Winter Truck Camping - A Day in the Life


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    in this episode, I show you what an ideal day in the life while winter truck camping looks like. I feel like there are lots of questions, so hopefully, they are answered here.
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      Hey Mav, been watching you freeze your but off camping in the truck box. Did you know you could heat the box using the coolant from your truck engine. Check out berth heaters from boats. You can tap into either your water pump or main radiator hose then run a hot water hose loop either under or through your cab to the heater and fan in the box. That way you could preheat your box as you drive to your destination! You could probably do the whole thing for under 500$. I installed these in our fire department pickups to keep our gear warm on way to calls. Good luck. Cheers from Massawippi QC Canada 🇨🇦👍

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