard

        @Little Timothy Deluxe hello

      2. Little Timothy Deluxe

        @Terry Bogard hello mr Bogard

      3. Terry Bogard


    38. Rhyz Leandro T. Mesias

      Pyra & Mythra in Smash... Who's next?

      1. NewPancakeMan


      2. Rhyz Leandro T. Mesias


      3. Terry Bogard

        Third party

    39. lion tiger


      1. Terry Bogard

        Who tf

      2. Muhmood Chohan


    40. User3 Dieg Alej

      add heavy from tf2

      1. Terry Bogard

        Dead game

      2. Muhmood Chohan

        Dead game also has no relation to Nintendo like at all

    41. SuperAngel

      I hate japanese culture I'm so tired of anime

      1. SuperAngel

        @Zetsubou i hate it cuz i just wanna be with you boo

      2. Zetsubou

        may I ask why you hate their culture?

      3. SuperAngel

        @Mike Gospel mmmmm yes daddy

      4. Mike Gospel

        if you hate Nintendo, then get out

      5. SuperAngel

        @Samarth Gour how if mario is my childhood game besides halo bro halo was that game bruh me and my gf always played it after school, but sadly, we broke up. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW THAT FEELS TO REALLY MISS YOUR GF 😭😣👊

    42. Alex

      Here, again, sadly. WHY can't you guys make the Internet work well for this game? Why can't you fix hitboxes with logic behind them? I can offer to make the next game for you. That way you guys can't be blamed for being this bad as something that's sadly, your career. I just want you to care for what you have. That'd be nice

      1. Alex

        @Terry Bogard not broken as in OP, broken as in it's registrations are so poor

      2. Terry Bogard

        If you say the hitbox broken,go back to brawl for snake U-tilt

      3. Samarth Gour


      4. Muhmood Chohan

        I agree the online kinda sucks but not with the hit boxes

    43. BlackZelda Lopez

      Imagine a Mii Swordsman Fighters DLC as Merlin & Arthur of Camelot

    44. Plush Mania

      sakurai's search history 🦶

    45. laser Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots

      I will be around you I would handle switch and they're going to bring It Shadow and Metal Sonic

      1. Terry Bogard


      2. 阿軒Nick


    46. laser Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots

      Put Shadow the Hedgehog as a fighter and Metal Sonic as a fighter

    47. Oliver Agius

      Nintendo bi have a great idea for a smash dlc please can you add Roblox noob into the game you did do it with Minecraft

      1. Hariken Studios

        Okay, firstly, what does Steve have to do with this? Secondly, Steve got in because Nintendo was on good terms with Microsoft. Minecraft is on Switch, so that also helped.

      2. Mike Gospel

        Roblox were not known in Japan

      3. Terry Bogard

        That's a very awful Idea

      4. Samarth Gour

        I have a bad feeling about this

      5. Taker369

        @Caprich15 that’s because it is

    48. Maria Aparecida

      Has begun, its going down, slowly but surely. When devs draw the line that he simply ignore the community who pushed smash this far. Did anyone asked for that? Honestly im curious.

      1. Hariken Studios

        Okay, we've gotten so many amazing third-party reps. Stop whining because you and some other people want Waluigi. Sakurai is the only good Nintendo employee, and as such, deserves more respect.

      2. Sebas64

        @Maria Aparecida Yes, i was in a video where the question was "If another spirit was upgraded into a fighter, who would it be?" and many people were requesting for her just because YOU didn't ask doesn't mean no one asked i also asked for them

      3. Caprich15

        @Maria Aparecida I asked for pyra idiot

      4. Muhmood Chohan

        @Maria Aparecida bruh I have seen so many people asking for another Xenoblade rep not even joking

      5. Maria Aparecida

        Yeah, requested for the whole staff of the ppl sho made whatever game they are from, cuz i honesty don't know a single person who asked for that, do you ?

    49. mega ender dragon

      In Poland this is not surprising

      1. Terry Bogard

        Because you had lida soebeska on tekken that present your country

    50. Double-W Comics

      Why not Scorpion 😭

      1. Hariken Studios

        Yes, I too would love to see Mario and Pikachu skewered by Scorpion's chain.

      2. Terry Bogard

        mk banned

      3. Double-W Comics

        @Nicolas Andrade exactly

      4. Nicolas Andrade

        I would love If Scorpion got in, but sadly MK is banned in Japan so he can't get in... .... Unless in the Japanese version It shows Injustice.

      5. Double-W Comics

        @Samarth Gour Let a man dream

    51. laser Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots

      Please put Shadow the Hedgehog in Super Smash Bros ultimate please please please a SAKURAI

      1. Hariken Studios

        Be grateful for what you got.

      2. Terry Bogard

        Already assist

      3. 阿軒Nick

        At the same place with Waluigi

      4. Sebas64

        he's already in the assist trophy prison

    52. Galaxy pugboy

      add waluigi please

      1. Hariken Studios

        Be grateful for what you got.

      2. Big Rock Pikmin boi

        @Sebas64 speaking facts

      3. Terry Bogard

        Already assist

      4. 阿軒Nick

        At the same place with Shadow

      5. Sebas64

        they sure will add the most unimportant character of the series just because someone asked them to

    53. Maceo Gaming

      When will you add a new Character

      1. Terry Bogard

        Mid month,E3

      2. Nicolas Andrade


      3. Muhmood Chohan

        Cant you wait? I mean like Pyra/Mythra just released like a month ago

    54. Fox mccloud


      1. Sebas64

        @Hariken Studios i'd personally rather have asriel, but frisk would be the most obvious choice

      2. Hariken Studios

        @Sebas64 I kept on trying to find counterarguments as to why it couldn't work, but then I thought "Wait, why am I doing this? I love Undertale." So, yeah, go Frisk in Smash. Though, personally, I would like to see Papyrus more. I remember imagining the enemy turning blue when they're spiked by him, and now I just want him in the game to see that.

      3. Sebas64

        @Hariken Studios watch the video called "What if frisk was in smash?" made by a youtuber called brawlfan1

      4. Hariken Studios

        How would they even fight?

      5. Nicolas Andrade

        What a Chad.

    55. TheFallenStarlight

      With this addition I'm assuming we'll be getting physical cartridge restock of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for Switch.

      1. Muhmood Chohan

        @Nicolas Andrade yup

      2. Nicolas Andrade

        @TheFallenStarlight there's a Japanese Voice Pack DLC?

      3. TheFallenStarlight

        @RIG Yes I know about the digital version for $60! However I like to have this game in physical format, because I don't want to squander the memory inside the micro SD card. I use the space in the micro SD card for updates of the physical game, and digital games that doesn't uses much memory. In the digital version of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the eShop required space of memory needs 13.1GB Japanese Voice Pack for the game it's Free Download with 874MB Expansion Pass is $30 with 3.7GB Bundle of the game and Expansion Pass for $90 with 16.9GB Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country for $40 with 3.2GB I know most think just go with the digital version because of convenience. However I like having the actual physical game with me and save space for the micro SD card for updates and digital games that holds not much memory. We all have our own preferences people, therefore it's on yourself to decide on how you play the game.

      4. RIG

        Nintendo: eshop exist.

    56. Jin Kisaragi fan

      an anime swordfighter that no one asked

      1. Zetsubou

        Aside from Reimu Hakurei I wanted a xenoblade rep in smash lul

      2. Terry Bogard

        @Mike Gospel on what context

      3. Mike Gospel

        do anyone care?

      4. Terry Bogard

        There's million people asked,not you

      5. Caprich15

        I asked for pyra and mythra

    57. Jared let's play cards

      Mr sakurai in development of those recent events I want you to know I appreciate all the hard work you've done for the community and I don't agree at all with the people who argue with you I just want you to know at least one person in the world wants you to have fun with what you're doing and not have to work so hard if you really don't want sword people to be in the game anymore I understand but if you do don't let those evil bags tell you what to do get some rest the best (Nintendo creator ever) I hope you have wonderful day

      1. Terry Bogard

        We need more people like you

    58. tgccr g

      I wonder if we can add the wizard character from that wizard of legends game. He might be pretty good!

    59. Marshall Sfalcin

      OK Sakurai. We get it you just love anime swordfighters. Please add a different kind of character to the roster. Like Kamek. Just please no more anime swordfighters! PS: I sure damn hope that Waluigi is one of the figures locked in that drawer. LOL

      1. Sebas64

        @Nicolas Andrade no, we're getting a shy guy

      2. Terry Bogard

        "as much as it had sword,It's anime" -Smasb fans ever

      3. Nicolas Andrade

        Nintendo chose the DLC. We're not getting Kamek as the second Yoshi rep, we're getting Baby Mario.

      4. Sebas64

        there are only 18 swordsmen in a 87 character game, you must be blind if you want to complain about them

      5. 阿軒Nick

        Steve is my favorite anime swordsman

    60. Pablo Herrera

      *Mario dies in every smash trailer* 5:42 *UNO REVERSE CARD* 🤣

    61. Davaughn Davis

      When an owl comes out of the poke ball (‘v’\ “Hoot Hoot mother fu-“

    62. Leonardo Hernandez garciA

      Agan colabirasion con el chabo de ocho

      1. Terry Bogard

        @Sebas64 ok

      2. Sebas64

        @Terry Bogard someone from a spanish TV show

      3. Terry Bogard


      4. Sebas64

        el nisiquiera viene de un videojuego

    63. jjle1270 jjle1270

      Pyra and mythra is a good choice to join smash but how about primid from smash bros brawl to join smash ultimate I mean your going in a pattern to choose good guys and bad guys so primid is a bad guy I think he can be in smash ultimate to

      1. Muhmood Chohan

        Sephiroth is the only antagonist in the fighter pass smh

    64. Faishal Suryadirja

      I really love XC2❤️

    65. # nighesd

      “Nobody’s here to laugh at my jokes” that line hits hard ;(

      1. Terry Bogard

        Give sypmaty then

    66. Lori Hacking

      I just want to see Sans or The Knight, but sakurai still deserves rest.

    67. Yonatan Rodriguez

      Please let kids with dumb character suggestions dream. They'll soon figure it out themselves

      1. Kronos Requiem


      2. Muhmood Chohan

        am I the only one here who thinks that this is a joke?

      3. Samarth Gour

        I didn't know that the real meaning of soon was forever

      4. Terry Bogard

        Hmph,they never will

      5. Sebas64

        they would late years to figure it out themselves

    68. werewolf873

      at least its not byleth

      1. Muhmood Chohan

        @werewolf873 they arn't from anime also 17/18 or without counting echo fighters 15/16 characters use swords and they don't really have boring play styles

      2. werewolf873

        @Muhmood Chohan they are all just anime sword swingers with boring play styles.

      3. Muhmood Chohan

        @werewolf873 without counting echo fighters there are only 6 fire emblem characters and Marth and Roy are the only ones who play identically to each other. Ike, Robin, Corrin and Byleth play different from Marth. But they still have something in common like Corrin and Ike have counters and Corrin and Byleth have zones put they mostly play different from Marth. Too many FE characters is just a meme also FE charcters are fun to play

      4. werewolf873

        @Muhmood Chohan too many fire emblem characters that play identically to each other.

      5. Muhmood Chohan

        @werewolf873 how so?

    69. MacWayHard

      Thanks, you've now made it cheaper to buy an old GameCube, Mario Sunshine and an old tube television just to play a game I'm not paying $25,000 for. I'm glad I didn't buy my Switch yet!

      1. 阿軒Nick

        you do yours buddy

    70. Beatmy Acorn

      CMON SAKURAI JUST GIVE US ONE MORE ACTUAL HEAVY FOR DLC. I’m talking a real big hit box lumbering dedede type heavy. Literally the Heavy from tf2 would be a good pick

      1. Mike Gospel

        the fact he is unknown in Japan

      2. Nicolas Andrade

        I like TF2, but we probably ain't getting Heavy in Smash. If we got a Valve rep, it'd be Gordon Freeman (Half-Life). Sakurai said he considers Half-Life 2 as one of the best PC games he ever played, and Gabe Newell (CEO Of Valve) said he'd allow Gordon in Smash.

      3. Muhmood Chohan

        1. Dead game 2. Has no connection to Nintendo like at all 3. I mean there are better heavy characters than just heavy from tf2

      4. Samarth Gour

        basically has no connection to nintendo

      5. Nin*Tony

        Dead game

    71. Lil Pera


      1. Terry Bogard

        2022 or 2023 Yes is a lot of time

    72. GamingBot Productions

      Wait! Is this just an excuse for Sakurai to have a pyra figure and an uncensored mythra figure? Big Brain Theory

    73. loshgoobi

      That 16 Ice Climbers moment made me laugh so hard

    74. Ultra Instinct Broly

      I was thinking adding a brawl/MELEE style adventure mode would milk this cow beautifully and also smash tour, that would be a very very very nice glass of milk

    75. Sama Poncho

      Oh boy more boring looking anime characters with another counter. Just what I wanted

      1. Nicolas Andrade

        Where's the Counter?

      2. Muhmood Chohan

        But where is the counter?

      3. Terry Bogard

        It's not counter,it just promixty dodge

      4. Yonatan Rodriguez

        Wheres the counter?

      5. Caprich15

        Pyra and mythra don’t have a counter

    76. DoctorDreamcast

      Fighter: Crazy Dave from Plants VS Zombies Gauge: Sun Meter By using Down Special you can charge sun and fill your sun meter. The higher your sun meter is, the better plants/moves you get. Sun will deplete either over time or after using many moves and charging a lot of sun will provide a big advantage as it significantly buffs your moves. Some moves can become different plants up to twice and some only once, some plants do not progress at all so remember which plants progress to new ones. Final Smash: Plant Food Dave will hit you with an activation hitbox that starts the final smash (it could be anything, like a big hit from a Bonk Choy or something, doesn’t matter too much). A cutscene will start and will feature every plant used in Dave’s moveset. Dave will shower them in plant food and they will all do their super moves at once towards the opponent ending the cutscene and doing big damage. *All of Dave’s moves will be performed with him pulling out the chosen plant/move in a pot, as seen in the Plants VS Zombies Series. Neutral Special: Peashooter → Repeater → Primal Peashooter Shoots a projectile with low damage and little knockback (comparable to that of Banjo and Kazooie’s Neutral Special). You can move while performing this attack. The same as the Peashooter but two are shot at a time Shoots a single large projectile with big knockback Side Special: Citron → Ultomato A chargeable projectile with big damage and knockback (comparable to Samus’s Neutral Special), you cannot move when performing this attack Same function as Citron except has much more damage and knockback with longer charge time. Instead of a ball it as a long lazer (similar to Robin’s fully charged Neutral Special) Up Special: Blover → Draftodil →Hurrikale Blover flys Dave upward by spinning its petals (essentially Piranha Plant’s Up Special but with less distance covered and no damage) Same function as blover but with more distance covered and a strong windbox added on. Same function as Draftodil but the windbox has an ice effect that can freeze the opponent if it connects properly Down Special: Sunflower → Twin Sunflower → Primal Sunflower Charges sun meter at a medium pace Charges sun meter at same pace as Sunflower with random bursts of extra sun Charges sun meter quickly Shield: Wall-nut → Tall-nut → Infi-nut Regular shield with and aesthetic change (like Yoshi’s Shield) Has a little more defense than regular shield and is slightly bigger Has the same defense and size as Wall-nut but recovers extremely fast and dwindles slowly when held. When parrying with Infi-nut can reflect projectiles. Grab/Throws : Chomper → Toadstool → Snap-Pea A mid-range grab with basic throws. A long-range grab with strong throws. More pummel damage than Chomper. Same as Toadstool but has a tether. More pummel damage than Toadstool. Jab: Bonk Choy → Pokra A good multi-hit jab with a final strong hitbox (like bowser Jr. or Little Mac’s jab) Same as Bonk Choy except the final hit is a projectile that has a chance to apply the poison status effect. Forward Tilt: Chard Guard Has low damage but good knockback, for keeping opponents away Up Tilt: Cactus A single rising hit on the side Dave is facing. Good combo starter Down Tilt: Spikeweed → Spikerock A low multi-hit move Same as Spikeweed but with more damage and knockback Forward Smash: Squash A strong basic forward smash where squash drops in the direction Dave is facing. Acts the same as Villagers forward smash where the Squash is affected by gravity and can be dropped off the ledge. Down Smash: Phat Beet Sends out a small soundwave that hits low on both sides. Up Smash: Cabbage-Pult → Melon-Pult → Winter Melon Lobs a small projectile with decent knockback Lobs a large projectile with good knockback Same as Melon-Pult but if the full hit connects, will also freeze the opponent. Neutral Air: Starfruit A very fast, small, single-hit move with a decent hitbox. Forward Air: Snapdragon A slow, multi-hit, but strong move with good range. Back Air: Cold Snapdragon The same as Dave’s forward air but has the ice attribute instead of fire. This move cannot freeze the opponent however. Up Air: Puff-shroom → Fume-shroom A very fast small projectile is launched directly above dave. A bit slower than Puff-Shroom but does far more damage and has great range/power. Down Air: Bowling Bulb Drops one of the three Bowling Bulbs beneath Dave (comparable to Mega-Man’s down air), each one has a different effect. The aquamarine bulb only does damage and knockback and disappears if the hit did not connect. The blue one does a bit more damage and knockback and acts like Villager’s forward smash where it persists and falls into the blast zone. The orange bulb is the strongest as it does the most damage and knockback. It also acts like villagers forward smash where it persists and falls into the blast zone, however this move has a sweet spot near the beginning that can meteor smash and spike the opponent if it connects. Stage: There are many possibilities for stages from the Plants VS Zombies Series and the Smash Team could pick whatever they wanted but here’s what I think they would do: Front Lawn (or Home) from PVZ 1- This stage could simply be the front lawn from the first PVZ and could feature many elements from the first game. If they wanted to make things more interesting it could be a traveling stage that goes to each section of the home (Front Lawn, Backyard/Pool, Roof) and could either randomly be day or night when the stage is selected or have a day-night cycle. PVZ 2 World- This is the much more interesting option and could be a stage that randomly changes to the different levels from PVZ 2. Penny could zoom onto the stage and it would take you to a different world. There are many different interesting worlds in PVZ 2 so any selection of them would work fine. Etc.- Whatever is chosen doesn’t particularly matter as long as the stage features many plants and zombies from the series history. They could even do a stage from the Garden Warfare series. All Plants Featured in Alphabetical Order + Origin Blover- PVZ 1 (Fog Levels) Bonk Choy- PVZ 1 (Chinese Version) Bowling Bulb- PVZ 2 (Big Wave Beach) Cabbage-Pult- PVZ 1 (Roof Levels) Cactus- PVZ 1 (Fog Levels) Chard Guard- PVZ 2 (Frostbite Caves) Chomper- PVZ 1 (Day Levels) Citron- PVZ 2 (Far Future) Cold Snapdragon- PVZ 2 (Premium Plant) Draftodil- PVZ 2 (Premium Plant) Fume-shroom- PVZ 1 (Night Levels) Hurrikale- PVZ 2 (Premium Plant) Infinut- PVZ 2 (Far Future) Melon-pult- PVZ 1 (Roof Levels) Peashooter- PVZ 1 (Day Levels) Phat Beet- PVZ 2 (Neon Mixtape Tour) Pokra- PVZ 2 (Premium Plant) Primal Peashooter- PVZ 2 (Jurassic Marsh) Primal Sunflower- PVZ 2 (Jurassic Marsh) Puff-shroom- PVZ 1 (Night Levels) Repeater- PVZ 1 (Day Levels) Snap Pea- PVZ 2 (Premium Plant) Snapdragon- PVZ 1 (Chinese Version) Spikerock- PVZ 1 (Upgrade Plant) Spikeweed- PVZ 1 (Pool Levels) Squash- PVZ 1 (Pool Levels) Starfruit- PVZ 1 (Fog Levels) Sunflower- PVZ 1 (Day Levels) Tall-nut- PVZ 1 (Pool Levels) Toadstool- PVZ 2 (Premium Plant) Twin Sunflower- PVZ 1 (Upgrade Plant) Ultomato- PVZ 2 (Premium Plant) Wall-nut- PVZ 1 (Day Levels) Winter Melon- PVZ 1 (Upgrade Plant)

      1. Jamie Wright

        This is amazingly detailed and I feel sorry the chances of this happening is so low. Appreciate your effort.

      2. Nicolas Andrade

        Nice concept. However: - I think Crazy Dave would work similar to Pokémon Trainer, with three Plants instead of Pokémon: Sunflower, Peashooter, Chomper. - While some people say EA might not allow it, there are spirits for the Sims spin-offs (SimCity and SimTower SP). But i like the concept nonetheless.

      3. Terry Bogard

        @DoctorDreamcast kind of

      4. DoctorDreamcast

        Not really serious guys lmao. Just trying to have some fun with one my favorite game series. As unrealistic as the concept is, wouldn’t it be sick?

      5. Terry Bogard

        EA is a bad game developer,so it never will

    77. Faishal Suryadirja

      I'M SO HAPPY

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        me too

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      New character "samba de amigo"

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        @Sebas64 It's a sega franchise.

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    80. I’m a Llama

      I just discovered that Rex's voice actor also does the voice for Zenitsu from demon slayer! My favourite character!!!

    81. Vire

      Mythra Side B cover half of the stage, it is cancer..

      1. Zetsubou

        u have like a hol second to predict it, shield and punish

      2. Sebas64

        @Yonatan Rodriguez you can shield during the starting lag

      3. Terry Bogard

        It just mac side B but it the vulnerable hurtbox gone

      4. Yonatan Rodriguez

        @Sebas64 you barely have time to react with mythras side special!

      5. Sebas64

        @Vire my comment isn't trying to be offensive neither, but if it sounds like that, i'm sorry then

    82. Jezen Lopez

      Crash for smash crash bandicoot

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      He couldn't even look at us strait when he said he likes prya more

      1. GamingBot Productions

        In his mind, "They must not know my secret 😥.

    84. Crispy Chicken Salad

      These characters literally made me quit the game. They're way to broken. If you ask me this was the worst character choice for dlc, so I was already unhappy about that but then you factor in their play style and it gets even worse. The fact that you can switch between two insanely good characters at wim is scary, Mythra can rack up damage, and Pyra and just spam up B until it hits above 90%. All their moves are disjoints, they're hard to punish and are so incredibly frustrating to fight. I've quit smash bros probably for a very long time because of these two. Thanks for that Sakurai

      1. Nicolas Andrade

        Who recruited the Avengers? SHIELD

      2. Terry Bogard

        Get better in the game

      3. Radiated Retr0

        Hold ZR or ZL. Jeez this kid came from fortnite

      4. Samarth Gour

        Perhaps you have considered edgeguarding ?

      5. Caprich15

        Get good at the game

    85. Seas lol

      Mr. Sakurai is a living legend. By judging his physical condition, he tries his best for the video-games he create with no rest. I feel bad for him. I hope someday he will have free time like us.

      1. Terry Bogard

        We need more people like you


      Can Anyone tell Pyra/Mythra Which is Which?

      1. Muhmood Chohan

        They are the same characters but only their personalities are different

    87. Kayla Barco

      sakurai got spirit numbuh 3 and kunckles kunckles the hedgehog: hey! im in smash sakurai: sorry shes my girlfriend. fighter pass amy kazama ben tennyson evan omega terry banjo kazioo min min alex and steve sephiroth numbuh 3 my girlfriend kunckles numbuh 3's daughter rayman shantae

      1. Kayla Barco

        @Terry Bogard will be my favortie fighter

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        Peter Griffin for smash

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      i want zeraora vs zoroark gengar pokemon smash bros ultimate 🟡⚫️🟣

      1. Sebas64

        @Some moron who has a internet connection fire emblem:

      2. Some moron who has a internet connection

        @Sebas64 you forgot the part where we have 8 (10 if we split Pokémon trainer) characters already

      3. Sebas64

        zoroark is already a pokeball item

    91. bowz the steve main

      Nerf link

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        Cant deal with 3 projectiles huh

      2. bowz the steve main

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        He already being D tier

    92. Pat Murph

      In Steve's direct they hinted sephiroth look for clues to the next fighter

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      I Love XC2, It's one of the best nintendo switch games

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      Soooo still no Dante.....

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        Because Vergil is getting in instead

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        We have the guy who share the same voice actor as Dante in Smash

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      I hope they add roblox to smash it would be epic :,)

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        Hey, remember what happened to Pokémon Brick Bronze?

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        1.Latest case where roblox delete pokémon brick bronze so it never gonna happen 2.They never associates for the new platforms 3.why

      3. Yonatan Rodriguez

        @Muhmood Chohan let the kid dream

      4. Muhmood Chohan

        1. Bruh 2. Roblox isn't on any Nintendo Console 3. How tf would it be epic?

      5. Sebas64

        bruh, roblox is an engine, not a game

    96. Billbolt !

      You would think this character looks advance but nope, nothing but spam and cheese online

      1. Sebas64

        @Billbolt ! foresight dodges, but she still receives damage, so attacks like ridley's down b will be lethal and attacks like their forward smash are easy to punish, in case you're playing as a slow but strong character try grabbing

      2. Billbolt !

        Alright, I'm in a better state of mind. Pyra/Mythra aren't bad, in fact I am a fan of the xenoblade series (only played first game), It's just fustrating waiting for their moved to end then either I don't get the punish (foresight, sheild) and end up getting foward smashed, or the lag messes me up and I die to the final end of the move. The characters themselves are amazing, it's just (like every other character) it's online

      3. Terry Bogard

        Punish when the move end

      4. Sebas64

        that's why shielding makes it so easy to beat them they spam so much they don't care about the endlag

      5. 阿軒Nick

        @Billbolt ! I am too lazy to do that right now give me a day or two

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      From street fighters

    98. Tamara Schultz

      Can you please put Chun li in super smash bros ultimate please

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        @Little Timothy Deluxe no

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        @Terry Bogard you're actually kidding, Right?

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        You got min min so play with her

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      No one: Not a single soul: The entire chat: WHEN THE IMPOSTER IS SUS

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        @Muhmood Chohan "STOP POSTING ABOUT AMONG US" is a meme

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        @Nicolas Andrade i agree Among Us has gone old and is annoying af now

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        I f*cking hate the live chat

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      Please don't make Smash 6, you really need a vacation

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        Don't worry though, sakurai does take a break after smash 4 but he promised for smash ultimate