MONEY BASS - Lake Okeechobee - FLW Tour #1

Scott Martin

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    We are fishing for 125k on my home lake for the first FLW Tour Stop of 2018. This is the full tournament video and shows the ups and downs and stress throughout the competition. Lake Okeechobee is full of giant bass and there is a bunch caught in this event. Flipping, Chatterbaits, Swimbaits and Casting Worms was my main focus for the BIG BASS.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you for all the support! Help us continue to grow by Subscribing and Sharing this video on your social Platforms. Let’s take this channel to the next level..👊🏼

      1. imcalling bs

        What a great testimony. Scott you ARE the best role model for every young fisherman on the water

      2. Jason Robison

        Scott Martin I am a fan I watch your KGup videos all the time you fish at a lake that is 1 hour from me

      3. monica sweeney

        great job man i fished a tournament in Okeechobee in may for state. love your videos helped out in the flw tournament you did in 2018 in the Harris chain i think it was

      4. Thetruth99

        I can see a bit of your dads personality has rubbed off on your mom, I love it

      5. Fernando Hernandez

        Scott Martin i love to go fishing with you one day ok god bless you alway 's in life

    2. Jason Yoder

      Good job Scott

    3. Scott Frost

      net, Net, NET, NET, NET! And the guy does nothing 😂🤷🏻‍♂️😂

    4. Mike N Crew

      I love the channel but love the fact you honor Jesus and give Him the honor. Great job bro! Learning a lot from you.

    5. Chris Craven

      Enjoyed the footage! Good Stuff!

    6. Wanda Harris

      My name is baylor

    7. Nallely


    8. Lemur Jackson

      19:47 was Scott’s first fish for day 3

    9. Drew V

      Ive never seen such a fun, humble, good hearted person. He loves to share his success with everyone around him. I hope he always stays this way.

    10. Joseph mannix

      Any one else watching this in quarantine

    11. neal talley

      Brandon’s my spirit animal

    12. Jordan Rodriguez

      Also, I like to think when I'm not catching anything, just like Jesus told peter and his disciples when they were fishing, try casting to the other side because they caught so much, the boat started to flood! Something I like to think about when I'm out there. God bless ya Mr. Martin! A true fisher of MEN!

    13. The Reel Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS

      Love the prayer before hitting the water. Never know what could happen and plus we OWE EVERYTHING to our great Lord and Savior! Thank you Jesus!

    14. Bassmastr888 1

      God bless Scott Martin

    15. Steve Hogan

      Good on you Sir.

    16. Ricky Ryan Ray

      Thank you for praying and not being afraid to show your faith.

      1. Scott Martin


    17. Rob Tracy

      This is my dream lake too fish on. My PB is 5.1 large mouth bass. It would make my life too fish here.

    18. Outdoor Crazy

      God bless you buddy!

    19. Nate Beard

      Does anyone els think that Baylor looks like billy

    20. patrick rasmusson

      So I think I have watched every video at least twice and learned alot but to actually get hands on knowledge from the man himself would be like BAM the best ever

    21. Tyler Faulkner

      Scott you should get a wind screen. For your camera

    22. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama treyhicksiii Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa Alabama Scott Martin fishing 🎣🎣🎣

    23. Swizz Ballz YT

      My dad and his friends and some are semi pro fish with shiners down there every now and then when they just want to have some fun they catch like an average 4 pounder and the big ones are 8 in the holy lands

    24. Kaleb Darker

      Where do you live

    25. Samuel Phillips

      Scott I think you need to learn how to say "net" in different languages, cause apparently English isn't day 2 anglers native tongue🤷🏼‍♂️ And maybe "get on your knees" as well, I would've hated to see how long that would have taken him🤦🏼‍♂️⏰ Lastly your mom his a hoot and a half. I see where you get your humor from now.

    26. theron Robinson

      I like a guy that does not forget God.

    27. Jason Born

      He said the boat ramp is free. That would be a first for me at a big lake.

    28. Simply Midwest Fishing

      The sound of the big dog that came off had my heart racin!!! Vood video Scott

    29. thomas liebel

      Fishing League Worldwide, is flw

    30. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks Alabama football 🏈 Oklahoma football 🏈 Scott Martin

    31. dewayne daniel

      I loved how pray not scared show it . Have new subscriber. Love mom see who get your funny from. Lol

    32. Chad Singleton

      man this is so wicked cool cant wait for 2019!!!!!

    33. Sam Rauch

      Hey Scott, I love the content but i am just wondering if u could do more videoing of u driving.

    34. Zeffish

      day 2 co angler? did he smell like crayons?

    35. Andy Goettl

      dude, the more I watch your vids, the more i like your style

    36. fishing 101

      Scott would not make it in time mlf because they have stupid rules that the can not touch the floor and not break off the line

    37. John Bell


    38. Lorenzo Kelly

      Good job brother..... was Lol at Dad, Dad, Dad..... every son depend on his father...

    39. JY kayak fishing

      Subbed! You are great man and awesome professional fisherman.

    40. realpqleur

      Be sure to skin and then boil any freshwater fish caught in the South US.

    41. Spencer MacDonald

      I always wonder how his co-anglers do

    42. Larry Haynes

      Love the videos Scott. I’m learning a lot from watching you fish. Its a biggin’

    43. Mike Taylor

      Loving mom man, she’s awesome! Thanks for bringing us along Scott, much appreciated!

    44. All Outdoors

      Okeechobee is the best lake in the south. So many places to flip and frog! GIANTS!!!!

    45. JERMS poof

      Lol on the squirel

    46. Alex Nelson

      What’s a key toss and what’s the point? I don’t quite understand what he did.

    47. Gn fishing

      18:41 did the dude want to kiss you??? Lol Scott I LOVE your videos! I watch almost every one, because I love hearing your bass fishing tips! My dream is to become a pro angler like you

    48. swampland

      scott can you do a video on how to get into flw fishing as a co angler please

    49. Rick Malmgren

      please net this fish get down on your knees, hahahaha @scott martin is awesome

    50. Bob Grace

      Love that he is a Christian

    51. Chanel Sneed

      I love your mom

    52. Benjamin Luebberst

      Love his moms energy

    53. Jack Yohey

      I had a 3 day total of 147 pounds. I used a head of lettuce & caught a couple of those 27 pound large mouth Scott was talking about😂😂😂 true story

    54. 918 Outdoors

      Love the OU sticker on the boat!

    55. doug Fresh1980

      keep those heads up!

    56. Garrett Price

      Do you use braided line

    57. Texas Fishing

      Love scott

    58. Texas Fishing

      Best youtube in the wrold

    59. Ajdizzle4rizzle

      laud jayzuz

    60. Felix Luna

      Scott, you're the best, I'm your num # 1 Mexican fan

    61. PantroBlack

      Like 👍👍👍👍👍🎥🎣

    62. Cody Rogers

      @Scott Martin what watch is that that we always see you wearing?

    63. Charlie Blessing

      Nettt oh wait never mind he said that 4 times if I was in that boat wit u I would have been so mad lol Scott your my favorite angler on tour and I look up to u

    64. Jeffrey Hyde

      im glad that you implement prayer before going out..Know God Know Peace..No God No Peace...preacher man told me that when i was young and its stuck with me thought i would pass it along.

    65. Eff Yoo

      Take a shot every time Scott says "net, ..thought he was bigger" lol

    66. jason ferguson

      Terrible co-angler on day 2. He should not be fishing with the pros.

    67. Hunter Reed

      I was just at Ur dads Marina in Florida

    68. Anthony Besso

      My previous comment that’s what makes you a idol of mine for sure

    69. Anthony Besso

      Love the prayers man. Keep fishing and keep God first. I’m a military man but you sir are living the dream i have good luck out there

    70. Thomas Liebel

      What does flw mean

    71. Clinton Raubenheimer

      A bit late to this video, but i just finished watching the event on the FLW channel. Was surprised that Scott never made the top 10 on his home water, but still a fan and wanted to see him on his solo run.

    72. James Hendrix

      Would be dream to fish a tournament. Never fished in one. You caught plenty of studs in this one. Good fishing there Scott.

    73. Nolon Shannon

      What does the key toss mean

    74. Tim Byrd

      During tournament time you're not aloud to use the pan optics? I mean I guess that might consider cheating at a point right. Idk just seen it was off.

    75. Brian Stuart

      Brandon's edits are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    76. Cory Vanliere

      Anybody know what brand clip on cull system Billy is using in this video? Anybody have any experience with it?

    77. Fisherdanpro23

      You ever snagged a carp thing king it's a big one?

    78. Kevin Baesel


    79. Adam Smith

      Love the tournament vids! It seemed the co angler was pretty slow on the draw.

    80. Derrick Snyder

      gonna be in sebring, fl at the end of the week. the plan is to fish this lake. i currently reside in indiana. so hopefully i can catch some fish.

    81. John Chesebrough

      Your mom is a riot dude...

    82. Asapfishing1

      What’s the song that brandon put in the first drone vid

    83. Derrick House

      bam and a bam and a double bam bam haha. Your mom and dad is awesome!!!


      This co angler didnt have a clue! How many dang times do you need to ask for the net. Just the sound of the line should of made him crap his pants and grab the net!

    85. Landon Price

      Not one piece of shit sittin or knealing

    86. Okie918

      I noticed the Oklahoma University sticker on the boat , gotta represent

    87. Hummer4u2nv

      ha-ha...what???...61degrees which means 62...which means 64... haha! I get what you were trying to say about your unit reading light, but it sounded funny to hear you explain it. Congrats on making the cut, and although you didn't win in comparison of gotta admit that STILL was a really good total of fishing & catching. Best and most important part is being open about our faith. Blessings on you and your family. Have you considered collaborating with Rob Arrington from DeerMeatForDinner (both BlackTipH and know and collab with him too). He grew up around Chobee and now has a Ranch just down the road a bit in Jupiter. I think you guys have a lot in common.

    88. Daniel Reddy

      Hey Scott do you use any of the Okuma EVX rods?

    89. Jason Landers

      THANK YOU for leaving the prayer in the final cut of the video! Too often these days guys get some notoriety and want to be "closet Christians" God bless you brother, and good luck this season!

    90. Willie J. Allen Jr.

      Great video as usual. I'm looking forward to following you this season. You're always on my fantasy team. Great video by Brandon too!

      1. Scott Martin


    91. My wall yep

      Do you release them after weighing them

    92. paper clip

      nothing better than some bomb ass nachos and watching my favorite anglers

    93. Shawn Camburn

      day 2's co angler could've been better... lol

    94. DesertStar

      Be safe I heard some one died on okeechobee

    95. Olivia Glass

      your my favorite angler love your videos good luck this season

    96. Flyfish Ga

      Much respect for keeping it real and not being a d-bag to your fans like a lot of pros

    97. Dalton Steedley

      Clicked the like bottom at 3:40💪🏼🇺🇸

    98. Jared R

      Got to love the sound of the reel wailing once it loads up on a nice fish :)

    99. Eh Hippie

      The Mrs. Doubtfire quote ❤

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      Did your coangler on day 2 have his hearing aids in!? Lol Jeeeze.